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Author Topic: [Hobbit + LotR] Dis  (Read 2667 times)


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« on: October 24, 2016, 07:41:29 PM »


NAME:  Dis
NICKNAMES (IF ANY):  Dis Stormsheen, Stormsheen, Princess.
TRILOGY: Hobbit & LotR.
DATE OF BIRTH AND AGE (AS OF T.A. 2941/3019): Winter, T.A. 2760. 181 years old as of T.A. 2941.
RACE:  Dwarves.
GENDER:  Female.

HAIR COLOUR AND APPEARANCE:  A thick, slightly wavy mane of sloe-black is Dis's hair, one of her few true vanities as well-cared for as it can be. It falls to her waist, and is often kept back in a plait or a braid, both of which can be fashioned to style up or down depending on the situation.

EYE COLOUR:  Dis's eyes are what gave her the rather - to her - embarrassing nickname of Stormsheen; they're a soulful, constantly shifting shade of grey, set in large, long-lashed eyes. By far her very best feature and what lends beauty to a dwarvish face, they tend to be an annoyance too in that they convey near everything she for when she's mad or hurt deeply, in which case they steel over and still to that unshifting, iron grey.

BODY TYPE AND HEIGHT:  4'3" - By far not the tallest of female Dwarves [and downright tiny next to her larger brothers, both living and deceased], Dis is a stocky little thing, prone to chubbiness as a child. Thankfully, the worst of the chubbiness turned itself into robust curves, if a little less sweeping than they used to be. Because let’s face it, there’s no such thing as perky chests and defined, straight lines when you’ve been a mother and a smith and did she mention a Mom.

OVERALL APPEARANCE: Dis is just as happy in a leather apron and a tunic as she is in pretty silks and garments. She has a knack for styling things up and down as needed, as much from a perceptive eye and an appreciation for beautiful things as from necessity. Her clothes are more worn now than they once were, a little more aimed towards practicality and muted hues for the sake of prudence in the lean years following Erebor’s fall, but you can be damn well sure that she at least carries off the part of a once Princess Under the Mountain and Lady of Ered Luin, no matter how simple her ware may be. 

DISTINGUISHING MARKS:  Callused hands with at least one burn scar as befitting a woman who likes to smith metal, and the scuffs and scars of an active childhood. Smile dimples that never quite disappear from her cheeks even when her lips are at rest are also worth mentioning, as they make up the whole that is Dis’s engaging features and toothy, gregarious smile.

WEAPONS: You’re not a little sister with big brothers and bigger cousins if you don’t at least know your way around a sword and a hammer, and certainly not a smith worthy of the craft. However, though she knows her way around them, she’s not overly fond of either weapon beyond her work hammer, doing better with a bow despite the Elvish connotations she’s had to smack a fellow upside the head once or twice for mentioning it as such. She also carries a boot knife in her pocket— one, because it’s useful, and two because it’s enough to keep her out of prospective trouble until help arrives. Ultimately, Dis is not fond of fighting honestly, but she knows that reality dictates that she be ready for the possibility.

FACE CLAIM: Laura Fraser.

STRENGTHS:  Dis has quite possibly one of the strongest survivalist streaks you’ll ever come across in a female of any species. She’s a warrior spirit in a robust little body, and though she’s not likely to run off banging swords and hollering blue murder [usually], she’s ruthlessly practical at times, resilient as hell in the end no matter how worn down she gets or how much something breaks her heart, and sensible enough to not let any rash bull-headedness get into the way of her common sense. Usually.

Dis’s honesty is also a strength worth mentioning, as it puts you into the position of always knowing where you stand with her. This also adds credence to her trustworthiness, as it’s a given that you can trust her with your confidences, have confidence in her own competence and efficiency, and know things will be looked after, get done, or just watched over well while her eye is on it.

Dis is also quite maternal, and the warmth of heart and perceptiveness of this trait is what has kept her from growing too bitter and narrow-minded. She believes in gathering all sides of a story, is devoted with a lioness’s fierceness to her family, and if she gets a little worried by the notion of people taking her sons in particular from her, she’s also fair enough to be won over by a devoted heart in kind. For her, her happiness is ultimately found in the joy of her immediate family, especially Fili and Kili, and if you prove to bring as much to them, you will become part of that unit she cares for, protects, and relies upon for support in kind.

