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Author Topic: [LotR] Fridr  (Read 2426 times)


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« on: October 25, 2016, 01:32:25 AM »


NAME: Fridr
DATE OF BIRTH AND AGE (AS OF T.A. 2941/3019): Born the Winter of T.A. 2992, making her 27 years of age.
PLACE OF BIRTH: Somewhere on the Harad road.
GENDER: Female

HAIR COLOUR AND APPEARANCE: Long, wavy brown tresses fall from her head, almost silk like in appearance as they flow down just short of her elbows. Brushing it nearly every morning has kept it in such excellent condition, despite her travelling on the road for as long as she has. There is occasion where she may put it up, but only when graft work was required, and the young lady had to do it of her own accord. Sometimes, if she’s feeling fancy, she will tangle her hair with beards and feathers; just to pretty it up even further.

EYE COLOUR: Fridr’s eyes are of the deepest mahogany – with two little golden circles trimming her irises – giving them a little more life, and adding a new level of magic to her face.

BODY TYPE AND HEIGHT:  She is quite a small woman, standing at 5’4”, though she makes up at least half an inch with her voluptuous hair. Small in stature and slender in figure, she is quite something to behold though she doesn’t believe as such herself. The soothsayer would blame her parent’s genetics for her lack of height, only they had both been tall – making the young lady highly suspect of her own conception. Fridr long slender features help her add to the stereotyped seer look.

OVERALL APPEARANCE:  Whilst Fridr might don the clothes of a man whilst travelling on the road; she is certainly not unaccustomed to dresses. Her tunic is black in colour, as are her breeches, but her overcoat is of dun in shade, strapped to her torso with a brown belt, and her hair is dressed up in a messy curly bun whenever she wears such things. Her dress collection, however, is certainly something to behold, varying in colours, ranging from the drab murky browns and greens to the bright vibrancy of purples and reds. Each dress has a belt to cinch in the waist and each falls to the floor, covering her battered boots so others may be none the wiser to her actual status, though she makes it very apparent of her profession. On her wrists, she wears bangles and rings embellished with turquoise on both of her hands; both bangles engraved with immense detail, but all stolen from a previous seer that she seldom talks about.

DISTINGUISHING MARKS:  Her cute rounded face has barely anything but soft skin gracing its surface, but that’s not to say the woman isn’t spattered in scars and stretch marks. Fridr has a scar on her lip and down the side of her neck from a partner that had been less than kind to her – though she had disposed of him quite sufficiently – as well as stretch marks covering her hips, gained from a pregnancy, though that, unfortunately, never came to full fruition. Her delicate arms are scarred with burns from flames that she’s often played with when cooking up a new poison or dabbling in things that she ought not. The palm of her right hand has a scar from where she cut upon the skin to make a blood pact with her former partner in crime, but upon her untimely death, she allowed the wound to heal over and seldom talks of it.

WEAPONS:  She owns a Navaja-esk knife, of which the handle is made from the bone of her former intimate partner, and the blade is standard. Knives are not exactly her favourite kind of weapon, for that requires her to get her hands dirty in order to dispose of someone she cares very little for. Instead she turns to her vast array of poisons and little bottles of tricks that she always keeps strapped to her sides  – and considers herself a mistress of potions.

FACE CLAIM: Peri Baumeister

STRENGTHS:  Her stony cold façade has saved face one more than one occasion. Nobody knows what she’s thinking, and so, when the unexpected happens, they are left gaslighted with no regret. She is, by no stretch of the imagination, evil – but she is not good either.

Fridr has a knack for creating the unnatural out of the natural. Poisons that are undetectable, bottles of smoke and magic that explode into flame. Some have accused her of witchcraft, but those who know anything about the craft know it’s just trickery of nature. Whilst she believes in her sight, she knows she’s no witch.

WEAKNESSES: Despite her not fully believing in her trickery – she is heavily superstitious. The number 13 mustn’t grace her presence due to its lack of luck. When she attempts readings, if the number 13 appears, it does not bode well. Other superstitions she believes in are things like the evil eye and mistletoe above the door as a promise from the owner that he will not bring harm to those who enter.

She is, by every stretch of the imagination, vengeful. Anyone who has wronged her has ended up meeting their making and finding their place in the cold, hard ground. This vengeful attitude to life may turn out to be her undoing if anyone should find her history – for even murder is still a punishable offence.

ASPIRATIONS:  Fridr aspires to learn more there is to know about alchemy, of sorts, and spread her knowledge in the art of poison making so that she may better her schemes. She will never use it for those undeserving, but it’s a good art to know should times get dark and her livelihood be threatened.

There’s a want to find somewhere to finally settle down and set up shop so that she may sell others her wears from beyond the simple cart she lugs about with her horse. It’s not a big aspiration, but when you’ve been travelling for so long, settling down sometimes becomes a need.

FEARS: The idea that one day she may be caught unawares by real witchcraft, or a wizard. She is a master of cheap tricks and nothing more – to be outed would be a disaster to her travelling career.

Fridr fears being poisoned, which is quite something as she is usually the one doing the poisoning. It’s a fear she’s had since she was young, and why she gained an unnatural obsession with poison making. She fully believed if she knew how to make them that she would also learn how to cure them.

PERSONALITY:  If Fridr had to be described with two words, and two words alone, those words would be chaotic and neutral. She has no qualms about acting as her conscience decides with very little care for the expectations of those around her. Kind-hearted and benevolent in nature, Fridr only seems to act out when someone has wronged her and this makes her conscience flicker towards malicious intent. As a free spirit, she is hard to read, as she is world worn. Her façade is constantly up as she is disinterested in letting anyone get close as every time they do, someone gets burned – sometimes literally. Though she comes off as abrasive, she is, in fact, just blunt and will seldom withhold home truths from individuals should they ask for it. Fridr could not be described as dishonest, for the simple matter of the fact is, she never lies – she just withholds some of the truth if its unnecessary to the direction of conversation or otherwise.

