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Author Topic: [LotR] Eorik  (Read 2009 times)


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« on: July 11, 2017, 12:32:43 PM »


NAME:  Eorik
DATE OF BIRTH AND AGE (AS OF T.A. 2941/3019): Autumn/Fall, T.A. 2983 - 33 y/o.
PLACE OF BIRTH:  The Westfold, Rohan.
RACE:  Man (Rohan).
GENDER:  Male.

HAIR COLOUR AND APPEARANCE:  'Rik's hair is light enough as  can be expected of the Rohirrim. However, it stands out in itself due to the fact that the curly, sometimes shaggy mop is a rustic, vivid red verging on the dark orange in some lights.


BODY TYPE AND HEIGHT:  6'3 in height, as befits a man honouring his bear-like predecessors, Eorik is solid in build and broad of shoulder -- ideal for throwing a spear around and more or less in general as expected of a soldier who actively keeps himself fit for duty.

OVERALL APPEARANCE:  Eorik is pretty stereotypical as far as men go, cut from the kind of cloth that prefers clothes that are comfortable, easy and not easily worn. He prefers his breeches and his boots and so his breeches and his boots often stay, and the only colour he might not wear (ironically given his country's colours) is green...because he'd rather not have to kick the instep of the next person who makes a crack about his flame-red hair and the colours of a pine forest going like...well, a forest on fire, really.

DISTINGUISHING MARKS:  Eorik's variance between perma-stubble and a beard might be of note, though not really beyond sporting the same rustic red colour, considering over two thirds of his people and then some sport the facial hair. As of the Battle of the Pelennor Fields, he sports and will sport for the rest of his life a large, unfriendly scar to mar once handsome features. Situated on the left side of his face, it avoided his eye by some miracle, but the ruin the slash left means he's always going to have a slight squint from that eye to compensate for the damage done.

WEAPONS:  Eorik has a long reach and a strong arm, and so he while he is trained on horse back with most weaponry as fits the warriors among his people, he prefers ultimately the spear and the halberd. He is also given to the rare strength that allows a man to use a crossbow with relative ease, and while he's fond enough of the short bow, he puts the crossbow to good use when a hard punch is called for.

FACE CLAIM:  Richard Madden.

STRENGTHS:  Eorik is a man of strong heart and constitution, the kind you'll appreciate at your back when the moment really calls for it. Even when tormented by troubled thoughts and grievances, he never shies away from anything, rarely allows himself to be truly rattled, and has a sort of wisdom about him that manifests in his ability to just accept that life rolls on, and we need to roll with it.

Also, he's got a mean swing with the lance and the crossbow. No, literally, if he runs out of arrows, he'll turn the latter into a battering weapon, and he's quite talented at it.

WEAKNESSES: Though a resilient man and a decent strategist, Eorik isn't much of an open mind as far as being adventurous and thinking outside the box goes. This can catch him out if a situation changes suddenly or he comes across someone determined to behave like a bee is in their bonnet, as what's already been set down beforehand won't necessarily work the way it should when something new comes to hand. His solid appearance also doesn't always do him well, as he'll stretch to the point of desperation before allowing himself to express intense and painful feelings...because, like an idiot, he just doesn't feel anybody needs to see them...or in the case of his loved ones, doesn't want to inflict it on them.

ASPIRATIONS: He wants to go home to Rohan. Aside from wishing for his dominant arm to regain it's full use post hammering by an Orc, it is literally all he wants right now.  He wants to see his Pa and Grandmama and make peace at the graves of his wife and daughters, and tell them that despite the joke they so often shared over his phobia of adventure, he saw Gondor, and the Mountains, and everything in between, even if it took going to war to achieve it. He wants to make peace too in the hopes that it'll soften the melancholy plaguing him right now, and allow him the permission to move on.

FEARS:  At present, Eorik's foremost fear is the fact that while they've stitched his arm back together post-Pelennor, he has yet to regain feeling in it at all, let alone the feeling needed to wield sword, cross-bow or even so much as to grip a lance casually. He also fears the melancholia and the nightmares that threatens at the back of his mind, for though he's staved the worst of it off, it lingers, always there, niggling him with the notion that perhaps finally, he's reached his limit as Rider and soldier, and there may come a time far closer now where those left of his Eored may decide he has, indeed, reached that limit and needs to be 'led away like an old horse', so to speak. He also has a slight fear, pathetic and cliche though he feels it is, of losing what he has left or making it worse for himself by accepting others into his life once more...though on the other hand, he also fears being alone.

