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Author Topic: First Impressions  (Read 1743 times)


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First Impressions
« on: May 21, 2013, 10:18:00 PM »
Halbaron was patrolling the forests just at the boards of Ered Luin, known as the home of many Dwarves including some important folk from Durin's people since Erebor had been lost to the dragon Smaug many years ago. He had heard stories since arriving at the region that Thorin Oakenshield and other twelve dwarves had recently left on a quest to reclaim their old home from the dragon. It is amazing what one can find out when one is just willing to listen to other people with a non judgmental ear.

Halbaron's company was at that particular region for just a month so far and it was the first time that their established rotation system had taken him there since it was implemented eight years ago when his people lost their own homes and became truly nomadic. He could understand the heart of those dwarves very well. They were the same as his own people's. He just hoped that Thorin's company would have more luck than the Dúnedain when it came to reclaiming their ancient homeland.

Just after having something to eat, he climbed up a tree to take a small nap in a more protected place and rest a little as the previous night had been a tough one with almost no rest for him. No, he wasn't attacked by Orcs or wild beasts in the forest. At least not actually. His dreams weren't being kind to him lately. At times like these, Halbaron was thankful that he didn't share in some of his people's gift of foresight because to think that some of his dreams were premonitions would've destroyed his will to go on by now. His hope that their content would soon change because his life and that of his family would soon change was his driving force and would continue to be no matter how long that soon took to come to pass in reality.

The tree wasn't just a more protected spot, it was also a vantage point if something woke him up. Halbaron was a very light sleeper, his many years patrolling the land as a Ranger had taught him to be alert to any sign of trouble at all times as it was to be expected. As his eyes began blinking just half an hour later, he could recognize faint sounds in the distance. If his senses weren't mistaken it seemed like a female voice.

It wasn't very common for the dwarves to wander away from beneath their mountains, unless they were traveling towards another one to visit family or carry news. Though it wasn't his place to judge why the Dwarf woman was there, just to make sure she would be safe while she was there. So Halbaron jumped off the tree and began to scout the region around the probable source of that voice. After making sure nothing evil or dangerous was in close proximity, he approached the place where he thought he'd find the female and there she was.

Halbaron made sure to be noisy and slow in his approach, unlike or actually the diametrical opposite of the usual for Dúnedain rangers, so the Dwarf female could know in advance she was about to have company. His goal wasn't to scare her into a fighting mode. Halbaron knew Dwarf women could be very fierce when provoked, just as any from any race really. Some just knew the trade more than others. He respectfully stayed a good feet of distance away from her. "Be not frightened! I'm a Ranger and mean no harm to you. Do you need some help?" He said in his usually kind and disarmed tone of voice, then offering himself to assist if she needed to find her way back into the mountains or with anything else really.

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First Impressions
« Reply #1 on: May 24, 2013, 02:03:00 AM »
It was crazy to be out here, Dagmar knew that was what her parents and brothers would tell her, mostly due to their king being gone along with both princes to reclaim Erebor.

It wasn't like the Blue Mountains were defenseless, though, with so many other able bodies and warrior dwarves about. Her own father being one. This day was no less dangerous than it ever had been, with the exception that she was now older than all those other previous times.

Honestly, she only had two mere years (a nothing the way dwarves measured time) on Prince Fili and he was allowed to head off to reclaim a kingdom but she "must really stay within doors for the moment". Not that, on the topic of Fili, she couldn't see a possible reason for that, oh but they were all being silly, she'd be fine!

Plus, if Fili, Kili, King Thorin and all their other companions were to succeed, and Dags saw no reason they shouldn't, she would soon enough be scouring the landscape about Erebor for flowers...if there were any. She should really collect all she could from the fields she knew of before the move.

It was odd, but Dagmar was almost sad in a way. She knew these fields and they had served her...for all of her growing talent thus far. What...what if Erebor didn't even have flower fields about? What if she would simply have to buy paints in this town below, Dale? They would probably not be any good, not of they weren't fresh, and plus her coming out to collect the flowers was for so much more than just paints. It was her escape of pressures.

