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Author Topic: And Now For A Word  (Read 1037 times)


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And Now For A Word
« on: October 11, 2017, 05:06:30 AM »
The great Halls of Meduseld, the heart of Edoras and Rohan, was empty but for the presence of its head, king Fengel. Some noises could be heard at the distance, but were mostly muffled by the thick closed doors of the throne room where the old king awaited a visitor who would bring him much needed news from Gondor about his prodigal son, Thengel. He still thought it was better for his only son to be away and safe than here and at peril of injury. Lately, attacks from Orc packs and Dunlendings alike had been plaguing the land of Rohan. The Éoreds had been, so far, capable of defending all their territory, not little due to Fengel’s strategies and military mind.

A little should be said about his visitor maybe. Hild, the daughter of Alden. Her father wasn’t someone Fengel was close to, even because he wasn’t exactly close to anyone. He had heard of the man because the king always liked to keep every asset he had to call upon in a moment of need in his knowing. But that wasn’t the only reason as well. Haleth, Alden’s oldest son, was a trustworthy member of his personal guard for years. So much so that he had chosen him to be Thengel’s personal guardian and now that was the man who was the sole Rohirrim company his son had in Gondor, not to mention he kept being his protector.

Another point to be addressed is Fengel’s relationship with Hild. There wasn’t one. They had a completely professional acquaintance. She was his informant. He had never asked the woman to betray her brother’s trust, only to bring him news about his son more often than his Gondorian informants could. It was a profitable arrangement for both of them. She found out where her brother was and could visit him as she wanted and he had more current news about his own son more often.

Some wicked mouths though would say that his praises of Hild’s mental abilities and her employment as his official messenger sometimes meant she was a woman after his old heart. Maybe if he were a different kind of person. One who was in contact with his heart. Fengel didn’t see the woman as anything other than a capable informant and messenger, someone as trustworthy as they come, who was coming to bring him news of his son. The old king wouldn’t be able to say that he didn’t long her arrival, but more for what she had to say than anything else.

He took his mind out of the person he was expecting and into a better way to base and move the Éoreds inside Rohan. Fengel was always thinking on new ways to better the security of his realm. It was a constant in his mind together with further ways of enhancing the realm’s wealth, which granted him the fame of being obsessed with it. He couldn’t care less. His duty as king was to protect and provide, such was what his father had taught him as he prepared him to be king after the death of his brothers.

Not long afterwards, he could hear a strong noise as the massive doors opened to reveal the one he had been waiting for this end of afternoon. "Hild." He simply acknowledged her presence by speaking her name out loud in his usually detached and monotone voice. The servant who had opened the door immediately took his leave and left them alone.
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Re: And Now For A Word
« Reply #1 on: June 04, 2020, 10:02:31 PM »
Hild was forced to make a difficult choice a few years back. No matter what she chose, in the end, she could be betraying someone. Her brother, her prince or her king. So she made the decision that seemed to her would benefit most of the involved ones in a positive way. She decided to accept Fengel's offer to know where Haleth was currently living in Gondor in exchange of becoming the king's most trusted informant when it came to information about his son. It seemed fair to her at the time. Fengel showed no ill-will towards Haleth, which came as a surprise to Hild, and thus what she was doing would never bring her brother any harm. Beyond that, a father deserved to know about his son in her estimation. All things considered, it was the best she could do given her choices.

She also trusted her ability never to tell too much, so she could satisfy Fengel's need for more accurate information and still not break the trust Thengel had in her. It was a fine line she was threading. During her last trip, she was so glad to see her brother smiling again. Even the prince seemed to be in a happier disposition. Neither openly chose to impart to her the reasons behind it, but it wouldn't take a genius to find out. She had heard a certain name leave Haleth's mouth in a fond way more than once, but surely wouldn't point anything out. Thengel was more tight lipped in her presence, but she was sure the source of his own happiness was no different. She just hoped they weren't both in love with the same lady as that could be a problem.

Before coming to Edoras, Hild had spent two weeks at Harrowdale with Brego and Baldor, with whom she shared all the good news about Haleth and to whom she brought some gifts from Gondor as she always did whenever she went there. That time was also important to her, not only to rest herself from the trip, but also to decide what she would tell Fengel upon their meeting. The king knew she always went home for a while before coming to Edoras for her report and never complained about it, so she continued doing so. But now she was there, at the capital city of Rohan, going up the stairs that would grant her access to the Golden Hall. The usual guards were stationed at the doors, but before she attempted to enter she turned to look at the magnificent view.

The location of the palace, on top of a mount, gave it, besides the obvious defensive advantages, an incredible view of the plains beneath. It always gave her some perspective before going inside. She took in the colder air due to the altitude and let it out before approaching the guards. She let the hood of her brown cloak fall from her head and addressed them. "I'm Hild, daughter of Alden. I come for an audience with the king." It was only a ritual. She knew she was expected and that the guards had orders to let her in if Fengel wasn't engaged in any business of State. "Come in. The king expects you." Soon after the ornate doors opened and she stepped inside. Fengel was alone as usual.

Hild sometimes pitied her king's seemingly constant loneliness, but she would never let anyone know about such sentiment of hers. She also wasn't one to talk about her feelings much, Brego was the open sibling when it came to that. Her steps were, as usual, assured and steady as she entered the main hall and approached the throne. At hearing her name, she offered the curtsy expected of her. As she returned to her full height, Hild could hear the thick doors being closed behind her back. The time had come to tell the king everything she had decided was safe to tell. She let out a deep breath. "King Fengel, I have good news. Your son's horse business in Lossarnach goes each day better. The prince is said to have a great feeling for trade among the locals." Hild offered to start their conversation and to let the king conduct it with his questions as usual.
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