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Author Topic: Seek and Ye Shall Find [Lothriel]  (Read 761 times)


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Seek and Ye Shall Find [Lothriel]
« on: October 26, 2017, 04:25:21 AM »
First it was the loss of their King. Mosswyn could hardly believe it! She hadn’t been in Edoras nearly long enough before there would be a change of heads. They had been through so much already, she supposed, that it was almost inevitable that they would lose someone eventually. But, at the same time, King Theoden had been… well… a good leader! And, well, Rohan had, had many good leaders. Where did this leave them, the people of Rohan; with their horses, and a need to get those Orcs off their lands. The ones that still roamed free of course. Actually, this was really none of her concern. She was supposed to only be a loyal subject, going about her duties. But, she felt so strongly about their unpredictable future! She was sure, of course, that almost everyone did, and assumed that this was normal for everyone when they lost a good, and beloved leader.

Mosswyn was sitting in the grass on a hill by the grave of the aforementioned, recently deceased. She saw the white petals dance slightly in the breeze, and twirl about before they landed gently back into the grass. She herself was rubbing a few of the petals between her finger and thumb, completely oblivious to the world around her. She wanted to be mad, she wanted to almost scream! The world had been unfair. Whoever was going to be next… wasn’t going to be… ah! But who was she to judge what they would and would not be? She closed her eyes. Foolish. Foolish! She told herself, as though she were speaking to a child.

She was still thinking on these things when she decided that it was time to go back home. It was along the way (for she was walking) that she took notice of someone else...


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Re: Seek and Ye Shall Find [Lothriel]
« Reply #1 on: November 01, 2017, 08:42:12 PM »
​The travels to Edoras had taken the entire company​ ​over two weeks.​ ​It felt like the majority of Gondor had ridden with the deceased ruler of Rohan to be laid in his final resting place. The princess had accompanied her father and brothers on this journey, the female representative of her house, and had found the trip rather enjoyable. There had been discussion prior to the journey whether she would be physically capable of the ride--her health was still a concern for many--but​ ​Lothíriel​ ​had assured them that she was perfectly capable of making the journey to Edoras along with the others. She was fine, she pointed out often when they tried to say otherwise. And indeed, no ill befell the princess and no troubles arose while riding there. She had actually enjoyed being able to get out of the city and Gondor, and studying the ever-changing landscape while recalling her history lessons proved good for her.

The host that rode with the Rohirrim had set up a large camp outside of Edoras, the city unable to fully house the visiting guests who came to give their last respects to the fallen king. For three days the city prepared and mourned their king, and on the 10th of August, Théoden​ ​was laid to rest with the other kings of Rohan and his own son. It had been sobering to stand there among the men and women of Rohan and watch as their king was given to the ground. The songs, the whispered all tugged at her heart strings.

Those in attendance of the burial had made their way back into the city and to the Golden Hall, but​ ​Lothírie​l​ ​had lingered. Initially Amrothos had stayed behind with his sister​ with false intentions of wanting a little peace and quiet for a moment, and while she was appreciative of her brother's protective nature, she reminded him no harm would come to her here​ and he did not have to lie to her about his intentions​. They were close to the city, the Riders were near, and she was well aware Berelmor was within earshot of her​ even with Amrothos' presence​. Other citizens of Rohan lingered as well outside the gates among the Barrowfield as well, speaking memories of their departed King and wondering what the new King's rule would hold for them now that the threat of Sauron was vanquished and Saruman's evils were now being contained by the Ents.​ No harm would come to her, and she even promised to be inside within a half hour.​

​So the youngest prince left his sister to her own devices outside the gates of Edoras. ​For a time the princess had lingered, clothed in black with a veil covering her hair​, moving down the rows of the buried dead and recalling the names of the Kings and their great deeds.​ The sounds of celebration from the city drifted down among the rows buried kings, the simbelmynë​ dancing on the graves as a breeze sifted through the grass. The few Riders she passed who she was familiar with were given proper greeting, albeit in halted and uncertain Rohirric. And then she came upon a woman among the Barrowfields, and the Gondorian bowed her head in greeting. "Westu hál​," she said, the usually heavier Rohirric softened by her years of Sindarin. ​It was obvious she was still uncertain of the language she had picked up, but by Ulmo she was trying her hardest to speak it correctly and with confidence.