WEAKNESSES:  Like all of Durin's line, Dis is afflicted with the darker traits that come with pride as much as she is the good. As a result, she can be enormously stubborn, and will only grow more so the more you push her. Common sense tempers the worst of it, but that doesn't mean that when roused, she'll always give way even if she's in the wrong. In fact, she hates to be proven wrong, and if you don't get her on your side quick-smart in such an argument, you're in for the kind of fight where carving your skin off with a Nazgul's blade would be less painful.

She can also be imperious, and no amount of loss and poverty will ever diminish that. She's royal by birth, after all, and she's done a lot in her life to earn respect, so while friendly, you'd best not forget that about her until she herself is willing to forget it first in your presence. Understandably and not surprisingly, she's also defensive at times, and can come across as a little ruthless to boot-- not always a good mixture to have, especially when the majority of it has been cultivated as a protective mechanism over her own tender center.

Ironically, once she does fall, she falls hard, and it can take her a bit to recover. She likes to give off the impression that she's not made for despair, but honestly, there is a very tender heart under that hardy exterior and cheerful bossiness, and to make it worse, that tender heart is not good with tying itself to itself. No, it's tied to caring for and watching over others, over her brother's halls and all within, and above all, over her family. And while a generous heart is a gift, it leaves it horribly exposed and at risk should what gives it purpose be lost.

ASPIRATIONS:  As far as obvious aspirations go, the return of Durin's line to Erebor is the big one, and one which Dis follows along with the rest of her family. They've managed to make a home in Ered Luin, and she may have only been a young teenager when Erebor fell...but regardless, she remembers it well, and she remembers what once was, and so wants it back. She's tired, never quite felt at home in all their years away wherever their folk settled [something she feels more keenly than ever with the absence of her sons], and in short, she wants to return home just as much as she wants to see their folk returned to the glory they once were.

In regards to personal aspirations, Dis has always been highly ambitious where her craft is concerned. Honestly, part of it is due to the fear of being useless should Thorin retake Erebor, because she knows that he'll likely marry at some point, and so she won't hold the position of leading lady in that respect anymore no matter how good her potential future sister-in-law might be. So in a mixture of steeling self-preparation and genuine love for the smith and jeweler's craft, Dis is and always has been relentless in her pursuit of mastery of that guild.

(On an extremely personal note and in regards to something that stays deeply locked inside her already scarred heart, Dis entertains the quiet notion of finding...likely not the passionate, devoted love of her younger days with Fili and Kili's father, but still, something like love and companionship. But she doubts it'll ever happen, not least because of her own position and underneath again, the never quite healed ache of uncertainty that comes with loss many times over of what's dear.)

FEARS:  Dis has a bit of her own PTSD where the Fall of Erebor is concerned, and so the sound of roaring wind does quite a bit in felling her usual courage. The sound suddenly will make her jump from her seat, or anything resembling the noise, and though she'll (very stiffly) settle herself once more, unease and jerkiness, even snappiness if addressed, will flood every movement she makes until the noise is gone.

And of course, there's the most obvious fear -- losing what remains of her family. She's lost grandfather, father, husband, brother and mother-- and that's just the immediate family. The loss of what remains-- Thorin, Kili, Fili, Dwalin, even Dain, even those attached to her sons such as Fili's betrothed, will likely range between leaving another large hole in her already battered soul, if not outright destroy her very being with the loss.

PERSONALITY: Dis's name in the old tongue of Khuzdul translates roughly to mean that of sister. The reason for that little tidbit is that when it comes to the nature and miens that brings Dis to life, there was never a more fitting name. Sister implies fierceness, protection, playfulness, sorrow and pure, undying love all in one word. A sister is a beloved nuisance that turns into a best friend, a confidant and a staunch supporter with the onset of adulthood. A sister knows joy and sorrow at both extremes for those around her. A sister is a lioness prepared almost on a whim to rend and rip and turn savage upon those who threaten the metaphorical pride, and will forgive but never, ever forget. And a sister, above all, is a woman who often acts as the pseudo-mother in the family, and eventually, becomes truly a mother herself.

