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Author Topic: [LotR] Eldred the Battleaxe  (Read 1938 times)


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Eldred the Battleaxe
« on: July 02, 2017, 10:16:03 PM »


NAME:  Eldred
NICKNAMES (IF ANY): Eldred the Battleaxe, El, Dred, that guy, some other stuff that is more unpleasant and best not be mentioned
DATE OF BIRTH AND AGE (AS OF T.A. 2941/3019): 37 born T.A 2982
PLACE OF BIRTH: Along the Gondorian coast
RACE:  Man

HAIR COLOUR AND APPEARANCE:  Eldred chooses to be bald and clean shaven. He feels it gives him an intimidating edge. And he’s not wrong. The man is well built, tall and very muscular. A sight to behold, and obviously a man you might want to avoid, Eldred is someone to step aside for when he walks down the street. His face his nicely chiseled, with high cheekbones and an angular nose. Perhaps, though, one of the most unexpected parts about his appearance is his wide, white, toothy grin! His skin is dark due to a) gene (his parents were interracial) b) having spent a lot of time out in the sun!
EYE COLOUR:  Rich caramel-like brown color, often deepens in color depending on his mood.
BODY TYPE AND HEIGHT:  As afore mentioned, he’s very muscular and built for not only strength but agility. He stands tall at 6’5” and carries himself with pride, no slouching not even when collapsing.
OVERALL APPEARANCE:  Eldred likes to dress simply. A pair of slacks, sometimes just a pair of slacks, and a floofy white shirt for formal occasions. And shoes, of course, otherwise he’d get splinters and bruises all over his feet. Not that he doesn’t already. He keeps his clothes tidy.
DISTINGUISHING MARKS:   Aside from everything about him, the most distinguishing mark is perhaps the tattoo that covers his shoulder and a little bit of his bicep. It is in the incomplete stage, but he will definately be adding more to it.
WEAPONS: He wouldn’t be called ‘Battleaxe’ if he didn’t carry around a pair of Axes! He also likes to use other weapons, and is proficient in swordplay (father taught him), knife throwing (mother taught him), axe wielding (learned from a Dwarf Pirate), bo staff (learned from someone he would like to forget) and hand-to-hand combat (much practice).
FACE CLAIM: Dwayne Johnson

STRENGTHS:  His charm, his fighting skills, his winning smile! There are many strengths this man has including physical. A sharp mind, and he is cunning in battle. He loves music, he loves to play his little flute filled with land songs and sea shanties.
WEAKNESSES: He likes to eat, he eats a lot! If this is a weakness, it should probably also be included above, he could eat anyone under the table. He can also drink anyone under the table, but if you get him too drunk he becomes vulnerable. He’s not a lightweight by any means, but drunkenness is very much a thing.And also it can also be a strength, he cares deeply for things and people in their situations.
ASPIRATIONS: Perhaps it is a bit silly, but he longs to become a legend in his time. But for now, his only aspiration is to one day own a shop where people can get affordable, quality blades and to have a son, wither his own or adopted.
FEARS:   Loss. Even though he has already lost so much, he fears loss the most. Friends, family. For him, death is an everyday occurrence, killing someone doesn’t bother him. He’s very protective of those he loves and cares about perhaps as much as anyone. He fears obsession, being focused on something too long that he loses a sense of who he is.
PERSONALITY: Eldred the Battleaxe (of the sea and land) is a title he gives to himself. But he also likes to give other’s titles! He believes it gives them encouragement, which is what he is all about. He loves to encourage people to chase their dreams. Does that sound too Gary-Stue? How many people do you know who would encourage you to be a better version of yourself? Is that a bad thing to have in a friend? He certainly doesn’t think so. His sweet and tender nature is perhaps the most surprising about this man. He loves the simple things life, believes all things come to those who wait and to those deserve it. Karma, man, it’s a thing!

He’s a ‘get down to business’ type of guy, too. If he has a duty, you can bet he’ll be up wherever that duty lies, doing it until he has finished his task: tying knots, swabbing the deck, hoisting the sails, guard duty, lookout, grocery runs. He puts his all into it all! When he fights, he feels whole, when he trains others he feel fulfilled. But he’s afraid. Afraid of losing himself one day to the same illness that overtook his father; having a single obsession and growing so distant that one day he just cracks. That’s why he has so many hobbies, if there is something he wants to be taught, he’s not shy to ask how to learn to do it. To him, it is natural to be curious, and therefore nothing to feel ashamed about.

Fierce in battle, you should totally watch your back before you see a large, hulking mass of muscle headed your way on the battlefield. He’s unrelenting if you are his foe, and reliable if you are his friend. He’s straightforward in his manner on and off the field, he’ll tell you what he thinks even you don’t like it. Honesty, believes, is key to having a good relationship with anyone. If you seek out his opinion, he’ll gladly give it after much careful thought; for he is thoughtful, not really intentionally rude, and he does care about the feelings of others.

Party! Party! A party animal, he is as well. He loves a good party on the mainland with food, drink and entertainment. He’s a musical guy, he loves to play the flute, that way he doesn’t have to sing if he has to pick up a lyre, or some other instrument. Ha, the image of him paying a dainty wooden instrument! But it is true, he plays a mean flute!
Essentially: He loves to laugh, smile and have a good time! He’s serious and calculating. Honest and a generally good man. What he’s doing being a Pirate is a hell of a story.

HISTORY:  A long time ago, in a land not too far away, a legend was born! His parents loved him very much; he was also their fourth child, two daughters (twins) and one son, now two (not twins). Eldred was the son of a fisherman who lived on the coast of Gondor. The beach was literally right outside the door for him, he loved the waves and the sand; how it got everywhere and was messy. His mother had business closer to town, she worked as a waitress in a local inn for extra money one or two nights a week, and the rest of the time she was a sailmaker. The money they both made was enough to educate their children, and teach them their trade. The twins learned how to make sails, and the boys learned to fish.

