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Author Topic: And I Love Her  (Read 2325 times)


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And I Love Her
« on: October 15, 2017, 05:29:09 AM »
It was perhaps not so odd to see the silver-haired Prince of Doriath pacing, for he often did so when he was frustrated and/or thinking. The fact that he was doing so in the gardens of Menegroth in front of a fountain in the intricate shape of a spiting fish was not even so odd for him, since it was well known that Celeborn found the gardens soothing, a piece of nature within the caves of Menegroth. It was mostly the time, well after when most people were asleep in their beds that was the oddest thing, even if it was not too uncommon for him to be up and unable to sleep.

He had even tried to go to bed, had changed into his usual sleepwear of soft and simple pants and shirt, his hair unbound a little disarrayed from his running his fingers through the silver tresses. He had come here with footwear but had quickly pulled them off, preferring to be grounded by the soil beneath his feet as he sorted things out. And what exactly was he trying to sort out? How exactly he felt about his distant kin that had shown up early in the day, a brother and sister.

There was something about the sister, and Elleth named Artanis, and she was most fair, even fairer than his queen and princess, vast preferring her pale locks of their dark ones. There was something unsettling about her yet somehow sad at the same time, like she had experienced something horrifying and yet tried to be above it all. Her eyes glowed with something that unnerved him when their eyes had met and then there was her name.

Artanis?! Surely that did not do her justice. He thought it meant “Noble Woman” in Quenya but his knowledge of that language was a bit limited. No, that name would not due for her. And yet even as such a thought crossed his mind, another thought came that he had no right to rename her for he barely knew her, having only exchanged a few words with her. Yet deep within him he had come up with another, Sindarin name with her “Galadriel” for she was crowned with radiance, and not just her hair.

He gave a frustrated growl and redoubled his pacing. ”Ai! Eru strike me down now!” He was unaware of his surroundings and so would be oblivious if he had an audience to his rantings. ”She far too fair and lovely to have such a name as Artanis yet I should not be naming her...” He stopped near a tree, leaning heavily against it and letting the cool bark ease what surely must be a fever for his ravings. ”Galadriel, even if she never knows such a name or if I never speak again.” And while he did not know that name of what he felt, he knew he felt it strongly for her.


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Re: And I Love Her
« Reply #1 on: November 08, 2017, 05:31:16 AM »
Most people were asleep, but as was not terribly uncommon, Thranduil was not most people. He’d made a habit of being contrary for the pure sake of it, if only to inject a mild taste of the unexpected into what was the undeniable monotony of life in Menegroth.  His father indulged him, for it did no real harm, and Thranduil suspected that beneath a father’s obligation, Oropher might have silently approved.

Unlike Celeborn, Thranduil had not yet made any attempt at sleep, nor did it seem that sleep sought to claim him any time soon.  Like so many others, he had been swept up in the excitement of visitors from afar, and his mind had been quite full of thoughts of them, himself.  He was still dressed for court, cutting an ever impressive figure worthy of any elvish lordling, and by the way he always carried himself, it was clear to most that he damn well knew it.  Arrogance was no virtue, and yet Thranduil seemed to think otherwise.

Had his besotted kinsman had his full presence of mind, he might have noted a pair of boots, the only part of Thranduil visible where he rested against another nearby tree, back leaned against the bark, legs stretched out before him.  But Thranduil noticed Celeborn.  Even before he had begun speaking, the sound of bare feet was clear enough, and a brief glance told Thranduil exactly who had intruded upon the garden this evening.  Yet he did not announce himself to Celeborn immediately, not wanting to interrupt his own solitude any more than he sensed Celeborn wanted to be interrupted.  However, the words spoken aloud were too much to resist.

“She certainly is lovely,” he observed, climbing to his feet, stretching out long limbs before fully rounding the tree and coming into view.  Blue eyes sparkled, unable to hide his ill intentions.  He maintained a distance, allowing Celeborn that small degree of safety, though that didn’t mean he wouldn’t push onward.  “And in possession of quite the sharp wit,” he continued, wondering absently if Celeborn had even worked up the courage to speak to her, or if he was simply sighing over her beauty from afar. 

“Her brother is also quite charming.  Shall we think of a new name for him as well?  The night is young.”

He loved Celeborn dearly, and if he were quick to tease it was only because he knew his kinsman would forgive him. 


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Re: And I Love Her
« Reply #2 on: November 26, 2017, 02:44:53 AM »
His musings, nay rantings, it seemed were not spoken to an empty space and at the sound of Thranduil's voice, Celeborn stiffened a moment before he turned around slowly. His gray eyes took in the fact that unlike him, his cousin seemed to not have even started to get ready for bed and his lips became a thin line as he considered what his kinsman might have heard of his words that he thought were only heard by himself and the birds and the trees. At least it was not Artanis that came and heard his words.

