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Author Topic: Assuming the Cost for Strays  (Read 1532 times)


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Assuming the Cost for Strays
« on: September 26, 2019, 03:36:12 AM »
{As ever let me know if stuff doesn't work <3}

Byron Buckley was not so sure where his power and influence, as a Veterinary Intern participant, began and ended but he was fairly certain he was about to push it and its boundaries. It probably did not give him the right to assign his own clients...

"Come on...I know a place that will help you with that...". He tentatively tried for a reach up under the golf cart, despite Head Park Ranger, Caleb Green's protests!

"You sure it's not a puma cub?", the man bent and shone a light up under his vehicle. Byron had been side-tracked from a very failed attempt at joining a rugby game played by four older boys when, on a stop to help him up after a ball literally knocked him over, Ranger Green had heard the rustle of a stray cat deciding to seek shelter under his golf cart, the dog following all but on its heels, and not Mr. Anders' nice terrier, but a still friendly enough lab owned by another park-goer who still might have had a less tolerable opinion of cats and bit the thing.

The lab was quickly set away with its owner, and Byron forewent the rest of his game he hadn't even been a part of to help with the cat. Mr. Green seemed embarrassed that, as Head Ranger, one cat was giving him so much trouble, and tried many times to send the dark haired boy away, but Byron's sense with animals seemed to help others also detect he knew what he was doing and in the end the man had little choice but to let him hold the pet carrier steady while he tipped his cart in such a way as to chase the cat towards it.

Byron would not insult adults, and not Mr. Green who was nice, but he did not exactly lift it, no matter how many times he said he did...

Byron was able to slam the door shut on the cat without one scratch on him or Mr. Green! He then assured the Head Ranger he could take him along to Dr. Hunt's office himself (he "worked" there!) and did not need help, thank-you, both Dr. Hunt and Mr. Lightbody would know about getting even a stressed cat from a carrier.

That assurance had seemed more likely in the park. After a walk jostling the cage that emitted noises every now and again, and now with said cage sitting in the thankfully empty waiting room, but for the woman at the other end of the room, who's dog was getting his teeth cleaned, and who glanced to it every now and again, Byron wasn't so sure...

Still he grinned hopefully to the receptionist.

Dr. Hunt and Mr. Lightbody were really nice people. Extremely nice! But all of this set up was so...precarious in its definition. He wasn't even getting paid in anything but chocolate chip cookies and unhindered access to animals (both of which were more than acceptable terms!).

He didn't fear either Dr. Hunt, or the more stable of definition Veterinary nurse, tossing him out so much as his teacher, who had recommended him for the internship, deciding he wasn't mature enough for the atmosphere after all, or his mother worrying over his being a bother.

Byron loved animals. Hence being here. But he did not want to become known as that kid that drug muddy animals in everywhere he went regardless of others...and the look of their current other client had him worried. She'd taken to determinedly not looking up from her magazine now.

Their also nice receptionist glanced up from her stack of papers she'd been filing to their intern's hesitant, waiting, look turning to a bright smile upon discovery (still tinged with nervousness).

"Um...I believe I recall that Dr. Hunt had a teeth cleaning, Mr. Lightbody available? Or...wait, he might be helping huh? I'll wait until they're done...but...I found a stray cat that needs help". As if everything else didn't make that evident.

The receptionist raised one eyebrow in mild impressiveness, "You got it into a carrier?"

"With some help, yes!", Byron grinned. Her mouth quirked in a smile and she paged for either Dr. Hunt or Mr. Lightbody to please come to the front, if available.
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