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Author Topic: [Hobbit] Katja  (Read 3404 times)


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« on: November 16, 2016, 01:11:05 AM »







The Hobbit/LotR.


Born in the Fall of T.A.2911, Katja is 26 y/o as of T.A. 2941, and 103 y/o as of T.A. 3018.


Lake Town.






Katja’s hair is a warm, dark brown, falling in a sweep of straight and fine strands to her waist. The style it’s in – whether it’s up, down or halfway usually – depends entirely on the season throughout the year.


Katja’s eyes are like her hair – a throwback to her Easterling-bred great grandmother rather than the light blues and greys her family line mostly favoured before Jerika came to them, and so while large, they are a dark, almost black brown, with something of a hint of the emphatic, leaf-fold of the Easterlings at their corners.


Katja’s unfortunately not been blessed with taller height, being lucky to brush her forehead past the shoulder of a 6’0” man and often needing to cock her head back to see. She’s not frail, though – build-wise, she’s a robust, curvy little thing, if a little on the plumper cuddlier side.


Katja isn’t shy about the fact that she likes pretty things, though for the sake of keeping the business alive and running, she can’t really go spending all that much on clothes. So she tries for clothes that fit well if nothing else, and she takes extra good care of even the clothes she’ll use when she’s working the boats.


If you know the look of an Easterling, you’ll recognise the stamp of that face lingering in Kat’s features. Otherwise, she’s got two marks that’ll make her stand out some from the crowd – the fact that she’s missing half a fingernail on her right ring finger, and rather more obviously, the stark scarring running half the length of the left side of her cheek and jaw.


Kat’s helping run a business involving boats and fishing, so she knows her way around knives. Her tongue once roused might possibly be as sharp as the boot knife she always keeps on hand, though, because while she does her best not to provoke it, it’s pretty hell creative if you do set it off.


Hayley Atwell.


Katja’s enjoyment of life counts as a strength, as it’s that love of the things that go on around her that has kept her from becoming embittered and melancholic despite what life has thrown at her.

That being said, she’s not an idiot. She knows how shitty life can be too, and so there’s a sense of careworn to her, a real shrewdness cultivated that tempers out the moments of spontaneity and cheeky, cheerful good humour usually, keeping her safe from potential dangers and succeeding mostly in ensuring she’s alert to…say, potential scams and cons to her and her grandpa’s business.

Kat’s also very bloody good with numbers, as her grandfather would put it. Not necessarily book-smart elsewhere, but somehow, her brain has wired itself to numbers. She’s good with them, she actually enjoys them, and it takes her all of a second most days to add, subtract, times or what have you in her head. It’s one of the reasons why, ultimately, she moved back in with her grandpa – to help keep the business from going under back in the day.


Kat is not shy in the slightest about stating her opinion, and it can drive people off her as much as it can endear her to them. Interestingly enough, it only became more pronounced a habit after the end of her first horrific marriage, as if the circumstances of that time in her life need to be made up for in some way.

Following this, she also stills carries something of a guilt complex for what happened. Logically, she knows it's not her fault, but she's not able to quite let go of the feeling that somehow, she was doing something wrong, that her struggle to fall pregnant was the cause of her late husband's violent episodes, and though she hates herself for it, there is always that small niggling ugliness in the back of her mind that both praises and chastises her for getting out when she did, but also, for not trying harder on the occasions she did forgive Filion's abuse when he begged her for it.

For such a friendly, considerate personality, Kat actually carries a surprising amount of self-loathing, and it ties in directly with the aforementioned part of her life. She can be judgmental and a little proud, but the latter is something of a facade and the former-- well, nobody is judged as much as she judges herself, and everybody is forgiven far more quickly than she forgives herself.

Though quick and shrewd with her opinions and quicker to laugh most days, Kat's tendency to act apathetically or with a quick bite and little else to provocation also works against her. She doesn't bottle things up persay so much as brush them off, and the result is that when you do hit her trigger points, it tends to blow up spectacularly and in no one's favour, least of all hers. Basically and brutally, she's a bit self-harmful psychologically.


