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Author Topic: & though she'll grow & someday leave  (Read 3563 times)


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& though she'll grow & someday leave
« on: June 12, 2017, 09:13:45 AM »
timeline. S.A 1640-ish.
setting. Travelling from Harlindon to Eregion.
notes. In My Daughter's Eyes - Martina McBride & Come What May - Nicole Kidman/Ewan Mcgregor

~in my daughter's eyes everything is equal
darkness turns to light
and the world is at peace

It was the fullness in her breasts that stirred her from dreams, alerting her to the softest of whimpers that in turn, brought Galadriel to entire wakefulness. Feelings and instinct, both physical and emotional, that had proven her mistaken yet again in believing that there was little left in the world to learn or cause surprise, to intrigue or leave her nonplussed in equal measure.

It took her but a moment to place thinking second to taking action, though. Something she'd never had any issue learning and thus putting into practice, for it was a natural part of her disposition even as she'd matured more over time...if such a thing was possible. Only, it was, for while she was no fool to be blinded by the importance of matters above even motherhood -- unlike some new mothers tended to, she thought wryly -- Galadriel knew she had grown, shifted, adapted yet again in the years since her time in Doriath. And then grown some again, from mind to soul to heart, for it was impossible not to do so when one had danced, as all mothers did in childbirth, with the hazy temptation that was death and darkness and the bliss of nothing amid searing pain.

The little whimper that had woken her from deep sleep in the first place had gained a little more volume than was politely slept through among a tired, travelling company, and Galadriel responded as hastily as remaining quiet allowed -- no thinking, all action indeed, allowing a yawn to escape where there were none awake to see her do so as she scooted limbs still weary from travel (though she stubbornly refused to acknowledge to anyone that, just perhaps, her aches were extra considering heavy pregnancy and childbirth were still a fresh enough memory in her mind) over to the bundle of her husband's cloak, made safely and snugly into a nest for the fidgety little creature inside.

Fidgety was the word, too. Though still obviously a babe, young enough to be rendered helpless, Celebrian seemed to be gaining both focus and movement by the minute.

Though perhaps not quite so fast, and Galadriel smiled with tired fondness both at her own desire to not see her baby grow too quickly and the aforementioned little one, scooping her from the makeshift bed and into her arms and standing in one unbroken movement.

"Hush, my little love. Surely you don't need an audience while you indulge in a late supper?"

That was whispered affectionately as Galadriel picked her way from the relative safety the centre of their camp offered, attempting to move quickly enough so that, save those guarding, nobody would be woken indeed by the baby's demand for attention and sustenance. Not that any would mind, of course-- Elves were not daft like other races about nudity and modesty, and certainly not where the care of babies was concerned. No, Galadriel simply had no desire to wake anyone, weary with the days past and the days still ahead of them as they were.

It was a thankful thing that the horses were tethered by the stream not too far away, for they were less likely to be bothered by wakefulness -- creatures of small bursts of sleep as they were -- and because Galadriel was barely settled on the grassy banks before Celebrian issued, with all too perfect timing, a cry that was somewhere between indignant and distressed. Yet again was her mother called to hasty action -- something nobody left in the world, nobody at all, had the pleasure of inciting Finwe's daughter to -- her long hair still tickling the babe's nose even as garment was shrugged down and the little one latched on immediately to the breast offered.

Not, mind, without another muffled sound of indignant distress before quietening to the task at hand, and Galadriel's dignity couldn't quite stifle the giggle that escaped her in response.

"You know, if anyone else had put me through what you have this past year, I'd have probably drowned them several months back." The remark was dry, but the finger stroking the little fist now beginning to knead gently against her skin was tenderness itself. Celebrian, of course, ignored her mother's tired, playful threats with unaffected bliss, content with the world once more now her current demands were met.

Was I ever this easily content with the world? Surely not, Galadriel pondered wistfully, shaking her head to bring herself back to wakefulness even as she risked nodding off some.

