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Author Topic: [Hobbit] Hild  (Read 1992 times)


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« on: December 22, 2016, 06:34:17 AM »



NICKNAMES (IF ANY): Hi or Hilly, used by her brothers only. 

DATE OF BIRTH AND AGE (AS OF T.A. 2941): 2895 (46)

PLACE OF BIRTH: Harrowdale, Rohan 


GENDER: Female 

HAIR COLOUR AND APPEARANCE: Hild's hair, as is with most Rohirrim, is blond and long, reaching the small of her back. It is usually kept in trances which allows it to be out of the way when she's engaged in physical activities like riding or fighting. At home, when it's all calm, she lets it completely loose. It's also quite well kept as Hild takes pride on her appearance. Even though she isn't necessarily a girly type, she also won't stand out by being totally lazy with her self-keeping. 


BODY TYPE AND HEIGHT: Hild isn't now as slim as she used to be when younger due to the natural weight gain for women as they grow older. That being said, her constitution is of a slender nature and she is quite tall for a woman due to many physical activities as a child, standing at 5'7". Due to being a very active person, she also possesses a healthy muscle tone with some fat here and there, specially around the abdominal area. 

OVERALL APPEARANCE: Actually that depends vastly upon where and with whom she is. Generally she wears simple clothes, long skirts and blouses of varied colors when at home, trousers, blouses and vests or coats of somber colors which inspire respect and allow her freedom of movement while traveling by horseback, dresses when at parties or armor not unlike Brego's when their lands are under attack by Orcs or Dunlendings.

DISTINGUISHING MARKS: She has one deep scar on her lower abdomen where an Orc pierced her with a knife during an attack some years ago.

WEAPONS: Hild is proficient with long and short knives of which she carries one of the former and two of the later. Those are her preferred weapons when she is using stealth tactics to fight. She also has a sword given to her by her father, which isn't as broad as the ones her siblings have due to weight. Its blade is slimmer but quite fatal in her able hands. 

FACE CLAIM: Joely Richardson 

STRENGTHS: Hild is a strong willed woman who knows what she wants and is no pushover. She's energetic and fierce against her foes and lively and kind with her beloved ones. She's quite smart and witty, adoring to banter or flirt with others. She's quite capable of charming a man if it suits her interests at any given time.

WEAKNESSES: Hild can sometimes be too focused on what she is currently doing to see the bigger picture. Her feelings run deeper than most people outside her family are aware of and she has made mistakes out of compassion from time to time. Also the wound in her abdominal region makes her wince and loose focus in a battle when hit spot on by any kind of blow.

ASPIRATIONS: Hild aspires to bring her family together and save her kingdom from external threats. They seem like great aspirations, but she feels she can achieve them both with little acts of bravery and kindness like her joining of the fights against enemies and her travels to Gondor to visit Haleth.
FEARS: Hild fears a meaningless death out of sickness like her mother's or withering like her father. She wants and would prefer to die either of old age sleeping or in battle fighting for whom she cares about. Another fear of hers is the loss of what is left of her family and being completely alone.

PERSONALITY: Hild is a lively and strong willed woman. She is a capable thinker and fighter and will stand her ground in any situation. She is a free spirit and has discovered that she feels happier when she is allowed to wander and will do so when she is in pain due to her memories or her current situation. She won't back down faced with challenges and this made of her a true go-getter, fact proven by her rewarded insistence to find Haleth. She can be rather rational and this has granted her the king's admiration, even though she knows she is threading a very thin line and it can cost her later. She's willing to take the risk to be able to be a link between her brothers and give their family any kind of togetherness.

Hild is very devoted to her family and her land. She loves her siblings and Baldor, who is to her like the son she will never have. Even though she values her freedom, she also longs for meaningful attachments. So far she has only managed to build those with her siblings and Baldor. She makes friends or enemies based on her principles alone and will then face the consequences of her choices. She is opinionated, though subtle and sometimes ironic, and fully capable of giving a knot on someone's mind if she feels the need to omit pieces of the truth in any given situation.

Hild has strong feelings, but most of the time they run deep and far from her skin. She has learnt to be her own person and with her past losses it means to repress some feelings, especially pain. She likes to banter and flirt, but rarely her heart was actually in it. She can be very compassionate in some situations, especially toward children, and very cold, especially toward people she can't respect nor tolerate. She will be civil and polite to all though as it was ingrained in her as part of her noble raising. Such has also brought her demeanor levity and gravitas, which she knows how to use when she approaches others.


Note: Hild's history is based on Haleth's and Brego's, so any similarity is on purpose

Hild is the last child to a minor lord called Aldor, whose seat was in Harrowdale. The family's hall is located approximately ten miles to the south of Edoras, nestled in a valley cut from the White Mountains by the Snowbourn River. She has two older brothers, Haleth, seven years her senior and Brego, three years her senior. As most Rohirrim children, Hild got used to the feel of a horse's back very early in her life. It's of note that her father chose to teach her the same way as her brothers in the arts of riding and sword fighting and she is as proficient in both as they are.