And this, friends, is everything that Dis once was, still is and at her fundamental core, will always be. To carry herself with some form of regality is a talent that has been learned and imbued upon her from the moment she could form words in her mouth and walk on chubby legs, and maturity was what tempered a fiery spirit from hot fire into warm coals -- longer lasting, enduring even on the coldest nights, but no less important to the essential needs of the warm-blooded being than the crackling fire. Warmth, humour, loyalty, a witty mind, a touch of mischief, absolute stubbornnes, a winsome smile and a wicked grin quick to show that made a surly brother scowl at her scoldingly even as his lips fought a battle against the twitch of their own smirk...above all, the love of the world to give, and an acceptance of most those around her even in suspicious times, even as a firm hand refused to let them wallow within the crimes of self-absorption and self-pity for too long, let them take advantage of her extroverted spirit. And of course, quite a temper when provoked, the one thing truly shared in common with Thorin Oakenshield that allowed a feisty dwarf-lass to yell back as loudly in turn in a quarrel, shout threats of unmitigated horror at mischievous sons and troublesome cousins and cut with a tone like the clash of swords through a crowded hall, and stand toe to very toe with a fiercesome and frankly, quite terrifying brother. But this...this is everything that Dis's heart was, is and will always be -- that of the warrior spirit that is not only the right of a man to possess, and yet a spirit too that feels not the need to bear arms and go to war in order to know the true nature of strength.


'the dwarves of yore made mighty spells,
while hammers fell like ringing bells
in places deep, where dark things sleep,
in hollow halls beneath the fells.'

Spring, 2760 of the Third Age. The youngest (and last) borne child of Thrain, son of Thror and Freylin. The only daughter to be born to them, they call her Dis. And even at a day old, she sets about demanding that her poor elder brothers wrap themselves around her chubby little fingers.

Winter, 2763 of the Third Age. Despite the strong constitution of their race, Freylin falls to illness, the harshness of the winter only adding to the toll taken upon her body. It is because of this event that Dis remembers barely more than an impression of her mother and an occasional dream that may be memory, or may simply be borne from the stories told to her to keep Freylin's memory living, for the little lass is barely three years old when her mother passes on. What those who may still live that can remember that time will tell you though is this -- dim recollection or not, it is from this event onwards that Dis develops a distinct kind of seperation anxiety in regards to her family, a sort of child's manner of expressing one's self through such events that, while it tempers with maturity, is something she never quite outgrows.

Autumn, T.A.2765. While it is not quite the lot of females to know battle on the frontlines, it is when Dis turns five that her eldest brother, Thorin, takes it upon himself to teach his little sister the art of survival. As opposed to simply letting her bumble along after himself and their brother, Frerin, to lessons and practice, he begins making an active role out of her presence, and it is from this particular Fall season on that Dis learns the arts that enable survival in the wild, and the ability to at least defend hearth and home. Hard work, but definitely more fun than princessly duties.

Winter, T.A.2767. Young Dis meets the Grey Wizard, Gandalf, for the first time. For once, she is left awestruck to silence, even afraid, of another living being. Needless to say, it doesn't last, and the gigantic man her people call Thrakun is gifted with a little shadow for the entire duration of his stay, whether he likes it or not. It is also in this year that Dis shows her interest in a craft -- the smithcraft, of course, though the finer toolings of the job more than anything else.

Spring, T.A.2768. Dis develops a crush on...Thranduil, King of the Mirkwood Elves. It's basis, of course, being the kind of basis only a dwarf can relate to -- an obsession with the glitter and gold and regality of him. Needless to say, her brothers are highly disgusted, her cousins are highly bewildered, her grandfather is highly amused, and her father is torn between the three. Thankfully, it's only the innocent crush of a girl-child, and it passes within weeks of the Elven King's departure from Erebor.

Summer, T.A.2770.

'the pines were roaring on the heights
the winds were moaning in the night
the fire was red; it flaming spread
the tree's like torches blazed with light
the dragon's ire, more fierce than fire.'

Erebor falls to Smaug. Dis is hauled from the battle over the shoulder of her brother, Frerin, sooty and a little burnt, otherwise unharmed, but screaming for brother and family and cousins she cannot find and howling terrible, incoherent curses at her brother for taking her away. She is barely eleven years old.

Autumn, T.A.2790 After twenty years of struggling to survive in Dunland, Thror, grandfather of Dis, grows sick at heart. He hands the Kingship to his son, Thrain, and sets off against the wishes of the others for Moira, citing a wish to see their ancestral home of Khazad-dum. He takes a single companion with him.

