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Author Topic: [Hobbit] Reiner  (Read 2031 times)


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« on: June 29, 2017, 11:26:06 PM »


NAME:  Reiner
NICKNAMES (IF ANY):  Rein, his sister used to call him Rei and there's some nicknames he wouldn't care to repeat
DATE OF BIRTH AND AGE (AS OF T.A. 2941/3019): Born in fall of 2915, 26 years old.
PLACE OF BIRTH:  A small port town within Gondor
RACE:  Man

HAIR COLOUR AND APPEARANCE:  His hair is naturally a mixture of brown and blonde, giving it a dirty blonde look. Being out on sea has given his hair a more blonde look. Usually, Reiner likes to keep his hair on the shorter side and manageable but sometimes when out on sea, it's a little harder to keep it cut. He, for the most part, has scruff with a bit of a mustache but again, sometimes it's hard to keep his facial hair short. But when he's on land, he'll generally have his face shaved if he can.
EYE COLOUR:  His eyes are a light, sky blue that look more intense during summer.
BODY TYPE AND HEIGHT:  Standing at 6'2, he is well built from years of training and years of scrubbing decks.
OVERALL APPEARANCE:  Generally he likes to wear brown slacks, though usually will wear black as well(just not his favorite with the hot heat pounding down on him). His under shirts usually are white, blue and sometimes black, when the sun isn't hitting too hot and his vests are usually dark brown or black. He'll sometimes wear a coat though that mainly is when the nights are cooler or when the temperature is colder. His boots are always made of the finest of leathers(or, as fine as he can find them) and usually of a dark brown or black color.   
DISTINGUISHING MARKS:  He has a few scars along his knuckles from learning how to sword fight and his hands are more calloused from the hard work he had to put on the ship. He has a thin scar along his abdomen from one of his lessons gone wrong when he was learning to sword fight.
WEAPONS:  Reiner mainly uses a cutlass given to him after earning the trust of the crew, his first weapon he was allowed to wield. Though he isn't half bad with a bow and arrow as well and he usually always keeps a small dagger hidden away in his boot in case of any trouble.
FACE CLAIM:  Garrett Hedlund

STRENGTHS:  Quick learner; he's always been really good at picking up on things quickly. Be it from sword fighting, to learning his ways on the seas and whatever else that may interest him. Despite what he's been through living with Corsairs most of his teenage life, he still has that adventurous spirit that he came onto the ship with. That's one reason why living on the sea was such a fond thought; being on the sea, traveling from place to place. Though his determination and drive is probably one of his best strengths. If he sets his mind to something, there's nearly nothing that could stop him, which also could be a weakness.
WEAKNESSES:  As stated above, his determination can be a double-edged sword; when paired with stubbornness, there's almost nothing that could stop Reiner from doing what he wants and achieving what he wants. He also is known to be very vocal about his opinions which has gotten him into quite some trouble when he first boarded the ship(despite the Corsairs being amused by this). He also can be a bit on the short-temper side but that's if someone pushes him to his breaking point. He isn't afraid of fighting and there's no doubt that he'll fight and butt heads with anyone who pushes him far enough. Despite that, he has come to learn to tone it down when it comes to the Captain, as he doesn't want to get himself thrown off or anything like that.
ASPIRATIONS:  Having the heart of an adventurer, there's no doubt that he wants to be able to see all of Middle-Earth, if he can. Though, there are times when he wishes to see his family again, even if he is somewhat ashamed returning to them. 
FEARS:  He fears dying out on the sea; death itself isn't necessarily the frightening part but his family never knowing what happened to him... Now that is truly something he'd never want to put his poor mother through.
PERSONALITY:  One thing that has always been true about Reiner since he was a child is that he's always been a good kid. Rein is a kind person, even if sometimes that kindness is masked by a stern facade(gotta show he isn't a push over). Though there's no doubt that the teachings his mother has taught him growing up stuck true in his heart. Though whatever naivety he might have had has long since been gone, given that for the rest of his teenage years, he grew up living with Corsairs. That brings up a different light to the world. Though there is a certain seriousness he carries himself with, a more stern look despite the fact that he has a brilliant smile. This doesn't stop him from being a ladies man and he does tend to be a bit of a flirt with that smile and the way his eyes light up. That doesn't stop him from being a gentlemen since his mother has raised him better than that, showing him how to properly talk to women and approach them. Doesn't mean he wouldn't do a thing or two to show off to the crew but he'll always talk to women with respect.

He's always had quite the fiery spirit, which has caused many a fight as well as butting heads with others. He has always been one to voice his opinions as well and is rather blunt with other people. For the most part, his temper isn't always such a big problem; he knows how to control it and when to bite his tongue, but he won't take people's poking and prodding very easily either. Even as a child he was known for getting into fights because of something someone might have said, always having gotten himself into trouble. Reiner is known for standing up to people and for people, especially his crew. Their fight is his fight. But despite all that, he usually doesn't show his emotions very well, more so when he's sad or scared of something. But acting serious and stern is usually his way of keeping from getting too close to anyone outside of the crew. After all, he also has to put up a front in front of the Corsairs, to show that he's fearless and strong(despite the fact that they may tease him from time to time).