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played by Dory


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Re: storm clouds may gather and stars may collide
« Reply #1 on: June 30, 2017, 02:10:21 AM »
Celeborn was only partly aware of his wife's stirring as their infant daughter started to get hungry. He was still deep in dreams but could feel when she left his side to gather their child but he soon settled back against their bedding. Yet perhaps it was their bond that made him keenly aware of her leaving the heart of the camp to head to the outskirts. His heart and soul were so thoroughly entwined with hers at this point after centuries of marriage that if he didn't wake fully when she first did, it did not take long for him to do so.

And of course, he did briefly panic at the fact that his daughter was missing but he instinctively knew that Galadriel had her, for his uncle would have stopped any that tried to take the child, or harm either of the three of them, despite his still grumblings at Noldor and the mess of things they made. But his uncle's words were mostly rote and his way of teasing rather than any true indication of his feelings. He stood and slipped on a shirt, grabbing a lighter blanket before he headed to where he knew his wife and child would be.

His steps were light and neither rushed nor slow. He paused several yards away to admire the sight that his wife made, nursing their child, a daughter that looked very much like him but he was sure would have plenty of her mother's spirit. His lips curved into a smile, one that was reserved entirely for his wife, and his steps drew closer, loud enough so he wouldn't startle her though he doubted that could happen. He came closer just in time to her Galadriel remark that if anyone else had caused her as much trouble as their child while she was pregnant with Celebrian, she would have drowned them. ”Good to know that you draw the line at drowning innocent young Elflings, beloved.” His tone was a flat yet somehow amused drawl as he settled next to her and the babe. ”Though I must wonder how I managed to survived courting you. Perhaps it was good that we did not live in Falas, else I would be Celeborn the Drowned rather than Celeborn the Wise.” He pressed a fond kiss to Celebrian's head and an even fonder one to her mother's cheek.


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Re: storm clouds may gather and stars may collide
« Reply #2 on: June 30, 2017, 03:45:30 PM »
"You're not as funny as you think you are," Galadriel muttered, even as she forced -- with only marginal success -- the twitch of her lips back down. Choosing to ignore, quite pointedly, the brush of thought that had awakened her from her semi-doze in the first place -- that prat of an uncle and his poor excuse for joking, joking about things that shouldn't be joked about because apparently he was joking, and speaking of people who were lucky not to be drowned...

Too tired, don't care, not worth my time, barely worth my tolerance.

Galadriel shook her head slightly, the illusion of weariness and its muzziness easily disguising the resentment that simmered mildly towards her mate and his curmudgeon of a relative before it too was dispelled from her mind. Though it was done so more successfully than the plaguing tiredness, and after a moment, the usually energetic elleth let her head droop against Celeborn's shoulder. Comforting and broad as it was, and Galadriel allowed a soft sigh to escape, eyes fluttering closed--

--and then promptly snapping open at the spluttering, squeaky noise at her breast. Momentary panic followed before sense reasserted itself and Galadriel took in the tableau proper-- the baby dribbling milk down her chin, expression rather startled and quite a little heart-rending in its betrayed countenance as it otherwise scrunched and attempted to rid itself of-- well, milk up her nose. Not choking, thank Illuvatar, but certainly giving her mother a none too small fright regardless.

"Ada needs to stop teasing, and you need to slow down on occasion! Orome shoot me in the heart this instant and spare me the torment." Galadriel shook her head in exasperation, though she thought little now of taking her sleeve in lieu of a cloth to wipe the mess from Celebrian's face-- milky smell and other odors not always pleasant, that was the scent alone she swore clung to the very pores of her skin, and she was already half convinced she'd not be rid of it even should-- when-- her child reached maturity.

