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Author Topic: On A Dark and Stormy... [open]  (Read 3960 times)

Elanor Brandywood

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Re: On A Dark and Stormy... [open]
« Reply #15 on: July 29, 2017, 01:31:29 AM »
Quote from: “Acadius”
The owl bemoaned his poor luck and how it seemed to sour by the minute. The rain had been bad enough, but passable as he had taken refuge in the rickety barn. Yes, water still seeped from the roof - and yes, gusts of wind still flew between loose wooden planks - but it had been quiet, and it had been his. Now, even that had been taken from Acadius. They had decided to stay in his barn, both Warg and Man, regardless of the owl’s feelings about the matter. He had made himself very clear but it seemed that neither had listened; his chest swelled with indignation. No common decency on either of them, the creature thought, giving a small exasperated squawk. But the sound, as loud as it was, was lost when lighting cracked over their heads - light filtering through every crevice and washing out the interior from every discernible color - and the rumbling of thunder seemed to make the shack shake.

Acadius froze, glancing at the ceiling above their heads, half expecting it to cave in upon itself. It wouldn’t surprise him, with his recent luck and all - it could have easily been the last straw. And yet, part of the owl would have welcomed the surprise if only to make sure that if he could not have his barn, neither would those two. He clacked his beak in annoyance, head swiveling from the roof and to the pair below. “Until the rain stops, until the rain stops…” Acadius uttered cantankerously under his breath - golden eyes moving from the man to the Warg to the Man, and to the roof. “Just give in, already!” He huffed, flapping his wings - but the roof remained still, the man continued to stand, and the warg to lay. Irritation crept on every fiber of his being - from the tip of his talons to the tip of his feathers. Puffed and wet, and annoyed, it was then that the owl decided that if they so insisted in spending the night on his barn, it would be without an ounce of sleep. That would teach them to spend the night on someone’s lodging without proper invitation!

With his beak open and chest puffed, the owl let out a long, drawn-out caterwaul.

Quote from: “Dyri”
As the conversation delved deeper into the dwarven markings that loitered strategically - though he was, perhaps, too generous with that description - and the dwarves offered their explanations for each, Dyri attempted to recall the exact moment where he was unwittingly drafted into the ordeal. With arms still crossed above his chest, the dark haired man slightly cocked his head, brow furrowed as he studied the beams above their heads. It had to have been the moment he first shared words with the elf, that must have been it; his frown deepened and blue eyes squinted. A lesson no doubt for minding my own business, the soldier thought in fleeting amusement, half-aware of the conversation that dwarves and elf had. Snippets of words were caught here and there, but it mostly went ignored. Something about a bogg - or quicksand - or perhaps it was both; but, ah, did it matter?

“…the last is a trolls warning…” Dyri blinked, attention snapping back to the older of the dwarves as he handed the parchment back to his companion. The soldier glanced at the younger of the two, his voice carrying the same severe news as the one before him “…and orcs.” Still, the younger of the two smiled pleasantly after the news just as the man turned to look at the she-elf besides him. He knew the look on his unlikely companions’ eyes - the lot of them had it, a quiet determination that led the soldier know they were about to do something remarkably stupid with or without his aid. The thought alone was enough to make him groan, a sound which the man successfully managed to keep to himself. It would be unwise and irresponsible of him to let them go on their own - while the dwarves seemed capable of handling themselves, he was not to sure he could say the same about the woman. “Trolls and orcs.” Dyri suddenly started, one of his hands rubbing idly at the back of his neck. “I assume this is not enough to dissuade you?” He stated more so than asked, glancing from the two dwarves and to the elf. Any of you.”

Thorin Oakenshield

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Re: On A Dark and Stormy... [open]
« Reply #16 on: August 12, 2017, 12:30:52 AM »

Anarion thought that was it. That, that would end the whole thing, and he would finally be left alone to think. He would have gladly forgotten the owl and the warg if they would have let him. Let them fight it out for themselves! Let them have the barn when the rain stops. But, with it being Bree, it was hard to tell when that would be. It was always hard to tell when the rain stopped and when it started, or if it ever stopped at all. Sometimes the young Ranger thought it never did. But then… ah well.