The relationship that she and her siblings shared while growing up was very close. Hild, as the youngest and only girl of the three, would grow to be doted on by both Haleth and Brego and rarely they really fought with each other or stayed at odds for more than a couple of hours or a day. Being the little princess of the house, which she took insult in sometimes as she didn't want to be treated differently because she was a girl or younger, Hild had nothing but the greatest pride and love for the men of her house as her mother left them when she was still very young.

Since childhood Hild knew she didn't have a lot of skill for the womanly tasks in the house. She couldn't bare to loose her time sewing or cooking or anything like that. She preferred to be outside riding with her siblings. She only kept doing those activities on occasion out of need and because they reminded her of her mother as it had been her who had tried to teach her those skills. It's not that she isn't good at any of it. Hild is focused enough to do anything she is currently doing with a good level of proficiency. She just doesn't have the patience for it until this very day.

Hild was but eleven years old when their mother caught the flu and withered away. That was when her family began to break apart. She still remembers very well the funeral and all the sadness she had that entire month as it drilled itself into her brain. The only thing that made it all bearable was the presence of her siblings as her father also reminded her still very young mind of the mortality of much older people.

Soon after, Haleth himself also left to Edoras in order to serve in the city's Muster. She was too young and missed her older brother too much to understand that he was fulfilling an old dream of his or to be able to be happy for him. Brego, on the other hand, explained it to her as best as he was able and she ended up learning to live with another loss. At least Haleth wasn't dead. He could come back or be visited if father allowed her to go to the capital. Aldor and Brego became increasingly busier due to the lack of help and Hild tried to fill in the blank as best as she could or was allowed. She really just wanted to help.   

After three years at Edoras, Haleth returned and Hild saw Brego return to their older brother his rightful place beside their father without complaint. She gained even a greater respect for him after he showed absolutely no envy of Haleth. Hild had seen other families fall apart around their lands due to sibling rivalry and was glad hers wasn't to have the same end. They had had losses enough as it was. Then the reason for her older brother's return became known, he was to be married. Once more a beautiful singing voice graced their halls. Hild missed singing in the house since their mother's passing and was surprised when Brego took the opportunity to learn the art with their new sister-in-law. She discovered the gift of singing went around the family as Brego became quite proficient at it.

However, the bliss of family reunion wasn't meant to last. Six months later Haleth was recalled to Edoras by Fengel to join the king's riders. Hild was now fourteen and old enough to understand that her brother's new position was a great honor to him and the family, but it also meant that he and his wife would have to move permanently into the capital. She had gotten used to see everyone together again and had taken a liking for her brother's wife, to see them go without prospects of coming back was really difficult for the young girl. What got her by was Brego's singing to her and teaching her how to sing herself. She discovered in time that she had inherited a voice similar to their mother's and it became a source of joy and sorrow to her.

It didn't take long for tragedy to strike their family again as news arrived from Edoras that Haleth's wife had died along with their child in the birthing bed. It wouldn't be the siblings' first failed attempt at giving Aldor some sort of heir. Actually, all three of them ended up failing in different ways. Brego went to Edoras to support Haleth in that difficult moment, but just after a month Hild, feeling unhappy and alone due to the absence of both her brothers, ended up falling ill under the cold of the winter. Since Brego had been her main caretaker since their mother's death, she started asking for him while she ailed, forcing his premature return. Under the caring eyes of Brego, Hild recovered herself quite well. She never forgot how he never left her side and sang to her every night as she ailed.

When Hild was twenty, another marriage took place at the household. This time it was Brego's. She was oblivious to the fact that her father wasn't at first happy with her brother's choice as both men kept their quarrels to themselves. Hild knew her new sister-in-law, she was one of their tenants who worked with Brego taming the horses. Hild herself had her eyes on someone by this time, but it never really became anything other than a platonic relationship turned into friendship with time as she had other priorities in her mind especially when her father's health began to decline and there was nothing to be done but wait until he finished withering. Brego and Hild stayed by his side until the very end, tending to him.

Hild stayed unmarried even being remarkably beautiful by choice. She took care of Aldor as Brego took care of the lands and the work. That was the reason why neither her father nor her brother wanted to give Hild away. She was needed and she wanted to stay with them, giving up a life of her own for her family. Haleth's visits were always a cause of happiness to Aldor as he ailed for they were the proof his oldest son still remembered him. Brego and Hild also cherished them as they could reminisce about their youth and share a good time in family.

