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Author Topic: A Friend Like Me [Eofer]  (Read 1253 times)


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A Friend Like Me [Eofer]
« on: April 30, 2019, 04:13:19 AM »
timeline. T.A. 3014, Eowyn is roughly 15.

She hated it.

That was the long and short of it, and there wasn't a shred of eloquence to be had. As it was, Eowyn wasn't particularly gifted with poetic license anyway; she had no mind for sitting about all day composing songs, and had never quite lost the child-like bluntness that was communicating just how ridiculous she found the notion when their people already had a multitude of songs in their legendarium to be sung, in myth and learning. Thank heavens, then, she was Rohirric and no other people, or such directness might have been an issue long ago.

But it was also the fact that what she hated was such a...non-complex, ambiguous issue to hate. And also ridiculous, she thought fiercely, as she swung her sword yet again at the battered training post.

'Why in all of Middle Earth has the appearance of breasts changed what I can and can't do?'

But they had. In the same way all things seemed to be happening with her body lately, they'd appeared overnight seemingly...and everything had become downright frustrating, even unpleasant. And coming from her, with no recourse as to how to deal with it, that was quite something to say.

And yet here she was. Hacking a training post to death, because suddenly it seemed, none of the lads wanted to spar with her. Looked downright nervous when they did, in fact, and Eowyn had the waspish notion that it was nothing to do with how fierce, terrifying, quick or otherwise fearsome she was as a fellow warrior. Eomer no longer seemed to want to spare time for...well, them, either-- had even had the temerity to lecture her once or twice on what needed to be done about Meduseld. Git. As if she wasn't painfully aware of the growing sense of what needed to be done about the golden halls, and her own role in those things.

Even Theodred seemed reluctant to train with her, or even Still showed more affection than most in the open, but the elbow to her chest that had alerted the world, it seemed, to her budding, if late, womanhood, had been the apparent last of their training together for a while. Prat.

She knew she was being unfair, in a way. All of them-- save Theodred, who had long been mature these past summers, were growing up, if they hadn't been grown up in their ways already (as if you couldn't not grow up after seeing a father and a mother die, though Eowyn swallowed ruthlessly the urge to sniff at that with a parry at an invisible strike), and with that came responsibilities. Especially for Theodred.

But still.

She'd have preferred one of them to have been around this morning, when Grima's hand had lingered on her shoulder a little too long for it to remain comfortable, or comforting. Though still too young to truly delve deeply into the motives of another (in the way she tragically would grow to in the future, constantly), there had been something about it she had twitched at that didn't seem to have much to do with the impropriety of manhandling one of the House of Eorl. Even thinking that made her feel bad, because she didn't think she was a snob...and yet she hadn't felt comfortable regardless.

'Step back, step to the side-- this is rotten without a partner that actually moves-- swing up--'

The training post splintered and groaned with the force of feeling behind that last attack, it's death knell seemingly done in slow motion as what remained attached slowly fell to the side, Eowyn staring incredulously all the while.

It might have been a victory of strength at any other time.

But all she felt was frustration, and it bubbled in her throat until her entire morning's worth of thoughts and frustrations erupted into an incoherent yell, the young Lady of Meduseld kicking out angrily at the opponent that was neither moving nor really there.
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Re: A Friend Like Me [Eofer]
« Reply #1 on: May 10, 2019, 01:24:31 AM »
Eofor dismounted his chestnut brown stud and approached the young woman, watching her aggressively fighting with... a straw man? Surely, that couldn't be right.  He took another glance and...

It was.

He cast a smile over to the red-haired lad working the stables. They might have had a day off, but it didn't mean that either Eofor or Eothain would be stuck around doing nothing - usually they tended to the horses.

Today would be a good change of pace. Eofor had always enjoyed sparring, even if he hadn't been particularly good at it.

And even if he had begun to thought maybe his interests lay with men - particularly the red-haired Eothain he had cast a smile at earlier - instead of women, a friend was always a good thing to have - most certainly in dark times like these.

He quietly approached, offering the maiden a smile.

"Hello there."

The reply was sheepish, and the lad was quite clearly shy.

"Hopefully I don't make a fool of myself," he thought as he took another sip of the bottle of mead. Even if it wasn't great, it was good enough to help keep him cool from the heat of the day and the horses and training.

"I'm Eofor."


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Re: A Friend Like Me [Eofer]
« Reply #2 on: May 21, 2019, 12:32:19 PM »
Still hacking at the now useless training tool, Eowyn wasn't in the mood to be talked down, and though the voice was unfamiliar, the young Lady of Meduseld whirled on it with a ferocious scowl at the calmness in the tone of it, determined to cow whichever poor creature had been sent from the Golden Halls by uncle or brother to fetch her. Or better yet, pray that it was her brother and perhaps he'd gotten a frog in his throat or some such to change his voice to those more boyish tones, so that she could vent the full extent of her temper.

