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Author Topic: Harper Fairbanks  (Read 1187 times)


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Harper Fairbanks
« on: September 07, 2017, 02:30:43 AM »

Name: Harper Fairbanks

Age: 12

Place of Birth: Ireland, near the coast.

Year: 2nd

House: Ravenclaw

Blood Type: Half-Blood

Occupation: Student

School/Quidditch Position: Chaser

Wand: Oak 12", Phoenix feather.

Patronus: A Hawk, and she's working at getting better at casting it.

Magical Abilities?: None currently as of second year, though she's very interested in Transfiguration class next year and possibly working towards Animagus. She really only thinks she can talk to birds.

Pet(s): None though she hangs about the owls etc in the owlry at times, mainly to talk to them. And reminds herself not to tell their owners about their personality as they'll think she's making it up, which she might be.

Background/Personality/Appearance: Growing up, Harper's parents were very supportive and helpful, giving her early introductions to magic, but telling her not to worry if a letter didn't come from Hogwarts. Apparently it was Harper's mother (a squib) who felt she might have messed this up for her daughter, sneaking in when she herself didn't get one and being promptly found and sent home (but not before making an early impression on Harper's father).

Harper wasn't punished for it, though, and her letter did come, and her mother's convinced her father being a registered Animagus (owl) showed enough strength of magic on his side to aid their daughter, though keeping to Hogwart rules he hasn't tried to pass this on himself and even warns Harper of the rigors of the process.

As an only child, Harper actually hated to leave, even for a semester at a time, but not for the being spoiled stereotype, for her parent's sake. They reassured and were only too happy for her to have stories to come back with.

A happy, excited child, who gave everyone in her class and at Hogwarts a smile, Harper wasn't pegged shy, but even from the get go seemed to talk too in depth to classmates' pets and the birds down at the owlry (even knowing a clear difference from an Animagus and normal birds). This latter showed she wasn't just teasing their owners by asking "how they were being treated". A bit whispered about for it, to good or just all bad even Harper doesn't know.

Still she tries to not let this bug her and goes about her day and school year.

She also loved Flight class and joined the Ravenclaw Quidditch team this her second year. Even needing a broom, Harper loves flying and flies everywhere she can! This has proven both an advantage and problematic in Quidditch as she's a fast Chaser, but then at times forgets about the game and just flies aimless until redirected.

This ties into her desire to attempt to be a registered Animagus in that her hazy Patronus attempts have shown a bird (probably hawk!) and if she learned that she could fly all the time!

She's tried to check out books early, but is always sent away and is fast becoming a nuisance to library assistants just through charming eagerness, but is careful not to get pegged a trouble maker as this won't help.

Still Transfiguration class can't come fast enough!
« Last Edit: September 07, 2017, 03:35:26 AM by Harper »



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