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Author Topic: Big Plans and Small Grown Dwarflings  (Read 1133 times)


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Big Plans and Small Grown Dwarflings
« on: December 11, 2016, 10:20:17 PM »
{Hee I love how Fritz's and Lí's little bird brings both sides together whether they want it or not. Though I know they'll all be on their best behavior for wee little birthday boy Friór ^^ Ah! From what I already know of this! And even if I'm still not sure if this will work and we can cram all the amount of characters needed into it...Friór poked me that it's been sitting far too long as a draft and...bring on the lovely chaos! And yes we can also get to the pony etc ^^}

"Where's Grandmodi sitting?".

"Wherever she wants to, though by your uncles is a good idea. It helps her feel comfortable", Fritz answered his son's question as Friór darted about helping with chairs undeterred by being the birthday boy (turning 30 even!)

"Do you and Ma want that end?", the boy turned after deciding between his grandfather and Uncle Einar seemed right for Grandmodi's chair. The assigning being because the boy, in being asked all of what he wanted to celebrate his Thirtieth birthday, had come up with an idea he was probably just able to execute that year even and carefully sketching the place settings for the table with symbols he figured fit for his family in lieu of just their names (though he ended up having to add those too because he got Anlis and Uncle Ko's same-ish hawks mixed up).

Grandmodi's was a nice shield that the boy hoped still looked feminine but strong enough. Like his grandmother. There were enough chairs for everybody too, because Fritz and Líknví had long ago figured out how to do this and invite everybody over and a simple combining of another table from a sitting room and most of the chairs and they got it.

The little Peacemaker, as his father had also once hesitantly called him with a smile, did not need to engineer things to make all of his family feel welcome and like they belonged, he, along with Ma and Da apparently just did that of their own selves (but most especially him) but also could hardly help since he just loved them all so much.

It took a lot for his Uncle Kvasir and Aunt Rian to come to these things, Friór knew, outnumbered as they sort of were, and it took a lot from his father's side and most especially Grandmodi as well, and the lad appreciated and tried to smooth anywhere he could.

As he went around with his place cards, Friór found himself semi-scooped up much as he still could be, mostly just swept up about the middle, and moved to the main living room as his father chuckled and answered his last question, "I want you to sit over here and stop doing things and let your Ma and me manage your birthday", Fritz gave his son a smile as he plopped him on the sofa. Then his smile softened, "When'd you start getting heavy?".

Friór laughed, "I don't know. Here, I didn't finish", he stated and held out Anlis and Dagmar's cards, silently telling his father he could do it for him if he was being ordered away from tasks. Fritz accepted them and the task, smiling again as he glanced at them.

"You are gonna hear all about it when your Aunt Dags sees how good you're getting at sketching", he told his son, aiming another smile up at him.

"But never better than her", Friór assured, almost like he was fearful of such becoming true, or just in biased opinion on his aunt.

"She'd forgive you if you did", Fritz encouraged softly, giving the top of his son's head a light ruffle as he stood and went to place the two others of his cards. Líknví didn't fuss, but as he turned, he noticed her giving him a concerned sort of frown. With a glance back, and coming to understand, Fritz smiled again, "Ah, his hair's still fine".

Friór's mother had just combed it, thank-you very much!

With a grin, Friór ran a hand through his own hair to fix it for his mother, but he did a small boy's job at it and there were still sprigs loose when the knock at the door saw the lad hop down. He didn't even call he'd get it, since that was not needed, and his grin and jogging over towards the door said it all plain enough!

Líknví intercepted him, though, smoothing and doing a proper job at his hair. Friór just giggling good naturedly at his mother's fussing, "I don't think they'll mind, Ma". He still gave his mother a kiss to the cheek though before disentangling himself and going over to the front door to open it like a big Dwarfling and all, since he was.

A wide grin greeted whoever it was, because whoever it was of who he knew was coming, they so deserved it! All his wonderful family did!
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Re: Big Plans and Small Grown Dwarflings
« Reply #1 on: December 14, 2016, 04:30:32 PM »
{Probably good I get both of them in here before the puppy shows up! ^^ <3}

Thirty! Friór, Fritz's wee little thing, Dagmar's youngest nephew and a child that helped so much with exuding and showing hope and giving joy to his aunt--as Ash and 'Lis did to--was Thirty years old! Just because he and his cousins weren't alone in that didn't take away from the job they did do. Still to take the small hand along with her to the market place was a further blessing.

Dear Tuuli had found her, more than the other way around, Dags felt. She hadn't been looking to adopt, shown by taking so long about it perhaps, just heard of the dwarf woman within the middle class district watching out for a few of the children who, for one reason or another, were now on their own, and felt she should see what help she could provide. Just because she wasn't queen didn't mean she wouldn't still help her kingdom all she could, if in a more limited capacity.

The bright blue-gray eyed Dwarfling of Fifteen to boldly come up and chatter to her had made an impression before she'd known it and...she'd only known she wasn't leaving without her.

