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Author Topic: Out to Where the Branch May Break...  (Read 263 times)


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Out to Where the Branch May Break...
« on: December 30, 2016, 04:42:10 PM »
{I'm not going to make everything a bird analogy...ok I am ^^. They're relentless and demanding! Also...this...feels! *wiggles and flails everywhere* <3 <3
Also also, Cass, we can turn this into that thread we said we'd need ;) or have a whole other, I guess we'll see how it ends up}

Here was the test...

Fritz held out his hand, forgetting if he should clench it in or leave his fingers loose. It was different between types of avians, wasn't it? Whatever he did, he did right...for the most part. Fritz smiled as he was rewarded with success from the tiny bird...then dodged away and shoed away one other who didn't follow protocol!

"No! Don't land on my...", Fritz sighed. "You all can't do that when...". He just sighed again.

This was going to be a disaster...hopefully not, but with all else Fritz had to be nervous over, the wild card that was wild animals was not helping!

He sat back down on a convenient little rock of the place. The bird he'd been working with was bored and now had nothing else to do so it hopped to his head also, hopping around until he became so distracting that Fritz absently brushed him aside too.

Then cardinals, wrens, a whole bunch of little song birds watched the curious dwarf below. They liked him at any rate, he'd been bringing them seed for the past few weeks.

Fritz let out a breath. The idea was stupid. Líknví was going to tell him so and...what he asked was too far. She was never going to agree to...he'd wasted both Andar and Kvasir's time getting assurance and permissions.

Sighing again, Fritz plopped his head to his hands and the next rubbed his hands across his face as he sat back up.

Absently thinking to maybe try another part of his planning all this up, Fritz dug in a pocket for a slip of paper with a simple and complex ask all at one on it--No...or maybe he'd just say it...or sign it--at any rate he didn't find the one he went for exactly but another he hadn't consciously realized he had, but also wasn't too stunned to find with him.

It had been krinkled scrap before, but Fritz had taken all care he could of it over the years.

The first of his and Líknví's writing to eachother, in a chance meeting, in Bree.

If you can't read, sorry
I should try to introduce myself, figure I could have spelled, but
I'm Fritz, Son of Anlaf
Of the Blue Mountains
I only say because your signs, they fit...

A pleasure, Fritz of the Blue Mountains.
I'm Líknví
of the Grey
Your words do form different what it must be
I have heard on your city
Good things
It is a fine dilct
Thankyou your understanding.
Amist all this talk I should be asking if you wish me to fetch you something

Not really their first words to eachother--those had been...

"Sorry" and

"No worries, no harm done"

In simplest form.

Líknví and him had come far since then, and he had of course explained more on the differing dialect, all he could, or given ample opportunity for Lí to learn the difference as they sighed as many conversations as they then spoke.

His worry was misplaced. Líknví had proven, by the act of still agreeing to court him, that she loved him. But...a proposal was a whole other step and for a girl who almost had to trust despite what the world had taught her.

Yet...Fritz glanced back down to the paper in his hands. It was Líknví's words he read over more, his were dismissive scribble that had done a job at giving him a start with the girl maybe; there much to be named to be admired in the lopped writing. Líknví's form, her heart seen in even this pragmatic description. Also the small nuisances of gesture and how her eyes lite up when she smiled.

The...suggestion of not asking...of letting her slip tightened Fritz's chest and was plain unthinkable. He had to ask...he had to know soon as possible how she would answer such a question...but...

Once more Fritz pulled every ounce of patience he had to him. Don't rush this...she deserves every small moment of it...deserves many more than you're gonna be able to pull, but still...give what you can.

Fritz pocketed his paper again and glanced to the birds looking at him from their tree in their glen.

Please don't let this be a stupid idea...

He then stood, and gave it one more shot to get a clean landing, no annoying bird behavior.

This had to be perfect! And he was counting on unpredictable wildlife...
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Re: Out to Where the Branch May Break...
« Reply #1 on: December 31, 2016, 04:59:55 PM »
{Yeah I changed the title ^^}

Líknví allowed in for a sip of tea with half focus as her eyes stayed trained to the pages before them. Cliché and over read as it was, the girl grinned. She just loved happy endings so much!

He noticed in a heartbeat what his folly had been of course...the girl...she wasn't just some scullery maid as he'd been told, she had been his princess in disguise! All the clues in her gesture came rushing back even as he turned his steed and sped with all haste back to the house...

It had been one of the many other birthdays of hers Fritz had attended, not her Fifty-Fifth, with the swing and...everything. One of the ones before, and her at the time still good friend (just not grown other) had picked up a very nice, leather bound collection of tales such as the brothel of the Grey Mountains had never seen. This was the sort of book that sat on ages upon ages of relatives' shelves, brought down for the weee ones who visited, possibly even passed down to them; and Lí took all care that she could of it.