Kat lives in Lake Town, and that speaks for itself. The place has become a shambles under the current Master, and yet she's grown up around the water, and wants nothing more than to see it restored, or at least the people given something better in their lives. She sporadically (so as to try and avoid detection) smuggles extra into her orders from the outside for hers and her grandfather's business, though it's becoming more and more difficult to do so.

Also, she's got a, no, that's the wrong word for it. More like someone she's fallen in love with again, which is a wonderful thing for a woman who's been scarred physically and psychologically by her past where such things are concerned. The goal is to get her mystery suitor to actively admit the same in kind without scaring the hell out of himself, and then going from there.

Possessive/Controlling Behaviour. In a subversion to the usual 'trope', this isn't because of any desire to rebel. Though tart and frank with her tongue, Kat has always been a fairly easy-going woman, content to follow when there is a leader or a power worth following. But after her marriage to Pelsinrir and the pattern that followed, any sign of possessive/controlling behaviour even in jest will make her blood run cold, and will likely draw her the closest to a violent reaction against another that she'd ever have (purely out of a sense of learned instinct). She is less afraid but also carries a disdain for jealous behaviour, of which she will respond readily to with scorn.

Horse-riding. She's fine with them on the ground, loves keeping horses company in fact. But for some reason, while she's got the steadiest set of legs around when on the river, the lake or the sea, sitting on the back of a horse is an intensely uncomfortable experience for her.

Unsteady light. She doesn't like the tricks it plays on the eyes and the mind, and is on high alert if she steps into a place where the light is dim and unreliable. She actually has surprisingly accurate (for one of the race of Men) night vision, and so prefers even total darkness if reliable, steady light isn't available.

Fire. The fear of any boatman, whether on river, lake or sea, is the possibility of a fire while on the water. If you don't act quickly to put it out, there's not much of a chance for you, and the idea of burning to death is a highly unpleasant thought.


Katja is a woman who is caught between when it comes to her personality sometimes, though not necessarily in the worst sense of the phrase. You see, she’s seen things, some of them downright horrible and she’s seen enough things, experienced them (you only need to see the mess of scars that is one side of her face), to know that the world is not a nice place. And that, understandably, makes her a little warier, slightly more cautious, a tad shyer than she once was in a way that is not what she used to be in her younger days – it’s the touch of careworn that comes with experience, that occasional moment you might catch where a faraway expression is a veil over the mind's attempt to sort and soothe itself back to the present, and that tad bit more caution that comes with that terrible, true loss of wondrous innocence that we all eventually experience in some way or form.

Yet for the most part, Katja (or Kat, and she doesn't mind if you call her that at all) is quite a bonny lass purely by nature. A little shy at first (she always was, truthfully), yes, but she’s past the days where she’d hide and peep at you from behind pillars or through the stairs down to her grandfather's work ship, and if she’s intrigued enough (and she often is), it won’t take long before her natural curiousity takes over and her more natural disposition announces itself, tart playfulness and all. Which isn’t actually all that unpleasant, truth be told – she’s always got her heart in the right place, and that’s a big heart in a little body to boot. She hates the idea of upsetting people she admires or cares for especially, really doesn’t like the idea of being hated or loathed, and is absolutely loyal to a fault, though it sometimes causes and has caused her conflict between parties in the past – it makes her fairly easy to manipulate, you see, once you have her in your circle, and combined with a desire to see the trustworthiness in people and an spontaneous fearlessness (and her absolute loathing of the word ‘coward’), it’s not hard to lead her on if the enticement is conniving enough. But that being said, she’s also got the marvellously winsome ability to float between groups of people (and races, she's had dealings with both Elves and Dwarves in her time as her grandpapa's legs in the business), rarely ever (or trying not to) take sides, and more or less being everyone’s friend in some way or form – which is quite possibly her best and worst trait.