Celebrian, bless her soul, was apparently circumspect enough-- or stoic enough, good-humoured enough, any of them really-- to not make so much as a peep once the mess had been cleared from her face...even had the nerve, Galadriel thought (and stifled yet again the twitch of her lips, if not the melting ache it brought to her heart), to smile a little up at her mother. Practically kitten-like, down to the tilt of her lips while sat next to the metaphorical mess that had once been yarn, and Galadriel puffed her cheeks slightly at her in reproach before allowing the child to settle in and nurse once more.
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Re: storm clouds may gather and stars may collide
« Reply #3 on: August 01, 2017, 01:20:16 AM »
While her words indicated that she did not appreciate his joke, the minuscule twitch of her lips betrayed her. Which in turn made Celeborn smirk rather smugly. ”If you say so, meleth nin.” But beside her tone and attempt at keeping her true amusement down, she seemed to welcome his company, not that he had doubts that Galadriel would. There might be times when he was less sure of her welcoming him, but this was not one of them. He had some idea why she felt the need to take their daughter further away from the camp and knew that if he hadn't sought them out, he would not be able to go back to sleep.

He could feel the threads of mild resentment towards him for his joke from her, feelings that slowly eased away into simple tiredness, something he assumed most new mothers experienced, and new fathers as well to a certain extent he found. For oft times he was often the one to stir and bring their daughter to his wife so the babe could be nursed. But her exhaustion seemed somehow deeper than just that and he gave her a look of concern as she dropped her head against his shoulder and he wrapped his arms better around her, giving the arm that was holding Celebrian some extra support should she need it.

The peaceful moment however was broken by the sound of his daughter sputtering from nursing too fast. The look on his daughter's face was amusing but Celeborn wisely kept his humor to himself, though he figured Galadriel would be able to sense it. He leaned his own chin against his wife's shoulder to gaze on his daughter, one hand coming to stroke her silver hair for a moment, before returning to its original place. He pressed a fond kiss to his wife's neck before he murmured against her ear, ”But you enjoy it when I tease you, muinen.” Perhaps he was buttering her up with affection but he was allowed to be rather affectionate when they were alone and she was nursing the product of their love.

But there was something deeper about her mood than simply her being tired and so Celeborn watched her for a few long moments. Then he remembered what anniversary it was: the death of her brother Finrod. "Something is bothering you, dear heart. What is it?" He paused before a sad smile came on his lips as he looked at his daughter. "Your brothers would all adore our little one, especially Finrod." He pressed another lingering kiss to her hair, hands gently rubbing her arms for comfort.
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Re: & though she'll grow & someday leave
« Reply #4 on: April 23, 2019, 03:17:21 PM »
The creek bubbled softly in answer of her mate's remark, in the way all things seemed to do quietly in the darkest hours of the night. Galadriel's silence was neither stony nor cold though; if anything, to say anything aloud might have been to cheapen the wealth of feeling that lay in the air at that moment-- both appreciative and anguished. Never being particularly romantic or overly sentimental did not a lack of heart make; if anything, Galadriel's heart was often too full, sometimes too much so for her own good. Trying, from the moment she had been old enough to form coherent thoughts, to allow itself self-acceptance without losing any of the pride and dignity of the House of Finwe fed to her from her mother's very breast-- in much the same way she now nursed Celebrian, and Galadriel wondered even amid the indescribable and permanent ache that was a part of one's self lost violently and too soon if Eärwen had secretly entertained the same fears for the daughter she'd once held in her arms. If those same fears, if she had indeed nursed them, had ever left her.

She'd never truly felt such empathy for her mother before. Had loved her dearly, but had preferred the company of her father and the brothers Celeborn had so succinctly recollected for her with neither expectation nor judgement at the pain that would be there forever. Now though, in the same way she longed for and missed her brothers, did the proud Galadriel long for and miss her mother.

And really, how did one even put words to...any of that? There wasn't any. Celeborn had done the best that could be done, with that simple airing of what could not be acknowledged simply.

The babe in her arms stirred some time after the quiet began to reign over the night, though, and though her voice rasped with old pain and tears long past the time they had been shed, Galadriel's smile was at its gentlest and most rare as she plopped Celebrian into her father's arms.