In T.A. 2923 when they heard about Haleth's fleeing with prince Thengel to some other part, which only later they came to know was Gondor, it hit their family hard. It felt as if he had died while still alive as it was likely they would never see him again and that made Aldor give up entirely on trying to get his health up, which only caused it to deteriorate faster. Two years later, by winter time, Aldor died in Hild's arms and Brego's presence, which caused her brother to officially inherit the lands at the age of thirty-three and her to leave them on a rampant at the age of thirty.

Hild went south towards the northern Gondorian border and there she stayed for about an year. She made acquaintance with a local Dunedain ranger, whose wife had passed, and his child. Her restless ways and the pain of her recent losses didn't quite allow her to stay in one place for too long and she believed that constant movement would keep her mind occupied and away from thoughts that would lead nowhere. The truth is that Hild's wild side just wanted to see the world, meet new people and be in other places. She felt she was no longer held back by family responsibilities. It was her time to live her life the way she wanted. As time went by, Hild got more confused with her relationship with the ranger as they traveled together. She got really close to his kid and the need for attachment became ingrained in her mind. But it wasn't meant to be, at least not there or with them.

Their small camp was attacked one night by an Orc pack and they were separated. Hild, being a capable fighter herself, managed to escape, but she lost contact with the ranger and his kid. She tried to find them, but could not. She could only hope they had managed to free themselves as well, which, to her mind, was a very likely outcome as they had been through skirmishes before and always managed to get out of them. She believed this pack only managed to capture them because it was particularly large close to the other ones they had faced previously. Traveling didn't seem as freeing as it used to be afterwards and Hild began to miss her brothers enormously, so she decided to go back home where she knew she could find Brego.     

A few months after she had settled back at the Halls of Harrowdale, a vast Orc pack, she had the impression they had been growing in size lately, attacked their lands and caused a devastation like no other had achieved before. Their forces managed to disband and kill most of the attackers, but the damage caused was great. Brego's wife was murdered and her brother received a deep wound to the side while trying to protect her. Hild herself was pierced through her lower abdominal region and later found out that she was made permanently barren and gained a scar that would be forever a cause of pain in more ways than one. Yet, not everything was death and destruction.

Close to their halls a small infant had managed to survive the death of his parents by hiding himself within their house. Brego took the young boy in and raised him. He became the boy's father figure and was as devoted and good at the role as his own father had said he would be someday. The boy, named Baldor, again brought some happiness to the household and helped in Hild's recovery. Brego also declared Baldor the heir of the lands as no other would be produced by any of Aldor's children by the will of fate. The child grew strong and was taught the ways of the land as was Brego himself by his father. Hild became herself Baldor's mother figure and began to help Brego with the management of their lands for a while, but her nature was to wander and she took into traveling again after Baldor was of sufficient age.

However, her travels weren't random now as they had been before the attack. Hild was decided to discover Haleth's location and join her family again. She often traveled to Edoras in search of information which she hoped to find talking to her brother's former colleagues in the king's guard. One day she had a surprise. King Fengel himself asked her to come for an audience at the halls of Meduseld. She wasn't someone to be easily frightened nor a traitor at heart, even though she knew she had to be in trouble for looking for someone who was considered to be a traitor, brother or not. At least that was what she thought Haleth was to the king. Bravely she entered the halls for her audience with the king, her head held up proudly as a child of nobility, expecting everything but what she was given: Haleth's location in Gondor and a job as a liaison between the king and his prodigal son, Thengel.   

Two years ago, Hild told Brego and Baldor that she was going on a longer than usual journey, but she would be bringing great news when she came back. That was when she underwent her first journey to Lossarnach to see her older brother again after a long time since their last meeting and to tell Haleth what had happened at Harrowdale in his absence. She spent a few months with her brother and the prince, also using this time to gauge for information the king wanted about his son. She wasn't going to sell anyone to anyone else and would know how to measure her words depending to whom she was imparting them once she retuned. Hild had a great deal of intelligence to be able to omit without lying or being caught in her omissions. 

Several months later Hild returned to Harrowdale's halls with some unusual to them Gondorian crafted gifts for Brego and Baldor and also brought the news she had promised before she went. Now they both had a link with Haleth and Hild's travels became even more frequent. This way she became a sort of spy for her king, gaining his trust and his admiration, and an informant to her prince and brother of what was going on in Rohan, especially in Edoras. Though all she really wanted was to be able to see Haleth from time to time.   

AGE: 38
COUNTRY: Brazil 
EXPERIENCE: A lot of time
OTHER CHARACTERS: Halbaron, Saruman, Bard and Cirdan
CONTACT: PM or e-mail
HOW DID YOU FIND US?: Referred by sister
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Re: Hild
« Reply #1 on: December 22, 2016, 06:38:55 AM »
After the longest time in waiting, Hild's application is finally posted already ready for scrutiny.


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Re: Hild
« Reply #2 on: December 22, 2016, 01:49:18 PM »
Ahh, she is marvellous, Guiga!  You have added such depth and personality to her character. <3

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