Stomach oddly tightened at the wonderful prospect of a reclaimed kingdom, Dagmar sent up another silent and hopeful plea on the Company of their Reclaiming Heroes safety and that they would all return to whichever home in the mountain, and went about trying to pick which flowers she would chose this day in trying to save all of her home field she could before any moves might come.

She had just bent to a lovely violet when a sound reached her ears. Suddenly Dags was aware of just everything her guardians had been saying. They were alone. No King Thorin or Fili and Kili to attack intruders as was royal right! Oh they were going to be raided and it would start with her casualty, out here, staining a beautiful flower field!

Dags "fierce warrior look" always came off a bit more Terrified than Fierce,  but she proved any ferocity in aim when it was called for. In fact, had the Ranger taken a few more moments longer before speaking, he may have just been staining the grounds about as the dwarf maiden pulled from her belt one of her knives and turned with it in proper knife-throwing  position.

Yeah, she could tell he was a Ranger, or a strange Man at least, and that should have been enough to loose her knife, but then inviting trouble wasn't the best plan here. So long as he wasn't making any sudden movements...

Slowly, Dags let the knife in her hand lower, but she didn't step any closer. "N-no, I doubt Rangers know much on flower choosing". Why was she answering the strange Ranger?!

The throwing knife was lowered, but not put up yet, and Dags hand still fiddled a bit nervously on the handle. "Why...I didn't know Rangers were usually this near the...caverns. I mean, are you or...your friends,". She titled her head a bit curious as well as wondering, though she hoped she didn't sound too paranoid while fishing for if any other Rangers may be about and making the odds uneven.



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First Impressions
« Reply #2 on: August 14, 2013, 02:11:00 PM »
Halbaron stayed still with his hands turned upwards away from any of his weapons. He had already made sure that the only presence nearby except for himself was the Dwarf in front of him. It was a safe stance to take for the moment. If she were to actually throw that knife, he'd most likely be able to catch it in the air or dodge it. He, though, preferred that the lady put it away herself without feeling the need to throw it at all. It was always better to avoid confrontation of this sort which in most cases led to unnecessary or even disastrous misunderstandings. The Ranger had had enough confrontation yesterday as he finished to hunt by entrapment and ambush a group of Orcs that were allowed to come a bit too far west in his opinion.

Halbaron couldn't help but think that he still was a bit phased from the lack of sleep during last night. What did he have in mind to tell the Dwarf woman that he was a Ranger? First, it wasn't a fact supposed to turn up in their conversation unless she brought it up eventually revealing a previous knowledge and second, nobody not in the know understood what the word really meant and Dagmar seemed to be one of those who didn't. No matter though. It was a mistake, but not one he wasn't able to work around. He smiled kindly when she started to lower her weapon on her own accord while keeping his hands away from his.

His features opened as Halbaron let out a small yet contained laugh when Dagmar commented about his possible inability in flower choosing. "I'm used to living in the wild for many years, my lady. I actually know a bit about plants, flowers and their many uses. I've seen some interesting and unique samples here I've never seen elsewhere. Do you seek simply beauty or usefulness?" He gently offered his help in showing some samples he had seen nearby and filter their relevance by her interests. It didn't pass unnoticed to the Ranger that Dagmar was still fiddling nervously at her knife, yet he was confident that his next reply would help ease her mind somewhat.

"Actually no, my lady. We tend to wander the wild lands, never staying too long anywhere. Actually it is the first time I come this close to this Dwarven home myself. I've been near, but never this close. We have no quarrels with anyone but for Orcs, Trolls and other foul creatures of this world. I really mean you no harm." Halbaron answered honestly. He had come further west in pursuit of the Orc pack. It wasn't of kind manner to come this close to the borders of other people's homes, but duty dictated he had to take that chance.

"I am Halbaron, son of Halhin. My pleasure to meet you, my lady." Halbaron introduced himself politely, yet continued not to do any sort of sudden moves.