Summer, T.A.2790. Dis is thirty years of age with the coming of this springtime, and growing into maturity. However, such an event is marred by the news that comes -- Thror has been murdered in Moria.

Spring, T.A.2792. Dis is thrown quite literally into a state of shock when a confession is made to her -- in freezing, rainy weather mind you! -- by her brother Frerin's kinsman. A confession of love, to be exact, and from the stubbornly quiet Folkin, nonetheless. Needless to say, she's not impressed by the situation period, says no to the offer of courtship and marriage, and will subsequently spend the next forty eight years refusing the poor dwarf's very patient, very stoic, very quietly determined and very foolish (to her) proposals...oh, annually, at the least.

Winter, T.A.2793. Thrain calls upon the Seven Dwarf Clans to aid him in overthrowing the Orc-Chieftan Azog, and enact revenge upon the hoards that have both taken over ancestral Moria and who murdered his sire. Once gathered, they go on to route out several Orc and goblin warrens throughout the Misty Mountains over the following years. It is during these years in which the men in her family are absent that Dis learns in full the meaning of her place even among their nomadic band, what leadership and real courage is, and discovers truly her own magnetism and ability to command. It is this time period, ultimately, that Dis grows truly into herself, and an indication of the woman and leader she will be in the years to come.

Spring, T.A.2799. The Battle of Azanulbizar takes place before the East-gate of Moria. Though the Orcs are vanquished and Azog slain, the Dwarves suffer heavy losses -- Dis loses her beloved brother Frerin, indulger of her mischievous and loving ways and he who always knew how to gain a smile from her even when grumpy; her second cousin Nain; her uncle and father of Balin and Dwalin, Fundin, and very nearly loses her remaining brother, Thorin. It is also in this time that she learns that so too did Folkin almost die, and has been left scarred in his attempt to protect Frerin. Amidst the grief and the loss, Dis is forced to begin reevaluating her stubborn opinions that are already forty-six summers old, though she will not see any of her surviving loved ones (Folkin included, much to her extremely comical despair) for another year or three.

Autumn, T.A.2782. Those who participated in the Battle of Azanulbizar return to their kin, and after a little shuffling and a misunderstanding or two, life settles down for the most part with Thrain as the King and in charge once more, and Dis stepping back into a role similar to that of Thorin within the family -- not quite the same, but not quite her prior role either. Despite the heavy losses and the lack of home still, Dis knows something close to contentment with the return of her father and eldest brother and her cousins, and the knowledge of what she has learned and gained herself in the recent years, including the love of her people. Not so much complete contentment, though -- being barely able to look Folkin in the eye in those days definitely isn't the demeanour of a completely content woman, and it unsettles Dis more than she'd like when she realises he hasn't taken up his proposals again since his return.

Spring, T.A.2816. The Dwarves finally settle in Ered Luin, and begin making a home for themselves. Dis is, much to her relief, generally too busy in this time to worry about maddening and fickle things such as love and courtship. The woman has an entire clan to help settle in, and all.

Autumn, T.A.2825. Dis finally gives in to that abrasive side to her so gifted to the Line of Durin, and frightens Folkin half to death when she corners him in the forests on the mountain on a hunt for food and demands to know why he has changed since his return. It's a surprisingly -- for her -- anguished demand, though, and Dis is surprised to hear from him that it's not he that has truly changed at all. In fact, it's her, though not necessarily for the worst. In fact, he rather has found that he loves her a great deal more now. Dis, overwhelmed, flees the scene of her own making -- attempting to regather her wits, for the time being.

Winter, T.A.2825. Dis is saved the trouble of actually finding a solution on her own, though -- Folkin provides it for her, once she stops playing hide and seek in the growing Halls of Thrain to avoid him. Only rather than an outright proposal of marriage, Folkin simply asks if she'd spurn the idea of being courted. Definitely not a proposal, and finally, Dis accepts such an offer.

Summer, T.A.2825. Folkin proposes marriage for...quite possibly the forty-seventh time in years. It's the last attempt, though, because finally does Dis put the male dwarf out of his decades long misery and accepts. Despite discovering, much to her shock, that her own brother is as shocked that she's finally accepted...and doesn't wholly approve, either. It is this time in which their semi-estrangement from one another begins, a heartache for Dis that is barricaded by stubborn pride and misplaced opinions, and soothed only by the knowledge that their father (though becoming consumed by his own obsessions) more or less approves, and the fact that Folkin, if no one else and in spite of their differences in disposition even years on, truly does adore her.