And there was a certain sharpness in his gaze as Thranduil agreed that she was very lovely, not sure if he had a potential rival for her affections. He kept silent though, warily watching his kinsman approach, well aware for his penchant for riling people up, and very much aware that he knew the exact buttons to press to get Celeborn to react a certain way. He did incline his head at the words about her having a sharp wit.  ”Did you say something to cause her to use her sharp wit on you, Thranduil?” There was a flicker of near amusement before he turned his attention back to his tree, hand upon its bark as if he was gaining some sort of comfort from it.

Thranduil's next words sent a chill down his spine and he gave quite the glare. Elves generally do not name others so freely. He had named Artanis because...well because he loved her. His eyes widened as he realized that but he quickly narrowed his eyes. ”Not unless you have a certain affection for him, Thranduil.” His attention was pulled back to the tree and he tried to ignore his kinsman's presence the best he could, hoping to be left along so he could sigh and moon over Artanis in peace.


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Re: And I Love Her
« Reply #3 on: February 04, 2018, 09:53:43 PM »
Thranduil was remarkably perceptive when he set his mind to it, and he very easily caught that sharp gaze, the stiffened posture, and he suspected its cause without much thought.  Was Celeborn somehow jealous?  Or at the very least, worried?  Over Thranduil?  While it was true that Thranduil was more than a little charming, and far more well-dressed (at least in his own estimation) than Celeborn, he was also far too shrewd to dive head first into anything, romance least of all!

“I would hate to be so lacking in wit that I would so easily be the victim of it,” he replied, putting to rest any suggestion that he’d been anything less than perfectly polite.  Though Celeborn had no real cause to fear Thranduil as a romantic competitor, it was no lie that he’d struck a quick rapport with Artanis.  His kinsman might have been wiser to fear the stories Thranduil might have told about him, or may yet be inclined to tell in the future. “Artanis and I simply found the time to,” he paused, searching for the right words that would both appropriately describe their brief interaction and refrain from being overly cruel to his poor cousin.  “... converse,” he decided upon a moment later.  “Converse about… others.”

Gossip.  The correct word was gossip. But Thranduil would never admit to gossip any more than he would suggest it in another whom he found himself getting along with quite well.  “But I would never repeat the things we spoke of.  It would be in poor taste, don’t you think?”

Poor Celeborn might have hoped to drive Thranduil away with his words, but now that he had sensed his cousin’s discomfort, Thranduil latched on eagerly. He edged closer, not yet fully invading Celeborn’s personal space, but lurking almost oppressively at the very edge of it, a predator scenting its prey.  “Mm, he’s a bit too noble for my taste,” he offered in reply, knowing very well that this was likely quite far from the topic of conversation Celeborn would have chosen.  “Too tall, as well.”

Not allowing his kinsman the time to reply, Thranduil pushed on in the hopes of throwing Celeborn far enough off balance that he might answer honestly.  “Have you spoken to her of all this?”


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Re: And I Love Her
« Reply #4 on: February 27, 2018, 02:40:58 AM »
For some reason, Celeborn found Thranduil's comment about his wit to be rather amusing, and gave a snort as he glanced at his kinsman briefly before his attention went back to the tree. His hand was pressed against its bark and he swore he could feel life pulsing underneath his palm coming from within the tree. His gaze was brought back to the other Elf as he tried to explain, rather haltingly Celeborn thought, exactly what he and Artanis' relationship. His gaze a bit wary until Thranduil finished his sentence with a description what sounded suspiciously like gossip. ”So the two of you gossiped like a bunch of older woman.” There was something akin to amusement lurking in his tone but he tried to keep it as bland as he could. He truly smirked when his cousin asked him if it was in poor taste to repeat what they discussed. ”When has something being in poor taste stopped you before, mellon?”

Of course, while he did continue the conversation, he did wish that Thranduil would leave him peace and let him pine after Artanis while he did...whatever Thranduil did late at night. He gave his friend another sharp, yet curious look as the thought occurred to him. ”Why are you up so late, Thranduil? I doubt you have my excuse of tormented love keeping you awake.” This last was said with a self-deprecating quirk of his lips. Then Thranduil's words about Artanis' brother made him give a bark of laughter. ”I'm sure you would say that about nearly everyone.” Of course, whether he was referring to the noble part or the height, he keep purposefully ambiguous.