{OOC: Apologies for taking this long to reply, but posts shall come more steadily and faster now.}

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First Impressions
« Reply #3 on: August 15, 2013, 03:00:00 PM »
{You're fine, and in all fairness I know I should have gone and given you a reply to S&P that's been sitting, but muses and all, I do know that is due from me, though, and it is coming!}

She should turn her plain little booted feet straight back towards Ered Luin, perhaps only pausing to lose, and maybe sacrifice, one of her throwing knives in guarantee of coverage for her making it there; the dwarf maiden knew this was what dwarves both reclaiming homelands and here guarding their current one would tell her. Matter of fact, this could turn sticky and with her receiving a lecture (not that those were new things) if any of her brothers were to come stumbling by her speaking with a strange ranger...and not running. Strange dwarves were bad enough!

It could all be a horrible trap, and what did she really know on him? Nothing, she knew that. Still...her curiosity was even more peeked by his words. Truthfully, Dagmar didn't have any reference or knowledge at all for what Ranger's truly were, to her the term was interchangeable with just travelers specifically from the realms of Men.

Still, with all that travel, she didn't doubt he may just know much on plant life not around here and from all over Middle Earth! And yet, he claimed that what grew around here was in a way new and useful as well, despite all he'd probably already seen. A small smile found its way to Dags countenance to hear it. Her homeland, a tad boring to her, for always having seen it, was still interesting, imagine that! Even if it may not be her homeland for much longer, Dagmar took all proper pride in her home at hearing it.

Probably no real harm in answering the wandering traveler's question, Dags felt, especially as he went on to answer both hers. Coming more at ease, the maiden finally sheathed her knife back into her cloth belt of her frock.

Here was an interesting culture exchange, why would she pass that up by being paranoid? Plus, she could see how the traveler was still working at making no sudden movements. If he had ill intentions, he'd have done them by now. Also, she was still a quick draw and scarily accurate if lacking power if throwing her knife ever came into usefulness again. Though, again, it looked like it wouldn't.

"I'm afraid you've stumbled upon a very odd example of a Dwarf maiden that is not like the usual ones at all", Dagmar answered with a small laugh, "The others are concerned with parties, or sew or work with gems same as all, some even still do hunt. I...prefer being out here and collecting said flowers for use in making paints, so it would be usefulness" she answered.

Whether he could help her on that end, finding new flowers and all, didn't really matter to the maiden if he also had interesting stories as no doubt he seemed to!

"Yes, I can see that now" she nodded, taking the explanation of having no quarrel with her kin, "But you'll forgive my making sure, I hope".

Well, but if this was his first run in with her homeland's Dwarves, at any rate, she should do a very good diplomatic job and it was in fact good she hadn't pinned him to a tree. That would probably just not reflect well at all.

"It's a pleasure as well, Master Halbaron", Dagmar nodded and curtsied, "I'm Dagmar, daughter of the worthy warrior and King's aid, Anlaf".

Wouldn't her mother just be so proud of the fine, diplomatic job she was doing!? Probably not, Dags realized with inward amusement.

"Who doesn't have quarrels with Orcs and Trolls" she shrugged as she took this statement of his fighting those beings as logical as that the sun was going to set and rise next morning. Next moment an inquisitive looked crossed the dwarf maiden's countenance. "Is it true mere daylight kills them? Trolls that is".

"Sorry", Dagmar went on to smile apologetically, "That's the sort of question you would get out of a curious child". Ok, maybe she was failing the diplomatic end.



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First Impressions
« Reply #4 on: January 13, 2014, 04:58:00 AM »
Halbaron could see much was passing through the Dwarf maiden's mind, yet he couldn't know about what those thoughts were. All he could do was wait until some outer sign showed itself and he could react to it. He hoped she wasn't considering to reveal his presence to her people. He didn't want to have to explain to the Dwarves why he was so close to their borders. Not that he was a proud man, but it could generate misunderstandings he preferred to avoid. On the other hand, he also didn't want to be disrespectful to the lady in front of him. The best was to move on with the same friendly demeanor for now.

