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Author Topic: Learning Goes Both Ways  (Read 95 times)


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Learning Goes Both Ways
« on: December 31, 2019, 04:06:16 AM »
<<ooc: Apologies, I feel it's short. Let me know if you need more to go with>>

Pellavan was enjoying learning every small thing he could about these visitors to Rivendell. With the level of dedication, and enthusiasm, he usually only spared for the many creatures of Middle Earth, and in much the same way he had last time, when the Company of Dwarves, and much younger Hobbit had come through.

At Seven the last time, he'd been little more than a perhaps intuitive toddler then, and still not able to take in much, or not what he could now.

The same Hobbit was back, older now, and with four others. It would be thought that the talk he had been able to procure with one of them, a gardener, the Hobbit, Samwise, said, though all Hobbit possessed some knowledge of plants, would have in some way quenched the young Elf's curiosity about this group, but it only made it worse! Now Pel had to know everything there was to find out about all of them before they left!

A tall order, and one he probably wouldn't succeed in, but he could try!

For all this, he reminded himself not to make a nuisance of himself, and only ask if the opportunity of asking arose. Fate seemed on his side, though, for upon round a corner of one of the many open spots of his home city, the young Elf spotted the only other Man about who was not Strider. There was a detectable air that even an Elf as young as Pellavan could feel. Not unwelcoming, but...serious.

Before he himself was even detected, perhaps, the child's dark eyes roamed over the clothing and horn at the Man's side. Pellavan had learned a few things about Men from Strider, and there was...some sort of common ground he knew, but he of course didn't have Lord Elrond's understanding of Aragorn's true birthright within Gondor.

He knew their visitor came from Gondor, though, and that the horn was some sort of important symbol. Each of the Kingdom of Men seemed to have one, though that made sense Pellavan assumed. Slowly the young Elf took a few more steps closer to where the Man sat. "Greetings and welcome again to Rivendell", he spoke first off, and being polite, as his parents and even older sisters would remind him to, "I'm Pellavan. You're from Gondor are you not? I...heard the horn was a sort of symbol", he nodded to it, to explain how he knew this off a guess. Of course he could have also heard of the tree born on the man's tunic.



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Re: Learning Goes Both Ways
« Reply #1 on: January 01, 2020, 02:29:22 AM »
The journey to Rivendell had been a long and tedious one, many times along the way Boromir had questioned himself if he'd arrive on time for the council. Luckily for him, he did manage to arrive just minutes before the council would take place. From one journey came the other and now he had gotten pulled into another journey, a much more dangerous one, one of which he was uncertain he would return. Along with the other members of the council, they had been formed to the Fellowship of the ring, a group given the enormous task of bringing the Ring to Mordor and destroy it once and for all.

While Boromir had joined the group out of a free will, honour for Gondor and the pride of his people and himself, something didn't sit right with him. He still found it a foolish idea to destroy the Ring like that, a weapon so powerful that it could change the entire balance of the war. It should have been used by the forces of good, destroying all that was foul and rotten in this world. Though the council had decided otherwise and there were only a few days left before their departure. Boromir was not one to hold grudges, he wasn't angry at the council, he simply didn't share their vision about the Ring.

Boromir was still deep in thoughts about everything that had happened here in Rivendell, not only about the council but also about Aragorn. A man of which he had heard many times in stories, a person of mystery and myth. The true heir to the throne of Gondor, the person that would become its king. Gondor didn't require such a thing, it had stood tall and mightly with his father as its steward, and his grandfather before that. Aragorn was a person that had thrown all that aside to live his life as a ranger, he was not fit to be king.

His thoughts were suddenly interrupted by a young voice. He looked up from his belongings, which he had been packing before sinking into these thoughts. Turning himself towards the source of the voice as he saw the young Elven boy. "Thank you, young Elf, it is an honour to be here in Rivendell." while not knowing a lot about Elves, Boromir knew a lot about their military might, the alliance along with the Nümenorians that fought against Sauron long ago. He respected them but at the same time felt uneasy around them, it was something about them that he just couldn't put his finger on. They always felt so high and mighty, while his people were dying to keep the forces of Mordor at bay. He bowed his head slightly out of respect before the other continued talking. He was surprised to hear about the boy's knowledge in regards to the horn. He couldn't help himself as the edges of his lips curled up slightly, glancing down at the horn before looking back up at him. "You are indeed right, I am Boromir, son of Denethor, the steward of Gondor." He took the horn from his waist and kept it in both hands, extending it slightly towards the boy, who probably was a lot older than he was. "This is indeed a symbol for Gondor. We refer to it as the Horn of Gondor, which I know, isn't the most elegant name out there...but to hear the horn in all its glory, is the most wonderful thing that can be heard." he spoke, the admiration and proudness easily noticeable in his voice. "It was made by Vorondil, otherwise known as Vorondil the hunter, steward to King Eärnil II. It is made from the horn of a Kine of Araw, do you know what that is?" it seemed that this boy possessed at least some knowledge of what went on outside of Rivendell's borders, if Boromir wasn't careful he would probably be thought a lesson by someone like this, Pellavan. "It's a descended of the Kine of Oromë the Hunter, cattle, Oromë was known as the master of beasts and birds. These animals are immense in size and from its horn, this was created. When it is blown, it can be heard everywhere in Gondor."