If Thranduil was trying for a reaction, Celeborn gave it him as he he started and stared at Thranduil in a mix of miserable, annoyed, and perhaps a bit chagrined. ”I have spoken to her, briefly, though not of this.” His gaze yet again went to the tree beside him and he leaned his head gently against the trunk, closing his eyes, though whether out of pain or something else, Celeborn wouldn't be able to tell you. ”Have you ever felt as though you couldn't live without someone even though you just met them? is like that with her.” He squeezed his eyes tighter. ”I am afraid to tell her, Thranduil. I'm not sure I could survive if she did not return my feelings.” He opened his eyes and craned his head to peer at his companion while keeping his head pressed against the tree, almost as if it was providing him physical comfort. ”What do I do?' His voice was tight with emotion, though he wasn't entirely sure which one or ones.


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Re: And I Love Her
« Reply #5 on: August 29, 2018, 03:24:02 AM »
At the use of the word ‘gossip,’ Thranduil cast a scolding look at his kinsman, who did not seem to understand that such a word could rightly be seen as an insult (the truth of the matter notwithstanding).  And as much as he pretended to be unabashedly crass, he knew very well which lines should never be crossed, even in jest.  It was simply a part of his charm, the carefully cultivated arrogance, the jokes that were just barely this side of inappropriate, the type that would make his father shake his head and scold, but that he would laugh about later when they were alone.   He was certain Celeborn could never quite understand his particular brand of charm, but then again, he had no need to. Celeborn’s charms came from different strengths.

“No, I am not awake from lovesick longing,” he acknowledged, taking up his own position, back leaned against Celeborn’s tree so that his own gaze was directed away from his poor cousin in the hopes that it might encourage him to speak more freely.  No need to be an oppressive presence when Celeborn was doing an excellent job of working himself into a state.  “Nor can I say I have ever felt such an affection before.  You are made more for love than I am, I fear.”  No, Thranduil was far from ready to settle down and tend to such important things as love and family. Nor was he eager for it. Settling down meant responsibility, meant becoming a better man than he was now, and he was still having far too much fun being who he was!

He gave that pleading question the thought it deserved, though. Whatever his kinsman may have thought of him, Thranduil was no more experienced in this than he was.  Certainly there were better opinions to seek out in this, but unfortunately for Celeborn, Thranduil was the one he was stuck with for the moment.

“Write her a letter,” he suggested, his words turning more earnest than they had been before. His head turned, where it still rested against the bark of the tree, and he cast a smile that was far more sincere than was his usual. As much as he might tease, Thranduil saw well the truth in Celeborn’s longing, and he did want to help, if such help would do any good.  Just as likely, Celeborn would see him as a rival and reject those efforts, but his cousin could not be blamed for feeling a bit insecure. 

“I will even deliver it for you, if you’d like,” he offered. “And I’ll not say a word that might suggest I am the far better catch between the two of us.”  So much for earnest…


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Re: And I Love Her
« Reply #6 on: October 02, 2018, 02:40:42 AM »
His lips curled into a semi-amused smirk when Thranduil cast him a scolding look. It seemed his guess had hit the mark since otherwise his kinsman would have come up with a quip about it otherwise. Celeborn knew Thranduil well enough to know many of his looks, especially in conjunction to his own words. When the two of them were truly at it, they played off each other beautifully. But this conversation was not the sort that he wanted to play at. If he was telling the truth, he wanted it to be over so he could brood in peace. But he still muttered, ”So I am correct then?” His smirk grew when he said this.

He inclined his head at acknowledging that Thranduil’s reason was not his but he raised an eyebrow at not being giving an answer. ”But that does not answer my question, cousin.” His companion then went onto say, which they both already knew, that he had never felt such affection before. Celeborn’s eyes widened in surprise at hearing that Thranduil thought he was made for love, or at least more than Thranduil himself. ”Are we not all made for love, my friend, even you, by Eru? I believe it is in our very natures as Elves to love, even if it is not romantically.” He gave him a side-glance. ”I’m sure you can convince some unsuspecting Elleth that you are worth putting up with. Though I do feel sorry for whoever she is.” His smirk was even more pronounced than before at this jab at his friend.

Celeborn cocked his head a little like an owl at Thranduil’s suggestion to write Artanis a letter. The idea did have merit. He didn’t need to formulate his words on the spot, instead taking his time to craft his words the best way. ”I’m surprised in you, Thranduil. You actually have a good idea.” He gave his kinsman a side-eye at hearing that he would deliver the letter for Celeborn if he wished. ”I shall think on your offer to be my delivery boy.” Thranduil’s words at not letting on that he was better catch than Doriath’s prince were met with a snort. ”Much appreciated but somehow I doubt that she would agree with you. I am of course the Prince of Doriath and you are not.” He was feeling rather smug and in general a little bit better. Yes, a love letter to Artanis Nerwen and he supposed he would let Thranduil deliver it for him.


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