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Author Topic: Ending a Journey.  (Read 835 times)


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Ending a Journey.
« on: May 01, 2019, 05:39:15 PM »

timeline: post-War, late T.A.3019.

As she dismounted from Midnight, Alanna looked around. Edoras had changed since the last time she had been there (not unsurprising, considering the recent war). She had been guarding a caravan for the whole of the hostilities and thus, other than a run-in with a particularly large group of orcs in the foothills of the Misty Mountains, her duty had mostly consisted of defending the caravan from Warg and goblin attacks.

As it was, the caravan had made it to Edoras, mostly unscathed, although her armor and Midnight's tack needed some repair work. The fact that Midnight was hers (alone among the guards on most of the caravans she had worked for) had been uncommon but Midnight's sire had been Alanna's father's warhorse (one of the few things he had been allowed to take with him when her family was exiled from Gondor) and Alanna felt like she trusted Midnight more than almost everyone she had met since she was a child.

As it was most if not all of her equipment needed some degree of repair work. Her armor had taken a few hits and both her leathers and the chainmail hauberk would need some work. Other than that, replacement arrows and a new dagger (to replace the one that was unfortunately left in the chest of a goblin who fell off a cliff during an ambush attempt) were the order of the day.

Alanna had been paid enough to buy everything she needed, as well as actually get a bath (after months on the road she didn't want to think how she would smell when she took her armor off) before she would need to find more work. The only other thing she had plans to do was head to her the old farm where she had lived to visit her parents' graves since she seemed to be traveling to Rohan a lot less than before. It had been about three years since she had been to the homestead (mostly spent crisscrossing the dwarven strongholds in the Misty Mountains) and it was only respectful that she paid them a visit again.

Noting that Midnight's tack was definitely the worse for wear, Alanna smiled as she remembered a saddlery which her father had taken her to many years before. Hoping it was still open for business, Alanna climbed back onto Midnight and started further into the city, looking for the saddlery in question.


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Re: Ending a Journey.
« Reply #1 on: October 20, 2019, 02:46:45 AM »
If one believed in coincidence, it was nought but she sheerest of the aforementioned which had brought her into the city of Edoras on this particularly bright day. Though she still owned the saddlery so fondly thought of-- indeed, still kept her finger firmly on its pulse, for it kept the loneliness of elderly widowhood after so many happy years, even if those years were still fondly spoken of, at bay-- Sefa had ceased in recent years her permanent presence there full-time. Had slowly, gently so as not to startle her still sometimes unsure of himself great-nephew, softened the grip she held on the proverbial reins of the business, gently (well, mostly) nudging his own fingers around them until eventually, he was running the place almost entirely on his own.

She suspected, mind, that he'd come to suspect her of doing the aforementioned. And if he couldn't protest her withdrawal entirely, then Rhaemer still found other ways-- excuses, more, to bring her back and thus away from the solitary existence of life on his great-grandparent's patch of land. Like today.

It wasn't that she couldn't still do the work. Was maybe a little slower at it than she had been, but the old blood of Numenor, no matter how diluted, seemed conducive to strong eyes and nimble fingers even when one had lived years-- past a century even, though none too polite dared comment on such a thing in the presence of a lady. Even an obviously old one.

No, Sefa could still do it, and happily-- there was no denying that, just as there was no denying the present, un-faded glint in a gaze bright in that lined, elfin little face as she cast an eye, hand shielding the sun, over the landscape and with it, those milling about on daily business in the city-stronghold of the Rohirrim. No impressive, stunning feats of architectural protectiveness as was Minas Tirith, was Edoras, but it suited its people well, for they preferred the openness of the sky and the cavalry charge. Sefa loved both, mind, if in different measures on any given day.

At the present, the openness of Edoras won out-- not only because the bare sun was good to her bones, but because it made for easy spotting. Thus, after a long moment of watching the rider-horse pair making a direct beeline for the saddlery, Sefa's equally long memory registered, and she grinned happily in greeting.

"Hail, Alanna! I'm glad to see you still intact." The little woman's work skirt brushed gently against golden grasses, a hand held out in fond greeting to Midnight.

'nothing's perfect. the world is far, far from perfect. but it's a constant,
and it's there trying for us. and that's what makes it so damn beautiful.'

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