That being said, while she's a down to earth lass and maturity and age has lent her some wisdom, she is still insanely easy to distract if the bait is shiny enough, so to speak. She’s got a helluva lot of natural curiousity to go along with that big heart; the world fascinates her no matter how old she gets, she likes innovation (though she's just earthy enough to be comfortable not pushing the bounds too far out) and she needs to explore every nook and cranky and possibility in a situation before she’s satisfied with what she’s found. This distractibility can be to the detriment of her working ability, unfortunately (and makes her come across as a little nosy at times), and she does need the occasional firm reminder to get back on task if something ‘shiny’ does get her attention for too long. Which is a shame if it makes a poor first impression, because she’s actually not a lazy or impudent sort by nature, and she does have a pretty staunch set of work instincts on her once her mind is back on the job. Growing up in a crafter guild family has taught her the meaning of hard work and it’s benefits, of generosity and practicality and simple core values, and because of that, she’s good to have around if you can just get past the fact that she can get a little too bored a little too quickly at times. She’s the sort that will offer to help you out even if she’s got a whole haul of her own to bring in from the docks or a mess of her own to clean up as well, who’ll stay back and help you clean up the bones and gore of a catch even if she feels ill, and who’ll offer the last morsel on a plate even if she’s eyeing it ravenously.

There is an upside to Kat’s natural instincts, that curiousity of hers, and that is her ability to think outside the box theoretically (because let's face it, she still prefers comfort and security physically at the end of the day). But she can provide some surprising, if sometimes odd, insight into a situation. Of course, she does occasionally put her foot in her mouth with aforementioned opinionated honesty, no matter how sweet her intentions are, often commenting on something that might be a little bit offensive even though it’s truthful…or maybe that’s exactly why it’s mildly offensive, because it’s a hard truth she’s telling. As aforementioned, she also doesn’t take disappointment too well, especially if people she likes are unhappy with her, and can be a mild sore loser if she’s in a particularly grumpy, foot-stomping mood.

Fortunately, Kat’s bad temper is not a common occurrence. Of course, it happens; she’s only human after all, still fairly young, and people can plain suck. However, at the end of the day, all of it – the grumps, the mild wariness, the slightly more cautious acknowledgement of things – is eclipsed by what can only be described as a deep rooted optimism. Kat has been through absolute hell so far as events in her past are concerned, with particular focus on the domestic violence prevalent in her marriage to her first husband. Yet somehow, she is the type who always perceives the glass as half-full or with the potential to be filled again; she genuinely manages to see the fundamental soul in people, even when they’re complete jackasses and despite the hardship in the world. She has the ability to treasure the good in the world, and so far as she’s concerned, it’s always worth fighting for and is perhaps more so to her, knowing as she does the common cruelty that can come upon a person's life. Even if it’s just the little things – someone might complain about the early morning shift, but she’ll point out the way that the sun is trickling over the landscape. Where a person might grumble about their inability to see something, she’ll simply tackle the problem by finding herself a high place or rowing out on to the water to see better. You might gripe at the cold, but she’ll just giggle and make a face at her red nose (or kiss yours), knowing that Spring will eventually come. And maybe that makes her a little annoying at times, but it’s that deep rooted optimism in her that makes her a good person, that has kept her alive thus far…that needs to be there to keep her sane and unembittered, as so many would prefer to do when there’s nothing much left to the world.


Though born over a century after the event, Katja is well acquainted with the Fall of Erebor and the Destruction of Dale. Born in the autumn of T.A. 2911 in a small hamlet on the shores housing Lake-Town, her great-grandfather returned from the East when news had reached him to a destroyed home, an annihilated livelihood, and his only family left alive his little Easterling-born wife, Jerika -- who he'd been bringing home in the first place.

Times were rough afterwards, and though he attempted to trade some with what remained of the Dwarves further afield, the task proved impossible for one man to accomplish on top of rebuilding a life he hadn't even seen taken from him. Ultimately, her great-grandfather provided a life comfortable enough to survive off, eventually gaining the foundations needed to start the boat-building business that continues to this very day in Laketown in Katja's family, despite the ever increasing squeeze of the Master's hand.