It was a boy, though-- and he was, with the scatterings of a beard or no in a bid for manhood, but it was just enough to give her pause, though her scowl remained fixed if less fierce than it had been. And--

He apparently didn't have the faintest clue as to who she was.

Eowyn wasn't sure why she was so wrong-footed by that. She didn't like to think she had an ego; if anything, she took pride in being generally approachable, even in her reticent moods. Certainly, she didn't like to be considered silly by the common folk, as royalty and those of a higher station often were. And yet-- she was generally known about Edoras. But still, Eofer's kindly smile seemed utterly oblivious-- that, or he was a very good actor.

(Eowyn decided then too, as she lowered her sword, that she didn't feel like enlightening him for the time being).

"Uh...yes, hello. Do you need help with something?" The girl's eyebrows were still drawn, though the scowl had lessened significantly by this point-- before alighting into something more hopeful in miens.

"Can you spar, by any chance?"
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'i've learned that strength is something you choose'


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Re: A Friend Like Me [Eofer]
« Reply #3 on: May 23, 2019, 04:36:20 AM »
Eofor couldn't help but smile despite the scowl the young maiden had been giving him. He had never intended to seem rude to her despite seemingly coming across that way. He watched her lower the blade.

"No, I don't need help with anything, but I can spar. If you would like to spar with me, I'd be glad to spar with you. I'm Eofor." He took a swig of his water, setting the wine-skin down.

"It's good to meet you, ma'am," he said somewhat sheepishly. He had never been particularly eloquent, and that was mot definitely showing now. 'Damn it,' he thought.

"What weapon would you like to use? And have you met Eothain? He's the lad with bright red hair - you'd often find him in the stables, when he and I aren't on duty or sparring. Or spending time together in general," Eofor chuckled.

Anyone who had known him or Eothain would know just how close the two had been since they were both but young boys, dreaming of being knights and riders one day. Even if the two had spent so much time together sparring and riding and hunting, occasionally sneaking off to the woods, anyone who knew them knew just how deep their friendship was.
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Re: A Friend Like Me [Eofer]
« Reply #4 on: May 23, 2019, 11:56:18 AM »
"Ma'am? Just how old do you think I am?" Eowyn's nose crinkled at the lad, though it seemed in the least to be from indignation rather than the outrage that had meted itself from her slender frame not a moment ago. Oh, she was most certainly still highly upset with how her day--seven-day-- the last month really had gone thus far, but the unhappiness of it, the uneasiness of her morning spent (if it could be called that) with an uncharacteristically absent-minded Theoden and his familiar-when-it-didn't-suit-her was rather distracted, if nothing else, by this strange boy before her.

And indeed he seemed rather...odd. That was his name from him twice now, and then to speak of another person entirely within a breath of their first greeting? She hadn't the faintest clue of who he spoke of, honestly, and nor did the epithet of bright red hair help her any; that shade of hair was a dime a dozen, maybe two dozen closer to the border Rohan shared with Gondor, where darker coloured hair might be more common and lighter shades, less so.

She wasn't a child anymore, though, and thus refrained from voicing her thoughts, choosing to nod politely instead. Mentally though, she filed it to the back of her mind to investigate later, likely when she herself visited the yards. Or at least ask Eomer and Theodred, if it was someone she was meant to know and had, somehow, despite her fondness for remembering who served them, forgotten.

'Besides,' Eowyn thought wearily, even with a touch of guilt for her churlishness, 'Maybe this lad-- Eofer-- is just shy, and talking about anything is better than nothing.' Or so she was told when her forward spirit tongue-tied others. But at least he was amenable to play-- no, training with her, which quite made up for any strangeness or shyness and certainly the familiarity of not knowing who she was.

She preferred that anyway, she felt, to Grima's presumption by knowing her. Even if he might mean well.

"Swords...there's a practice blade over yonder. A leather cuirass too," the young Lady added, eyeing his tunic dubiously before turning to wrest her blade from the wreckage she'd left of the wooden pole. There'd be the black side (if not her back side) of Numenor to pay for that later, she was sure, but she was too rapt at the (hopeful) upturn of her morning to care.

"I wish to work on my feet, which is a bit difficult when my opponent doesn't move. You said your name twice, by the way."

Well, she couldn't quite keep all of her thoughts inside. Her nurses had always so liked to remind her of what was appropriate and eloquent, anyway.

'i've learned that strength is something you choose'

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