At thirty-three years of age, Eorik has paid twice over the blood and breath required in service to one's country. He's lived the kind of tragedies in the years the War of the Ring has spanned that most need a lifetime to live through, and while he's got a strong heart (and a thick head like his Pa, his Grandmama will joke), it's begun to tell on him in little ways. In the blue shadows as permanently etched under his eyes as the hollowness in handsome cheekbones has become, in the way he doesn't sleep the full night through any longer, in the noises that make him jump and the tightness of his jaw against weeping for old and new griefs and most of all, in the sparing blessing of a smile that was once frequent, gregarious and easily given. He survived the worst of the war, breathed another day where many didn't in the Battle of Pelennor, but in little ways, his service and his survival as the most senior and most faithful of Lord Eomer's lieutenants is beginning to tell on him.

Which is a sad, sad thing. Because while no man is perfect by far, Eorik is a good, fair man. Wise to the degree enabled by his experiences, some might even call him sweet at times, and blessed with the rare ability to accept the movements of the world around him (and the need to move along with it) -- likely this last trait being the only reason that he hasn't lost himself entirely to despair and fallen on sword or left to wander the wilderness.

'Rik when all the vagaries and tragedies of life is stripped aside is, more or less, what you might consider to be the epitome of your typical faithful man of the Mark. A man both merrily sweet and sweetly solemn of face, a mixture of all that is both stoic and warm, serious about his job and yet an irrepressible tease in fair company. His strength as both a Rider of the Mark and a commanding officer would be, above all, his ability to concentrate on getting the bigger picture the right way up and in hand before worrying over the trivial little details. In short, while he's not a genius by far, you'd do best by your own good not to discount him entirely; his preference to follow does not necessarily make a sheep, and when he's dedicated himself to something, he won't accept anything less than the best work he can manage, whether it takes days or years of training to achieve it.

Mind you, the man is not all light-hearted. He can be quick to judge the motives of those not Rohirrim especially, and thus natural curiousity is tempered by the kind of unconscious racism that many do not even realise they have, as it was simply and unfortunately a part of their upbringing. He's also a little hard-headed, a little stubborn, has got a tendency towards workaholicism, and though he wishes those well who have it in them, does not have the same willing compulsion some have for the impulsive lifestyle of a traveller and an adventurer. He likes the solidarity of his own feet on ground he's familiar with, and if he was curious in his youth about the world out there, still *might* be somewhat curious about it, it would take a lot of cajoling and a whole lot more of metaphorical 'trust-falling' on the part of the one enticing him to convince him that past a certain age and short of being a Ranger or doing it as part of one's duties, disappearing into the wilds for mystery and adventure on a whim borders on the downright irresponsible.

Which brings us back to that little tidbit before about him checking his own impulsions if he can't avoid it. Eorik is a man rather like frozen snow and the subsequent avalanche when it comes to his temper -- patient enough on good days, but push it long enough, yell loud enough, and you'll get what you came for. An avalanche. Like the cracking snow in the place of his birth is Eorik very wary of his temper, because it's entirely unforgiving onceroused. He's taken pains over the years to contain it with some success, but the unfortunate side effect to that is that it will, eventually, probably be driven to cracking through its veneer, and to devastating effect. He won't quite say he's gone so far as to kill a man outside of a battle, but his younger self definitely hurt at least one fellow man when he lost it. Even now, he's still got the sheer power in that stocky frame to lift you clean off your feet and hold you by the neck-scruff against the wall if you so happen to actually get that far in your negotiations with him, and the part of him that's kind and better doesn't consider this a positive thing. And even as it's quick to act are the effects slow to burn away -- once provoked, Eorik's grudge with you is in it for the long haul. It's not something he's proud of in the slightest, but it's a cruel reality.

This does, perhaps surprisingly enough, tap into another of his better natural qualities. Or perhaps it's not so surprising, considering the quickest in-road to Eorik's temper is even contemplating putting a hand on those he loves or in the least, considers under his care and jurisdiction. He is extremely protective of his own -- a considerate friend and a loyal comrade (and wingman, amusingly enough), and a very devoted spouse and lover. He loves without reserve when he chooses to love and he does so deeply, in a way that might indeed last somewhere along with forever if you believe in those things, lest you break your bond with him yourself. You might think he'd be more careful with his heart with a disposition like that...and he kind of, maybe is. Or it may just be that unwavering loyalty that works in his favour there -- he's not going to go gallivanting off and giving his heart and mind away to you when he's in things for the long haul, and with a rather direct attention span to match, you're not likely to divert his attention away from what he already has/already wants unless you're really, really good. It's an interesting foil of sorts, almost an unconscious contradiction (hypocritical, even); he's all for the philosophy of just keeping on keeping on with life, but the reality is that if something made enough of an impression on him, it lingers. Even if it lingers only in the back of his mind.