"Your turn, Ada," she murmured, Celebrian even hiccuping uncomfortably in accord with a need to be burped. Not that it kept the bonny baby from offering Celeborn her new, favourite form of expression-- a crooked and yet gregarious smile all too familiar even as it still lacked teeth, faltering only with another jolting little hiccup while her mother shifted so that her tired body might make a more comfortable bed out of the grass underfoot, her head finding a pillow against Celeborn's right calf.

"I want to teach her to swim, when she's a little older," Galadriel remarked softly after a moment, "In the sea, I Finrod taught me."
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Re: & though she'll grow & someday leave
« Reply #5 on: June 04, 2019, 04:31:22 AM »
Celeborn was well enough acquainted with his wife’s silences, not to mention being able sense her mood from their bond, that he knew that her silence did not mean she was upset with him. He of course had been on the receiving end of her stony silence far more often than he cared to admit. He simply watched her closely, trying to get a sense of what she was thinking without being intrusive on her mind. Not that that stopped him from wordlessly, gently inquire within her mind about it. He wouldn’t mind in the least if she rebuffed his mental efforts, understanding a bit about her loss.

They both had family that was not with them that would have enjoyed seeing Celebrian grow. He had hoped when he and Galadriel married and Galathil had Nimloth that the two of them could have had a child so Nimloth would have had a cousin to play with. There was a pang of regret when he thought of Nimloth and Galathil. He had promised Galathil as the Dwarves sacked Doriath, the last time he saw his brother alive, that he would look after Nimloth and her family, only to have failed when the son’s of Feanor came and destroyed all but Nimloth’s daughter.

But his melancholy thoughts were broken when Galadriel unceremoniously plopped their daughter in his arms after she was done nursing, though the poor thing looked a little miserable at needing to be burped. He was about to  bring her to his shoulder to take care of that problem when she saw him and smiled at him, quite pleased to see him (when she wasn’t busy feeding), and he smiled softly at her. ”Let’s take care of your little problem, shall we, little one? He then put her against his shoulder and gently patted her on her back, pressing soft kisses to the side of her head, where wisps of silver hair proved exactly whom her sire was, and whose bloodline she belonged to.

As she settled against his shoulder, her little fists grasping his hair, Celeborn allowed his attention to fall again to his wife, smiling softly at her as she used his thigh as a pillow. His fingers went to her hair,  gently combing through her strands to try and help her relax. ”Perhaps I shouldn’t do this, beloved, lest you fall asleep on me. I’m not sure I could carry both you and our daughter back to camp.”

She mentioned she wanted to teach Celebrian to swim and he hummed in agreement. ”I can teach her to boat when she is a stronger swimmer.”[color] Against his shoulder, where she was leaning her head and fighting sleep, Celebrian gurgled at her parents, though whether in agreement or not was a mystery to Celeborn.


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Re: & though she'll grow & someday leave
« Reply #6 on: August 26, 2019, 04:47:06 AM »
"Then don't. I'm quite content here and it's hot back at camp."

Galadriel was rarely prone to grumbling-- or more realistically, simply better at not doing it, considering she was doing an awful lot of it at the moment. But then, made for grousing or not, perhaps it was as simple as the possibility that she simply didn't lament over her complaints where most could see; it wouldn't very sporting, after all, or encouraging, to hear one's leader do so too often.

On the other hand, though...she wasn't a leader at present. Only a tired mother, a weary elleth, alone in company save for the one person who, regardless of race, was bound spiritually to bear witness to their companion's foibles and failings. Though she was vaguely (very vaguely) aware that to remain here as they were might end up least comfortable for him (and thus felt a touch of guilt for it), Galadriel truly had little desire to move now that her babe's needs were tended to, and shifted only to burrow her face rather petulantly into her mate's knee. Paused, mind, at the touch of sorrow that affection for Celebrian didn't quite mask, and after a moment, Galadriel's hand reached out to rub his knee gently. There was little else to do, really, even for one usually so happily eloquent-- as little to do as there had been for he, as wise or wiser, when she had remembered the keen, nauseating break that had been Finrod's snuffing from Life.