He also has always been a rebel, maybe one of the few reasons he fit in with the Corsairs. Like stated before, he was always getting himself into all sorts of trouble, even with law makers and his elders. His stubbornness knows no bounds and when he sets his mind on something, even if it may be wrong, he won't stop at nothing. But he's still a good kid at heart; just someone who enjoys their freedom and living life to it's fullest.

HISTORY:  To understand who Reiner is, you have to know about his family first. Reiner was born to a Rohirrim mother and a Corsair father; his mother always dreamt of living by the sea though what she wasn't prepared for was the arranged marriage to a wealthy Gondorian man. She had no choice, her parents living in poor conditions and it was her duty as a 'good daughter' to go through with this. She was young, barely having turned seventeen and still so full of wander of the world around her. It's no surprise that Reiner get's his spirit from her. But, despite the marriage that was to be, Alya ended up falling in love with someone else... Her young, adventurous heart had fallen for a Consair, who wooed her. She ended up running off with him, but what she didn't yet understand was the difficult relationship she'd be finding herself in with this man.

Despite the wonderful few nights she had with him, he had to leave and she was still to marry another. So, she got married and a nine months later, she had given birth to her first child; Reiner. The newly married couple never spoke of the fact that Reiner wasn't Cenyric's child. This had caused unspoken complications between Alya and Cyneric, given that Cyneric had a feeling that Reiner wasn't his son and that his wife had bedded another. Though he could have written her off as a harlot for bedding another before her marriage, it would have been a shame for his own pride and name. So he raised Reiner as his own, and kept Alya around despite there being no feelings behind their marriage. Sure, he didn't treat either of them wrong but he also couldn't look at Reiner with pride or loving eyes. Because of this, growing up was hard for Reiner, as being young, he didn't completely understand what was going on. He just saw his 'father' as being rough around the edges.

When Reiner grew to be eight years old, his mother had been pregnant again, this time with Cyneric's child. He was nine ears old when his mother gave birth to a beautiful baby girl; Adelina. There was a notable difference of how Cyneric treated his daughter than his son though Reiner didn't necessarily catch on, seeing it as simply being that being a girl, he would treat her differently. But growing closer to his teenage years, he slowly began understanding that there was a very huge difference between them. He became more rebellious towards his father, fighting often with him and always running off, despite his father being of the guard. This also led to many arguments between Alya and Cyneric and, after being called a harlot, it was no surprise that Alya finally had made the decision of running off and getting away from her husband.

Reiner had been fourteen when Alya left Cyneric, Adelina still being a toddler. She had taken them far from Cyneric, moving to a port town where she would take on the facade of a widow of a fisherman. She had learned to make nets for fishing, as well as other handy things to get them by living on their own. It was on his fifteenth birthday that Reiner found out the truth about his actual father, seeing as Alya had to live with much guilt of Reiner growing up with how Cyneric was. It was easier to tell a teenager that his father was actually a man of the sea than that his father never loved him. And it was easy, with Reiner's adventurous spirit and the want of seeing Middle-Earth and the sea. Sure, it took some time to adjust and for the new found information to sink in. But what wasn't expected was that such information would eventually get him into trouble.

Sixteen years old, a bright, young man with the wonder of the sea, there was no doubt he wanted to find himself a way to sail. He often spoke to many of the fishermen of the little port town and even sailors from time to time but no one took him serious. It wasn't until he ran into a captain of a Corsair ship that his life had completely changed. Being called scrawny and no good for sailing, laughed at, Reiner spoke up for himself and in the heat of the moment, made mention of his father. Unknowing to him, the captain he was speaking to had been betrayed by his father and things were only seemed like they'd get worse. He was taken up by the Corsairs at the mention of his father, not realizing he would be paying the debt his father had left behind.

Living with Corsairs wasn't what Reiner thought it would be like; he had pictured adventure, being on sea and feeling the freedom of sailing. But he was stuck scrubbing the decks day in and day out, doing all the dirty work his Captain wanted him to do and those harsh, teasing words having no end. It was tiring but what he didn't know is that the Captain had became fond of his spirit, despite having a traitor for a father. It took four years of putting up with the man to finally gain some respect and even slowly make his way up to being someone trusted enough to actually be apart of the crew. Growing up with his Captain, despite his crude humor and how he was known for taking advantage of Reiner, he was slowly seeming more like a father figure than he ever had before. He was taught to sword fight, taught to sail a ship and even how to navigate the seas. Which was something he quickly picked up and showed potential in.

Now, with years of training, he has managed to become the navigator of his ship, and the freedom he had been seeking, the smell of the sea were all so real to him. He was finally somewhere he belonged.
AGE:  26
EXPERIENCE:  Many years now, over ten, for sure.
OTHER CHARACTERS:  Ithilwen, Beriadan, Calemir, Arndis, Daechir, Eleniel, Malia, Shadou, and Anlis.
CONTACT:  Skype or Discord for the most part, hitting me up in messages works too.
HOW DID YOU FIND US?:  Been here nearly since opening.
Show us what you can do!  It doesn't have to be with this character or even from this genre of role-play.  This is only required if this is your first character application with us.

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Re: Reiner
« Reply #1 on: July 12, 2017, 12:52:30 AM »
Reiner is done and ready for review. c:


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Re: Reiner
« Reply #2 on: July 12, 2017, 12:57:50 AM »
He looks awesome Loki, and I can't wait to run some of my charries by him perhaps, but whether or not I do, go have fun and let his adventures begin! <3


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