Dagmar's smile was a sign that his companion was beginning to accept his words that he meant her no harm. It was a very good sign. The tide of the situation was turning and the ranger believed that he would be able to actually get her to lower her weapon should he continue to be nice and answer her questions kindly. Yet, no more was asked before the action he had been waiting and hoping for took place. The Dwarf maiden sheathed her knife on her own free will. Halbaron smiled kindly, nodding his appreciation of her attitude and continued to keep his hands away from anything that might be considered a weapon.

Dagmar's small laugh caused the ranger to smile again. He listened to her words and he had predicted some of them by her general attitude so far. Not that there was anything wrong with it. It was though obvious that she enjoyed being outside the mountain. If not why risk herself? She certainly didn't act like the other hunters he knew, including his own daughters, specially Farawen. It didn't mean he thought Dagmar to be unable. It's just that his years allowed him to notice when someone tended to the kinder side of the spectrum and his current companion seemed to do so.

"If one thing I have learnt through all my years on this world, my lady, it is to expect the unexpected. No one is exactly as one might wish. Yet all are exactly as they should be. I have no doubt about it." Halbaron said showing his faith in the wisdom of the one and true creator of all things alive. "Paints? There are some useful samples down that way for yellow and white colors." He pointed to the general location where the small flowers were growing east from there. The samples were just more into the forest than they currently were.

Halbaron was a man prone to simple gestures of kindness and he decided to give to Dagmar some of the samples he had collected a few days back. Actually he was picking them up when he found the Orc trail that had led him to his current location. He collected the flowers because they made him remember his wife and youngest daughter, not that he expected them to last long enough to actually become a gift to them upon his arrival at the camp after this hunting journey. Their petals were small, delicate and semi-rounded. Sure to make a bright purple and blue ink colors.

"I've collected these a few days ago much deeper into the forest. It would be dangerous for one to venture so far in if, as you say, you aren't yourself a skilled hunter. Still useful for the end you desire to give them, I hope." He said as he reached into the small pouch he carried strapped to his waist. Thankfully his sword's leather scabbard was strapped to his other side and thus his hands didn't get near it while he retrieved the flowers. "They aren't the best well kept, but since you don't want them for beauty I think they will do. They are yours, my lady." He offered as he kneeled and placed the samples on the ground over the grass. Then he stood and gave a few steps backwards as a sign that it wasn't a trap of any kind.

"You're certainly forgiven, my lady. Your attitude was very prudent. This can be a very dangerous place, not all creatures that dwell in this forest have benign intentions towards other life forms. That includes some of the sentient ones as well as the wild ones unfortunately." He stated his agreement with her actions.

The maiden then introduced herself, as he had just done, as the daughter of the King's aid, Anlaf. He had heard words whispered to the wind of such Dwarf. Halbaron though preferred to form thoughts only about people he had actually met face to face. Nothing said led him to think ill of the Dwarf's father and amicably he answered in kind. "Must be a burden to carry such responsibility. Be the aid of a king, I mean…" Halbaron spoke from a heart of knowledge. He certainly was able to empathize, being himself in a similar situation with Arathorn and his still growing up son Aragorn. He saw himself as their friend and aid more than anything else.

"Good point, lady Dagmar. They do tend to fight even amongst themselves. Orcs, that is." Halbaron replied in a knowingly way. In many occasions he had used such infighting to his benefit. "Daylight turns Trolls into stone. The same stone some legends say they were first made of. So… in a certain way, yes, it kills them." He explained with patience and no demeaning demeanor.

"Don't be sorry, lady Dagmar. It's never late to learn and never wrong to have the wish to do so. There should always have room for improvement within us. Wise men tend to say that to kill our inner child, our ability to ask questions about the world, is the worst maiming one can inflict upon oneself. I don't mind to answer your questions if I know the answers, so there might be questions which I can't reply." Halbaron explained his point of view kindly. He saw no problem in sharing the little wisdom or knowledge life had granted him with Dagmar. Such facts were no secrets and to know them would do her good in the future, he was sure of it.

