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Author Topic: Kaleneth (WIP)  (Read 1199 times)


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Kaleneth (WIP)
« on: June 19, 2018, 06:35:33 AM »

Kaleneth (THIS IS A WIP)

NAME: Kaleneth  
DATE OF BIRTH AND AGE (AS OF T.A. 2941/3019): If Hobbit, as of T.A. 2941. If LotR or both as of T.A. 3019.
PLACE OF BIRTH: Greenwood  
GENDER: Female  

HAIR COLOUR AND APPEARANCE: She has dark brown hair that is usually fashioned in a half-up style, fastened with braids. It reaches mid-back and is straight but very thick. Her face is very structured, with a refined nose and a chiseled yet feminine jawline. 
EYE COLOUR: This one is complicated. Her eyes are usually a calming yet bright green color. However, when in a frantic state, some swear they can see flashes of red in the right, and yellow in the left.   
BODY TYPE AND HEIGHT: Kaleneth stands at 6'1", and has a toned build. She is slender, but muscular just about everywhere.  
OVERALL APPEARANCE: In the comforts of home, she can most often be seen in her favorite dress: a simple burgundy gown, finished with a gold waistband, a gold trimmed square neckline, and quarter sleeves. When traveling or wandering about, she will be in tan breech-like pants, with mid-calf brown leather boots, a (probably green or black) undershirt, with a red cape-like adornment.
DISTINGUISHING MARKS: She has a scar along the right side of her face. It was from a gash sustained from the claws of a drake (or an orc as her cover) at a very young age. It starts on her jawline and stops at the cheekbone, starting again right under the eye, above the eye on the lid, and up through the last part of her eyebrow. The brow hair has never grown back in the spot it was cut.
FACE CLAIM: Poppy Drayton  

STRENGTHS: She can stay calm in high-stress situations. Also, she is very agile and a good all around warrior from years of serious training.
WEAKNESSES:  Kaleneth is very serious, and it can sometimes be hard to get her to let loose or have fun. She is also slightly hot-headed, and does not usually deal well with anyone unfamiliar, especially dwarves.
ASPIRATIONS:  Do they have any dreams or goals?   
FEARS:  What frightens them?
PERSONALITY:  Please aim to write a couple of insightful paragraphs on their personality, it will help others come to grips with the character.

HISTORY:  Again, we need some depth here, at least a few well-rounded paragraphs - go on, colour in their vibrant past! If your app is strictly from the Hobbit, please stop history at T.A. 2941. If LotR or both, please finish at T.A. 3018
AGE:  16
EXPERIENCE:  I have been writing for a few years, but this is my first RP experience :).
CONTACT:  PM or email; carrier pigeon if you're desperate.   ;P
HOW DID YOU FIND US?:  Just a search on google.
  As I make it to the end of the long hallway, I take in a deep breath. I push through the heavy wooden door into the training room. The training room is a large circular room on the middle floor of the knights wing. It's harsh musky smell hits my nose hard, but I tell myself I don't mind it. Eleven squires are circled around a flour-sack dummy hung on a pole. Maedon, one of the captains, is giving instruction on where to strike to cause fatal injury. Maedon is one of the few elves known to have short hair. He has dark hair and a stubbely face. If not for the ears, one wouldn't think him an elf at all. We are fairly close, as he's caught me sneaking out the gates numerous times. He's almost like an uncle or something to me, even though he isn't in close terms with my father. As he teaches, I can't help but listen in. I slowly get more intrigued... It would surely be frowned upon for the princess to be learning such things. Maybe nobody has to know I'm here. I slowly start to creep behind one of the straw archery targets, in hope of staying hidden. Unfortunately, I have no such luck.

"Princess Kaleneth? Might I help you with something?" Maedon calls over to me. I poke my head over the target, clear my throat, and try to be somewhat graceful as a walk out from my hiding spot... in my robe... barefoot. I try to keep the blush from reaching my face.

"I'm quite alright, Sir Maedon, thank you. I was only..."

"Lurking?" Maedon asks with a smirk and a raised eyebrow. "Because, with all due respect of course, if that IS the case, I'm sure you have much more important business to be attending than a squire's lesson." Once again, I clear my throat.

"Actually, I was only passing, and happened to find some interesting information in your lesson. Thank you." I turn on my heel and exit the room once more. What brought me there in the first place was beyond me, but I couldn't help but feel an urge to return. Not now though. Even though I know Maedon wouldn't get me in trouble, I couldn't speak for anyone else that might catch me. Of course it was allowed for the princess to be in the knights wing, but as Maedon said, there should be much more important things to do than explore. Also, I'm sure I looked like a wreck. Red and puffy eyes, dirt and straw from the stable clinging to my robe, my bare feet black with dirt. I'd better go clean up.

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Re: Kaleneth (WIP)
« Reply #1 on: June 29, 2018, 10:37:50 PM »

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Re: Kaleneth (WIP)
« Reply #2 on: August 05, 2018, 04:09:56 PM »

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