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Author Topic: [Hobbit] Urjak The Mutt  (Read 1035 times)


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Urjak The Mutt
« on: March 27, 2017, 09:10:42 PM »


NAME: Urjak 
TRILOGY:  Hobbit
DATE OF BIRTH AND AGE:  T.A. 2809, December 25th| 132
GENDER: Androgynous (Female) 

HAIR COLOUR AND APPEARANCE: High on the top of Urjak’s head, sits a muddy brown top knot, this is kept in place by a strip of purple fabric that might once have been part of a lovely lady’s dress. The majority of her head has been shaved clean, though there are odd small hairs that were missed due to the crude implement used to attain this cut. The fly aways on her head always make her seem windswept.
EYE COLOUR: Urjak lacks the bestial fierceness of her fellow orcs when it comes to the eyes. Her’s are black, heavily lidded, and almond shaped with heavy brows that lend a narrowed expression to her appearance.

BODY TYPE AND HEIGHT: Urjak does not boast the intimidating build of many Gundabad Orc, she is not exceptionally tall(standing at a mere 5’4”) and her limbs are surprisingly proportionate. She is well built but more lean than bulky, it would be far more likely for her to be mistaken for a goblin rather than a true Orc.

OVERALL APPEARANCE: Urjak does not expose her body as she has very little to show off in terms of muscular and powerful physique. Instead, she wears boiled leather and hide armor with a rucksack sewn onto the fur she wears on her shoulders. This acts as a hood to cover her embarrassingly babyish features and protect her from the censure of her fellow orc.

DISTINGUISHING MARKS: Like most orc, Urjak’s head and body are littered with the scars of the harsh culture she was born to. There are chunks taken out of her ears and a long diagonal scar tracing the left side of her face from chin to forehead. Urjak has large tusks that jut out from her bottom jaw and her ears are large and heavy, lending her a petulant and pouty countenance. Her skin is a pallid blue.

WEAPONS: Urjak employs nasty, jagged twin daggers as her weapon of choice. They are small and fast, which mirrors her own self and thus suits her. The blades are not particularly impressive, but they are sharp and well loved, capable of splitting flesh and leaving rugged cuts that are harder to heal from and prone to infection due to the inconsistency of the depth and shape of said wounds. Each hilt is made out of human femurs, wrapped in hard leather to allow strong and reliable grip. Urjak calls them Kafsog and Krir (Bite and Slash), though no one else does.

  • Intellect: What Urjak lacks in brute strength and experience she makes up for with wit and cleverness. She is analytical and a natural tactician, using reason and logic to see herself through most situations. She is capable of reading and writing, as well as learning a little bit of just about anything. She takes to learning new things quickly and that intelligence can be seen in the methodical ways in which she performs every task.
  • Fleet Footed: Lightness of step and quickness of reaction, Urjak is a sprinter at her most basic and can keep up with wargs up to a certain point. She is nimble and evasive, choosing to outrun or outmaneuver most confrontations rather than take it head on.
  • Jack of All Trades: Urjak has made it a goal in life to utilize her intelligence to be as skilled as possible. She knows how to read and write, as well as perform rudimentary arithmetic. She can repair armor and weapons (to a degree) and repairs on war machines. There is something to be said to the old adage “Jack of all. Master of none.”, however, she knows how to do many things, but most of these skills are limited. She’s still learning.

  • Small Size: Urjak is lean and short, because of this she can hardly hold a physical candle to the other members of her species. She is not a classic Orc, having less strength, durability and endurance. She would constitute as a weakling and would lose most fights she was part of.
  • Submissive: Ujak yearns to be a respected and powerful warrior, but there is something in her that causes her to flinch first.  She will always submit to a more powerful Orc (this is determined by what she views as powerful) and though she is not obsequious, she will often continue being subservient to said individual until a time in which they prove to be weaker than she originally thought.
  • Inexperienced: She is quite young and has never seen true battle, because of this all of her knowledge and aggression means little to nothing in a real fight. She’ll often times defer her decisions to others and looks for guidance and leadership. She’s not naive, but she is not confident either and that means she is indecisive and vulnerable.

ASPIRATIONS: Maybe one day she can do more with her life than merely survive. Unlikely. She wants to find a niche in society she won’t be immediately labeled as useless in. Even more unlikely.

FEARS: A lot. But mostly magic and elves. Other orcs are one of Urjak’s biggest concerns, they are more likely to kill her than anything else.

PERSONALITY:Young and obstinate, Urjak is a orc with no notable victories in battle. She is more cerebral than other orcs and this often times finds her on the other end of beatings and relentless hazing, which is why she throws herself fully into every task she is assigned.