And he, at least, had had the chance to live. Nimloth's life, as with so many on her conscience from all sides of their ongoing war, had barely begun.

"What do you think, little moon? What do you want to do?" she cooed softly, turning her face upward to meet her daughter's half asleep gaze. Her spare hand reached out to tickle one of the chubby little feet dangling above her nose, Galadriel grinning despite weariness and the sombre nature of their discussion this night at the playful kick and bubbling noise that was not yet quite a giggle. "I will get you laughing before the moon is full again, I vow."
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Re: & though she'll grow & someday leave
« Reply #7 on: October 03, 2019, 02:05:43 AM »
Celeborn watched his wife respond to his comment about them needing to leave at some point with vague amusement. ”It will be easy for you. You’d be perfectly comfortable with my leg as a pillow whereas I only have a tree to cushion my head and back.” His lips twitched. ”And despite comments about my having a hard head, my head is not that hard.” Of course, there was no actual complaint at the moment, enjoying the peace and quiet and time with his beloved and their child.

He could sense a few varying emotions coming from her, though he chose not to pry or even figure what emotions they were or their cause. He felt a grin blossom when Galadriel buried her face into his knee, much like a child, though he wisely said nothing about his amusement as how she was reacting. He did raise a brow at the pat to his knee, which he guessed was in apology, likely in how uncomfortable he might be feeling. He knew that it was hard for her apologize, even for something like  this.

His grin, which had been full of amusement at his wife’s child-like antics, softened at her interactions with Celebrian. He pressed another kiss to his daughter’s silver-covered temple as the babe almost giggled at her mother below her. His wife’s epessë for their daughter was fitting to him simply because her looks were more after the Sindar, especially the royal line of the Iathrim, pale and silver like the moon. ”Your mother thinks she is to be the first to make you laugh, little one. But she  will have to admit defeat to your favorite parent: me.” Although this was said in a stage-whisper to his daughter, he smirked in good-natured teasing at his wife, not entirely (only a little) serious about trying to beat her at getting their daughter to laugh.


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Re: & though she'll grow & someday leave
« Reply #8 on: October 08, 2019, 10:19:59 AM »
Of all manner of retort and retaliation to cross her mind (no matter how briefly it did), few left in the world would suspect Lady Galadriel of the former of which had crossed her mind first and strongest. By all of Varda's stars though, he was making it all too easy to give into such vengeance, and though she knew everything said was said simply to get a rise from her, knowing and remembering it were two different things. If anything, knowing better made it harder at times, because what might have passed over the heads of others when the former Prince of Doriath spoke rarely passed over hers anymore.

If it ever actually had.

Though if she was honest with herself (and so it seemed the case at this time of night, no matter how begrudging), there was 'ever a small part of Galadriel that enjoyed it. Even when the playful goading and the teasing risked toeing over the line into argument or temper flare, she would ponder Celeborn's sleeping form often in the small hours before dawn and with it, wonder if the Valar's omniscience had seen enough of her future, far from Valinor though it now was, to realise that no matter the occasional negative fall out, she needed the soul her own half had cloven to to be one who would, quite simply, let her be. Not that she would ever trade what she had and what she wished for -- to lead, to rule and watch over on her own terms -- but with that ambition had come the steadily growing constructs of control and calm, accountability and distance-- not things that had come entirely naturally to the the energetic, strong-willed Artanis.