Had tried to tell Fritz it was too much at the time of his gifting it, but of course he saw the joy in her eyes and so couldn't retract. It had been just one of a million ways he was way too good to her. Way too good in general.

And why she, in her own smaller ways that felt less grand, was trying so hard to pay back, and show back, every time she could. Such as now.

She was a tad late on the smaller pastries, not a full out pie, but still Fritz's favorite of apples and pears, such as the scent of their slightly burning now they were done came from the oven. Timers were of no use to the girl.

Líknví still gently set the book aside, even as she rose and quickly darted over to the oven to pull them, not so quick as to forget the dish towel though. She inspected worriedly. They...were ok. Lí still wasn't happy with how they came out, anything for 'Bunting' had to be perfect, same as it had to be for Finch. For both her boys...if that wasn't too forward a title in the midst of courting even.

Later it would bother her more. When she realized this wasn't just some normal day. Of all days for her to burn pastry!

She was still turning them over, trying to see what she could salvage of it all, would seem insulting but was actually the sweetest thing ever...if Kvasir and Rian weren't about to answer the door--and they were shuffling back and forth amidst shop work but not available at the moment--Fritz had learned the perfect angle of tipping anything metal he had with him, using or improvising convenient and not changing lantern light to make a pretty good spot on a wall from and through the kitchen window to grab Líknví's attention from anywhere of the small house except the far back.

It sparked a bit off the pan too so further aided and Lí glanced up before smiling, it only denting because she was still a bit concerned over the pastries, before she darted over to get the door.

"Ha'! Cam' 'an! A ma' tha's!", Líknví's lightly but boldly gripped Fritz's wrist and didn't really pull him inside, more let him know he could step inside. Then, finding more boldness, and they were courting and all and he had fully captured her heart, the girl leaned over in an act she'd have never thought she'd be doing willingly--but then Fritz had just changed all that around!--and delivered a light kiss to his lips, her heart flipping again as she did so!

Goodness! Him in addition to Kvasir and Rian...could anyone get more blessed!

"Hi! Come on! I made things!"

Sig made by wonderful Cass ~



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Re: Out to Where the Branch May Break...
« Reply #2 on: January 08, 2017, 03:25:42 PM »
To anyone else, the idea would have been silly, and they would have thusly told Fritz and duly chastised him for being childish. It would have been insulting even! Líknví...was gracious and kind enough to humor Fritz and actually thank him for the best he knew how to do. As she always did. Honestly he hadn't known grace like that existed outside of Dagmar until he'd met her. The question of who between his sister and...sweetheart...was more gracious was an unanswerable question. Dags seemed to be more so because hers came off different, Fritz knew, easier, less hesitancy to her nature, but someting in that would almost bump Lí's side of it...

Ah, it was perhaps just as well, and even important Fritz not answer the question. Both his sweetheart and sister were dear and no sense trying to compare between.

The attempt worked, and soon enough the door swung open, Fritz seeing the movement and moving back over to the door.

"Ha'! Cam' 'an! A ma' tha's!"

Líknví's sweet voice and words greeted the young smith, instantly putting a grin on his face. How?! it just made no sense that he was blessed and privileged with that smile and those sweet tones every time he visited and/or did or said something silly to try to not lose them.

Maker, that she knew the kid he still was deep down and didn't care...or didn't hold it against him. Still graced him that smile that said she thought the world of him, still thought the world of him! As he did her...

He hardly needed her encouragement to know he could step across the threshold of Kvas and Rian's small house, yet still stepped more boldly for her slight permission given with the tug and was actually contemplating a kiss to her cheek when Líknví anticipated him and did one better!

Fritz hoped she never felt she had to initiate a kiss, didn't feel it was a needed thing in courting, hand holding was fine and he wouldn't be offended, but certainly didn't mind either, and with the genuine joy communicated Fritz felt relieved she wasn't pressured.

Found boldness of his own to lightly rest his hands at her waist and pull her nearer, kissing back before meeting that smiling gaze with one of his own, just in his ever taking every moment he should to check on her again. He brushed a section of hair back out of her face and frankly could have kissed her again, but realization dawned in and he smiled small and shy again, "Ah but your brother's no doubt home...what'd you say before? Something about making things? Forgive me I forgot slightly", the smile turned another grin, but still shy, as he stepped back, yet still held one of Líknví's hands.



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Re: Out to Where the Branch May Break...
« Reply #3 on: March 10, 2017, 07:29:38 PM »
That it was its own silent communication, a kiss, had not escaped Líknví even as a young child still in the cramped brothel of the Grey Mountains, she'd just thought everyone around her was lying to each other still. Same as they did with the words she couldn't catch.