Summer, T.A.2826. Dis and Folkin are married, an event which causes much joy and celebration among their long-burdened kin despite the heartache Dis still feels secretly over Thorin's coolness at the match.

T.A.2841. Consumed blackly and with increasing obsession for the lost riches of Erebor, Thrain leaves Eriador on a quest to hopefully return Erebor to their line and their kin. He is never heard from again.

Autumn, T.A.2850. After two years of silence, hope is lost and those remaining of the Line of Durin are forced to acknowledge the reality -- that Thrain is dead. Thorin assumes Kingship of their people within the Blue Mountains, though it will be some years due to their estrangement before Dis assumes full rights as Thorin's female counterpart, though she takes with some coolness between them a large portion of the duties discharged to she who would be Lady of the Halls. It is at this point too that she begins to become a little, if unintentionally, separated from her husband -- sadly due to her increased duties, and the separation and occasional quarrels it causes.

Spring, T.A.2859. Fili is born. The tear in Dis and Thorin's relationship begins to heal, just a little. But only a little -- Dis has been hurt long enough by the entire ordeal that she doesn't let go of the not all too irrational idea...that her brother is attempting to make amends because he has not married, and she has birthed the child that is essentially his heir to the throne. However, it is a hand extended nonetheless, and pride is slowly knocked away over time by the little golden-haired lad that is son and nephew, and the fact that quite honestly, she thinks they have both missed deeply what they once had.

T.A 2864. Dis falls pregnant with her second child. For reasons inexplicable, this pregnancy is harder on her than her first, and she spends the majority of it suffering morning sickness (morning being a subjective term for when it strikes) and headaches. So bad is it that she’s forced to confine herself from her duties as Lady ruler of the Halls early into month six after a bleed that could very well have ended in miscarriage. Both mother and unborn baby are preserved though, and though a fortnight early, Kili is born with no further mishaps and a surprising amount of ease after the pregnancy his mother was put through. Born small and worryingly quiet at first, but ultimately healthy and as hungry as even the largest of newborn dwarflings could be…adored quickly by his older brother and with her own dark hair to boot, much to Dis’s irrepressible delight.
T.A. 2866. Dis finds she is pregnant again in this year. Four months later, Folkin dies, felled by a goblin ambush that should not, should not have killed such an experienced veteran in any circumstances other than those of a surprise ambush on a path usually familiar and safe through the mountains. Dis’s response to it is anything other than what is apparently expected of her, and she endures the whispers in the weeks following of her apathetic response, refusing to give in to the whispers for the sake of her own pride and the well-being of Fili and Kili. Everything in between is pointless in dwelling on it, and for what she believes is for the sake of Folkin’s memory, she keeps on as apparently hardy as ever. Those who know her well though know that the better whole of her has closed off from the world.
She goes into labour a month later, far too early. The baby is stillborn, formed in tiny detail and enough so for them to know it would have been a daughter. It is this time convalescing that Dis takes the opportunity to sink into the safe space that is numb melancholy—until her eldest, of all beings, approaches her and gets through to her best without his even trying. And to the very day she dies, it is only Fili and Thorin perhaps who know the true deepness of her despair now facing life without her gentle, firm and forever so patient husband brings, but Dis eventually recovers enough physically, and with it mentally, to get along with life. Even if it is a life without Folkin.

Autumn, T.A.2866. Dis is finally well enough to assume in full her place now as Lady of the Halls. Thorin assumes guardianship over her fatherless sons, effectively adopting them both as his heirs in the absence of his own offspring. Dis herself turns to raising them both and her now rather full-time duties to ease the pain of her losses. Allowing none to truly see her suffering, though in the latest watches of the night does she sob into the shadowy absence that was once Folkin's presence beside her. None, ultimately, save her big brother, who cottons on with a surprising swiftness that unhinges all of her grievances anew the pain she is attempting to lock away. It is in this time and the years following that their relationship truly mends, and they in fact become closer than ever. And though paling in comparison to the Erebor of their memories, Ered Luin knows something like comfort and peace in these following years between the two of them as a team.

