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Author Topic: Charging on Ahead  (Read 510 times)


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Charging on Ahead
« on: January 09, 2017, 09:19:18 PM »
{I still haven't figured these kids ages ^^ I think Folkin is two or five  years behind Flynn, but anyway if it ends up Frei isn't about yet I'll edit ~ }

When one had seven siblings, and was one of the princes of Erebor and Line of Durin, disappearing was a bit tricky. Frei still tried it every chance he got it seemed, though being young yet maybe that was a phase or something. Still all this was not what Folkin II, second son of Fíli, named for his own late father (and therefore it would probably be a good thing if he wasn't a slouch) concerned himself with, nor did he exactly try to disappear, he just, oddly, found himself in an empty corridor of the mountains of Erebor, minus siblings!

Not even Flynn was about, and he was often about interesting enough things for Folkin to tag along and give a peek to. This meant the lad, some Thirty years old by this point, was going to have to engineer his own fun. Not that Folkin had a problem with that, but for all the same adventurousness he'd also gotten from his father along with Flynn and some of the others, he was more the quiet follower of escapades than the one who came up with the grand ideas.

That was, again, Flynn's job.

And Folkin also had Dagmar's intuition that tried to whisper logic to the boy.

So what to do with a whole day to it? Well, probably not the whole day, all truth, but for however long he had until his mother or father wondered after him. For having eight children, Dagmar kept a good watch of them even without the aid of him, Flynn and the girls, mostly, helping with that.

He supposed, given his and Flynn's tendencies to at times be the problem, much as Folkin had that responsible streak to him that wanted to be good, that put a lot on Illmur and her and Ingmar and Ingdis too. Ah the poor plight of girls. Folkin did care of course. He was loved all his siblings but the girls got positively doted on for their being his next step down youngest siblings and girls.

Thing was it didn't help him not aid Flynn and get into stuff himself.

But, again, engineered all his stuff today. Perhaps.

Folkin's steps kept on, if aiming anywhere, thinking maybe to the grand Erebor Archives built back up so much. He wasn't exactly a studious Dwarfling or reader, but...tale absorber sure, and if printed was one of the ways to get it. Mostly, Folkin loved grabbing as many tales as he felt didn't cause hard things for his father from him on his namesake and late grandfather. To some pressure to try to be all the late warrior had been, but also curiosity.

Of course he cared about Anlaf's deeds too, and all his uncles, and Great Uncle Thorin.

Still, aiming for the archives or no, youthfulness saw him spy out a small ledge (really a raised up part of the wall) and curiosity saw him wonder...

Hopping up as he came upon it, Folkin balanced on the small ledge and turned his feet, trying to slide his little well made boots down the ledge, just a little ways, not too far or attempting any tricks, but still it appeared too much...

The second oldest prince of Erebor was not supposed to splat straight out in a corridor! would be embarrassing any found out!

It was a slight tumble, more pride hitting than anything, and Dagmar wasn't likely to even bother over it too far...though Folkin knew she would check just to ensure no damage was had. The lad stood and dusted himself off, checking the corrodor for if any caught that before turning to head...again wherever he ended up, even the archives thought was just one of a few.

{Fully open to any about ^^}
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