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Author Topic: Harper Auster  (Read 304 times)


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Harper Auster
« on: September 04, 2017, 02:30:30 PM »

Name: Harper Auster

Age: 17

Occupation: Student/Volunteer at the local pet shelter.

Background/Personality/Appearance: Harper had a pretty normal/relatively happy childhood, for Middleton, if feeling a bit lied to, but this only as she got older and only in terms of her father's family. She also got a new set from the ones she'd known and lost in Middle Earth, but they were kind and always gave her what they could, if having to watch their finances a bit to do so. Her father was known as the one doing the best of her family though.

She was aware of him having an older brother, of herself having an uncle and aunt, the two slightly estranged though, and one cousin slightly older, but they only visited once or twice and only for her father and uncle to fall into some very heated adult discussion which they shuffled the young girl away from.

It sat on Harper that something was wrong, though, or all of this makes up the memories she was sent with. As a perceptive skin-changer in Middle Earth, with hawk-like astuteness, she is hard to dodge around though and picks up more off what her parents will and won't say than perhaps perceived, and a question they won't answer is a question worth looking into. She felt bad doing it, but snuck into her father's office one day and found a copy of a paper she's still not sure how he got, but which proved almost every thing. She had and does have two cousins, one of which had been given up to care. She's aware her aunt and uncle were and possible still are in a rough stage at the time, making it a sort of miracle hera aunt atleast kept the other, but started piecing what she could together to find out what happened to him.

The institutions flat out refused to answer her questions, but someone else thankfully wandering about with the same last name aided the trail of information and she soon got someone to tell her something, even if said person just scoffed and said whatever a nice kid like her wanted with Auster she'd best turn right back around, he worked for "the wrong sorts". Harper's determined to be the one good presence of the family that gave up on Thomas though, or the one who will in fact do something! Even young as she is, though she's still working up her courage and words for exactly how she would go about it if she decided to approach him.

(Also to be worked around perhaps depending on facts)
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