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Author Topic: One Should Never Be Remiss In a Brotherly Duty  (Read 3358 times)


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One Should Never Be Remiss In a Brotherly Duty
« on: December 22, 2016, 04:56:26 AM »
There had been something different about his sister ever since he had gone to distract the Dark Lord from the fact the his destruction was so close and it had nothing to do with the fact that she had been healed of her wounds from attempting to save their uncle from death. He frowned at that thought. He had nearly lost his entire family that day: his parents when was young, Theodred less than a year ago, and now his uncle. And almost his dear sister. In the moments after he saw her fall and knowing that she was alive, he stopped thinking. All he knew was that he needed to go to her, to hold her once more before he lost her as well. He learned later from Gamling and Hama that he had charged towards her without thought to his own safety.

And to see her well and happy, or as happy as she could be with having lost their uncle, warmed his heart considerably. He knew that he would need her in the coming days as he adjusted to the new duties as King of the Mark. Yet there was still something going on with her, something he had never really seen with Eowyn before, though he supposed that there had been glimpses of it with Aragorn. And it seemed the Gondorian King’s Steward Faramir had been spending a lot of time with his sister. Or else the two of them were staring way too much at each other.

Not that he had anything against Faramir, in fact he did like the quiet, noble ranger. But liking the man and liking the possibility of said man liking his baby sister were two very different things to Eomer. He just needed to get him alone to find out the truth. Which came when Eowyn was off doing who knows what and Faramir was away from her, the only thing that was needed for this conversation to happen. Granted, he knew that unless he had a very strong objection to his sister’s suitor, which he didn’t but no one else needed to know that, there was little he could do to stop her. And there were far worse men than the Prince of Ithilien…such as Grima Wormtongue.

Eomer knew that he likely seemed a bit intimidating, and perhaps not wearing his sword (a habit he had not really given up) would have been better. But at least he wasn’t wearing his crown (the bloody uncomfortable thing). And he didn’t have any immediate plans to use Guthwine. But confronting your sister’s suitor needed some intimidation or else there would serious questions about Eomer’s qualifications, not as a King but rather as brother, which to Eomer was far more important. ”Prince Faramir, I’d like a word with you.”
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Re: One Should Never Be Remiss In a Brotherly Duty
« Reply #1 on: December 22, 2016, 03:01:26 PM »
Leagues from home, removed from the burden of responsibility and many of his duties, Faramir felt relaxed and at ease, enjoying a contentment that had evaded him ever since he and Boromir had been separated.  Part of it – ashamed though he was to admit it, even to himself – was because the shadow figure of his father no longer skulked, waiting to ruin every small happiness the young Ranger conjured for himself.  Another more joyous and significant contributor to his newfound serenity was Éowyn.  The White Lady’s company was enough to buoy his spirit, even those on days when melancholy threatened to creep into his heart and leave him mourning for all that had been lost.  Sadness was thus muted, replaced with overwhelming love.

Sitting on the steep steps leading up to Meduseld, Faramir’s head was bowed, face turned downwards to the book open in his lap.  It was an aged text, outlining the history of Dol Amroth.  The wind ruffled his reddish hair, just as it did when he perched high on the ramparts of Minas Tirith.  Edoras mightn’t be his home, but he was far from homesick here.

The clip of boots heralded someone’s arrival, the footfall too heavy and hurried to belong to Éowyn.  His gaze shifted, surprise showing in his shades of pale blue.  “King Éomer,” Faramir greeted, snapping his book closed without hesitation and rising swiftly to his feet.  The title of prince still rang new and unfamiliar to his ears and he wondered, briefly, if the royal Rohirrim felt the same with king.  Éomer stood tall – taller even than Faramir himself – and his sword hung heavy and menacing at his side.  It made sense for the king to always be armed, of course, but it had the effect of making the Gondorian aware of his own lack of steel.  He bowed and, when he straightened, he offered a warm smile.  “To what do I owe this honour?” 
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Re: One Should Never Be Remiss In a Brotherly Duty
« Reply #2 on: March 12, 2017, 04:18:09 AM »
Eomer stood before his sister's suitor, tall and menacing, not as king but rather as a protective older brother, though some may say he was overprotective of her. Yet he could not help himself. She was his only family left and that made him loathe to let her go. He admittedly her calming presence right now and yet there was the knowledge of what her last suitor, if you could call him that, was like. There had been something deeply unsettling about how Grima Wormtongue acted around and with Eowyn and he had never asked her exactly how bad it was, and he wasn't entirely sure that he wanted to know.

He was of course very much aware of the fact that Faramir was nothing like Grima and he had no doubts that he would treat Eowyn well. But part of him didn't necessarily see Faramir as Faramir the person but rather Faramir the Suitor who might not treat his sister how she deserved to be treated. And Eomer would not be there to protect her. He had already nearly lost her when he was not there to protect her, though it was her fault for disobeying him and their Uncle but he chose to ignore that at the moment.