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First Impressions
« Reply #5 on: January 22, 2014, 06:56:00 PM »
After her pleasant enough laugh, Dagmar's smile had gone back to her normal just sunnier disposition inclined one, and mildly interested as she regarded this Ranger before her, yet at his reply, her smile grew again softly. She agreed of course, even if she'd never put it into those terms exactly of everyone being as they were destined and meant to be/it just fitting them. Yet to hear this stranger say so bumped him up in her estimation.

He even went so far as to prove what he said on acceptance by indicating to where he knew of some good flower samples. "Oh, well thank you for the information, Sir". Of course much of her kin would point out a trap and other such suspicious silly things. Not that their suspicions were silly, Dags was more than grateful for every one of her five brothers even when they got stifling with their concern over her wandering alone.

White was a well coveted color for the trouble she at times had finding suitable ways of extracting such a dye. Master Halbaron had more good will up his sleeve, it seemed, than just to offer to tell her of some flowers he knew of, as he next proved by showing and even offering a recent foraging of his it seemed. It was apparent by the way in which he did such, he was still on edge, or trying to not put her on edge, and perhaps that was something that couldn't be cured and shouldn't be criticized. He was being very respectful all in all to understand the position they were in and how if any had cause to be uncomfortable it should be her, the maiden out away from her people in his presence when she had just met him, whatever was said on Dwarf women and no matter how if she lacked fierceness she was still a deadly aim with her throwing knives.

She didn't fear though, and bent picking up the samples and looking them over, a smile immediately coming to her face as she looked at them. "Oh they're wonderful! Thank you Master Halbaron", she next frowned a bit unsure, "I know fathers", she said knowingly and with a smaller smile, "Are you sure you didn't have further plans for these?". It was an odd intuition on her part, up until finding he had picked these she wouldn't have any indication to his family status, but this alone seemed to...well just speak to females of some kind "back home".

His next words too. It was like he, her brothers, her own parents, and...possibly all family everywhere took from the same conscription of rules on safety and not wandering. Even she, in a double standard, didn't see the need for worry on her part yet would quickly inform her "baby" brother, Fritz, on if he were doing something she deemed dangerous.

She laughed, kindly though, as were her next words, "Now I know you're a father yourself, only they are ever so aware of such dangers, though you are right of course and my own father reminds me of it enough when I go out foraging for such trips". Speaking of her father, Master Halbaron went on to ask into his position, or more the hectic-ness of it. "Yes, I suppose it is in it's own rights. I mean, he's not the main Advisor or anything, and so probably doesn't have to deal with quite the pressures Master Balin, our King Thorin's distant cousin, does, but he has his fair share and a house of six, really I'm in awe of his juggling everything some days, and my mother as well of course for while he's busy".

Well but that was enough spilling to him on her home-life, not that she felt it risky, just...felt herself rambling, "But I shall go see about these other flowers you mentioned as well, come along if you will Master Halbron", she showed her own trust as she turned in the direction he had indicated. She listened as he went on about the Trolls, and looked interested in all he had to tell on them. Especially as he gave permission for more questioning.

"Oh, no that does clear up some misconceptions, between dead and back to stone", she assured, "I guess, for a next question, what...other creatures have you encountered Master Halbaron? Dwarves before this day?", she attempted giving some direction to what she knew was a very vague and wide question.



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First Impressions
« Reply #6 on: February 06, 2014, 04:52:00 AM »
"It is my pleasure to be of assistance to you, my lady." Halbaron replied politely to her thank you for telling her where she could find some interesting flower samples for her painting needs. One of the young girls at the camp, daughter of one of the rangers in his company, was an aspirant painter and really good at drawing already, considering she was reproducing sights she had never actually seen with her own eyes most of the times, only having heard descriptions by elders. A really talented youth she was. He could see some of her in Dagmar.