There was also time for much fun! The family was close, they couldn’t imagine having any other friends (of course they all had their little groups). But, their favorite time was simply them, playing hiding and seek among the rocks, and listening to their father tell stories of his father and how he was a great fisherman, revered and a legend among fishermen in their little town by the sea. Eldred was very inspired the tales of his grandfather! He too, at the age of ten, wanted to be a legend among the people of his hometown.
So Eldred worked hard to learn everything he could about fishing and knot tying, and taking care of his father’s little fishing boat. Five years later, Eldred felt he was ready to take a fishing trip on his own, and with the help of his father, he was out on the open ocean.

Here would be a good time to say that there was a storm, and some sort of peril. But, it was nothing like that. There were no snafus with his fishing trip, only the fact that as one person, he didn’t yield that many fish. When he returned to land, Eldred, his brother, and father scaled the fish and prepared them to be sold in the market.

By the time Eldred was turning eighteen, he had grown into a tall young man. Bigger than most of the people in his year, and still getting bulkier. He was the best swordsman in his town, and any one came by to challenge him was easily defeated. Still, he hadn’t lost sight of wanting to become a legend! So he worked, and the first stepping stone to the next ten and seven years of life were being shaped for him. His first destination would be the big city of Gondor. To become one of the guards. This was waylaid however, when one of his sisters came running across the beach, crying. She said that father had been gone for three days and not come back! Mother was trying to show he wasn’t worried, and that he had done this before, but when she went into town to inquire about her husband, no one had seen him or run across him on their routes. Eldred knew what he had to do. So, strapping his sword to his side, and pushing a borrowed boat out to sea, he began his hunt for his father (oh yes, he packed enough for food for days).
His father would have been gone for week, and Eldred only four days. As the sun sank below the horizon he was beginning to lose hope; his little boat wasn’t meant for long days out at sea. He looked in all of their fishing spots, even some that they had rarely frequented. Edred road all the way up the coast towards Tolfalas before heading out to open water. And, on his fourth night out (he would have been gone for eight days by this time) around dusk, something large loomed on the horizon. It was a pirate ship called The Scuttler. When they came upon him, they yelled down, “And what brings a man like you out to open seas?”
“I’ve come in search of my father.”
“Was he a raggedy old man, goin’ on about a fish?”
“Why don’t ya come on up and find out...”
They tossed him a rope and he climbed to their deck. The man he had spoken too was the second in command of their ship. He was a dwarf with a long beard and stout body. “The captain will be down below, we put ‘em in a cell, keeps raven’ about a bloody fish all day. Didn’t think anyone would come-a lookin’ for ‘em, tho, you ain’t as mad as ‘e’ is, are ya?” They walked to the lower deck where muttering could be heard. Eventually he could make out what the man was saying, “Three points north, two notches down below, five points west and the hangman’s noose...”

The voice was his father’s, and he looked like his father, but the man before him was huddled in a corner, mumbling. He looked sunburnt. “How long ago did you find him?” Eldred asked. “‘Bout a fortnight ago.” The Dwarf answered. The captain of the ship sat on a barrel watching the man. “Vhat is it he speaks of?” He asked, his voice velvety. “Vhat is this nonsense. And who are you?”
“Captain, this man might be his son.” The dwarf said, motioning with his hands in like as he spoke, “Is this he, boy?” Eldred nodded and the door opened. “Git hem off my ship...” The captain said, “He spent too long in zeh sun.” Clearly that is what happened, Eldred didn’t give any second thoughts as to what his father may have been through, he just knew it was considerable luck that he found his father when did. But, when he tried to take his father away, his father protested. “I do not have a son!  I do not know who you are.”
“He just needs time...” Eldred explained.

Time wasn’t enough. The captain permitted him to stay on for one night, but who could have foretold that this time would be the time when bad luck would strike Eldred’s life instead of when he fished alone? His father, for it was his father, sneaked out of the prison he was in and hijacked his son’s boat in the middle of the night. When Eldred awoke, his father was gone, and so was his boat and food.

It was this moment that changed Eldred’s life. The crew was against taking him on their boat, making him a crew member. They wanted to hang him high, anyone as new and clean as Eldred would never make a good pirate. “I am getting old, zeh veaser has not been kind to me, I cannot leave my crew one man down vhen I go.” The captain explained. “If zeh boy is a fisherman, he can be of use. He can be taught, he knows how to navigate, ve vill keep him. He has novhere else to go.”

The captain was indeed old by this time. The Dwarf he had for a Second in command was much younger, and soon he and Eldred became friends. This is where Eldred learned to use battleaxes, and the flute. He probably grew up more in the ten years he spent on the The Scuttler than at any point in his entire life up till then. He had no idea what happened to his family, he figured his mother probably went as batty as his father with worry over her children. Fearing them both dead and taken by the sea.

But, it didn’t last long. Eldred left the ship of his own free will and has spent the last seven years traveling on land and learning to trade; earning money through being a mercenary. However, the sea was calling him home. He never returned to his family, never returned to the town. And now he seeks recruitment to another ship. 

AGE:  23
OTHER CHARACTERS:  so many. here is one more!
CONTACT: through skype or pm
HOW DID YOU FIND US?: since the beginning.
What can I say except you're welcome
For the tides, the sun, the sky
Hey, it's okay, it's okay
You're welcome
I'm just an ordinary demi-guy

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Re: Eldred the Battleaxe
« Reply #1 on: July 05, 2017, 02:52:11 AM »
He's awesome Hades! Go, have fun with him and do pirate things :D


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