Eorik never knew his mother, and his father is a distant memory, more images than anything concrete -- the latter dying in battle, the former succumbing to pre-eclampsia in the hours following his birth.

That doesn't mean, though, that his life was a tragedy or lacking in love in the slightest. No, he had his grandparents, and if it was ever hard on them to be raising a child when they should have been enjoying a more retired lifestyle, they never complained about it in his hearing. If anything, Eorik never lacked for love, and though it ached on occasion to not have an actual Mother and Father like his many age mates did, his childhood and his ascent into maturity was no different as far as it goes for children growing up in an adjusted, supportive lifestyle. There was affection, there was discipline, there was guidance and learning and everything in between, and though Grandmamma Kat would always joke at her husband's disappointment when Eorik chose the life of a Rider over that of a merchant and a scholar, 'Rik himself never doubted their support once he did, indeed, graduate into the ranks of the Riddermark.

Edoras was a little daunting at first for a seventeen year old, so far as becoming a permanent home went, but it's also where Eorik met his wife, Ameera (though they wouldn't marry for several more years), and upon reaching that several year mark, where he also found eventually his place among the Eored of the Third Marshal-- as a Lieutenant, nonetheless. It was this same position that also allowed him to return to his old home on a more permanent basis, due to the land the Third covered, as it made him more useful as far as providing an extra set of eyes over the Westfold went...for all the good it did.

Saruman's betrayal is not something Eorik knows to this day that he should be blaming himself for, as nobody truly saw it coming. He feels though that he should have been more aware of what occurred in Isengard, or at least reported what seemed to be no more than niggling unease to his superiors on his bi-monthly travels to Edoras. It was during such a trip that the Westfold fell...and with its fall was Ameera and their two little daughters slain.

Eorik wouldn't say he's proud of where his mind took him following this, though he doesn't entirely regret it either. What was originally an unpleasant necessity so far as ridding Orcs went became a heated vengeance, one that only cooled following the charge of his Eored upon Helm's Deep and the miraculous victory won from that battle. And not for the better in some ways, for even as he kept going onwards, found his grandparents safe and alive and returned to Edoras in the aftermath, was Eorik forced to live with the hollow emptiness that now came with the quiet between storms, and the time given to examine what he'd lost. He spent a little time at home once the 'Fold was taken back, living something like his childhood by helping his grandparents repair and set up their home once more, but he never went back to the home he'd shared with his own family and, while time with his remaining loved ones allowed him to accept what had happened, it didn't entirely assuage the hurt inflicted on his heart when he finally did return to Edoras to report.

If he was as frank with himself in the past as he is in the present, Eorik would admit that he went to the Battle of Pelennor expecting to die...and none too upset about the thought at that. But by some blessed and damned miracle cast by Bema, he came out of it alive, even slaying one of the Mummakil in the process before what remained of the Orcs and the sheer debris of the battle as far as body count went swarmed him. He didn't see the dead army arrive, and he learned later that he'd been dragged, half his arm gouged out, from a pile of bodies by some of his surviving men-- learned that he'd passed out from blood loss over a wound the adrenaline of battle and survival had masked, and learned too that though the healers had stitched it up, though he'd somehow gotten away with not so much as a spot of gangrene and rot on the limb...the arm, the arm used to wield sword and lance, no longer had the feeling in it it once did. Pins and needles and time to heal be damned.

As of the end of that monumental battle, Eorik was left -- to his intense frustration -- in Gondor to heal (and under what he's convinced, honourable or not, is the pretence of usefulness in leaving him as one of those to guard the body of Theoden), despite repeated attempts to pick up sword, lance, even crossbow again. Mostly, he just wants to go home, and see perhaps familiar faces that aren't the ghosts of those lost to the war.

AGE:  first immortality then the bitches.
EXPERIENCE:  Lots. Always learning forever.
OTHER CHARACTERS:  Galadriel, Eowyn, Legolas, Morwen Steelsheen, Rupa, Tintalde, Nymyari, Faenuriel.
CONTACT:  PM/Skype/Discord/AIM.
HOW DID YOU FIND US?:  You accidentally banned me a few years back when I was lurking but I waited it out like a tragic lover anyway. xD
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