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Author Topic: And I Love Her  (Read 218 times)


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And I Love Her
« on: October 15, 2017, 05:29:09 AM »
It was perhaps not so odd to see the silver-haired Prince of Doriath pacing, for he often did so when he was frustrated and/or thinking. The fact that he was doing so in the gardens of Menegroth in front of a fountain in the intricate shape of a spiting fish was not even so odd for him, since it was well known that Celeborn found the gardens soothing, a piece of nature within the caves of Menegroth. It was mostly the time, well after when most people were asleep in their beds that was the oddest thing, even if it was not too uncommon for him to be up and unable to sleep.

He had even tried to go to bed, had changed into his usual sleepwear of soft and simple pants and shirt, his hair unbound a little disarrayed from his running his fingers through the silver tresses. He had come here with footwear but had quickly pulled them off, preferring to be grounded by the soil beneath his feet as he sorted things out. And what exactly was he trying to sort out? How exactly he felt about his distant kin that had shown up early in the day, a brother and sister.

There was something about the sister, and Elleth named Artanis, and she was most fair, even fairer than his queen and princess, vast preferring her pale locks of their dark ones. There was something unsettling about her yet somehow sad at the same time, like she had experienced something horrifying and yet tried to be above it all. Her eyes glowed with something that unnerved him when their eyes had met and then there was her name.

Artanis?! Surely that did not do her justice. He thought it meant “Noble Woman” in Quenya but his knowledge of that language was a bit limited. No, that name would not due for her. And yet even as such a thought crossed his mind, another thought came that he had no right to rename her for he barely knew her, having only exchanged a few words with her. Yet deep within him he had come up with another, Sindarin name with her “Galadriel” for she was crowned with radiance, and not just her hair.

He gave a frustrated growl and redoubled his pacing. ”Ai! Eru strike me down now!” He was unaware of his surroundings and so would be oblivious if he had an audience to his rantings. ”She far too fair and lovely to have such a name as Artanis yet I should not be naming her...” He stopped near a tree, leaning heavily against it and letting the cool bark ease what surely must be a fever for his ravings. ”Galadriel, even if she never knows such a name or if I never speak again.” And while he did not know that name of what he felt, he knew he felt it strongly for her.


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Re: And I Love Her
« Reply #1 on: November 08, 2017, 05:31:16 AM »
Most people were asleep, but as was not terribly uncommon, Thranduil was not most people. He’d made a habit of being contrary for the pure sake of it, if only to inject a mild taste of the unexpected into what was the undeniable monotony of life in Menegroth.  His father indulged him, for it did no real harm, and Thranduil suspected that beneath a father’s obligation, Oropher might have silently approved.

Unlike Celeborn, Thranduil had not yet made any attempt at sleep, nor did it seem that sleep sought to claim him any time soon.  Like so many others, he had been swept up in the excitement of visitors from afar, and his mind had been quite full of thoughts of them, himself.  He was still dressed for court, cutting an ever impressive figure worthy of any elvish lordling, and by the way he always carried himself, it was clear to most that he damn well knew it.  Arrogance was no virtue, and yet Thranduil seemed to think otherwise.

Had his besotted kinsman had his full presence of mind, he might have noted a pair of boots, the only part of Thranduil visible where he rested against another nearby tree, back leaned against the bark, legs stretched out before him.  But Thranduil noticed Celeborn.  Even before he had begun speaking, the sound of bare feet was clear enough, and a brief glance told Thranduil exactly who had intruded upon the garden this evening.  Yet he did not announce himself to Celeborn immediately, not wanting to interrupt his own solitude any more than he sensed Celeborn wanted to be interrupted.  However, the words spoken aloud were too much to resist.

“She certainly is lovely,” he observed, climbing to his feet, stretching out long limbs before fully rounding the tree and coming into view.  Blue eyes sparkled, unable to hide his ill intentions.  He maintained a distance, allowing Celeborn that small degree of safety, though that didn’t mean he wouldn’t push onward.  “And in possession of quite the sharp wit,” he continued, wondering absently if Celeborn had even worked up the courage to speak to her, or if he was simply sighing over her beauty from afar. 

“Her brother is also quite charming.  Shall we think of a new name for him as well?  The night is young.”

He loved Celeborn dearly, and if he were quick to tease it was only because he knew his kinsman would forgive him. 


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Re: And I Love Her
« Reply #2 on: November 26, 2017, 02:44:53 AM »
His musings, nay rantings, it seemed were not spoken to an empty space and at the sound of Thranduil's voice, Celeborn stiffened a moment before he turned around slowly. His gray eyes took in the fact that unlike him, his cousin seemed to not have even started to get ready for bed and his lips became a thin line as he considered what his kinsman might have heard of his words that he thought were only heard by himself and the birds and the trees. At least it was not Artanis that came and heard his words.

And there was a certain sharpness in his gaze as Thranduil agreed that she was very lovely, not sure if he had a potential rival for her affections. He kept silent though, warily watching his kinsman approach, well aware for his penchant for riling people up, and very much aware that he knew the exact buttons to press to get Celeborn to react a certain way. He did incline his head at the words about her having a sharp wit.  ”Did you say something to cause her to use her sharp wit on you, Thranduil?” There was a flicker of near amusement before he turned his attention back to his tree, hand upon its bark as if he was gaining some sort of comfort from it.

Thranduil's next words sent a chill down his spine and he gave quite the glare. Elves generally do not name others so freely. He had named Artanis because...well because he loved her. His eyes widened as he realized that but he quickly narrowed his eyes. ”Not unless you have a certain affection for him, Thranduil.” His attention was pulled back to the tree and he tried to ignore his kinsman's presence the best he could, hoping to be left along so he could sigh and moon over Artanis in peace.