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Author Topic: [LotR] Eowyn  (Read 3137 times)


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« on: November 11, 2016, 12:59:44 AM »


NAME: Eowyn [translation: ‘Joy of Horses’.]

NICKNAMES (IF ANY): White Lady of Rohan. Lady of the Shield Arm. “Little One.”



Born in the Late Spring of T.A. 2995. Aged 23 as of T.A. 3019.


GENDER:  Female.


Eowyn’s hair is the fair hue of the Rohirrim, hers specifically a tumble of waviness to the waist, the brightness of white-blonde smattered with darker honey blonde and the cheerful yellow of fresh hay.

EYE COLOUR: Large and wide-set in her face, Eowyn’s eyes are a dark grey-blue.

BODY TYPE AND HEIGHT: 5'9" - Eowyn is willowy of form, often giving the illusion of frailty amid the slenderness of form and a preference for flowy garments. However, the Numenorean blood borne from her maternal grandmother lets her stand tall enough to be comfortably eye-level with many of her male kin [appearing diminutive only when walking close to her rather colossal brother, or those of more full-blooded Numenorean kin]. So too is she stronger than she seems – touch will reveal hard muscle underneath her skin, a reasonable by product of an avid horsewoman and one who has learned determinedly the use of the sword.


Eowyn favors, above all, looser garments, which is why she’s seen as often and willingly in dresses as she is anything else. She finds herself irritated by things that constrict or press against her skin, and even vests and corsets are tied only as tightly as is necessary to stay fixed to her shape. She’s admittedly not the best at styling her clothes up or down, so tries to stick mainly to the idea of graceful simplicity, and failing that, her eye for good colours on her horses she tries to apply to herself as best she can. If all else fails, she at least looks good in Rohan’s colours…and knows that shades of blue at least are as safe a bet as anything.

DISTINGUISHING MARKS:  Eowyn’s skin is distinguished in itself, as though there’s a smatter of freckles over her lightly rosy cheeks and usually carefully hidden on her shoulders, it has retained its paleness despite the open and often harsh wind across the Riddermark. Scar-wise, she hasn’t escaped the reality that comes with being a proper, passionate horsewoman – a rough patch on her left hand from a mistake wrapping a lead rope about it when a horse panicked, aged scuffs on her knees from tumbles and falls, a thin line on her right calf where she cut herself before learning to use a sword properly, and on her back, the faded ridges of scars criss-crossing its lower part— souvenir of being thrown over a pony’s head, with the line of a scar hidden in her hairline when the fence splintered on impact and a slip of wood cut her forehead.

WEAPONS: Eowyn had the joy [for her] of being taught sword and spear alongside her brother and cousin in her youth, and is highly proficient in the former and passingly so in the latter. She’s allowed to keep a sword fashioned fondly for her to accommodate her lighter weight by Gamling in the past, but the weapon she’s fondest of is the smaller belt-knife with a hilt engraved in stars – an heirloom passed down from her grandmother Morwen Steelsheen to her mother, and then to Eowyn herself in kind upon reaching her age of majority.

FACE CLAIM: Miranda Otto.


Eowyn’s greatest strength lays in her resilience. It’s an iron core born into her blood and nursed by life’s circumstances into something more tangible and steely; she may despair, and chafe, be prone to melancholy and grief, but at the end of the long day, she will always, always find a way to get back on her feet.

To tie in with resilience is obviously her sense of grittiness and courage. Eowyn is and has never been a shrinking violet, and if perhaps reticent in times, certainly not shy. She says what she means and she means what she says, and though it may sometimes take time, she nearly always faces up to the music if and when she makes mistakes. She has no qualms with getting her hands dirty, refusing to let people do anything for her despite her noble blood that she wouldn’t do herself. This is also a cornerstone to her brave nature, as though this does not mean she does not know fear, she does her best to rise above that fear when the cause is just enough to fight for it.

Her sense of honour isn’t a surprising thing to encounter, as it ties in well with her resilience and courage. Eowyn believes strongly in fair play, and not just where it concerns the right to stand and fight equally alongside her male kith and kin.

Physically, it is worth mentioning that Eowyn is quite strong, fit from a lifestyle of activity formed about her duties as the current Lady of Meduseld. She is an excellent horsewoman, well-balanced and sensitive to her mount, though she refuses to call it a gift with horses. Rather, it’s simply that sensitivity, the ability to listen and respond accordingly to horse language, and taking the time to observe them, whether it be in training or in the herd dynamic outside of the paddock.


