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Author Topic: The Royal Family of Dol Amroth & Other Important Figures  (Read 792 times)


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The Royal Family of Dol Amroth & Other Important Figures
« on: April 28, 2017, 04:19:28 PM »
Born T.A. 2955 | Widowed | Prince of Dol Amroth | PB: Aiden Shaw

Imrahil is the ruling Prince of Dol Amroth. He was wed to Aearheron of Linhir when he was young, who then fathered him 4 healthy children: 3 sons and 1 daughter. His wife passed away only six months after their daughter was born due to a very complicated pregnancy (she was 40 and had previous complications during pregnancies). Because of his deep love for Aearheron, he never remarried, instead focusing his time on his family and their well-being as well as the fate of his land and his people. He loves all four of his children equally, although perhaps Lothíriel may be a bit more spoiled than her brothers (she is the baby and the youngest of his, after all, as well as being the only daughter). Still, he is a gracious and caring leader, firm when he needs to be but compassionate as well. It is Imrahil who made the decision to send a sick Lothíriel to Minas Tirith for healing, knowing it was her well being that needed to be looked after now. Lothíriel loves her father, and he loves her, so everything he has done has been for her own well-being in a world that has been slowly turning dark.

Born T.A. 2983 | Married | Doting Father & Loving Husband | PB: Henrik Fallenius

As the eldest brother, Elphir will rule when his father steps down or passes on into the halls of their fathers. A skilled soldier and sailor, his life is divided between his family and the kingdom he will rule. He is wed and has a young son aged 2 - Alphros - by the time the War of the Ring breaks out. As the eldest son, Lothíriel loves him but is not that close to him, at least not as close as she is with her other brothers. Still, family bonds are strong and will never fade between the two. He stays behind to assure the safety of Dol Amroth when his father rides to war, knowing his duty is to people and land.

Born T.A. 2984 | Single | Soldier | PB: David Gandy

The second son of Imrahil and Aearheron, Erchirion is close to his baby sister: he was the one who taught her the skills she needed with a dagger to protect herself and also oversaw her instruction in archery, as well as other skills most thought a lady did not need to know. A close friend and brother-in-arms of her late betrothed Maethor, he serves as a Captain of his father's naval forces, as well as the Swan Knights, training the new recruits and making certain his people are ready for anything when it comes to the darkness that is Sauron. Erchirion rides to War with his father to protect Gondor from the rising forces. His relationship with his sister is one of equals--she may be a woman, but he knows she is strong, and she loves him dearly for treating her as an equal.

Born T.A. 2986 | Single | Ladies Man | PB: Jannik Knopp

As the youngest son and the last male in the line of succession to the throne, Amrothos does not have as much placed upon his shoulders as his other two brothers do: he is a skilled fighter and sailor but has no intention of rising in the ranks as Erchirion did nor does he ever intend to rule Dol Amroth. He is happy being an emissary when need be and generally just being the goofy young prince he is. His relationship with Lothíriel is one that is defined by their joking least before the incident. Amrothos, as the youngest, made his mark as the trickster of the family, always one to work a laugh out of even the most dour of people (except his Uncle Denethor; no one can make that man crack a smile).
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Re: The Royal Family of Dol Amroth & Other Important Figures
« Reply #1 on: April 28, 2017, 04:28:32 PM »
Born T.A. 2947 | Widowed | Dowager Aunt | PB: Helen Mirren

Ivriniel is the eldest child of Adrahil II, eldest sister of the late Finduilas and Imrahil, and aunt to her sibling's children. She wed a well-to-do merchant of Gondor in T.A. 2974 and lived between Lossarnach and Minas Tirith for many years, spending more time in Minas Tirith after Finduilas wed Denethor so she could be close to her sister. With the subsequent birth of nephews and finally a niece, she became a quite doting aunt, loving each of her kin's children as if they were her own (she was unable to bear children, or so she told those who pressed the issue; Ivriniel did not feel suited for motherhood, in all honesty, and preferred to dote affections on others while not bearing children). Her husband passed in 3016 T.A. at the age of 76, and she refused to remarry, thus becoming the dowager aunt she is now. She is a noble woman, deferred to by many, yet loved dearly by family.
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Re: The Royal Family of Dol Amroth & Other Important Figures
« Reply #2 on: April 28, 2017, 04:30:46 PM »
Born T.A. 2985 | Swan Knight | Princess' Betrothed | PB: Gilles Chevalier

Born in TA 2985, Maethor is the only son of a well-to-do merchant family from Gondor. As the only child, he was loved and doted on by his parents. And where they dreamed of him taking over their business, he had other dreams: the sea and sword were his calling, and so when he was of age, he moved from their home in Lossarnach and to Dol Amroth to train with the Swan Knights. While this displeased his parents, there was nothing they could do: the boy excelled at swordsmanship and was a born leader, fast befriending the men who he trained with and those older than him.

Because of this, he rose in the ranks fairly swiftly, earning the title of Captain at only 29 years (TA 3014)--the year after Erhchirion, Lothíriel 's brother and a friend of his, earned rank as captain of the naval forces of Dol Amroth. As a natural leader, he holds no fear when riding out or sailing to protect Gondor. Indeed, he is loved by many and his men willingly followed him.

In TA 3017, a swift change comes into his life--it is announced that he will wed Lothíriel, Imrahil's only daughter, a year and a day after her 18th naming day. While this is a bit of a shock, it is not all too surprising to anyone involved, including Maethor: they are a good match, the Captain and the Princess, even if she is 15 years his junior. Still, their betrothal is not the most romantic of ones: he is busy patrolling and guarding most of the time since Sauron's forces grow stronger, and she is stuck in Dol Amroth. When they do get time, they spend it amicably, talking and getting to know one another better.

Problems arise a week before their marriage, though...and this is where things get sad. They are attacked by corsair scouts on a walk on the beach where he presents her with a dagger as a gift, and things go awry. The Princess is injured and the Captain dies. A pretty painful and horrible death. (This cannot change.)

Still, he has a wonderful life before this mishap. So come on...take one for the team!
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