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Author Topic: [Hobbit + LotR] Anlaf  (Read 2069 times)


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« on: January 03, 2017, 04:27:06 AM »


NAME: Anlaf
NICKNAMES (IF ANY): Fadi by his children
DATE OF BIRTH AND AGE (AS OF T.A. 2941/3019): December 2746, 180
RACE: Dwarf

HAIR COLOUR AND APPEARANCE: Anlaf has thick red hair and beard (and even with six wee ones is not surprised he didn't pass down any of the color, he claims some of his brood got their volume from his side though) and tints of brown shown where that color is probably prominent along his line. Styled simply but befittingly, Anlaf gives off the impression of what he is at a glance by this also, practical and well mannered both.
BODY TYPE AND HEIGHT: (Ah now body fill out the kids got from their lovely mother) Anlaf is a dwarf through and through and not likey to be mistaken for anything else at a glance by strangers. Broad shouldered, stocky yet powerfully built he gives off the impression of what he was and is, a warrior. He stands a bit tall for a Dwarf but only in so much as aids the rest of the impression given off by his height.
OVERALL APPEARANCE: Anlaf chooses simple hues and colors for his clothes. Browns and greys for hunting and when out and about, yet he can also enter Thorin's halls in befitting reds or greens. He's always immaculately dressed whenever the situation calls for it and...humble enough to allow his wife to tell him if such is true or not before heading out in the morning.
DISTINGUISHING MARKS: The typical place one would find scars he has a few along his arms from various training sessions and actual battles and his left hand shows slight marks of it's having been burned many years prior.
WEAPONS: A throwing knife or axe is Anlaf's go-to weapon(s), or was back when he had more fighting days to him from both opportunity and youthful blissfulness. Anlaf is a true warrior though and can wield a sword just as effectively in combat.
FACE CLAIM: Kristofer Hivju

STRENGTHS: Loyal. Determined. Good Warrior and Leader; yet Defering to those who deserve it. Brave. Devoted to family and kin, yet in that order. His kids and wife come first.
WEAKNESSES: His temper though he tries to keep it under check. A proud Dwarf in the Stubborn area, he's not above challenging Thorin if it's called for and despite that being Balin's job. He holds a firm Grudge about Erebor and all out hates Elves with a firm closed-mindedness he's unfortunately passed along. He is also attached to Tradition and what he built for his family, for their sake of course, still he sees the sense in Liv having to deal with the petty things women do at times.
ASPIRATIONS: To see his family still secure and safe, this go around. Losing things at Erebor only strengthened Anlaf's determination to family and to never see that happen again. To remain in Thorin's good graces--for his sake as well as Dagmar since she and the oldest prince are dear friends and on--Anlaf doesn't ask of his family what he doesn't do himself, knowing if he were to anger the king it would impact his daughter's future perhaps. To aid King Thorin at Erebor and see his old home restored. This latter will cause some grief in years to come, Analf feeling guilty himself at the push he even unconsciously gave to Erebor and all it cost his daughter.
FEARS: Anlaf fears nothing physically he would tell you, just losing his family, and while this is true, and that the first of his fears, he...does. He has seen a dragon too close and still suffers nightmares due to it and is still haunted by the bits of war he has seen.
PERSONALITY: Anlaf is a proud dwarf in all senses of the word, both for good and bad. He (along with Liv) has built for his family a good standing and a fine legacy to carry on and continue in. Few recall he and his wife came from humble beginnings, and few are likely to; yet this is a double edged sword only enforcing in Anlaf the need to keep it standing. He does all he can to this end by being a good Councilor on Thorin's council and in aid of the King (a position he does not take for granted after having achieved).

Yet for all this, he's harder on himself than he is his children, and somewhat known as the more lenient one since Dagmar (his only daughter) and his and Liv's youngest blessing behind the others (Fritz) especially hold the power to cave him with a look, and let's face if he's away too much of the day to have to deal with many of the kids' antics as Liv does.

Noble and fair, his face more often than not takes a serious turn to it, bit with the help of Liv and the children he's gaining more and more the power to smile and laugh.

HISTORY: In much the same thought pattern of his later wife, Anlaf also wouldn't have complained much on his life prior the Sack of Erebor. He was his father and mother's only son and child and yet couldn't miss the siblings he hadn't been gifted too much (though it did show him some of the merit of having siblings) since he mostly just focused on following along on his father's footsteps and guided along a younger cousin of his, Serkve, in stead.

There was only a mere decade's difference between the two, but Serkve's jovial attitude up next to Anlaf's mostly more serious one (though again not so pronounced) made it seem a larger gap. The lad also had the oddest ideas and from early Forties held almost all out conversations and councils with Erebor Ravens he still couldn't quite convince Anlaf talked.

Anlaf didn't try to prove this one way or the other, just focused on hunting lessons and trips with his father and learning his way around weaponry.

