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Author Topic: [Hobbit + LotR] Pallando  (Read 691 times)


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« on: September 13, 2017, 04:15:46 PM »

Pallando the Blue

NAME: Rómestámo 
NICKNAMES (IF ANY): Pallando, The Blue wizard 
TRILOGY: Hobbit & Lotr
DATE OF BIRTH AND AGE (AS OF T.A. 2941/3019): Ageless, was born before the creation of Arda
RACE:  Maia / Ainur / Istar

HAIR COLOUR AND APPEARANCE: Pallando has long white hairs which are long enough to cover his shoulders under it. His beard is not as long as many other wizards but his white bear which covers his chin definitely makes him seem older than any mortal man in Middle-earth. His long hairs are as smooth as water and sometimes the wind causes them to flow beautifully. As his beard and hair are the most important traits that makes him look very old, they make him look like a man of wisdom and knowledge.  
EYE COLOUR: Blue, a little bit of violet colour 
BODY TYPE AND HEIGHT: Pallando does not have a muscular build, quite the opposite. As he is looking like a very old man his height only reaches 5.6 ft and his weight reaching 143 pounds.  
OVERALL APPEARANCE: As one of the Blue wizards Pallando is wearing deep seablue robes and sometimes he is seen wearing a hat which is the same color as his robes. His robes and hats make him look like more of an old wanderer than a wizard.
DISTINGUISHING MARKS:  Nothing special, expect for his staff which he uses as a walking stick.
WEAPONS: His staff which has a snake head at the top of it and the snake has a blue ball inside of its mouth. Pallando uses this staff to channel his magic and he also sometimes uses a bow as his weapon of choice.
FACE CLAIM:  Richard Harris.


Magical powers: During his time in the far East it was rumored Pallando had created a secret magical cult which is because he always took great interest in magic. As a Maia spirit his powers in magic are far greater than any mortal sorcerer in Middle-earth but he rarely if ever uses his powers to their full extend. Pallando has great and vast knowledge of different spells and runes in Middle-earth so he is a good sorcerer... but not stronger than Gandalf and Saruman.

Knowledge: As Pallando has been wandering the lands of Middle-earth for a long long time he has gathered a vast amount of knowledge of different things. He knows languages that many people has forgotten and places that many people dont necessarily even know about. As he has been traveling a lot he also has vast knowledge of different survival skills in the wilderness.


Hesitation: One of Pallandos greatest weaknesses is his hesitation to act as he wants to think about every possible outcome before starting to act. Even if the danger might be right around the corner, Pallando would hesitate facing it before thinking about every scenario he can think of... and then it might be too late to act.

Ignorance: Pallando might be more or less ignorant of mortal races business as he wouldnt want to interfere with their wars. He also has some doubt can the mortal races actually fight against someone like Sauron. He is loyal to his cause and will do everything to help the mortals avoid their dark fate if Sauron wins, he doesnt necessarily believe they have enough power to take him on and he actually believes that without the istari to help them, they would most likely lose. This is not to be confused with pride as Pallando would never use his powers to gain personal power but he simply believes that he and other wizards are something mightier than mortal races.

Decision making: Pallando is a being who is thousands of years old so his point of view differs greatly from mortal minds. This might cause problems because Pallando doesnt necessarily know what is best for them but he simply believes he is doing the right thing in the long run.

ASPIRATIONS:  As of the moment his greatest aspiration is to pure Middle-earth of Sauron and his followers to create peace in Middle-earth. He longs to return to the Undying lands but that is not possible until his task is done.   

FEARS:  Pallando fears of being corrupted like Sauron was before him. He is aware that Sauron was once one of the most powerful maias and yet he was corrupted. This has made Pallando to think that no one is not immune to the corruption of the dark forces. He also fears that there will be a day when Melkor will find a way back to Middle-earth.

PERSONALITY:  Wise, old man with great wisdom and desire to help the mortal races, Pallando is kind and warm person but he might sometimes be a little bit too farsighted in his views, mostly because of his very old age. People who speak with him would need to pay some attention to what he says as he hides many things in his words and thinks deeply about every move and action he is about to make.
Pallando is also very prone to being secretive as there are not many people in Middle-earth who knows about his status as a maia. He also doesnt like to reveal his own personal plans to anyone else than other wizards and he is a good friend of Alatar, another blue wizard.

Pallando is not too proud person, he never wants to get any personal glory or reputation for the things he is doing to defeat Sauron but prefers to do his things behind the scenes and in secret.
He comes along with many mortal races very well as he is very interested in dwarfs. He is interested in their great skills in smithing and building great kingdoms and mines. His duty as a istari is taking him from another place to another so he doesnt really like to stay in one place for too long and even tho he is a immortal being with as much time as he would want, he likes to keep himself busy either by wandering around or solving the problems that Saurons corruption has created.
But even the kind man Pallando is, he shows no mercy to those who have chosen to follow the dark forces and specially those who have been given a chance to step away from the darkness. He thinks that beings like Sauron are far beyond any reach and they could never truly be redeemed.
Pallando has created friendships among the Elves and dwarfs but he has not revealed his status as maia to them yet and the only elfs aware of his status are possibly Galadriel and her husband, Elrond etc.

