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Author Topic: [Hobbit + LotR] Ingwend WIP  (Read 499 times)


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Ingwend WIP
« on: April 29, 2017, 12:37:09 AM »


NAME:  Ingwend
NICKNAMES (IF ANY):  Highness, Sun-in-Shadow, The Summer Queen, Mon Ange du Palais
4/9 AND AGE (AS OF T.A. 2941/3019): If Hobbit, as of T.A. 2941. If LotR or both as of T.A. 3019.
PLACE OF BIRTH:  Taniquetil, Valinor
GENDER:  female

HAIR COLOUR AND APPEARANCE:  Strands of spun gold are pulled back out of this young woman's face in an elegant style, woven into an elegant arrangement of braids, which are then woven into one longer, intricate braid, which falls all the way down her back to her waist. The braid is twined with numerous luminous pearls, which stand out starkly against her golden tresses.

EYE COLOUR:  the color of a stormy sea
BODY TYPE AND HEIGHT:  a healthy, albeit willowy, form
OVERALL APPEARANCE:  The princess is clothed in a luxurious gown of cloud-gray velvet which, when she moves, appears to shimmer with hints of rose in certain lighting like the last rays of the sun shining on the clouds at dusk. The effect is unusual, and highly tasteful, drawing the eye. Clearly custom-designed, the gown is stylish and sumptuous. The neckline is a graceful scoop, edged in a border of snow-white with delicate stitchery in red threads and tiny glittering beads and pearls. The long sleeves are a combination of gray velvet and white and red brocade, with shining pearl buttons down the length from elbow to wrist. The gray velvet overlay falls away from the white and red brocade, to trail down to either side, ending in tufts of exotic white fox fur. The full skirts shimmer and gleam in rich velvet, cascading from her slender waist to the ground, to end in a border of white and red trim with more beads and pearls.

Her only adornment is a necklace of pearls, which clings snugly about the base of her slender, swan-like neck. Her hands move with a graceful allure that seems almost unconscious. Several rings glitter on her fingers, including a golden ring engraved with an elven crest of nobility.

WEAPONS:  none/magic user
FACE CLAIM:  Anabelle Wallis

STRENGTHS:  charming, gregarious and even mesmerizing on her best days
WEAKNESSES:   indulgent, distracted, strange, and impulsive on her worst
ASPIRATIONS:  Do they have any dreams or goals?   
FEARS:  What frightens them?
PERSONALITY:  The princess, like many teenage girls, is prone to flights of fancy. Her moods and interests vary wildly from day to day, from swooning over a new love, to delving into a new hobby, to moping over some dictate from her mother. She is, however, consistently trusting, kind, and generous, or as her mother would probably say, gullible, foolish, and naive. She can be counted on to be friendly and helpful and holds to the belief that others will be the same, even when to most people it would be clear that they won’t be.

Despite this however, beneath all the apparent frivolity of a spoiled princess, there is a mind honed to a razor sharp edge. A spectacular education, combined with a life being stuck indoors, have gifted the young woman with intelligence rivaling even the oldest scholars, and with that intelligence a deeper and more serious side that can be utilised as necessary.

She is also a product of her father. An example of Nobility, not of title, but of character. Despite posessing the title of princess she acts as humble and simple as any other girl, if a bit more fancily dressed. Good, honourable, and decent to an absolute fault to the point those less morally inclined could easily take advantege of her spirit.

HISTORY:  Again, we need some depth here, at least a few well-rounded paragraphs - go on, colour in their vibrant past! If your app is strictly from the Hobbit, please stop history at T.A. 2941. If LotR or both, please finish at T.A. 3018
AGE:  20.
EXPERIENCE:  14 years now?
CONTACT:  Discord or PM works
HOW DID YOU FIND US?:  I got dragged here by the admin xD
Celestia had absolutely cringed when father told her that she would be having dinner with her sister tonight. It's not that she held any dislike for her sister, she loved her just as she loved her parents, but loving and being comfortable with someone were entirely different things. The pair of them never had much of anything in common aside from making the snows look good and grandfather proud. Other than that they were opposites, and while it was good to show the world that there was no animosity between the children of different mothers, it was all so strict and formal that it bothered the young child who had an intense love and reputation for just being herself at all times.

Still after a short while she saw her sister enter the doors of the overly pretentious restraunt at which father had arranged for them to dine together. The older snow kept herself together well, but it was obvious she had been under alot of pressure. She worked as a game maker for the hunger games, and then there had apparently been alot fo trouble, an accident of some sort, that had led to the firing of several game makers and the promotion of Fara to Head Game maker, an extremly plump job for someone so young, but likely also a very hard one, the hunger games were always impressive, from the arrival of tributes to the games themselves, and to manage wholely even a part of that, it was enough to erase celestia's discomfort to merely feeling bad for her older half sibling.

"Hi Fara, no worries, i just got here a few moments ago. Besides i'm just glad you could come so last minute with your sudden promotion and all," she replied warm, polite, and bright as always. But she did admire her sister, climbing the ladder so fast at such a young age, and the majorityofthathad little to do with nepotism either, she just happened to be in the right job at the right time to advance.....with a little nudge from grandfather no doubt.

"School's alright i guess, once you've attended a grade for a week you can pretty much see what the whole year will be," she replied with a small smile. Her parents had been pretty adament she not skip any grades, despite her intelligence. It was more impressive to constantly ace everything and be involved with educational extracurriculars as opposed to burying yourself with work that actually challenged you, and doing extra curriculars at least made her feel like she had it together socially. Something she'd always envied about her sister.

She didn;t offer any more after this though, choosing to let her sister get situated and place an order rather than bog her down with mundane details about her life. This was for show mainly, her sister only cared for her like her parents did, because she was useful and made them all look good. This was a fact she'd accepted long ago, but still, maybe over time Celestia could at least close the gap, she admired her sister and deep down she really did want to be friends if not family with the girl

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Re: Ingwend WIP
« Reply #1 on: May 13, 2017, 01:05:16 PM »

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