After she agreed of course.

She wasn't all that old anyway, she could still do right by the child close to Friór's own age...much as it was just her to do such.

Scanning the stall, Dagmar soon found and picked up the plain, leather bound, sketch book of right material for adding her own cover to; something personal and fitting for her nephew who's artistic skills she clearly saw and encouraged. Along with Kvasir. Dagmar would never forget how shared the boy was, and she genuinely liked Kvasir and Rian, they were good Dwarves trying so hard at proving that now, and Dags was all for second chances. Third even. A good thing, since Ti seemed to gravitate towards smithing as a hobby, and they, along with Fritz, were monumental helps in showing pointers.

"Ti...what d'ya think?", she turned the proposed gift for her daughter's approval. Even as she noticed the woman running the stall glance from her to the girl curiously. People knew her situation, losing Fíli, and...well she knew what some wrongly assumed.

While Dags had tried to shield Tuuli from the worst of the rumors of those over opinionated, the woman soon smiled warmly to show she was not one of them at least, "I was just wondering if maybe the dear little girl wouldn't like to add in some pencils; since it's for a gift is it not, Milady? For your youngest brother's?".

Dags laughed. She still knew a lot and was a very good business woman; she wouldn't fault her that!


Getting the present in order (and yes they did buy the pencils!) was a simple task, even on into picking pattern, but still...Dags hoped she'd guessed right and her little nephew approved! Both gifts boxed up, Dagmar then got herself, Ti and their presents over to Fritz's house.

Her soft knock was soon answered and...there he was! Dagmar smiled brightly. "Happy Birthday, Friór! Gosh I can hardly believe it, come here, give me a hug!", but even while taking one from the lad, she wasn't one of those aunts and didn't pinch any cheeks, or even ruffle hair innocuously, though a kiss to the crown of his head before she stood was allowed it seemed. "Well here, put this wherever you're putting this" she handed over the box, and as Friór skipped off to do so (after many thanks her way), Dagmar's smiled turned to Fritz and Líknví.

"How are you holding up with all this?", she inquired of Fritz as she hugged her little brother also, "You just shot up way to fast yourself, Little Brother, got a...well anyway". Dags moved on before she became too sentimental and hugged Líknví also. The sweet, quiet girl having been family in Dags' mind since even before Fritz threw out his attempted casual announcement of courting and then engagement.
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Re: Big Plans and Small Grown Dwarflings
« Reply #2 on: May 14, 2019, 02:33:56 PM »
{Edited above ^^}

Thirty wasn't one of the bigger milestones, Tuuli should know, having passed it two years ago herself, but she was happy for her cousin and to be going to the market to pick out something for him! She was already determined, even before the woman started up her sales pitching, that she would pick out something different than Mama to give her cousin all her own. She half owed it to him, for all the ways he was good and let her borrow his hand-me downs for the forge and such.

Ashar and Anlis were great too, but there was a bond of similar age there and Ti was glad to have Friór, and felt he felt the same.

Soon as they reached the stall, Ti's blue-gray eyes scanned the wares, looking for perfect...

Mama found something first, and soon held up a plain leather bound sketch book, but one that Ti knew she could paint up perfectly for Friór!

"Oh yes!", she nodded eagerly, before noticing the woman's smile as well. It seemed every one of them, her, Friór, even the twins, had some reason to be afraid of whispers, and Ti's was more...acceptance based by those who put too much stock in blood. She'd overheard things she should never have overheard at times, and which were not true in the slightest.

Aunt Lí understood there. Honestly there were small things about her family that were really of little consequence but seemed...not destined, but Ti appreciated them all the same.

The woman soon smiled, and just tried to sell them a pencil set with the sketch book. Hardly tried, Ti was agreeing and taking it before Mama had a chance to try to be strong against sales pitches. Today was about Friór, she knew they were on the same page!

Since it was Friór's Thirtieth and all, Ti allowed for ruffles on her dress, and smoothed at them distractedly before Friór himself answered the door and Mama greeted him. Soon as she was done, it was Ti's turn to launch over and squish him in a hug, cheeks pressed. Friór was destined to be very best friends with a talking Owl he would find outside in some years, Avila, and to no complaint from Ti (the bird was awesome!) but she was super fond of her cousin herself of course!

"Here!", after stepping back, she handed over her own wrapped present right after Mama, "Don't shake it", she grinned. Not if he wanted to keep the surprise! And not that Ti didn't next follow him over to the table where they were putting his gifts. It wasn't too packed yet.

"Let me guess!", she said, glancing between two of the boxes already there, "Your Ma and...your Da'!", she guessed out who gave what box (though even Friór wouldn't know yet!), and mentioning fathers wasn't tough on her. Part of the rumor mill was there were some who criticized Dagmar adopting without Fíli's aid, but...if Ti wondered at how things might have gone, it wasn't really in any bad emotion, just curiosity, and besides she had enough uncles to also help guide her.


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