HISTORY:  Before coming to Middle-earth and known as Pallando, he was known as Rómestámo in the Undying lands, being a servant of Oromë the huntsman. Oromë was one of the last Ainu to still occasionally go to Middle-earth before the struggle with Morgoth. It was Oromë who discovered the elfs when they awoke. During the struggle with Melkor, Oromë took active part in it so Pallando was fighting in the war against Morgoth under the orders of his master, the huntsman. It can be assumed the did fight in the war of the wrath which left Middle-earth to chaos and blew up a large part of it which sank in to the ocean.

After Melkor was striked down and he was cast in to the Void to stay there until the end of times, Pallando remained in his duties to his master and believed that there would be no one who would end up becoming like Morgoth. It didnt take long before he realized that the darkness from Middle-earth was not purged completely as Sauron, the servant of Morgoth had stayed there and was trying to take control of Middle-earth for himself. Pallando didnt have any part in the war against Sauron in which the Last alliance of elves and men fought.

Shortly after Sauron was overthrown, it became clear that he didnt truly die as he had created the One ring and he would be alive as long as the ring would. It was deciced that five istaris would be send to Middle-earth to help the mortals in their struggle against Sauron but they were not allowed to do so by means of power and fear. Pallando accepted the task of going to Middle-earth to assure them that they were being helped and they would not have to face this danger alone. Bound by the flesh and limiting their powers, Pallando arrived to Middle-earth together with Alatar who took him with him as a friend.

The Blue wizards first traveled far into East along with Saruman while Gandalf and Radagast stayed in the West. Pallandos early journeys in Middle-earth are focused into purging worshippers of Sauron and Melkor from the East and helping to unite people in there. While in the East, Pallando created a secret magical cult which would help him in his quest to unite people against worshippers of Sauron. Eventually Saruman left them to journey back to the west while Pallando stayed behind to keep the and eye out in the east.

Eventually as decades passed Pallando trough that he could do more good in the west as it was starting to seem that the darkness which threatened Middle-earth was growing in the west, not in the east. Leaving his secret magical cult to keep and eye out in the east and ordering them to inform him immediately should they notice anything unusual, he started his long journey back to the west.
Pallando used his old age as a disguise while traveling, claiming to be a simple old man who likes to see the world and has traveled around Middle-earth for all his life he finally arrived in the west. For the next decades he has traveled all around the lands, still keeping his status and task as a secret and doing what he can to find the darkness that grows in the west.
YOUR NAME:  Rudyyy
AGE:  20
COUNTRY:  Finland
EXPERIENCE:  Something like.. 6-7 years?
CONTACT:  Discord, PM
HOW DID YOU FIND US?:  It was a site which had a list of different forum roleplaying games, I dont remember its name tho.
''This is very unlikely..'' Pallando muttered to himself as he moves his fingers along the carvings that had been made into the stone. He had traveled a long way to investigate a rumor which said that someone was practising black magic in an old small cave in the mountains. At first it didnt make Pallando too worries, there had been many practioners of black magic in mortal races but this one took his interest. The carvings in the stone were something he had not seen in hundreds of years and it made him feel very uneasy. He knew a great deal of magic and spells but he never believed there would be a mortal sorcerer who would even know these carvings.
The carvings were written in ancient Mordor and Pallando was aware that there were only a few beings in Middle-earth who still knew how to speak that language.

Pallando turned around from the carvings and his staff had a bright light on top of it because the cave was as dark as a night and without a light even he wouldnt see much. He wanted to explore more of the cave but at the same time he was concerned of what he might find.
''My senses are telling me to inform the council immediately... but if I go to inform the council the evil that lives here might escape before we get back.. if there is an evil living here, Im sure it has noticed my precense.'' There were not many things Pallando was afraid of but a being who knew how to speak ancient Mordor truly made him question should he stay or leave immediately. He rised his staff a little bit higher and the light in it grew only brighter and showed the old man the whole chamber he was in. The cave looked like it was formed a long time ago and either the one living in it was an immortal being or a mortal who simply found it abandoned and took refuge there. Nonethless Pallando deciced it would be too dangerous to simply walk deeper alone as he might end up facing someone he would not want to. Listening to his senses, he turned around on his heels and leaves the dark and ancient cave behind him to inform the white council of his discovery. The carvings in the stone would not have been alarming Pallando like this but the fact that it was rumored someone was living there... that made him uneasy. The carvings were looking like they were created only recently so it was not possible that the one who took refuge from the cave simply didnt know what they meant.

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Re: Pallando
« Reply #1 on: September 14, 2017, 04:05:41 AM »


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Re: Pallando
« Reply #2 on: September 14, 2017, 06:22:43 PM »
Everything looks awesome!  Welcome to The Hobbit Roleplay!  I'm excited to see Pallando in action.