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Author Topic: [LotR] A light from the shadow shall spring.  (Read 1330 times)

Arwen (Missy)

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A light from the shadow shall spring.
« on: February 10, 2017, 07:19:32 PM »
If you wish to plot with me Post here a topic of the thread and I will be happy to thread with you.


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Re: A light from the shadow shall spring.
« Reply #1 on: March 18, 2017, 03:26:17 AM »
Hi hun! Sorry this has come like...DAYS after I promised to ping you a message! Now let's see...

legolas && arwen

They're not too far apart in age - Arwen's a little bit older, I think, and their personalities are different, but not so different as to be opposites. Growing up in Mirkwood, Legolas obviously started out a little more arrogant towards other races, but we know he has a naturally curious, gregarious spirit and so is interested in the outside world (which shows in his interest and care for the young Estel as he grows into the older Aragorn).

Ultimately, though he's a Prince of his realm, but he's always got Aragorn's back, which is always points with Arwen I'm sure. But even before Aragorn, I like the idea of them being friends and somehow getting on quite well. Legolas has no siblings and few elflings his age for most of his life, so someone quite close to his age to meet and get to know would utterly fascinate him.

Knowing their future though would sadden him a great deal, as it means losing two friends, Arwen not gaining a place in Valinor, and there's a taste of his own lost chance at love (see Elrania, played by Pip, who dies not long before The Hobbit takes place), but he's always been one of their allies.

tintalde && arwen

Tintalde can be a little difficult to get to know, as she can be prickly and a little abrasive and socially uncomfortable outside of her sphere as a healer to a patient. She came to Rivendell from Mirkwood several centuries ago to further her knowledge and learning under Elrond, but she spent time in Lorien before then, so it's entirely possible she and Arwen met before she came to Rivendell. I don't imagine they got along too well, as Tintalde is...well, her, and Arwen would have seemed prim to her (and she was probably a little jealous of her too). But if she could be diagnosed, Tintalde's 'weirdness' is definitely a form of autism, and Arwen is so wise and empathetic in reality that I think she would have ultimately drawn Tintalde to her side as at least someone she doesn't need to be suspicious of. Tintalde is also quite fascinated by how things work, and does travel for several decades prior to The Hobbit -- I would love it if it was Arwen who encouraged that a little of her.

Elladan and Elrohir are also very fond of her, and Elrohir has asked her to be his wife as of around T.A. 2940. I'm not sure what Tintalde will think of future events, such as Arwen giving up her immortality, until I actually write such a thread. As for Tintalde herself, she ultimately has to sail mid-way through LotR, as though she's married to Elrohir by then, she begins to sicken with the darkness encroaching on the world.

eowyn && arwen

I was always so annoyed these two never met in the films. They'd be so epic in the same scene -- pretty much Morning and Evening meeting and being awesome in Gondor. I'd love a thread one day of them having a candid talk about things like Aragorn.
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