Summer, T.A.2866. Dis learns that their cousin, Dain Ironfoot II, has both become Lord of the Iron Hills and the father of a lad that he names Thorin II -- much to her anticipatory amusement at her brother's reaction.

Spring, T.A.2940.  Dis's initial response is horror when she learns of Thorin's intent to Quest for Erebor, the memories of the loss of their father to the very same idea not so long ago as to be forgotten. The subsequent argument that follows is as heated as it is loud, though after a day (or two) to cool off, Dis realises that she desires in the deepest parts of her own heart to return to the home they have lost to the dragon, and tells Thorin as such. The siblings, as always in the end, reconcile.

Spring, T.A.2941. Thorin returns to the Halls after time spent away, and to Dis's pleasant shock, brings an old friend with him. Gandalf proves to be the provider of the key needed to put the Quest for Erebor into action. She is, however, less impressed to discover that Thorin has changed his mind about taking her sons with him. However, it is now that she realises she must accept that her sons are grown, and though she wishes to go, she heeds her brother's wish to stay safe so that there is someone to protect their people. Thus, she see's her family off with the very stern -- heartrending -- promise that they will return to her. And an even sterner warning of what may happen to a particular wizard she was very fond of if her men come to harm.

Unspecified Length of Time, T.A.2941. With Thorin's leaving, Dis assumes again guardianship with the Council the Dwarves of Eriador in Thorin's absence (though within her very own thoughts, she feels she owes significantly more in this, as she is still the remaining royal blood) and despite a skirmish or two fought, does so with relatively little trouble. When news finally reaches her that Smaug has been defeated, she begins to make plans for herself and her kin to travel. 

The Battle of the Five Armies, T.A.2941. Thorin's attempts to take military action against the Elves and Men wishing for a share in Erebor's wealth are forestalled when Gandalf arrives to warn them of the approaching hordes of Goblins and Wargs. Dis is left once more with command of the halls themselves, while her brother the King and her sons go to battle against the marauding armies, though allied with now rather than against those Thorin originally sought to route. The battle is successful in favour of the Free People, but it comes at a price that even Dis, despite knowing loss over her years of life, never truly expected to happen...or to happen in one fell swoop -- the slaying of her sons, her children, the light of her days...and then soon after, the death of her brother who, fatally flawed or not, had still been her champion, hero and her partner in the things that mattered and her support when needed the most, her mentor in survival and her loving, exasperated indulger in her childhood. But above all, her brother.

Dis is, finally, left shattered by despair, with naught to give her solace but three more tombstones for those she loved the most, and the empty, glittering, soulless stronghold of The Lonely Mountain.

Winter, T.A.2942. Though Balin briefly assumes guardianship of the throne in the wake of the Battle and Dis's paralytical grief, it is Dain Ironfoot who ultimately succeeds Thorin as King Under the Mountain. Out of the fondness borne from their past relationship and the knowledge that she is loved by Durin's people, Dain does not usurp Dis's power so much as gently seperates her from it, so that she might be given time to at least decide what she will do in the end.

Autumn, T.A.2943. Dis chooses to journey back to Ered Luin and the grave of her husband, and she spends some months there with those who remained behind. Eventually, she even begins to take a more active interest in their welfare again, and it is this sign, and the time she spends furthermore among the Blue Mountains, that allows Dis to find something of her old resilience and know survival again. Not necessarily living, for she will never find the joy she once did to live as she once was, is something.

Summer, T.A.2944. Dis is finally able to return to Erebor.

EXPERIENCE:  Long enough to know a whole lot, just not-stupid enough to think you stop learning.
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'even those who are gone are with us as we go on'


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Re: Dis (WIP)
« Reply #1 on: November 08, 2016, 06:28:20 AM »
So I totally had this app almost completed. But then I left the document at work. And then the systems went down. And then I lost it. and now i wanna die in a river flood So though it's still got a couple of days on it, I think I'm going to need to ask for that extension for this app. Sorry guys. D:


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Re: Dis (WIP)
« Reply #2 on: December 03, 2016, 01:38:27 AM »

'even those who are gone are with us as we go on'


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Re: Dis
« Reply #3 on: December 10, 2016, 07:45:22 PM »
So glad to see Dis in play and on site! You are good to go Dory! And I shall grab a few itty bitty plots with you with mine, yes ;), but go, have fun with her! <3


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