Urjak made herself a jack of all trades to assure that she had some value, if she could do things that others around her couldn’t do, her survival was more assured. Anything she could learn, she did, ravenous for skills she would glue herself to others who could teach her and used them until they had nothing else of offer her.

While she is aggressive and malicious, Urjak also lacks the self-loathing that some members of her race possess that lead them to do daring and (suicidal) acts. She likes living, and survival is one of her top priorities.

HISTORY: From birth Urjak cut herself from the rest of her litter by using her intellect. While her siblings fought over food and coveted resources, she waited for them to kill each other or tire themselves out before she would sneak in, and gather whatever bounty remained unspoiled. Patient and tricky, Urjak boasted a bigger build than the other children of her generation---until maturity was reached---and she merely stopped growing. Much to her dismay, she lost her edge compared to her bigger brethren and fell into obscurity.

A fact she realized in later years, was the lynch pin of her survival. Rather than riding out with the bulk of the Legion or training relentlessly to become a competent fighter, she stayed within the safety of the Misty Mountains and dedicated herself to learning everything she could.

 Urjak found herself in the company of the Goblin Nation, where she learned how to build and care for machines of war and tools of torture. She was particularly good at weapon repair and leather working. Her stint among them was what earned her the moniker ‘Mutt’, as other Orc looked down on her cowardice and rumor passed that she must have been part Man or Goblin, for she was weak and small and looked nothing like the massive Gundabad orc that sired her. Urjak always found the latter a foolish concept, as no one even knew who that specific male was.

When the ridiculousness of the Goblins became too much for her, and she could learn very little else, Urjak detached herself from the Town Underground and sought out other Orcs. Success was not easy to come by and often times she could only linger in smaller groups for so long before being  coerced (or disgusted)into leaving.

She learned much on the road back to the Gundabad stronghold, like how to ride a warg and how to hunt animals as well as other races. Because she never stayed in one group long, she had a varied education; she was a proficient rider and an ever better scout, working well in two-man units. The pack she did wind up traveling with were well fed and well equipped, a feather in her metaphorical cap but nothing that impressed anyone of consequence when she finally returned to Gundabad.

Urjak has spent the later decades of her life training and surviving in the stronghold, her education has slowed in these years, but her keen mind and quick reflexes have combined to create a fierce (if untalented) fighter. Eager to find her place within the Legion.
AGE: Old
EXPERIENCE: 15+ years
CONTACT: PM. Contact me for others.

Urjak hated these wayward orc camps. Grim and savage, they served nothing but to give lone orcs a means to congregate on their journey home to the black lands or other such safe havens. They were dangerous that way; with males and females fighting over space and food and rank. It was chaos and violence and there was no escaping it; because it was no more dangerous here than trying her luck elsewhere.   

She’d taken her place at one of the smaller, damp fires; mainly because the occupants were smaller males who had just lost a brawl to a group of larger ones. Urjak didn’t worry about how this made her appear, she was smaller and weaker and though she could not avoid being bullied it was not as if her reputation would be tarnished by supping with the losers of pissing matches.

One of the grey-skinned males had taken to staring at her sullenly over his chipped, wooden stein. Between slurps he would bare his teeth at her as if contemplating something very sour before returning to his drink. Eventually, she had to acknowledge him lest she irritate her tentative companions into beating her. Urjak had no desire to slink off into the musky shadows to lick her wounds tonight.

Dark eyes slid lazily from the fire to the male and once again he bared his teeth, the youth merely offered a sneer and a low lilted growl. He growled back and spat a soppy wad of spit into the fire, making it cackle and hiss. “Ashdautas Vrasubatlat”

That was rather unexpected and the young orc had to blink a few times to fully comprehend the politeness of his greeting; which was an odd thing in itself because he had just threatened to kill her.

Urjak had to curl her lip at it, wondering what the male could possibly be thinking at even speaking to her. His brethren joined him in staring upon hearing him greet the stranger, pinning her to the spot and making the youth bristle uncomfortably. There was only one way to make them stop, and it made her guts clench angrily at the notion. She would have to greet him back, offer up that same politeness despite her utter lack of desire to speak to any of these badland vagabonds.

With a roll of her eyes and a muted groan she nodded to him and relented. “Nar…Udautas” It made the ugly, heavy headed male grunt and offer a jagged smirk. One arrow dodged, it seemed. Urjak could relax for a few moments now; but the reprieve did little to assuage the notion that perhaps risking a solitary camp near a human settlement would have been better.

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Re: Urjak The Mutt
« Reply #1 on: March 29, 2017, 02:28:08 AM »
Ready for review!


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Re: Urjak The Mutt
« Reply #2 on: April 04, 2017, 03:00:33 AM »
So nice to see a female Orc in play! No, really it is :D and I have a warg and so shall perhaps be throwing threads at you, but go have fun with her and welcome to THRP Pup! <3