The maiden's excitement and gratitude for such simple act of kindness also brought him a greater hope for the future. Here was him, a Dúnedain, having a completely honest and uneventful conversation with a Dwarf. Not that their peoples had any true historical problems like Elves and Dwarves did with each other. Yet, it was inspiring to him the very fact that he could sense by her behavior that Dagmar was becoming as at ease in his company as he would be willing to be in hers. He was beginning to believe that such self-conscious behavior from him, as the one being sported so far, would soon not be needed anymore. That thought brought a friendly smile to his countenance.

By the way and the easiness with which the Dwarf maiden bent and picked his humble offering of samples, Halbaron knew that his previous thoughts were going in the correct direction. She no longer feared him nor was suspicious of his good intentions. It was good. It meant he could relax as well. "I hope you make good use of them and beautiful paintings will be brought to light, Lady Dagmar." He replied to her thanks for giving her the flowers he had collected a few days ago. Her frown took him by surprise, again he went a bit self-conscious as to not do anything that would further upset his conversational partner and then it was her time to surprise the elder ranger with her reasoning and perception.

"I see…" Halbaron replied mirroring Dagmar's expression. He had been read right being father to four, three adopted and one natural, children, but it was OK. The ranger had no reason to feel busted or anything. "No, I don't, Lady Dagmar. They wouldn't resist time enough to be any shape but completely faded and asunder by the time I reach home and my family. Also I can always pick up other flowers as I get closer to home, so they will actually get to be seen still in a beautiful fashion." He started to explain why he didn't have a need for the flowers he had offered her. He was going to travel some more time to return to his patrolling area and the adjacencies of the camp where some of his family currently resided. There would be many chances to pick up other flowers with actual chances to arrive in a presentable form to his wife's or youngest daughter's eyes.

"Most probably they would have gone to waste in a few more days time if not to foment memories that are mine and will stay with me for as long as I live. It is my pleasure and my true will that you stay with these and put them to good use, my lady. Even though you don't want them for beauty, which makes them still useful to begin with, you can create beauty with them and I'm sure you will." Halbaron continued honestly, truly wishing her to stay with the flowers and create something beautiful for her own family with them.

Halbaron again opened a knowing smile. He had been caught in a way. "Yes, I am father to four. Two girls and two boys. All of which are old enough to be upset if I call them as such in front of them…" He said spontaneously, not minding in sharing that little bit of information as of now. Even the still 8 year old Halbarad didn't like to be called a child, his adopted children were all of age, though young still, so he worried just the same. It was the fate of anyone who has let another into their hearts, to worry about them. "One day you will be the one teaching a youngling and you'll do the same your parents do to you now. One who loves is in a constant state of worry, Lady Dagmar, until the very end…" He said honestly.

"Mixing a big family with job responsibilities must be hard on your father and I sort of can relate with the big family part…" Halbaron replied amicably. He didn't feel at ease to reveal that he could empathize as well with the duty part because he was meant to be just a sort of hunter since Dagmar had no idea what it meant to be a Ranger. "It's what they say… Behind a great man there is a great woman, always  supporting him, without who he wouldn't be half of who he managed to become. That is true in many cases I know of…" He added half from a heart of experience and his debt toward his wife Evonyn and half in jest for the conversation to continue to flow amicably.

Halbaron spoke nothing, but he made certain Dagmar could hear that he was following her. He wouldn't let her risk herself alone in the forest, not when he was there to give her his assistance. Not that he thought her to be unable, he had already stablished in his mind that she was confident enough in the damage she could achieve with her throwing knives. It was more a question of the duty and the oath he had sworn to protect and preserve. He reciprocated her trust and with his long legs it just took a few steps for them to be walking side by side as he guided her toward the samples and took the time of the walk to keep conversing.

"I've met many different kinds of creatures and peoples while wandering Middle-Earth, Lady Dagmar. The good and the evil sorts alike. As for other Dwarves, yes. I've met some of your people before while passing through both Bree and Esgaroth. The second group were merchants from the Iron Hills." Halbaron replied readily and truthfully. He couldn't recall any truly disastrous encounters with Dagmar's people even because he tried to always be polite and respectful to all who had done nothing not to deserve it. His experience told him it always went a long way with someone, no matter from where or which race they were. Exceptions going to the inherently dark creatures of the world to whom being nice is not an option that will keep you alive for as long as he was.