Finch and Amadith's sincere pecks to cheek or the top of her head of course communicated true things, but that was as far as she'd thought it went, even before Kvasir and Rian's own sincere relationship for a sort of example.

All because she'd been stupid yet again, in ways she hadn't even realized then! As she and Fritz found their way around being more confident with the kisses executed along a courtship, the utter regret of having allowed such a thing to be stolen from her in the first place, before her flight from home, would clench Lí's stomach yet again.

Of course she'd confessed as much to Fritz before, and of course he'd done naught but reassure (and promise to blacken Jarni's whole face if they ever met), and in truth the unwanted, never returned, embrace couldn't even be recalled anymore when covered up by now by all of Fritz's wonderful, caring ones.

This current one he returned no exception.

Which, again, said so much unspoken!

As the kiss broke, Líknví smiled lovingly at him as he brushed a lock of her hair back and she caught his words. Had she stopped blushing by now? She wasn't sure.

"Ah but your brother's no doubt home...what'd you say before? Something about making things? Forgive me I forgot slightly".

Líknví giggled, squeezing back as he took her hand. It wasn't the casual toss out it seemed, Fritz knew very well that Kvasir was just around in the shop, and had no doubt popped his head in to greet her brother and let him know he was here, because he would not stop by with Líknví even supposed alone and ever be the cause of anyone saying anything on her.

Because he knew they already talked.

Before she could worry again over any of this, Líknví turned and took both of Fritz's hands again with a bright smile even as she answered. "Yas! I ma' appla' a' par' pastra's! Na' tagata' haf' a' haf', ba al' fa' ya'", Líknví let her words flow unashamed and even sharing Fritz's way. "Cam' an' a' sat, a' ga' tha'm!", and the tea she'd just finished brewing just before the pastries were done wouldn't be too cooled by now. Líknví could think of nothing better than to sit and sip her own apple spiced tea while reading Fritz's responses to anything and everything she could think to ask or he wished to tell.

With a bubbling of emotion from this thought, Líknví leaned over once more and delivered a kiss to Fritz's cheek before finally, finally, letting go of his hands to go about her task, but not without some more softly delivered words, "A' lav' ya, Fiz", Lí was just so happy to get to feel the emotion, as she had for a while now, she couldn't help but try to tell Fritz every moment she got, or at the least not forget to say it every now and again.


"Yes! I made apple and pear pastries! Not together, half and half, but all for you!'"

"Come in and sit, I'll get them!"

"I love you, Fritz"

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Re: Out to Where the Branch May Break...
« Reply #4 on: April 20, 2017, 03:11:14 PM »
He earned another giggle for his slightly abashed realization. Lí was just too good to him in so many ways, both to still gift him a giggle for silly statements, though this wasn't so much, as well as the thoughts Fritz didn't know passed through her mind. Not that Líknví was wrong, Fritz had peeked his head around the shop and ensured Kvasir was home, for rumor and propriety's sake (He would safe guard Lí eitherway, of course, but now had a firm knowledge of what the rumor mill was capable of and just all the more determined, he would not let Lí get anywhere near any of those words that could be cast about, especially not when they would be the height of lies), but all this was not in that one statement at this time and more actual abashment than she gave him credit for.

That bright smile and those sweet tones soon distracted and Fritz smiled around taking them in, instantly following what she said of course. Apple and pear pastries?! Lí was entirely too sweet and reassuring to pressures she couldn't know of. Yet Fritz felt guilt she'd put herself out for his sake. This was heightened as she directed him inside and insisted he sit while she bustled about.

Oh no!, he would not dare do that. Fritz was getting prepared to tell Líknví this, when his dear sweetheart (who would hopefully not run from a furthering of title if Fritz could phrase it right...) leaned over once more in her flurry to gift another kiss to his cheek and sweet declaration. Fritz smiled softly again and took up either of Lí's hands once more, eager to not be parted from her, "And I you sweet much...", his whole purpose in being here almost bubbled forth just then, but, recalling the plan, and how it would rob Lí to not go through with it, how maidens loved every small thing that could be pulled out of theses days apparently (Fritz willfully kept his thoughts from Dags' own spouting over her own day and what she and they had lost), he swallowed the words, for now. "And I will not sit and feel guilty while you bustle about just for my sake,..." Ever Lí...even after and if you are kind enough to accept... "...let me come help", Fritz returned her kiss, planting one on her cheek next before walking ahead of her, hand still captured, to the kitchen.

He shook his head upon seeing the treats and boldly lifted one to taste before Lí even insisted on such a useless things as plates or such, "You know it still amazes me what you can do from scratch?", Fritz finished off the other of the small treat and swallowed before going on, "They...and all of this is perfect Lí, thankyou. Far more than I deserve". And I'm supposed to be planning up how to make this day special for you...
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