Ah, but her mind had wandered, or would wander, later and in countless times in the future. At the present though, it was a passing thought, dominated by the exertion of her will that prevented her from retaliating with her teeth against the calf presented all too temptingly under her cheek, petty but satisfying revenge for his being a pest. It wouldn't have been the first time she'd done it, lunging to bite at whatever was closest in the absence (or inability) of a suitable verbal riposte, but the part of her that was now always aware of her baby and her needs kept her from acting it out. Celebrian was many wonderful things, including, it seemed, thoroughly entertained the more mobile her expressions became with the sight of the adults around her coming to strife, but Galadriel felt the violent, if hilarious, reaction biting Celeborn would bring about would tax even her daughter's cheerful tolerance.

Still, the tempting thought simmered there in another part of her periphery, though Galadriel merely sniffed in the end at her Lord.

"If that is the case, it's only because I'm going to be the disciplinarian. I don't need to see ahead to predict the extent of your uselessness," she muttered, but even the surliest of moods couldn't bear up against the grin she was being proffered again, sleepy and upside-down though it was. Mother's bias though it was, Celebrian was already at her most beautiful when she smiled-- though personal bias kept even the Lady from consciously realising that that heart-melting, all-encompassing smile was as such because it had come from herself. She saw the colouring of her child and reflected fondly (and perhaps with some relief, for Celebrian's sake) that she was, indeed, Celeborn's blood-- but the large, leaf-shaped eyes that crinkled at the corners, the wide cheekbones and wide lips taking form more and more as the days went on even as little teeth were still absent, were entirely her own and so with them, was the little elfling currently safely ensconced between her parents given the gift of her mother's same all-encompassing, radiant smiles. It was only, as with all personal bias about one's self, that others would see what the little one had inherited.

But it was the same identical smile nonetheless that Galadriel's features lapsed into when the half-playful, half-sour face made up at both husband and daughter was met with an amused trill from the latter, and Celebrian's feet were given another passing tickle before the elder elleth settled on her side once. Firmly, mind, with her cheek snuggled into her living pillow.

"I truly have no desire to move." Not with the water so close, so steadying in her ears and thus her soul, though the stubborn pitch to her tone was softened by the contemplative glance Celeborn was given over her shoulder. "If you wish to sleep, return to camp then. Or...find your rest here. In the river grass. Stay here with us."
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Re: & though she'll grow & someday leave
« Reply #9 on: February 08, 2020, 03:07:14 AM »
While some might be surprised by how childish Galadriel seemed to at the moment, Celeborn knew her far too well to believe that she was always the regal lady she tried to project upon the world. In fact, he mused to himself, there many times that he felt he knew her better than he knew himself. Such a thing he supposed came from being married for as long the two of them had and their natures as Elves. And he also knew that he pushing it with his goading her into certain actions. It was a hobby of his: trying to see if he could get people to react certain ways, and especially if that person was his wife.

So he wisely backed off his teasing comments before she was pushed too far and one or both of their tempers flared. There was a very good reason that she had named him “Celeborn the Wise,” he thought slightly sardonically. Of course, he didn’t often feel wise compared to others but he also was not one to naysay his wife, especially when she was complimenting him. Yet her reply about him being Celebrian’s favorite parent was met with a smirk and he spoke to her mind, with what could be considered a mental leer, ”I’m sure I can show you exactly how to punish someone properly when we are alone, meleth.” Not that he thought his daughter could understand his words but he did feel that some tones or words were not to be shared with one’s daughter, infant though she may be.

His smirk soon softened into a gentle, fond smile as he watched the two of them interact, struck by though their daughter took most strongly after him in looks, she had his wife’s almost enigmatic smile as well her eyes, two of Celeborn’s favorite things about Galadriel, even if he had mostly named her because of her hair. Hair that his fingers were still gently combing through, almost absently. Celeborn nodded at her saying she had no desire to move. ”I can see that.” His voice was overly put-on bored drawl, tinged with just enough amusement. But his response to her entreats to stay with them was fond and warm and honest. ”With such an entreat and such company, I would be fool to leave.” Even if his back would not be thanking him later. But really, stiffness and pain were trifling compared to spending a quiet night with his wife and daughter. ”I love you both very much.”

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