And yet, just as he was getting ready to think on the important thing at hand the bird, hell bent on getting them out of his barn started squalling. Loudly. Annoyingly. In a moment of pure anger, Anarion reached for the nearest item on hand. He bent his arm back and threw the object, which was of good weight (a wrench), in the direction of the damn bird. The intention was to scare him into silence, “How can I focus with all the noise?” Anarion asked, “A treasure lies hidden somewhere, and all I want to do is figure out if I want to go out and find it.” To Anarion it was that simple. And he had to think on it. “A crazy man comes up to you and offers you a … quest… and all you have is a few coins in your purse enough for dinner. Then you have to come into a barn with a territorial bird and a warg…” He hadn’t been directing his speech at anyone but himself, but he was content to speak his thoughts aloud in their presence. “Too many people have less, and those who have more …” He sighed.

I wonder if this treasure is gold…” He asked himself, gazing at the darkness and listening to the rain, the words of the others but a distant murmuring as he thought…


 Thorin hadn’t bothered to give his name. He had just taken the map and then read the ruins. There was no reason to give these strangers his name. Until Karg had to go and speak up, making him look bad. It was true that Dwarves didn’t often give their names unless their business was directly related to whatever was going on, and even that definition varied from Dwarf to Dwarf. “And Thorin at yours.” He gave a slight nod. The woman smiled at them both, but the man seemed less impressed. As Karg read the rest of the warnings, Thorin couldn’t the small nagging in the back of his mind to go on this quest. If not to find out if there really was gold and treasure, but anything to clear out the woods of Orcs was a noble gesture in the least.

Thorin stroked his beard with thought. “There are plenty of Orcs to chase if one looks hard enough.” the king mused, “Trolls… trolls are tricky. If anything dissuades the mind, it would be trolls.”  The man was right. Trolls were no light feat. “The man is right, it would not be wise to take this on alone.” Even though that is totally not what the man had just said, but one couldn’t deny that doing this alone was not heavily implied. Thorin considered for a moment what he could put forth as a member of this team.


The elf thought for a moment, a shadow passed over her face at the mention of Orcs. They had always been her worst enemy. Them and of course tricksy dealers. But, she hadn’t had anything to do all month! Any chance to get out there and whoop some orc posterior seemed like a delightful idea. “You don’t have to be a downer! I can go by myself and be just fine. Getting around trolls is easy if you can manage it during the day. Just… forget about bringing any horses or things long. The damn creatures attract them too easily.” She put in, giving Dyri a bright smile, “There is nothing that could dissuade me from taking this on.” And indeed there wasn’t much that could. She simply had an itch that needed scratching.
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Re: On A Dark and Stormy... [open]
« Reply #17 on: August 14, 2017, 01:03:36 AM »

Nyx grinned, smug in her belief that she had solved all of it, even if she hadn't at all and the 'problem' of the barn being occupied still existed. At least she was proving that the owl didn't bother her...though that was shown to be a lie and put to severe test when he started caterwauling like some possessed banshee of legend the Warg didn't believe in!

That a bird could make such a horrendous noise was both not surprising and very so!

Yet he wouldn't succeed in getting to her or getting her to leave...she'd pretend she didn't notice it...with her suburb hearing...

The Warg screwed up her face and shut her eyes, struggling to keep her calm and not snap at the thing, either literally or no. Just when she thought she could take it no longer...

Nyx noticed the movement more than the affect, given her predator senses on into almost sixth senses at times, yet by the time she glanced to item had completed its path straight at the bird! The Warg smiled, "Well, you may have just proven your worth, and keep", she commented.

"How can I focus with all the noise? A treasure lies hidden somewhere, and all I want to do is figure out if I want to go out and find it."

It was obvious the Man wasn't so much talking to them as...just talking, still Nyx listened, not from much interest herself in such things, but almost just in pure curiosity. Though it was never pure and just that. Nyx didn't know what purpose the information would serve, but it would serve some and shouldn't just be passed by inattentively.

"A crazy man comes up to you and offers you a … quest… and all you have is a few coins in your purse enough for dinner. Then you have to come into a barn with a territorial bird and a warg...Too many people have less, and those who have more …"

It was an interesting tale if nothing else came of it! Nyx scoffed again, and declined commenting on Survival of the Fittest and such, just because not poking him into defending down-trodden helpless things without much survival sense would be tiresome.

"Sound like a very effective trap, though that could just be my thinking and how I would do such", Nyx smiled, closing her eyes again unafraid of being able to watch these two, she still had smell and sound. She also was sort of just commenting aloud. Distractedly.


Kargach was well aware he'd sem- forced Thorin's hand and forced him to give his name also by doing so first and thusly making it look bad on the king if he did not. The wheel-wright hadn't intended to do that at all, he was just...less guarded with his name than other Dwarves, and it was a good show of faith to this young Elf (and the silent Man for if he were in this too, it was hard to tell) to do such. Of course he didn't get one back, but that didn't bother Karg either, and she was just too exited at the moment to focus on much else other than the quest!