Eowyn can seem impossibly stubborn at times, and it’s to her detriment as much as anyone else’s. She’s like a dog to the bone once her mind has fixated on something, and the urge to rebel purely because she’s been told off or told ‘no’ is never far from the surface. She’ll keep up the charade for as long as possible or until there’s irrefutable proof, though she seems to reserve her most irritating, irrational moments of doggedness for her family. The detriment to her personally is that if she gets wound up enough to be driven to that point, it’s a hard, rough fall for her when she does come down from her high horse.

Eowyn’s reticence also means that at first, she comes off as aloof and even distrustful at times. A sad thing, as it isn’t part of her true nature, and has been cultivated by her world steadily darkening around her. She’s also prone to fits of melancholy and despair, chafing strongly in her sense of confinement and coping ill with so much as a sniff of a perceived loss of freedom. She can also be quite rash at times, and there’s maybe one…two…three people in the world, if that, that can put a rein on her once her mind is made up.


Eowyn is kind of a lost soul at present, not quite sure of her place in the world and thus with long-term goals few and far between. She wants to nurture, but she also wants to fight with the males she loves so dearly, and this is never clearer aspirations-wise than in the fact that she supports the care of orphans and the like in Edoras on one hand staunchly, and yet also keeps herself obsessively fit and engaged for battle, as if it will happen at any moment. In her darker moments though, the latter wins out, and she imagines going down in a blaze of glory in battle some day, as Death truly seems to be the only consistent thing in life, let alone her own.


Loss of freedom is a huge fear of Eowyn’s, and it manifests in nearly everything she does. She fears being still for too long, she fears being left behind, she fears creeping shadows and obscure faces and bleak, vague nightmares and tight spaces. She is a daughter of kings, and yet she fears more than anything the idea of gilded bars, and being forced behind them for so long that she might wear down and accept confinement.

Because of her fear of freedom’s loss, Eowyn actually rather fears the fate of many of her gender, a fate that some even look forward to: Marriage. Not because she rebels against the idea of being tied to another [she loves her family deeply, and her life would have destruction wreaked upon it if she lost all of them]; she actually lives upon a closeness with others, and her love earned is a deep love abiding, one that she actually looks forward to should she ever encounter it. No, it’s more what marriage could represent for her; that there is nothing else in life, that she will lose her will and her freedom and her authority, that her mastery over herself will be wrenched upon her with the resting of a ring upon her finger and the wresting of her wedding gown from her form.

Not surprisingly, Eowyn fears in equal measure to her own confinement the loss of her family. She lost her parents young, but she’s old enough to remember them. And so there’s always been something of a hole in her life, a hole she’s attempted to fill up with unconditional love for her King-Uncle and bossy care for Theodred, and even affection and conversation with those faces that have become familiar to her around Meduseld. Above all, she confines the best of her love for her elder brother, and though she’s more than happy to squabble like cats and dogs with him when the need calls, Eowyn will forever be both her brother’s little shadow and his most stalwart supporter, should the need call. Thus, the idea of losing any of them is one that would tear a phenomenally large part of her soul from her.


He has just as much reason to go to war as you do. Why can he not fight for those he loves? - Eowyn.

Eowyn's nature is one that has spent a large portion of her life at war with itself. She's known loss and heartache in quite a few of it's forms. She's learnt young the concept of duty and all that it entails, or rather, what her station in life entails, the importance of containing yourself, your feelings and your beliefs for the good of the common people. She's learnt to that to reveal yourself too quickly can invite disaster, unwelcome company and the like -- conceal, don't feel, don't let them know, as the saying may go. As a result, when one first meets her (and perhaps for some time after), one may find her...well, cool. Somewhat reticent, a miniature of her grim-faced brother in female form, and all too aptly named the White Lady of Rohan, because white is certainly what she seems to be -- white as snow, pale as rain.