Her actions likely kept the war from getting worse and also brought her in contact with the Gondorian noble. And maybe part of it was the fact that he was not Rohrrim but from Gondor. Granted, the two countries were allies once more but still...But he did like Faramir and would perhaps go easier on him because of that. Perhaps...He gave a slightly curt nod in reply to Faramir's bow and said, ”My sister.” He would let the other man decide what to do with that and kept himself neutral, and perhaps a tad cold, though the latter was mostly for effect.
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Re: One Should Never Be Remiss In a Brotherly Duty
« Reply #3 on: May 01, 2019, 11:58:25 PM »
My sister.

There was no urgency in those two words, nothing to suggest that anything unpleasant had befallen Éowyn. If there had been even a hint of concern, Faramir would have been much swifter in his response. As it was, there was a brief beat of silence, his reply given due consideration before it departed his lips. Éomer was without his crown - or at least, without that which was wrought from precious metals, the only gold adorning his brow a tumble of fair hair - but this lack of embellishment made him no less a king.

“The White Lady of Rohan has been kind to me,” Faramir's voice was low and gentle, softened by his inherent warmth and a tenderness that he made little effort to disguise. “I am far from home, yet I do not suffer for the distance.” The nobles of the Gondorian court conducted themselves with the utmost decorum and this was a perfectly measured response, one that might earn a curt nod of approval from even the strictest governess. And yet, while his words were as true as they were polite, Faramir himself found them lacking.

Éowyn was an anchor to him in this foreign land, having gifted the prince with fragments of Rohirric and introduced him to life in Edoras. Yet, even with the soul-baring conversations they had shared in the Houses of Healing, it was difficult to ascertain how much pleasure the ever enigmatic shieldmaiden derived from his company. There had to be at least some small measure of enjoyment, the prince was sure, if only because Éowyn could be counted upon for her devastating honesty. Still Faramir hesitated to ask and know for certain, lest he discover that what he interpreted as a furtive sort of fondness revealed itself only to be tolerance.

Then again, the kiss they had shared upon the ramparts of Minas Tirith likely spoke volumes, if only he had the confidence to listen to a gesture beyond words.

There was little chance of misunderstanding Éomer's meaning when he spoke those two simple words in that cold and distant tone - the king's gruff nature did not account entirely for the muted sense of hostility - yet Faramir was reluctant to pour out his heart unbidden. Concern marked his noble features. “Have I offended you, my lord?”
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Re: One Should Never Be Remiss In a Brotherly Duty
« Reply #4 on: August 12, 2019, 02:58:24 AM »
When Eomer said that his sister was the reason he was speaking to Faramir, the other man took his timeto answer. But Eomer did not think it was due to any reason than it simply being in Faramir’s nature to measure his words before he spoke. It must be a trait that was useful if Gondor, if what little of their court Eomer had actually seen was any indication. Eomer stood tall before Faramir, arms crossed in front of his chest and silently waiting for an answer.

As the Gondorian spoke about how kind Eowyn had been to him, Eomer pursed his lips as the implication of Faramir’s was crystal clear to him: Faramir had certain tender feelings for his sister. Of Eowyn’s feelings, Eomer was not sure but knowing his sister, he doubted that she would string the man along, which meant she either returned his feelings or was unaware of them. Yet Eomer didn’t entirely see Faramir before him but rather another, far less welcome suitor. If one could call the attentions Grima paid towards Eowyn those of a suitor. And while he knew deep down, his actions and feelings were entirely unfair to either his sister or her far superior suitor, there was little he could do to stop them.

As concern came to Faramir’s face, Eomer got slight satisfaction in knowing that it appeared the other man had caught his meaning, or at least was wary of his meaning. ”Depends on your intentions towards my sister, Prince Faramir.” He frowned, this time unsure if he should explain a little for his reasons for concern. He decided it was only fair that Faramir know it, though details he would leave to his sister to tell. ”She has previously received unwanted attention from someone less than savory.”


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Re: One Should Never Be Remiss In a Brotherly Duty
« Reply #5 on: April 23, 2020, 11:53:01 AM »
An imposing figure of authority, Éomer stood tall and square, his powerful arms folded across his broad chest.  It was only natural that the newly crowned king be suspicious.  The ranger standing before him had strayed far from Gondor, and was a stranger in these halls.

“Gríma Wormtongue,” Faramir muttered gravely, naming the fiend, a quiet sigh rounding his shoulders.  “Éowyn has told me a little of dark days spent with him stalking her every move.  What she does not say with words is written in her face, in her hands…”  In slender fingers that fidgeted or curled tight into fists, communicating emotions that otherwise went unspoken.  “It is an unspeakable thing, to feel unsafe in one’s own home, to know no sanctuary or safety.”  An ache bloomed in Faramir’s heart to think of the shieldmaiden then, vulnerable after the death of Théodred, Éomer wrongly exiled, her beloved uncle present in body but otherwise lost to her.  Mercifully Gríma had failed in his predatory conquest.