Yet, as is so often the case, it was in Anlaf's fifties that purposes became clear fast and quick. The first was just silly youthfulness and he took a slight linking to Liv, daughter of Aeliv the local midwife, or that was what she was most known for. Her mother's profession was odd but needed, and Anlaf had no perverse thoughts even in such youth towards kids or anything, just admired the young dwarf maiden's muted blonde locks and blue eyes and determined to talk to her.

Thing was, nerve would fail (surprisingly for Anlaf who was always so sure! Except in this) or things would come up and distract, even one of the other purposes and being out on a hunt with his father. Young Thorin Oakenshield was also out that day, unbeknownst to the young aspiring warrior. The prince ran across a rogue Orc pack, the sound of his skirmish drawing Anlaf's attention and he rushed over to help. It would be grand to say he didn't notice it was their prince when he saved him, but he did; yet Anlaf wasn't thinking of prestige when he aided Thorin, just aiding the prince.

It gained notice though, enough for a recommendation and soon Anlaf found himself on the Erebor guard. A high position from simple warrior, such as he'd aimed towards.

It wasn't long before his first test came either. In the form of Smaug. Anlaf, his father, really every Dwarf in Erebor fought bravely or aided escapees. His cousin Serkve died in a fool hardy attempt at aiding the archers.

It was all chaotic and Anlaf stayed in vain defense attempt until it was pressed upon him he had to also escape (his hand burning when he stayed too near the dragon's attack to still lift a sword). On his own way out he spotted Liv and despite his hand held a door for the poor frightened maiden though he doubted she noted it at the time.

The Dwarves stumbled on to an odd refugee sort of life little better than the pit of poverty. This being the start of the nightmares didn't help any of it for Anlaf. Maybe their lost city was what put the idea of Moria into the refugee Dwarves' heads. A troop was got up to try to reclaim it. Anlaf saw Liv's mother's pitiful pleading for her and her son to not go and felt for the maiden though his was acting little better! It was another low point too close on the last; neither of their fathers, or Liv's brother, made it back.

The young warrior's whole focus went to helping his mother until she passed with grief, and when he lost the focus to glance to and see what Liv was doing she finally found him, aiding him through that time. A friendship bloomed along the road. Thorin found them all a new life and home in Ered Luin, and not long after Anlaf and Liv began courting. It stretched for a few seasons, due to the rebuilding, not that Anlaf noticed the threat of gossip too much, and yet he was prompt as he could be with an offer of marriage.

Same time as he found himself a husband now, he also was promoted in Thorin's service and to the Council, yet Liv was wonderful about not leveling at him every time he came home or complaining. Even when she and they expected their first. He split his time as he could between keeping a stable position for them and comforting Liv as first Einar, then Andar and their one daughter, Dagmar, came. When the twins followed, Kophas and Cephas, and at their grey tint of eyes so like Serkve's (and before their father had viewed Kophas' own love of birds), Analf switched the naming trend in a way he knew most wouldn't follow. His prior three had all had fitting names for being his, but with the twins and even later Fritz, an s and z trend was had in honor of his cousin, in such a fitting way for Kophas also, and if his family only knew the story, that was fine.

Anlaf's trust on Thorin's council grew to the point that when their leader later left to attempt reclaiming Erebor (and Anlaf respectfully said it was folly) he put Anlaf in charge of those things of the council and Ered Luin that were outside his sister, Lady Dis', range.

All of Anlaf and Liv's brood grew in grace and Anlaf couldn't have been prouder of them, even with the unexpected arrival of Andar's twins. The patriarch, also, felt the shaking of his castle and shared his wife's worry over the hole of gossip weakness that had been left. He tried so very hard not to look at his boy any different but there was little denying his glances were firm during that time when he didn't just glance aside.

Yet Anlaf couldn't have asked for better grandkids than the three he ended up with. Ashar is a fine lad and all any would ask if a dwarf. Anlis is a dear and even Fritz's little Friór seems set to outdo all any other Noble would say of their grandkids skills! Though Anlaf's still not above taking the boy out hunting where he can for proper and all influences :).

He doesn't fully understand the art, either, but it's clearly from his aunt Dags and so who would complain it!

His daughter is Anlaf's seeming one lingering spot of regret, for nothing of herself! But...after losing Thorin, Fíli and Kíli, his daughter understandably never courted another and now just gives of her days to him, Liv and her siblings and nephews and niece. As is good but Anlaf grieves that that's all her life seems to hold. Yet, before he passes, and if none take from him what Thorin left him, and the Mountain in a sense, Anlaf will speak to Lady Dis and see about actually handing Dagmar off a position like Queen such as she deserves (her biased father says).
AGE: I'm in the old lady club!
HOW DID YOU FIND US?: I've always lived here!
See others Lovelies <3

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Re: Anlaf
« Reply #1 on: January 06, 2017, 03:47:36 AM »
Dwarvish Patriarch is done! ~



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Re: Anlaf
« Reply #2 on: January 06, 2017, 03:48:56 PM »
I'm so delighted to see you take up Anlaf, Gard!  The dear Anliv clan is complete! <3

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