It doesn't last long, though, because in all truth, not one of those things is actually Eowyn as she truly is, and that's what often puts her at war with herself and her sense of duty. In nature, she's actually very much a child of Rohan -- gay and playful and gregarious, warm, kind-hearted and loving -- she wants nothing more than to make friends, true friends, and her affections are given freely once earned. She is fierce in her protection of these people and passionate in her beliefs (and her quest to be believed), and above all is she loyal, unshakably so, though it definitely makes her stubborn, often to a fault. Her smile once all else has passed is quick and wide and surprisingly mischievous -- a hint to her sense of humour, despite her best attempts to smother that gaiety of spirit. Her joy is found in things that one most certainly might not consider lady-like -- outdoors, activity, riding the great hills and plains of her home land with the wind buffeting her face, those moments when the male members of her family have allowed her to join them in their escapades and their pursuits. She is very much in kinship with the horses the Rohirrim so prize -- an advocate of freedom and desperately frightened of the possibility of losing it. The meaning of her name is apt in this aspect more than anything could possibly be -- "Joyful of Horses".

Another interesting thing to note about Eowyn (and perhaps another reason why she shares such a kinship with her equine counterparts), is her enormous sense of empathy. She's not afraid to speak her mind, and she's definitely shrewder than some -- including members of her family -- would like. But on the other hand can she also be remarkably sensitive -- quick to apologise and quicker to forgive those she loves, and often, whether she likes it or not, influenced by the mood of her environment around her, or rather, the mood of those closest to her. It tends to drive her a bit mad at times, if one is honest -- she's every inch the Rohirrim in her way, bold and fair and kind and generous and oh so very brave, which in it's own way, can make it a bit difficult for her to take at times when dealing with that sensitive streak, as others can bring her mood down whether they realise it or not, and that's not always a pleasant combination.


Born a springtime birth in Edoras in the year 2995 of the Third Age, Eowyn was the first (and only) daughter and the second born child to Eomund, Lord Marshal of the Riddermark and his wife Theodwyn, a princess of the House of Eorl and the sister of the King, Theoden. While not the easiest of births (Theodwyn has never been particularly strong), both mother and daughter survived, and it is entirely possible that this brave, survivalist spirit early on is what drew her elder brother to her, and made them close, if nothing else may have.

Which certainly wasn't the case, upon reflection. Eowyn wasn't even crawling when she took it upon herself to try following her brother around, and being left behind was a great source of distress for the little girl, something that would come to linger on through the years and even into adulthood. It was incredibly hard put on her to be kept still, and after many an escapade where she was caught following (and perhaps out of a sense of doting indulgence on Eomund's part) was the young lass finally given the privilege of learning not only the basics of a woman of Rohan (commoner or noble or shieldmaiden), but many of the things further too that were the lessons her brother might learn -- swordplay and horsemanship and the geography of the terrain (the things she excelled at), and archery and spearmanship and arithmetic (all things she thoroughly despised). For her, it was not the weaving of a tapestry that she would show proudly to her beloved kingly uncle or the hemming of a dress...but the manner in which she had improved her seat on horseback, or a trick she had learned with her feet while attempting to antagonise her elder brother during a bout of rough play.

Above all though, these were the times that cemented her bond at it's truest to Eomer, and it was this that would help to keep her afloat in the year of 3002 of the Third Age. For while she had grown up already with death to some extent around her, there is very little that can prepare a small child for the loss of their parents, and for the barely eight year old Eowyn, her childhood innocence more or less began to fade in the days she helped to nurse her ailing mother, and perhaps faded away entirely when all the nursing in the world proved ill-begotten in the wake of Theodwyn's death.

Eowyn's sense of confusion and loss after, and during her initial adoption into the house of Theoden, is a time she often prefers to compartmentalise into the back of her mind, if not outright try to forget it, though it's also the time she attributes to when she allowed her brother to get away with being so overprotective of her. That being said, it was only a matter of time before the young girl reasserted herself, and if she was a little more reticent than she'd once been, it certainly didn't stop her from asserting her independence within the household, bossing her male family members about with the relentless stubbornness charm of the spirited girl-child, and despite attempts to drive her to more womanly pursuits as she matured into adolescence, it wasn't uncommon to find her plotting the shrewdest means of escape so that she could follow after the male members of her family, if she wasn't to be found with them already.

Eowyn's blossoming into maturity came with a price, though -- unwanted attention. More specifically, the unwanted attentions of Grima Wormtongue. Attentions which Eowyn did her best to ignore, if not outright spurn, but which grew steadily more pronounced in much the same way that Wormtongue's influence over the King did so, and the entire situation, much to Eowyn's distress, seemed to grow more so with every day that her beloved Uncle waned. Gandalf's arrival in the year before the forming of the Fellowship proved more a balm for the young woman than the wizard could ever possibly know, for while others saw the Istari as Stormcrow, ill news, Eowyn took his appearance for a blessing in disguise, if only because for some time, Wormtongue's attentions to her were diverted.