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Re: Learning Goes Both Ways
« Reply #2 on: January 03, 2020, 04:15:39 AM »
The Man greeted him just as cordially as he would Lord Elrond no doubt. For playing it safe, and recognizing that even at his young Eighty-Five years, Pellavan was still older, perhaps; but it was still appreciated and drew a smile from the Elf youth.

"You are indeed right, I am Boromir, son of Denethor, the steward of Gondor.", he answered. Pellavan's eyes widened, at least somewhat impressed. He'd heard that many in what was now being called a Fellowship were important. Ok, maybe the Hobbits wouldn't say they were, but one of them had done such a thing as to carry the Ring here, and with its pull greater than just a Ring of Invisibility, Pel knew.

Then there was Strider's whole history, which Pel only knew bits and pieces of himself from comments here or there.

Arguably, even for an Elf, the boy was still young, and paid the most attention to stories which features prominently the Creatures of Middle Earth also in their long lengths. He knew his duty to know all the tales of Middle Earth he could, but had eons to take them in (though he should take advantage of Lord Elrond and other's personal accounts he knew) but had often found himself respectfully raising a hand or interjecting into a pause to ask after some Elven warrior's steed.

No one ever told as much as Pellavan felt noble steeds also deserved.

"Oh! Well then well met Son of the Steward", Pellavan continued to recall his own manners, "I'm Pellavan, Son of Dúnaer, but...I don't know that his name has featured in any of the great battles". Not that Pellavan's father was boring, but he he didn't have Lord Elrond's level of reputation, and had featured, as so many Elves did, within the background of historical tales.

Elves just had a grace to them, and so even at what was under adolescence and still a child, Pellavan took a seat near, but with enough space given, to the Man with a grace and dignity most children wouldn't have, and yet the shine to his dark eyes was perhaps the same. Especially as Creatures were mentioned!

"It is made from the horn of a Kine of Araw, do you know what that is?".

Pellavan's brow furrowed, like a child asked about his studies by a tutor and as he sought back in all he'd heard. "Kine of Araw...Oxen! The Great Oxen", if the tales were to be believed.

The Horn of Gondor was from one of those?! It was said the Valor had herded them, as Boromir went on to mention. If there were facts easiest for the boy to recall, they again centered on the Beasts, Mythical and otherwise of Middle Earth. "Have you seen one of the Oxen, Sir? And...has it ever had need to be blown?".

Pellavan allowed himself to stand to peer a bit closer at the horn, but was not so bold yet as to ask to hold it.

It should be a sad fact that one of the great oxen had had to die for the horn to be in existence, but Pellavan already understood, more so than youth of Men would, how Illuvatar's plan was corrupted and foiled by things in the First Age. Again, as far as he could when his own years were still under one hundred even.



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Re: Learning Goes Both Ways
« Reply #3 on: January 17, 2020, 03:18:04 PM »
"My apologies Pellavan, the name of your father is indeed one that is not known to me, but then again, there are many great fathers whose names will never be known to others, this does not make them lesser in any way. " he spoke, his own lips curling into a slight smile, it was known to many that those who had done courageous deeds, won heroic battles or were of other importance, would have their names in the history books, to be never forgotten. Though Boromir knew of many people in the Gondorian army that were fathers, their names would most likely never been written in any history book, but he respected them just as much as he respected those that were written. "There are also many that are known for the wrong reasons as well, so being unknown doesn't have to be a bad thing."

The enthusiasm with which Pellavan spoke in regards to the Oxen said enough about the amount of knowledge the boy had. There were many on Gondor that had never heard of a creature as such, it wasn't their fault. There were a lot of differences between those in Minas Tirith and the Elves that lived here. The difference in education or perhaps even the desire to learn was a clear difference it seemed. "No, I haven't had the chance to see something like that, though I wish I had." he replied when the other asked him about such. At the next question, his lips curled up once more. "This horn isn't used specifically to call for help, while that is one of its is also used as a signal, for enemies and allies alike. The horn can mean many things, given the situation in which it is blown. When it is blown, it is the most breathtaking sound one can hear. "  Clearly there was a great deal of Gondorian pride going along with those words.

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