“If I believed my presence was unwanted and provoked unease, if Lady Éowyn recoiled when my shadow was upon her, I would not linger in your halls,” the ranger spoke with unshakeable sincerity.  As grim as their pasts were - each and every one of them had suffered, and been pushed to the limits of human endurance - it was surely the future that the King of Rohan was primarily concerned with.  “But you wish to know my intentions, and rightly so.  Please permit me to speak plainly, to place my heart in your hands.”  This earnest conversation was inevitable and it was preferable to have it here, on the steps leading to Meduseld, with the wind tousling their hair and kissing their faces, rather than cloistered away in some candlelit chamber.  Secrecy and schemes were the province of Gríma, whereas openness and honesty were preferable to Faramir. 

“There is much to Éowyn that I deeply admire; her indomitable spirit and compassionate heart, the wildness that is inherent to your good and noble kin.  She possesses courage beyond measure, and a beauty that surpasses all I have ever seen before.  Her company has healed me of many hurts, and inspired hope that I could not have dreamed of whilst in the lowest depths of grief.  Even if it were in my power to do so, I would not seek to tame or temper her.”  If ever there was one worthy of queendom, it was Lady Éowyn of Rohan.  Yet a crown was beyond his power to grant.  In its absence, was he deserving of her company?  Of her hand?  His measure simply could not compare to that of King Elessar, but his intentions were golden, the well-being and contentment of Éowyn to the very forefront of his mind. 

“I harbour the tenderest of feelings for your sister, Éomer King.  They are woven unchangeable into the very fabric of my soul.”  Faramir’s expression softened with adoration, a faint smile lifting the corners of his mouth.  The affection they shared had been forged in a time when it seemed the world was ending, when their bodies were aching and raw, when their souls were bared and their hearts were decorated with hairline fractures.  Together they had began to heal, conjuring small flashes of joy amidst waves of sorrow and perpetual uncertainty.  Fondness had bloomed swiftly, but its roots ran deep.  Slowly the ranger’s self-doubt fell away, as he recalled the shape of Éowyn’s furtive hand in his, and the warm press of her lips against his mouth.  It did not matter that he was not Aragorn, it did not matter that he was not a king.  “Your sister is no prize or jewel, to be gifted or granted on a whim.  I would wed Éowyn, but only if she willed it, and if the union carried with it the blessing of the King of Rohan.  You are her brother, born of the same flesh, bound by blood.  Éomer King, do you believe Éowyn could find happiness with me at her side?”
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Re: One Should Never Be Remiss In a Brotherly Duty
« Reply #6 on: May 27, 2020, 02:03:10 AM »
It would seem his sister’s suitor was aware of the reason of his protectiveness over her. Eomer scowled at the mention of Grima Wormtongue, though it was not aimed at Faramir, or even the fact that he had mentioned the man’s name. No, he was scowling at the memories of all the times Eowyn was troubled by the snake and Eomer was helpless to do anything, whether he was exiled or because he knew that if he had tried anything, he would be exiled and still leave his sister unprotected. ”I should have been able to protect her better, to stop him.” Not that he was blaming himself for anything. His voice was more angry and defiant than sad and frustrated.

Eomer gave a snort of amusement at hearing that Faramir would leave his sister alone if she was uneasy. Though whether the amusement was the thought of Eowyn not letting Faramir know if his advances were unwanted or because he could see her reactions to such an outcome, he wasn’t entirely sure. Though his visage still stayed serious and just a little stony. Just because he might generally approve of Faramir both as a potential friend and as his sister’s beloved, he still had a part to play of intimidating, protective older brother.

He let Faramir speak of his intentions, knowing that the man was honest and earnest in all things, but he was entirely the type to be overly sentimental when it came to love, besotted for all time and completely. ”My sister would unman you if you tried to break her spirit, Prince Faramir” This was said with a slight smirk of amusement. While Eomer did appreciate the depth of his guest’s feelings for his younger sister, he was a little uncomfortable with exactly how sappy Faramir was. Would he be this bad when the time came for him to ask for whoever he chose as queen’s hand in marriage. Unbidden, the dark-hair of Faramir’s fair cousin flashed in his mind but he mentally shook his head to clear it.

Faramir asked Eomer one of the hardest things: essentially for his sister’s hand in marriage. And Eomer was suddenly bereft of her already, for he could tell that she had feelings for this man of Gondor, even if he had yet to ask her about it. But to say yes, would mean he would be stripped of all kin near him. But to say no, and for such a selfish reason, would call Eowyn to likely hate him for all time. And he would lose her anyways, but then it would be possibly completely. He sighed suddenly. ”Though I am loathe to let her, last of my kin go, I believe she will and does find happiness with you. But before I give permission, I want to speak with my sister to make sure she truly wants this.” This was by no means a dismissal though, definitely not of Faramir’s suit and also not of Faramir’s company. In fact, Eomer even relaxed a little from his formidable stance.


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