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Author Topic: Teachers Get to Vent  (Read 340 times)

Bilbo Baggins

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Teachers Get to Vent
« on: April 17, 2017, 12:51:15 AM »
{Open to any Professors or Head Masters as want. Shoot we won't turn away prying students even! We all know Professor Balinger is a push over ^^}

It wasn't so much that what had happened was so horrendous...or all that much outside the realm of possible for a class session and even repeating what had occurred a few other times with other students, but still! After stopping Fritz Arkwright from leaping at and causing a row with another student who had insulted another of Professor Balinger's pupils (Lindsay Mcintire) and in the subsequent rest of the class session that was dealing with the comments and repercussions of the incident and even said eager youth even when he was acting normal and prior...Bob Balinger was tired.

One would expect there to be magical cures for all sorts of ailments, and certainly Magic had figured out how to deal with children and their various problems they brought with them; except it hadn't. In the same way they couldn't cure every disease in the world (as Bob and others tried to explain to confused Muggle students who no doubt though the whole Wizarding world selfish), daily problems had to be dealt with the same way adults had been doing for generations and across spectrums and without the aid of magic most times. Not that Bob had excelled in that, but he had made due.

In one of the teacher lounges and places for staff to vent and share their experiences with the student body as a whole, and in the style of Hogwarts, more than just a table and televisions, but with many comfy couches and drink dispensers, Professor Balinger ignored them all now that he had his tea before him and leaned back against one of the couches, resting one hand over his head and trying to gather strength for...whatever it was he was called upon for next, even if just for resolve to face class next day. He didn't think there were any Quidditch matches or practices requiring his attention, hopefully not, though no doubt someone would come to find him if so.

That was the other thing about a staff of magical Professors and Heads, if one really wanted to find you it was not all that difficult even if your usual patterns of behavior were changed. Of course this should give Bob more ways to tell if someone was barreling down the hall for him but he was too tired to focus on anything at the moment.

"Thing of it all is, I don't really thing the Arkwright kid was wrong, his defense of his friend in line with the tolerance we encourage...and so what am I do with him?! I can't tell him he was right, he'll never leave me a moment's peace and...there's so many days of the semester and class left!", Bob bemoaned and complained to himself, eyes still shielded and closed, not truly asking any Staff aid since far as his distracted attention knew at the moment he was still alone in the Staff Lounge.

And what to do to encourage dear Miss Mcintire more out of her shell? Bob thought he'd had good progress thus far, but after the scene of the morning it was now all thrown to rot. He was not the only professor to see the girl along her way but...for while she was a 1st Year he would do his best! And who knew what other options along the staff she was receiving, she didn't exactly ask aid and seemed to try to disappear.

And Cliff's Pure Blood pride and prejudice could not be allowed to stand, least ways not in Mr. Balinger's class.

Bob sighed again and again tried to remind himself to deal with tomorrow when it arrived. He was supposed to be unwinding after it all. "Who'd have thought kids with brooms would be such work", Bob muttered again to the empty room and any who might enter unbeknownst. For all this though, he was not regretting his job and would never trade off leading the young wizards and warlocks with their brooms in both beginning stages and Quidditch matches. Bob Balinger would stand again from this and get on about another day or hours fight, beyond that still enjoyed his job; but for the moment he stewed and sighed and 'rested' and gave off a different impression. Except to those who knew him.

The professor next took a very expert sip of his tea without looking before setting the cup back upon the side table to the left of him.
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