While Kat's life itself wasn't...overly tragic or difficult, it was definitely a line straddled between the working class and the merchant class, and it was this and her affection for her family that led her to make the choices she did as she grew older. Her one sibling, a brother, died within the first few months of his life when she herself was four, and so Katja took extra pains despite her sex to learn and then assist as much as she was able to with the business. Though not always agreeing with her more traditional parents, her grandfather, the one son born to the great-grandfather who lost all in Dale, doted on her, recognising her gift with numbers and her quick, cheerful personality for the asset it was as far as being a businessman (or woman) went.

Naturally at the time, when the opportunity to further secure the family's boat making business (never mind their place) arose in the form of a decent and respectable marriage, the seventeen year old Katja took it-- never dreaming for a moment that she would be given less than what she'd been given already from a man, and just young enough, naive enough, to feel she'd fallen in love some with the dashing, well-dressed Pelsrin and his overt lack of shame in displaying his interest in the beautiful young woman Kat was growing in to. seemed okay, at first. Because it always does. At first, Kat didn't think much of her husband's unhappiness at her keeping late hours, even if it was mostly with family and close friends she'd known for years. The growing possessiveness and the underlying attempts to undermine her control over herself and her value in the world were subtle enough, played just enough on Kat's good nature and willing heart, the small mark her own cool relationship with her father had left, that the part of her telling her she wasn't being ridiculous, that he'd get over it, was ignored by more conscious thoughts. By the time it became an obvious problem, Katja was already isolated from old friends, relegated to front of shop save the occasional tidbit where she was able to help sort the spices and the herbs Pelsrin kept, and too far in, she felt, to throw it all back now...not when the affiliation with the more wealthy spice merchant family had set her own family back on sturdy feet again.

The first time her husband actually hit her was somewhat expected by Kat, but only in instinct. The rest of her was in shock, and just enough so, just enough incapable of digesting the net around her and the ugliness underneath her husband's prettiness, pretty words and soulful declarations of affection, that she didn't quite recover enough to pitch some means of resistance until the fourth or fifth apology.

Resistance made it worse, worsened only again by the fact that Pelsrin hardly ever drank, and Kat was now torn between the reality of him knowing fully what he was doing, and the horrible, dark possibility that she was somehow bringing it upon herself because of her own gregarious, stubborn nature. It went on for more time than should ever be allowed, worsened (and worsening Kat's self worth) by the fact that the one time she did conceive, Kat's body miscarried the baby...a twisted tragedy made worse by the fact that for the brief time she was pregnant, Pelsrin stopped beating her (and gods forbid anyone even suggest in his hearing that Kat's fertility wasn't the issue, but his).

Eventually, Kat's old grandfather of all people took matters into his own hands when his own fears were confirmed by a careless bruise left finally and visible for all to see on his granddaughter. He enlightened Kat to the actual reality of the family business at that time -- that they were stable enough, secure enough, successful enough now not to need the goodwill of the spice merchant...not that it mattered anyway by this point, as her grandfather was willing to take her into his home anyway even if her own parents wouldn't, should she leave her husband.

And so Kat made plans, and though beaten and bruised in more ways than physically, left her husband's home in the wee hours of the morning. It was a miserable fortnight spent afterwards though, with Kat barely able to leave her grandfather's house or shop between Pelsrin's unscheduled visits (and gods know what else was said) and the lack of support from her own parents. Ultimately, she made the choice to visit her husband herself, feeling with one last shred of hope that he'd be amenable to reason and see the logic behind them ultimately separating, as neither were happy (or so she felt).

To this day, Kat doesn't know where the conversation started to go wrong. But the latter part of it devolved to the old guilts and ridicule, and after time spent away from the constant emotional beatings, Kat wasn't quite as beaten down as she'd been and thus, for the first time in several years, fought back some. What she does remember though is the breaking glass, the glint of the jagged shards, the weight and breath of her husband on her and then...little else.

