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Author Topic: [LotR] Alanna  (Read 350 times)


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« on: April 28, 2019, 03:03:28 PM »


NAME: Alanna
DATE OF BIRTH AND AGE (AS OF T.A. 2941/3019):  26 years old, born on 17/01/2993.
PLACE OF BIRTH: Minas Tirith.
RACE: Man.
GENDER: Female.

HAIR COLOUR AND APPEARANCE: Black hair, cut short (after an orc grabbed her by the hair and nearly cut her throat. The fact that she is occasionally mistaken for a man has also proven to be useful).
BODY TYPE AND HEIGHT: 5'9” tall with a fit, toned physique.
OVERALL APPEARANCE: Alanna normally wears traveling clothes under a hodgepodge mix of armour styles.
DISTINGUISHING MARKS: Alanna has a long scar from her left shoulder to her right side (from a sword slash) and a few smaller scars.
WEAPONS: Alanna uses a sword as well as bow and arrows.
FACE CLAIM: Meghan Ory.

STRENGTHS: Strong willed and dextrous.
WEAKNESSES: Quick to anger and stubborn.
ASPIRATIONS: Clearing her family's honour and name.
FEARS: Failure in general and failing her family specifically.
PERSONALITY: Alanna has learned over the years not to easily trust people. After what happened to her parents she tends to be slow to take anyone at their word, assuming the worst of them. Regardless, if someone proves themselves she will be a strong friend.

Alanna has a strong curious streak, which has taken her across Middle-Earth and has seldom turned down an opportunity to travel to new places. Her anger over her family's exile has left her with a burning need to return to Gondor and, somehow, prove her father's innocence which can, and has, placed her in danger but she still maintains her efforts, between escort work, to find some proof of his innocence.

HISTORY: Alanna was born in Minas Tirith, the daughter of a Royal Guard officer of some repute and a healer. When she was six, reports of her father leading a withdrawal from a skirmish some miles outside of Osgiliath led her family to be exiled from Gondor by Denethor II. They set up home in the wilds of Rohan, living as farmers.

Regardless, Alanna's father took to training her with sword and bow, as well as horse-riding and other skills that would later prove to be useful. By the time she was 18, Alanna was from a trip to the nearest town for supplies when she saw smoke rising from the family homestead. Alanna rode her horse at a gallop, arriving far too late to save her parents from what appeared to be a raiding party.

Feeling utterly alone, Alanna gathered what items she could and left Rohan, getting work as a guard on a variety of supply caravans criss-crossing Middle-Earth, gathering new skills and a few favours as she pondered how to start reclaiming her family's good name.
YOUR NAME: Silverthorn.
AGE: 45.
COUNTRY: United Kingdom.
EXPERIENCE: I've been playing RPG's for about 35 years (cross-table originally, online more recently).
HOW DID YOU FIND US?: Followed a link from another game board (couldn't tell you which).
ROLE PLAY/WRITING SAMPLE:Karyn was really starting to think that the whole secret identity thing that the Rangers had going on was more trouble than it was worth. She had been undertaking a driving test so that she could legally drive a motor vehicle (the irony of which was not entirely lost on her given her ranger team) when the message from TPTB had arrived and had been forced to finish the test while desperately hoping that no-one was getting killed because she needed to legally be able to drive (after the incident where she had been stopped after being dropped off by Andy after their field trip to Miranoi and fined for driving without a license since coming from an alternate Earth was not a good enough excuse for the local law enforcement). 

With the ability to drive legally and a heart pounding in case she had caused massive devastation because of her absence, Karyn had run into a convenient alley and called Time Force for an urgent teleport to the Astro Megaship and, if possible, a uniform since she was somewhat casually dressed for ranger business. Arriving on the Megaship, Karyn looked up and smiled. 

"D.E.C.A, what's the mission?".

"I will pipe the mission briefing to the guest quarters. I've replicated a uniform for you".

Karyn ran to the guest quarters and shrugged as she saw a uniform for a Space ranger on a bed. She put the uniform on as she listened to Andy giving the briefing, the thought of bringing back Psycho Rangers sending a chill down her spine after reading up on them, Karyn finished putting on the uniform and walked to the bridge, noting that the uniform fitted her better than the RPM team suit she used. 

She smiled as she saw Cole and Andy and other rangers on deck, then frowned. 

"Sorry, I'm late. Secret identity problems. D.E.C.A piped the briefing to me while I was getting into uniform". She looked at the assembled rangers and nodded, noting that the color-coordinated bits of the uniform were a non-committal white. "I'm Karyn, RPM Red".


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Re: Alanna
« Reply #1 on: April 29, 2019, 02:41:39 PM »

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