Even this did not last, though, for Gandalf's warnings fell on deaf ears, and Rohan's grip upon the world grew steadily weaker with each passing day. With her aunt long deceased and her uncle's terrifying, slow decline towards nothingness, Eowyn was forced to forgo many of her old pleasures in favour of taking up almost full stewardship of the King's household, and though she bore it with resilience, it became commonplace to find her on the great stairs of Meduseld, watching with a terrible longing as the men, her brother and cousin in particular, rode out to defend their borders...while she was left. At home. And very, very alone.

Eomer's defiance following the betrayal of Saruman and the invasion of Rohan proved a source of pride and a greater source of sorrow for his sister, for the imprisonment and exile of him that followed left her utterly on her own even as it steeled her resilient nature, and it was at this time that she began to fall into a state of melancholia. Theodred's death only compounded this sense of hopeless, and unable to see her brother, haunted in her steps by Wormtongue and with an uncle more undead than living, Eowyn's world began to grow desperately dark, her only small solace in her horses. How she survived it to this day is something even she cannot explain, but survive it she did, and survive it to see the light again did she so too find -- Gandalf's return to Rohan with his three travelling companions a breaking of so many a chain that it bordered on the overwhelming -- her uncle's, her brother's, Grima's hold, the beginning of a new era for Rohan should they survive this new war...and above all, a breaking of the chains, however unintentional at first, over her own heart.

Eowyn's admiration for Aragorn, son of Arathorn, grew quickly into adoration and what she perceived as love. She found a kinship in the fierceness and the kindness so enmeshed in the man's spirit, an understanding of her like no other had ever given, not even her family. The flight to and the subsequent Battle for Helm's Deep only further cemented her belief in her love for the man, and she vowed that she would follow him as his men would -- anywhere, even unto death.

It was in the months following that Eowyn revealed her love to Aragorn while making that very same proclamation, upon discovering that he intended to abandon the Rohirrim on their journey to Gondor in favour of taking the Paths of the Dead. Aragorn, in turn, reminded her of her charge to govern the people of Rohan in her uncle's absence and should the worst happen, telling her so too that it was 'but a shadow and a thought that she loved', and that he could not give her what she sought. Gently as this rejection was delivered to her, Eowyn was nonetheless left heartbroken by it, her only comfort to be found in the burgeoning friendship made with the hobbit Master Meriadoc Brandybuck (also left behind like she) and perhaps, despite her rebelling heart, in the faith of Theoden-King of her strength and his desire to see her smile once more.

Her heart won out in the end though, and disguised as the man 'Dernhelm' did Eowyn take herself and Merry among the Riders of Rohan to Gondor. It was here during the Battle of the Pelennor Fields that Eowyn fought alongside her uncle and her male kin, and it was she who scrambled to the aid of her King when he was injured by the Witch-King of Angmar. Confronting the Witch-King, she put flight to his boast that 'no living man could kill him' when Merry stabbed the Nazgul in the back of the knee, thus providing her with the opportunity in the interim fight to divest herself of her helmet, revealing her long golden hair and proclaiming herself as 'no living man', before she slew him. It was due to this that she would be named, ultimately, 'Lady of the Shield-Arm'.

Eowyn was severely injured in the battle though, and succumbed to this and the grief of Theoden-King's impending death. Near certain death, she would not wake again until she was brought to the Houses of Healing, for it was here that Aragorn treated her and thus purged her of the Nazgul's black poison. However, while saved, she was not completely recovered and could thus go nowhere but the Houses of Healing itself, and it is there that she has stayed.



EXPERIENCE:  I am forever learning despite the years gone by.

OTHER CHARACTERS: Legolas. Tintalde. Rupa. Sefaedra. Morwen Steelsheen.   

CONTACT:  PM. Skype [spooky_spook1]. AIM [twilightcontessa].



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Re: Eowyn
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'i've learned that strength is something you choose'


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Re: Eowyn
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What a beautiful application, Dory!  You have done a wonderful job fleshing out Éowyn and there are NO WORDS for how excited I am to see her and Faramir thread together. <3

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