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First Impressions
« Reply #7 on: February 20, 2014, 02:44:00 AM »
Though she hardly knew what poetic words she may have put the thought into (she was an artist not a scribe and didn't feel herself talented with words), Dagmar noticed and felt a certain hope of her own at the ease of this conversation and Ranger's mannerisms. She knew what warnings her family would give still just on warning of all strangers, but here was some of their concern put to rest and a cultural interaction that could benefit both.

Plus, unknowingly on the same thought as Halbaron thought, he wasn't an Elf or anything and so getting some of the rest of her kin to relax if they also met the Ranger shouldn't be too hard. Dags was a bit easier on Elves than some most of the rest of her kin, just further naive and young most would title it. True if any Mirkwood Elves ever had call to be out here, she would be cautious given all she'd heard on them and their crimes to her own people, but not harsh and...well if grudges were all that ever remained between both, how was any of it suppose to improve and further hurt not just continue?

She gave her own nod of understanding, and further gratitude, back as he explained on into how even if he were to keep the flowers until returning home, they would be of no use at home by the time they returned with him anyway. "I hope to, and maybe if you ever pass by this way again I can show you whatever it is I put these specific flowers to...I shall try to recall" she giggled, knowing she put a hard task on herself and recalling exactly what she did with one color from one set of flowers.

It was odd and reassuring both, hearing this Ranger's understanding words on her art, or words that seemed to try to understand at least. At any rate, he probably understood more than most of her own kin. Dwarves concerned themselves with metal and gems, not paints.

The maiden smiled brightly once more as he spoke of his children whom she'd rightly guessed he had. "Ah, then it's a bit more evenly divided than my family", she shared openly herself, "I have five brothers and no sisters, so I'm afraid if the whole of my family is going to worry over someone's wandering, attention is usually focused my way mostly".

Halbaron's next words, on her some day having young ones to guide, brought a shy sort of smile. She chose to focus on pondering the adorable kiddies no doubt destined for at least a few of her brothers rather than think on any of her own, even if such would no doubt happen. It was just so odd pondering that you would one day have them when you didn't at the moment. Not that she was opposed.

Of course this line of thinking put her in mind of her betrothed, Prince Fili, currently off fighting that any future generations of all her family and the whole of Durin's Folk could call Erebor home. She had hardly found the words to speak such a traitorous sounding idea, and not just sound overly worried, but...Dagmar just prayed they all return safe even if just back to the Blue Mountains. Erebor...well with her position she shouldn't even remotely doubt.

Thorin would probably not take less though...Dags shook herself from useless pondering and back to her current conversation with this surprisingly amiable Ranger.

"I suppose they are", she answered to his words on loved ones just always being worried over, "Even without any myself, I know I worry over my brothers enough I can't imagine trailing children as well with them" she smiled.

"and that would be true of my family as well, my mother is the strongest woman I know, Dwarven or otherwise and has held together a household of six while my father's busy somehow! I...well many days doubt I will ever be as good as her".

and she would have infinitely more to run..., which she was willing to attempt, of course, just...feared letting down one she loved who wasn't of blood.

Thankfully, Dagmar was distracted from these thoughts by Halbaron going on to accommodate her asking for tales, and she took to the distraction with almost childish interest as ever.

The Iron was said to be the home of Dain Ironfoot's people, Thorin's distant cousin, she only knew of him as a great Dwarf, a bit larger than life due to tales she'd heard.

"Bree I know some of, I mean my brothers have been and I have trailed a time or two, but...well if continuing to ply you with questions like some child is still not insulting, Sir Halbaron, what is Esgaroth like? I great city by a lake, I heard, center of trade for that part of Middle Earth". She'd heard a bit false and old tales, which showed in her asking even.

{By the way, I don't feel we are there yet, but if we do ever get stuck or run out of things for them to discuss, I can always bring Fritz by the discover them and start asking his sister why she's talking to strangers/be all suspicious of Halbaron if it's ever needed ^^}



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