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Author Topic: [Hobbit + LotR] Harper  (Read 1597 times)


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« on: July 04, 2017, 11:20:12 PM »


NAME: Harper
NICKNAMES (IF ANY): Not much. Small recalling of her mother calling her Little Hawk was just pragmatic :)
DATE OF BIRTH AND AGE (AS OF T.A. 2941/3019): Harper's still quite young, only about 80 in 3019 and a wee eyas in Hobbit ^^
PLACE OF BIRTH: Dol Amroth, a cluster of trees and forest able still to take in the sea breeze.
RACE: Man. Skin-changer, White-Tailed Hawk.
GENDER: Female

HAIR COLOUR AND APPEARANCE: Dark brown almost black hair, straight and long. Often just free as she doesn't bother styling when she's in hawk form just as often. In Hawk form, white under feathers and grey and brown wing and top feathers.
EYE COLOUR: Deep brown. Often smiling in their expression too.
BODY TYPE AND HEIGHT: Slim and Sleek in both forms. As a human she pulls off being not to tall but still a slim girl, partly due to still being so young.
OVERALL APPEARANCE: Harper's come off as raggedy in her changes in her youth, and especially as it wasn't known she was a shape-shifter. She found (and kept near) convenient clothes, finding a fondness for loose skirts and tunic tops that still felt as free as her wings. She's never taken to shoes.

DISTINGUISHING MARKS: Not much noticeable. Even the light scratches along arms or legs from avoiding larger hawks and birds aren't severe or show much in human form even.
WEAPONS: None but her talons. She's a bit out of touch with the Normal Human thing and carrying weapons for protection.
FACE CLAIM: Auli'i Cravalho

STRENGTHS: Fast, on land and air, upbeat, cautious, keen-sighted. An early understanding of changing and how to be stealthy with that due to her parents.
WEAKNESSES: Naive, unsure in social situations (humans ones), too sure of abilities at times.
ASPIRATIONS: Day to day survival and well being are Harper's biggest concerns, but Grand Picture she would like to make a good name for herself/settle somewhere when older and continue along the grand legacy of skin-changers and especially the Hawks. This is more a felt duty than what she personally would chose though and she's very prepared to just do such though her own achievements and surviving at all, since a male of her kind may be impossible to track down.
FEARS: Thunder, Arrows, Bigger Hawks and Eagles, Nets, Being discovered for what she is and thusly trapped.
PERSONALITY: At many times off Harper's personality in human form (that being the form when it comes out the most) you'd believe she was a little song bird or something instead of some crafty hawk. Almost always possessed of a smile, Harper takes a great pleasure still in figuring out the world and the customs of birds and people alike. She has a firmer hold on the first. Yet, the hawk is most certainly there if you look. This is a girl, who even in human form, can listen for hours without you probably knowing which shadow she picked to do so in (very useful in learning too!). Curious, her wonder seeming very child-like comes from her age and inexperience with social situations etc. naive, but not so much of the wide-eyed variety here as the over confident! Since Harper knows very little about the set up for some human situations, she falls back on thinking her hawk experience and other such will get her out of it and doesn't realize the magnitude of certain situations.

Ready to make friends at the drop of a feather! Yet that hawk cunning and craftiness means if you introduced any doubt, or even looked like you would harm or insult her even, you'll have to work doubly hard to get that openness back and she might not even come back over! This is a girl who has it ingrained very firmly that her own survival is paramount and second to any curiosity she may feel.

HISTORY: Born the only hatchling of her brood, Harper was given further advantage even from early on in that her parents both had a firm grip on making a life between human and hawk and using the advantages of both. They were known in Dol Amroth, but as the odd couple who didn't live in town and instead made a life in the woods for some odd reason, and not making too many appearances themselves or else the denizens would note they were they same odd couple, not aged, of their grandfather's generation. Of course whispers of Númenor bloodline helped them if anything was noticed.

They both felt Harper may not get so much grace, and so were extra careful with her appearances in civilization all while trying to not stunt her.

"It is never fully normal, my little one" her mother would try to soothe and explain and warn all at once, "Any friends you make will outgrow you while you stay the same"

The hut they set up in also had not originally been her parent's but an abandoned hunting lodge and those of town let them be and didn't pry or all out visit.

In this way Harper's child-and-eyas-hood was as normal as could be. She'd make appearances to play games with some of the other children, but kept her distance from getting attached, and was still viewed as odd as her parents by some of their parents. Some refused to let their kids have anything to do with her.

Her father showed her normal fishing with nets (small ones but still intimidating) as well as let the girl watch from the boat as he next demonstrated how to snap one up as a hawk! Squirrels and rabbits were mostly hunted from the air. Harper gaining the basics before ever taking to the air herself to try.

Just after finding her own wings and able to fly, still too young to not follow after her parents still, she felt, Harper's own fledging was speed up as her father was shot one day by a fisherman by the coast who felt the hawk he often saw circling was the reason for his ruined crab traps. In truth it was otters, but Harper doesn't know this or hold any prejudices. The fisherman also never discovered he in fact shot the man who would at times leave his secluded wooden dwelling to aid the Men down at the coast.

Harper and her mother had been flying nearby and the young fledgling got startled and turned about as she tried to find a tree as her mother instructed while she darted down to check on and try to aid her mate and husband. Harper did as requested only...kept going, unsure exactly which way also and which way to start back. She was also just plain scared and waited what felt like ages for her mother (and father!) to come flying back over for her and to find her despite how hard she'd made it. They didn't though and soon the young hawk had to find her way around the trip back towards and near her home forest and the coast. She searched but couldn't make herself land or even as a human knock on doors or ask too far around, the whole town had a different feel to it now after what had happened. Harper soon enough left for good, after it was evident neither were coming back, and slowly made her way across land, sort of towards Rohan, but zig zagging and aimless along her way and even now not feeling settled in any one spot, even now that she's grown, a bit atleast, since then, and more years than it feels like have gone by.
AGE: Old
CONTACT: PM main account and skype. She'll chat with the pigeon too much ;)
HOW DID YOU FIND US?: I have the house on the corner.

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Re: Harper
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