Was it a quest so to speak? Could be...

"There are plenty of Orcs to chase if one looks hard enough., Trolls… trolls are tricky. If anything dissuades the mind, it would be trolls."

Thorin spoke, speaking a caution it was wise to keep in mind, Karg knew. Even he wasn't intending to try to rush fool-hardly into this. He and the young Elf seemed to have the same optimistic opinion on Trolls and all the other dangers though, or near enough. Kargach didn't quite feel it as easy as the lady made out, but he couldn't help being amused, and semi-given even more of a fire to the idea in his own head, by her believing they could so!

"That's true, we do know for a fact they won't be a problem in the day", Hmm...maybe that was an idea for a Noble Deed and Good Done one day to lure all the Trolls out and trick them all into being stone some day. Ambitious, Kargach knew, and he wasn't saying he would be that one...though maybe a few of them...

"The man is right, it would not be wise to take this on alone."

But Karg already knew the both of them were hooked to this idea, so that wasn't alone...and who knew but Thorin and even the Man could decide to accompany also.

"There is nothing that could dissuade me from taking this on."

"The same here Miss, if the Old Man was cracked I'd still like to say I went down to find out, so you can count me one other to go with you if you like, and you needn't worry if you want to keep all of the treasure, I mostly just want the adventure of it", the Dwarf grinned. Maybe he shouldn't have counted himself out of the share so quick, but given what tended to be whispered about Dwarves he didn't want her thinking he was just mooching, and he was sure she'd share something if they actually found something.


Elanor Brandywood

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Re: On A Dark and Stormy... [open]
« Reply #18 on: January 07, 2018, 07:54:38 AM »
Quote from: “Acadius”
How sure he had been of his victory, how much he had felt satisfaction swell within his breast as the twitching of the large mongrel had started and the man had been roused - though perhaps disturbed was a more apt description - from his ill-gained sleep. Too sure had been the owl of sending man and mongrel running out of his barn that he nearly fell pray to a dirty wrench the man saw fit to throw in his direction. With a loud, indignant squawk, Acadius fluttered to the side, wind rushing through his feathers, the wrench colliding on the railings to his left. Perfectly miffed and with feathers puffed, the owl’s round face watched as the tool clattered down on the dingy floor, before rounding on the screeching human. How could he focus with all this noise? The gall of him! If there was any in this company of three who had any right to make his discontent known it was Acadius and Acadius alone. Intruded and disrupted is how the owl felt, even more so with all the racket the man decided to make - after interrupting his own tirade, no less!

Treasures. Quests. Gold? Is that all these featherless creatures thought of? They called birds simple-minded, yet it was they that always prattled nonsensically about those stupid, shiny pebbles. Still, that was a thought. “Then go now! Go find your silly gold!” The bitter owl screeched in discontent, flapping his wings as the man finished his ill-timed soliloquy. “None is stopping you from going off to find this stupid treasure!” Definitely not he. If a treasure is what it took to get the man and mongrel out of his barn then the owl would gladly send them in their merry way.     

Quote from: “Dyri”
Dyri never thought himself a bright man - even though he had a relatively level head upon his shoulders - too foolhardy, too kind, too set in his duties as a servant of the people to be a good judge of decisions. Granted, this was not Gondor, nothing close to the kingdom he served and called him, these people were not citizens of the ancient lands, they were not the Steward to who he had been pledged and neither were they his kin. Dyri owed them nothing, not even his ear as they retold the promises of the old man. And yet, the man had remained. No matter the argument that he managed to conjure in that tired mind of his, he could not bare the thought of leaving them to the Maker’s good graces. These people were in need of protection - even if the dangers were sought out by their own damned selves. It was that, the dark man decided, which kept him in the company of the two dwarves and the elf.

Dyri said nothing throughout the exchange, returning to his role of carefully listening. Yes, the temptation of gold was there and alive, he knew well that even the smallest of prizes would be well-received by his family, but there was no reason to rush in foolhardily. Getting back safely was equally important - if not more so - than finding the treasure in the first place. Dead men have no need for gold, after all.

“If you are all set in continuing this endeavor, I suppose there is no denying my involvement…” He spoke after a few minutes of silence, once each of the odd group members had returned to their quiet reveries, “It would be wretched of me to allow any of you to endanger yourselves.”   


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