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Author Topic: [LotR] Mosswyn [finished, updated version]  (Read 1622 times)


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Mosswyn [finished, updated version]
« on: August 24, 2017, 04:20:48 AM »


NAME: Mosswyn Daughter of Gwalter
NICKNAMES (IF ANY):  Mossy (but don't call her that unless you want to see her upset)
DATE OF BIRTH AND AGE (AS OF T.A. 2941/3019): 21 years.
RACE:  Man
GENDER:  Female

HAIR COLOUR AND APPEARANCE:  Naturally wavy, her hair is a rich chestnut brown  color with lighter shades of brown mixed in; these are especially noticeable when she’s been out in the sun for too long. She often wears her hair in a messy bun, but will often braid it back out of her way. Sometimes, for fun, she’ll dress up her hair. Mostly, though, it is covered with a colorful headscarf.

EYE COLOUR:  light brown.

BODY TYPE AND HEIGHT:  She stands at 5’7” and has a small frame. She is not, however, lacking for muscle. The work she does around her little home keeps her slim. There is nothing particularly remarkable about her build.

OVERALL APPEARANCE:  Mosswyn keeps herself tidy. Her clothing choices are always appropriate for whatever job she may be handling. She enjoys wearing slacks the most, and simple shoes. When she goes out, she likes to wear simple dresses she made herself; mostly of earthy colors or whatever affordable fabric she could find. Ever since being on the run, she has no time to do any fancy needle work.

She (as mentioned) likes to keep her hair up in braids and covered with a colorful headscarf. She’s slim, and light on her feet, well balanced, and graceful. The only things she keeps on her person is a purse of coins, and a dirk that she uses to defend herself with.

DISTINGUISHING MARKS: one or two scars from being a bit roughed up over time.
WEAPONS:  a Dirk.
FACE CLAIM:  Audrey Hepburn.

STRENGTHS:    Mosswyn is excellent with a needle and thread. She mostly uses her talents to help those in need, often those fleeing from the terror of Orcs. But, often she enjoys making embroidery for others in her spare time, or when she can’t sleep. She is also excellent at crocheting.

Aside from those, she is good with horses (as any person from Rohan), and really enjoys bonding with them when she can. Her own horse, Quinn, is a fine example of a steed raised by her late father for the Rohirrim.

She has the potential to be an excellent fighter, if she had a good teacher. And she has a good heart, though she understands that Men can be evil, and take advantage of her.

She is also a good cook! (yay?) And is a fast learner.

WEAKNESSES:  In her current state, it is easy to take advantage of Mosswyn’s kindness. She has a heart that never likes to stop giving, even when she feels that the person’s intentions are not as pure as they seem to be.

She is not a very good fighter. Moss lacks certain training for combat.

Judgmental. Although she tries not to, it hard for Moss to not judge someone for what they have done, versus what they are trying to do. It is a character flaw that she is aware of, and tries to keep back, which often causes her to be judgemental of herself as much as others.

ASPIRATIONS:  To help as many people as possible in these tough times to the best of her abilities. Either by offering her assistance, or organizing, or simply being there for someone. And perhaps see the sea.

FEARS: Dying a terrible, lonely, unfulfilled death. She also has a growing fear of the dark, and the things hiding in the deep shadows.

PERSONALITY:   Mosswyn is a complicated being. She is hard on herself most of all! She knows her flaws, and she knows she can sometimes speak without care of how others might hear her words. She is judgmental, of herself and others, no matter how hard she tries, and can often kick herself when she’s down. When other’s are hard on her, it takes time to get over the hurt that it can cause, but she feels she is one step closer to being a tougher version of herself.

Kind and caring, once you get past her harder, outer shell, Mosswyn can become your best friend! She’s always there for you, no matter what may happen in your life. She feels that showing affection is better than saying you care, then doing nothing to prove it. She is very much a person who believes that “Actions speak louder than Words”.

But, there is a side that most people don’t see. She wants to go exploring! She wants to see things, get out of Rohan! She wants to travel to Dale and see the Lonely Mountain. She loves to hear other people talk of their travels, and see things from distant lands. One day she hopes to travel far enough to see the sea!

First impressions are generally: Oh yes she’s super nice! OR Oh no, not for me thanks. Mosswyn is a happy person most days. She likes to try and see the silver lining before looking at the storm above her head; and to be honest, there aren’t enough people looking at the silver lining. She feels most fulfilled when she can help others to the best of her abilities, and has such a passion for people.

She is wise beyond her years, sometimes. Often telling people what she thinks, as bluntly as possible. She thinks deeply, and enjoys nice, long sensible talks with sensible people.

When it comes to learning new things, Mosswyn has always had a knack of picking them up. She is multitalented, but hard work is required (she knows) if she is to make it a skill.

HISTORY:  Once upon a time, in a land not so far away, and a time of trouble, a little girl was born. Clearly, her parents loved her very much; there was no doubt about that. She didn’t have the best of everything, and she certainly didn’t have the latest things. What she did was just enough: a love for horses, and a love for her community. Mosswyn’s childhood was pretty typical for a little girl. Except for the time when her mother was found dead in the neighbor’s burnt field.

That night, Mossy’s father had put her to bed instead of her mother. She had been woken by screams, shouting, and strange noises (not the sort that go bump in the night). She raced from her bed to the window to see her neighbor’s house ablaze, and dark shapes running in the dark. There was no moon to see any clearer by, but the flames that leapt from the field were all she needed to see. Horses screamed from the barn. Her father burst into the room, “Get away from the window, child!” He warned, trying not to sound as panicked as he clearly felt.

Mosswyn ran to her father, “Papa, what is happening?” She asked. He patted her head, offering no words of comfort. What could he say? That her mother was not coming back? That he had helped the rest of the small village defeat the band of Orcs that decided tonight was a good night to raid? No, that could all wait till morning.

When morning finally came, and Mosswyn went down stairs expecting to her mother and father smiling at her as they always had… it was only her father who greeted her. Solemn, and depressed; his eyes were red as though he had been crying the whole night, and he looked as though he were a hundred years older than he really was. “Mossy, come and sit by me.” He said, “I have something to tell you.”

Mosswyn was five years old when she lost her mother.

At the age of ten, Mosswyn’s grandmother came to live with them, to help with the meals, teach Mosswyn how to keep house, and most importantly, how to be a lady. You see, Mosswyn’s grandmother was one of the more - ah - rich grandparents. The sort who disapproved of the match that had been made between her daughter and this horse raiser. But, such a connection had been good for the business of horse raising, and of course nothing could deter true love.

So, Mosswyn learned to be a lady, but she also learned to be craftsy. She made her own dresses by the age of fourteen, and started to give away little dresses for infant girls who couldn’t afford it, and sold dresses to the girls who were coming of age.

When Mosswyn was seventeen years old she ran away from home. Her father had taken to drinking early, but had kept most of it hidden away, often spending a lot of time patrolling with the Rohirrim. Grandmother was the only one in her life and although they had two or three hired help, it was Mosswyn who did most of the work to keep up the family business of raising horses. But, when you’ve had enough, you’ve had enough. Mosswyn packed her things far into the night and snuck out of the house. She wore trousers, a light shirt and a cloak, and rode off into the night.

Four years of living on the other side of Rohan in West Emnt (she was born in the east) Mosswyn turned twenty-one...

AGE:  23?
CONTACT:  Nienna or skype!
something something something something something.

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Re: Mosswyn [finished, updated version]
« Reply #1 on: September 19, 2017, 03:00:03 AM »
Ah, she's awesome Hades! As ever <3


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