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Author Topic: ♠ no ordinary gun show, iwtwaw pt 1  (Read 856 times)

Qi-Li Bai

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♠ no ordinary gun show, iwtwaw pt 1
« on: October 04, 2016, 03:11:10 AM »
♠ i want to write a western
    ♠ no ordinary gun show

    Oliver Guinness stumbled into the bar’s double doors. One of them slammed into his shoulder sending him back a couple of steps. After catching himself on the railing, he pushed forward, a hand outstretched as he thundered forward through the tavern door and coming to a stop by taking hold of one of the table chairs to steady himself, and the room. “Steady on.” He drew the words out slowly, his English accent popping out like a bandaged thumb. The tavern music hadn’t stopped on account of him entering. The chingering of the piano played an old hymn relentlessly. Reverend Collins must be at the piano, joy. He thought, stumbling up to the bar. “G’mme a toppah, would ya Rex?” Oliver slurred once he was seated at the bar. He looked down at the fellows in their fine suits and nodded in greeting, his hair flopping into his face. “Not again, Guinness! Fightin’ with the missus?” Oliver glared at Rex, the bartender. “You know very well I ain’t married.” He slurred, “Just give me the bloody drink.” Rex sighed and slid a glass tankard his way. “Thanks, my good man.” Said Oliver as he reached into his pocket and pulled out a coin to pay for his drink. Rex rolled his eyes, it wasn’t worth to say ‘I’m not your good man!’. Giving one more glance towards the men in suits, Oliver manhandled his glass and left the bar for one of the more comfortable chairs.
     The gentlemen who were sitting at the bar watched, eyes slanted, as the tall, skinny man slouched into a seat. They all glanced at one another and nodded. One of them drew a gun, and cocked the hammer…

     The Sheriff’s office was just down the street from the saloon. Beside that was the hospitable Inn of Wulf Esquire, a very Southern gentleman of high quality, luxury and boarding. Very convenient for although Mr. Wulf was a gentleman, he certainly had a great need for the law. Sheriff Zhao, a Chinaman who made a name for himself the hard way, was very familiar with the boisterous rantings of the “Southern Gentleman”.
     Wulf was leaning forward, and speaking in his ‘most proper tone for the situation’.
 “I am tellin’ you, Sherrif, they are cheaten’ me out of room and board.” He was speaking, of course, about a group of businessmen who had come to see if they could buy a plot of land from the town for their own means. When Zhao was presented the proposal by the mayor - Dameon Matthews - he shook his head. “It is not worth the money they want to pay for it.” He recalled saying. That seemed to satisfy Mathews, and when he told the businessmen that the offer was declined, Zhao expected some trouble on the spot! And everyday it didn’t come he would sit back in his desk chair at the end of the day and glare at the wall. Something was right. “Are you even listenin’ to me, Sheriff?” Zhao’s face drew a blank and he stared Wulf Esquire. Wulf made a face, “I basically said that they ain’t payin’ me. What are you gonna to do about it?
     Zhao pursed his lips and rolled his eyes to the ceiling. “I’ll deal with it.” He answered. “You better, my good man.” Wulf Esquire, “Or I’ll handle it myself.” And with gentleman like grace, he tipped his hat and muttered ‘good day’ before leaving the office, allowing the door to slam behind him.
     The Sheriff stepped outside into the warm afternoon sun. The town looked a little emptier than usual. A hand almost immediately rested on the hilt of his gun, while the other had a thumb stuck in his belt loop. As he proceeded to walk down the street, a gunshot rang out clear as a bell. Zhao’s face fell into a deep frown, and he drew his hat down to level with his brow and took off towards the saloon.

People were screaming, and Oliver sat in his chair bleeding from his good drinking arm. “Oi! That’s not nice!” He shouted, clutching his arm, the blood was finished seeping into his clothes and started snaking their way across his fingers like little rivers. “Not to mention that hurt!” The hammer of another gun was pulled back. “I ain’t gonna miss this time, Jack!” Said a young man in a suit. He lowered the gun to Oliver Guinness’ head and laid his finger on the trigger. “What’d I do?” Oliver asked, panic in every feature. His face was white, and his eyes wide and filled with fear. “The Sheriff will be here any moment, my child.” Reverend Robin said from behind the piano. “Very comforting, Rev!” Sarcasm dripped from Oliver’s tone, he hadn’t taken his eyes off the barrel of the gun, “But he’s right, ya know. The Sheriff will have heard that.
     Jack smiled almost sadistically, “Too bad you’ll be dead before he can save yer-
     “Put the gun down.” Zhao leaned in the doorway, hands in his pockets, and hat drawn level with his brow so his almond shaped eyes and thin nose seemed to stand out. Oliver had never seen such a relieving sight in his life. Jack whipped his head around, keeping the gun pointed at Oliver, “A Chinaman?” he sneered, “They’ve got a damn railroad worker for a Sheriff! Should kill him, too, for good measure.” The other three who had been with Jack at the bar had already cocked back the hammers on their guns and were preparing to take a shot when the Reverend, who was still hiding behind the piano, cocked back a double-barrel shotgun. Oliver had also taken his hand away from his wounded shoulder and was clutching his own revolver, holding it to Jack’s head. Rex, the bartender, also had his weapons drawn. Zhao was the only one with his hands still in his pockets, leaning in the doorway. “You have till the sun dips behind the mountains to pay your rent to Wulf and get out of Sunset Valley.
     “And if we ain’t out by then?” one of the others spat, “Whatcha gonna do, throw us in jail?” This received a light laugh from others. Zhao stood up straight in the doorway, “I just might do that, gentlemen. Thanks for the suggestion. Might also double your rent fees, I know Wulf will gladly accept.” One by one the men in suits lowered their weapons, two put theirs back in their holsters. One by one they walked past Zhao, not bothering to say ‘excuse me’ or ‘sorry’ when they purposefully walked into him.
     When they had all gone everyone lowered their own weapons and looked at Oliver. Zhao smiled, “Everyone knows that gun isn’t loaded, Oliver.” Oliver grinned brightly and replied, “It’s what you don’t know that’s important.
     “May God have mercy on their souls… and ours” Reverend Robin said, coming from behind the piano, “But if you ask me, that isn’t the last we shall see of them.
     “Consider your words marked, Reverend. And have an extra prayer set aside for me.” Said Zhao as he turned and looked back out at the little town of Sunset Valley.
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played by: Hades


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