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Author Topic: I Ain't Dropping No Eaves  (Read 447 times)


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I Ain't Dropping No Eaves
« on: May 15, 2018, 09:55:04 PM »
Tauriel put a hand on her hip. She wasn't best pleased with this new guard. She'd been given a selection of partly-trained novices and told to pick the best three. Not one of them was up to scratch but having sent them all back, she received a message with the exact same instructions. A few minutes later the same dozen guards trooped back in. Tauriel had sighed and done  the unthinkable. She'd picked three elves at random. None of them were much better than the rest.

She'd tried her best to instill her own training practices in her three new men, but they were struggling. Despite feeling frustrated and wanting to snap, she reined herself in and tried simply explaining again.

The elf standing before now had tired eyes and shaking hands. Shaking hands were the last thing she needed in a guard but he was under a lot of pressure.

"My Captain. Are we to fight?"

Tauriel's brow furrowed. Her eyes were dull. "I do not know. We must hope that it does not come to war."

"I cannot..." He took a gulp of air. "My Captain, I did not ask... I am not... I am not made of guard blood."

Tauriel had to agree with him. However, it wasn't a Captain's place to instill negativity, even where it was the truth. "Guards are not born. They are made." But some people just weren't meant to be guards.

Bilbo Baggins

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Re: I Ain't Dropping No Eaves
« Reply #1 on: June 08, 2018, 01:53:10 AM »
Bilbo didn’t know what part of this plan was supposed to work. Even Rings of Invisibility didn’t help against Elves and their heightened senses, he was sure, but...the just let the Dwarves be taken off and forever imprisoned or worse! No, he couldn’t do that either!

So he’d snuck along behind the guards, thankfully making it before the gates closed.

From there, Bilbo had continued slinking and spying, afraid at any moment to be caught while he looked for an opportunity with which to do...something!

What something he didn’t know! He kept hoping for inspiration.

Around Inspiration Looking, the Hobbit had caught an interesting conversation between the King of this place and one of his female guards.

Now, as he crept along a corridor past another group of Elves, he saw her again! This alone paused him, but then he caught more of what they said.

To Bilbo it seemed connected. The talk of before, and now this one speaking to a group of perhaps newly minted guards.

The Hobbit paused to listen. Poor fella, he really felt for the shaky guard...seemed relatable somehow.

As he distractedly listened, Bilbo idly leaned against a structure. One he found a bit late was not a pillar, but rather a pedestal with a water dish!

He didn’t exactly topple it, but he nudged it and the water splashed! Stepping back, hands raised, Bilbo held his breath, ready to catch it if need be, but it stayed.

He still backed up further, just in case, and looked about for an empty alcove, hidden or not. All it would take was one of the Elves bumping into him...

Ducking behind another pillar, Bilbo watched the Elves for reactions, and was glad Thorin hadn’t seen his blunder in the name of Elf Interest.


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