On the flip side, Fridr is, as mentioned before, vengeful. She has no issues with burying the body of a man, or woman, who has wronged her and felt the wrath of her poisons. Her services cannot be bought, but her poisons can, and by that admission, she is an accessory to murder, or attempted murder if the individual gets the dosage wrong. She will never admit that this may be a little wrong on her part – but vengeance is a woman, and her name is Fridr. Some have argued that she seems to have multiple persons living in her body – but this is simply not the case and instead she only lets those who need to, see her other side. She has no shame about light fingers, especially as it’s hard to make a lot of coin on the road, so sometimes things that do not belong to her end up in her pocket – but only from those who have spoken to her in an unjust way. The poisoner has no qualms about using witty aphorisms and is full of proverbs that suit her career as a seer. When she’s working as a fortune teller, she is 100% convinced in her work and believes the things she believes she sees (most often seen after taking a concoction to drink).

HISTORY:  Fridr was born in a bitter winter chill on the Harad road in T.A. 2992. While she was born to two parents – she was quickly given away as part of a pact that had been made between themselves and a woman by the name of Helle, who was a woman of mysterious abilities. Her parents, whose names she never came to learn, had promised their daughter to the woman when she was born in exchange for her brother’s life, who Helle saved with her concoctions. Helle raised her as her own, and though she taught her new and wonderful things as she grew – Helle was cold. Fridr was never to find love nor security in the woman she had been given to, and so Fridr grew colder as she grew older. Helle knew there was something special about Fridr from the first time she opened her eyes, and gold rings surrounded her pupils. There was something secret in those eyes, and so, when Fridr reached the age of 6, she began to teach her how to make unspeakable illnesses in bottles that could be given to anyone at any given moment.

When she was 11, Fridr made her first personalised poison on her own, at the cost of the skin on her arms, though her hands remained safe. The scarring would carry through with her for the rest of her life. Her life was somewhat uneventful until she turned the age of 13 and found out the truth about her parents and the woman who had raised her. She had not yet had the chance to test her new poison, and so, took it to a stew that Helle had been making over a camp fire. Fridr’s thoughts as she watched the woman take the ladle to her mouth was that it was a shame the woman’s sights were not as real as she claimed. An unnatural combination of hemlock and monkshood, she watched the woman tremble and clutch at her throat as it burned her from the inside out. The violence that ensued only confirmed that what she had made was on a new level. The poison she named Hell for the results it garnered were not a sight for those without the constitution to bear it.

That had been her first act of vengeance that year – but it hadn’t been her last. It didn’t take her much to find her parents and brother as they had kept regular contact with her due to her brother. Though she had helped cure him at the time, the problem he had became a reoccurrence, and so they’d sought her out every year since. All Fridr had to do was wait – and wait she did. She played ignorant to who they were and served them all something to eat whilst they ‘waited’ for Helle. But the Helle that arrived for them was not the one they’d expected – and one by one they dropped like flies with no remorse from Fridr. The debt was paid and that was that. She joined a band of travellers on the road just before her 12th birthday – telling them of her gifts and how they may use them to her advantage if they gave her food and shelter. They obliged.

For years, her life was again, uneventful. The travellers were kind to her and had continued to be so for most of her life. She was gracious and kind – and no ill befell them, at least at her hands. Her cold heart had begun to soften, but she kept up her guard as best she could lest they betray her in any way. They were simple merchants, who allowed her to make her own wage, so long as she helped around the camps that they made on a night to protect the group. She was thankful – and finally, she felt like she was finding a home. By the age of 18, she was betrothed to a man by the name of Aedelstan. This soon became an evident mistake as he beat her frequently if she so much as breathed the wrong way. Fridr found no opportunity for vengeance, and so she bided her time, subjecting herself to the beatings to the point where she began to gain scars from his violence. No one asked because no one saw her scars.

By the age of 21, she went through unspeakable trauma concerning her child, and it was this that finally snapped Fridr into action. No longer caring if she would be exiled from her new family, she stabbed Aedelstan in the heel, bringing him to his knees. She felt no need to slyly slip him the poison, and instead force fed him a whole vial of it. It was then she saw its full potential. Unperturbed, she packed the rest of their things, packed his horse and cart, and sped off alone into the dark. The travellers did not seek to find her.

Bringing us to the present day, Fridr travels the roads – no longer down Harad due to the impending doom that emanates from there and has instead moved her business further towards Belfalas and Gondor. She has been in the business of selling poisons and her gift of sight to any individual willing to pay coin for it. She has nice clothes, and whilst isn’t living in luxury, she isn’t living in poverty either. Fridr no longer sleeps in the cart as she often did on the road, and instead finds a tavern and pays for a night and food. There is yet to be anyone that seeks her out for vengeance, but she still seeks it as and when she deems it necessary – despite the impending sense of death wafting over Middle-Earth.

AGE:  Old lady.
EXPERIENCE:  How long has it been?
OTHER CHARACTERS: Elrania, Ruairmli, Ruby Goodbody, Bombur, Annis, Ioreth, Sela, Vark, Gigra, Njordr, Cephas, Alaric, Roza, Hallbjorn, Ulfric.
CONTACT:  Carrier Benjy.
HOW DID YOU FIND US?: My throne - it's in the corner surrounded by a moat of tears. A crown just simply didn't suffice anymore. Careful, there's a feels monster in that there moat…  I’ve always been here. Always. In the shadows. Waiting.
My name’s blurryface and I care what you think

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Re: Fridr (WIP)
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Re: Fridr (WIP)
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Re: Fridr
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