It was T.A. 2935 by this point, and Katja learned later that she'd screamed just loud enough when Pelsrin attacked her for a passing child (a child, of all people, not an adult) to run and seek help from the dock-guards. One was fortunate enough to have been an old childhood friend, and heeding the child's hue of violence and murder, raced back and was the one to ultimately drag Pelsrin off his wife and have him arrested. Katja's injuries and semi-conscious state was left to the child who'd rescued her to staunch until healers arrived and she was taken back to her grandfather's home-- though despite their best efforts, there was no saving the side of Kat's face that had taken the glassing, bar removing what shards remained and sewing up loose skin and muscle in the deeper wounds among the superficial.

Though the damage was clear and permanent (how she didn't lose her eye is still a miracle to this day) and so the last couple of years outed, Pelsrin served no more than a week in the cells -- a reality that didn't surprise Kat even as it grieved her once she was healed enough and coherent enough to hear the news and carry conversation with others. Wealth always helped wealth when it helped each other out, after all, and the only boon she could ultimately take from it all was knowing that, with such an obvious sacrilege to marriage, her divorce from Pelsrin was a certainty. Moving on was not easy even then, though, and Kat had more than one dark day in those times preceding, whether it was to brood over her ruined, now ugly features, the past and the why's and why she'd let it happen of her marriage, and the reality of just how isolated she'd become.

She slowly began to heal though, not least because of her grandfather's protection. Absent-minded in some ways, the man doted on her no less than he had in her childhood, and was a shrewd enough businessman to begin re-teaching to her the ropes (literally and figuratively) of their boat making business. Kat slowly began to find her old friends again and make new ones, and the old man was cunning enough to begin sending her to meet arriving traders and apparent cruelty first off the bat, and yet the growing confidence and ease with his granddaughter's self-worth and over her own appearance spoke for itself.

After T.A. 2937, Katja doesn't know what exactly happened to Pelsrin, though its a bittersweet lack of knowledge at best. Moving onward from Lake Town to set up shop elsewhere did take some of the strain still clinging to her life, yes, but unless he died on the road or the like, knowing he could be living elsewhere from that time on, in a new place with new people, potentially ruining another girl's something that would always sit heavy on Kat's heart. And yet life had to go on, and so it did, the going on of it perhaps the only kind of good victory that could be taken after the kind of experiences Kat herself had lived through. She grieved when her father finally passed away, forged something of a closer relationship again with her mother in the wake of that, and of the best kind of importance where life change comes into play, she began to take on more and more of the responsibilities of her family's craft and her grandfather's business -- both for the pure desire to do so and the more practical reality; that she was the only heir to the family left with her father gone.

Trade with the Elves of Mirkwood and to some extent, Dwarves, helped supplement an income that with the passing of recent years, steadily grew more and more difficult to do more than break even with the tighter the Master of Lake Town squeezed on the inhabitants. Not wishing to ruin her now ageing grandfather's reputation or comforts, Katja did her best to hold her tongue some where it counted and continues to do so...if not always successfully.

It is with fellow Men though, perhaps not always with the purest of intentions when purchasing the goods her boat-maker craft are concerned (suspected pirates and water bandits, mostly, and the occasional Easterling kin), that she's managed to keep the business fairly ahead of the game for the time being. For her own sake and her family's more than anything else, as though it stings her bigger heart to close off to the larger population, the reality is that with the current political climate surrounding her birth home, one can't be too careful or too generous. Not overtly, anyway.

COUNTRY:  Aussie. 
EXPERIENCE:  No such thing as too much experience, but I got it and I love helping people with it.
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HOW DID YOU FIND US?:  I left for my health and I came back when it was still less stable than it should have been. You guys are like a life illness filled with fluff and cuddles.
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Re: Katja (WIP)
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Re: Katja (WIP)
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Re: Katja (WIP)
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Re: Katja (WIP)
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Re: Katja (WIP)
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Re: Katja
« Reply #6 on: March 20, 2017, 01:51:05 AM »
She's DONE, lovelies. Thank you for being so dang patient.

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Re: Katja
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So excited to see Kat finally finished!  I can't wait to see her in action!


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