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Author Topic: [LotR] Blanco Mugwort  (Read 485 times)

Blanco Mugwort

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Blanco Mugwort
« on: May 19, 2017, 03:36:49 AM »
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Blanco Mugwort

NAME: Blanco Mugwort
NICKNAMES (IF ANY): Manchineel(work name. a name made up) Noncombative Intelligence Watch Assistant? (title)
DATE OF BIRTH AND AGE (AS OF T.A. 2941/3019): 2979
RACE:  Hobbit

EYE COLOUR: As brown as mud
BODY TYPE AND HEIGHT: three feet tall with a plump body
OVERALL APPEARANCE: Normally dressed for work kind of like a member of the watch, sometimes dressed casually like a typical civilian
DISTINGUISHING MARKS: Doesn’t really have any distinguishing marks which only makes him a better detective if you know what I mean
FACE CLAIM:  Chaz Bono

STRENGTHS: His strength is putting together clues to solve a problem or mystery. An obvious one considering his occupation. Experiences enhances his ability to notice important details. It also gives him crime related tidbits that sometimes are useful outside of the job. He may not be the greatest detective ever but he still has the skill set.
Blanco has a high appreciation for certain everyday skills that can be flattering depending on the person. He is able to appreciate talents most people overlook. It is basically a cousin to ‘easily awed’, seems quite similar but actually isn't so similar.
WEAKNESSES: He is humourless and does not laugh very often. He lacks the ability to find humor in most situations and of course in himself. This can make him seem grumpy and or broody to some people. It doesn't seriously negatively affect his life in general or his job but it still does have a negative effect on his social life.
Prone to being impatient with people. He dislikes slow people and hates being forced to wait to the point where it can be called a weakness. It does indeed have a negative impact on life with an example trying to rush a witness to “spit it out” or “nearly dying” or just being really rude when impatient.
ASPIRATIONS: His aspiration is to create a brand new recipe, one that the world has no one has ever seen before. Outside of work he has a slight interest in food. When he has the time and the supplies which is not very often he like to experiment with food. The dream started when he was a child playing with food and surprisingly has lasted longer than his interest in solving mysteries. His reasoning behind wanting to do this is to inspire more people to be creative with food and possibly create recipes out of easier to get ingredients that don't taste any cheaper than the ones made with harder to ingredients. If that's even possible.
FEARS:  What Blanco fears is evil geniuses. People who use their intelligence to commit crimes. The fact they can be very hard to catch isn't the only things that scares Blanco. These people generally just how predictable and unpredictable they need to be a detective’s worst nightmare. What Blanco truly fears is no matter how strong the watch and guards are they always find a way. So far Blanco has only read about them but if were to ever face one he fears he would fail miserably.
PERSONALITY: (if the personality sounds weird it's because i used questions from the 16personalities test as a guide)
 Blanco who wishes he could make a long detailed plans and stick to it but often times he end up having to improvise some time along the line. He envies the people who know exactly what to put into their plan to make it work all the way. It frustrates him that he has to make a Plan B or Plan C but it the truth of his life.
He likes solving mysteries. Peicing together the links and figuring out who did what. After all you can't catch them if you don't know who they are.
At work Blanco is very professional man, he follows every rules in the book. He does his best to adopt a very professional attitude when at work but that doesn't stop him from say popping up out of nowhere and yelling at someone trying to steal something. Outside of work he is less interested in crimes and prefers either staying home to relax or drinking at a local bar.
While he is not adventurous at all he does have the personality trait of not minding dealing with oddities too much and is easily able to talk with just about anyone. Although he may try to label their mental state openly or in his head. When it comes to arguments Blanco thinks proving a point is more important than the feelings of the opponent. He thinks this way not because of cold heartedness but because of a basic facts over opinion philosophy that extends to the previous statement. It’s more of a work things than an everyday day things really.
He may not hate violence but he still doesn't want a part in it. That's why he works as a detective. In his own words the detective is an officer of the law that doesn't have to fight to enforce it. The man wants to continue his job as a detective in Bree as long as he lives.
HISTORY:  He starts out directly in Bree his placd of birth with his parents who are grocers. As a child he never thought about what he wanted to be when he group or the future at all. He was too busy making mud pies. It was when he was a tween that he started having an interest in being a detective. He never really went around solving cases at this time point in his life but he did practice some times at home if that counts for anything. Years pass and now Blanco is too old to live with his parents this is where he starts looking for a job of his own. He reads notes on the notice board and sends letters to the people looking for employees. The notices were real but the letters were fake something he didn't know then. Except in response to each letter he gets a letter saying he is ineligible to apply with the exact same wording on each letter. Suspicious and confused he asks around to see if anyone else is getting these letters. He found a couple other people with the same problem. He reported mail problem to people in charge of enforcing the law. They push the minor problem aside. One day someone got a job in person. That's when the mail system really went completely corrupt. Someone received a threat. This is where the first "detective" comes in. He called himself Gilbert Hemlock a false name for the job and he worked two jobs, one the normal one and the other a position he created for himself. He may have gotten payed for only one job but he didn't mind he was that kind of person. The Man took all threats he knew of seriously especially ones involving Sallyanne. Using his position he lead the investigation keeping some information to himself. What he didn't tell people like Blanco was the motive. He assumed they assumed this for the money. The truth is the motive was petty revenge gone to far. Some of the people had wronged the person. They stole something long ago that mattered to the current person a lot. The person reasoned forcing them jobless would be payback but didn't think it through enough forgetting people can get jobs in other ways. Anyone else affected was to make it seem random. Now as to who was part of those random people is a mystery. Blanco knew what he had to do now. He had to help solve the case somewhere. He asked himself "Why these people?" "How are they connected?" "What does the criminal want?" That's where it all started. Being a part of it all Gilbert was willing to speak to him. In the first unofficial case he is successful but Gilbert not the same. The people who knew Gilbert didn't know what happened to him. Some say he retired other say he got lost. Truth is he died in when he was in the same room as the person who had been manipulating the mail. They both died that day. Seeing the empty position Blanco applies for a helping position at the Watch and talks about how helpful he was on the mail case. The Watch meanwhile waits for a member to apply. A few do but unfortunately aren't good enough. So they reach out to a know close friend of Gilbert since Gilbert was an only child, they turn down the offer. Before he gets the job the Watch questions the usefulness of such a job being an actual job. Reminds them the usefulness of it and how they'd be loosing something.

