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Author Topic: Flowers grow as well as spiders  (Read 264 times)


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Flowers grow as well as spiders
« on: September 13, 2017, 01:13:28 AM »
Arasseth had only her imagination and the stories of older elves to tell her what Greenwood was like before the great shadow fell over it.  For the entirety of her short life, the Woodland Realm was at best sick and dying and at worst dark and corrupted.  Well, mostly.  Sometimes a little glimmer of hope could be seen where normal, healthy plants or animals fought to survive.  Arasseth could not fight to protect the realm as other did (nor did she want to), so she made it her responsibility to care for them when she could.

She never dared to go far on her own, even with a dagger on her belt she was not suited for fighting, but she didn't need to go far to make a difference.  A doe she had recently befriended could always be found waiting for her, and today was no exception.  Arasseth smiled when she saw the creature, who looked a bit plumper than usual.

"Good to see you again, and it looks like you're expecting a little fawn," she spoke in a gentle Elven voice as she outstretched a hand.  The doe sniffed her fingers but quickly jerked her head to look away.

Arasseth heard what had started the doe: the sound of heavy footfalls crunching dry leaves.  Her heart jumped, and her right hand went to her dagger.  However, if it was any real danger, she knew she stood a better chance if she turned and ran, but for now she would wait a moment longer.  If the doe didn't feel the need to flee, everything would probably be fine.  Animals had a strong sense of danger.