After a long interview he finally getting the job he still has he moves into a shared house where he shares a room with a Man for money's sake. Before any official case they send him off to look for Gilbert. To this day the search continues.
On his first official case things don’t go as well as planned and along the way he gets beat up by an angry man, a painfully embarrassing memory, but in the end things turn out fine. Meanwhile the first request, finding Gilbert, continues. After a successful job done. He got himself a cheaply made but beautiful badge. That changes everything. With a beautiful badge he can call himself that ridiculously long title Gilbert made up to make the job seem more interesting.
AGE:  secret
COUNTRY:  Secret
EXPERIENCE:  Couple years
Maria googles 'neko roleplay' and finds a role-play forum. "Perfect." she rubbed hands together but not in an evil way. She had just finished her homework and had nothing else to do. Her friends are busy so she couldn't just go chill with them. Since she is conveniently feeling creative she decides to join a cool role-play forum, create a character and practice creative writing. "My character is going to the beautifulest, powerfulest, perfectest one there." she boldly says aloud to herself. She clicks a couple links on the forum until she finds the thread for submitting character sheets. She copies the empty character and gets to work immediately filling in every  line as fast as possible. "Name? Noir-Blance Yuki Ebony Max Kiki Uchia. Personality? Perfect. Looks? A beautiful neko girl with one rainbow eye that changes color with her mood, one blood red eye and little wings on her head. Has seven tails instead of one and has spider legs hidden under scarf because secretly she is part spider. Her body is like an hourglass but also like a stick. She has long pink and..." She read everything she typed aloud to check for errors. The background took a little longer than expected but once she completed the profile she was beaming with pride.

"I will never forget the sweat and tears that went into you, Anana-chan." Anana-chan is the nickname Maria gave her neko girl since her real name is too long. Taking an overly dramatic deep breath she post the character sheet to the thread and waits. Unsurprisingly there is no response right away. Maria has to find something to do while waiting. Assuming it'll only take about two hours she opens up a video streaming website website and watches cat videos. Hours pass and still no reply. Maria is slowly dying on the inside she is unused to waiting this long. More time passes and eventually h r parents call her down for dinner. Maria clutches her chest with one hand, "No, I can't eat Mama! I must wait!" Cat videos only keep her going for so long, she needs a new source of entertainment. She racks her brain for something else to do on the computer but she is unable to come up with anything. She is about to give up when she remembers dinner. She concludes that by the time she finishes eating she'll have a response. She hops out the chair and falls to floor because her legs fell asleep. Suddenly she is immobilized, all hope is lost. Now she can't check the website for updates. The end.

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Blanco Mugwort

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Re: Profile WIP
« Reply #1 on: May 26, 2017, 06:16:38 AM »
done  :-*


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Re: Blanco Mugwort
« Reply #2 on: July 04, 2017, 01:37:41 AM »

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Re: Blanco Mugwort
« Reply #3 on: September 19, 2017, 11:16:26 PM »

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