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Author Topic: Puppy...Friendship Paving  (Read 485 times)


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Puppy...Friendship Paving
« on: September 14, 2016, 07:56:37 PM »
Hey Fritz

No...that was no way to start...

Lindsay back spaced on the phone keyboard with her thumb and bit her lip.

It's Lindsay

Hey it's Lindsay

She didn't like those either.

Running a hand through her brown locks, Lindsay leaned back against her headboard and let her phone lightly drop to the blanket. It was so simple, just ensuring the number and dropping kind Fritz Anders...her newest friend of a very short list!...a line to let him know she'd be over in a bit to help dog-sit. As he'd so goodly suggested.

Yet the words with which to do such rivaled all other decisions Lindsay had ever made!

Off these thoughts, the teen was slightly surprised as her phone lit up again and her dove wallpaper was replaced and blurred by a notification. She hadn't given Fritz her number had

It was just routine, of her age set, Lindsay found as she opened and read the message. One of her co-workers.

Emma's working your shift? What's up?

Lindsay debated again on words, though these, while not much easier, came quicker.

Nothing I just gave her my shift is all

Hopefully that would...

Just seems odd

Came the almost accusation, or something in Lindsay read it that way.


This have to do with the cutie that hauled you away yesterday? You were figetty when you asked for that platter


Strangely put on guard--by all of it no doubt, couldn't she just take a day?!--and feeling her cheeks burn, Lindsay all in all didn't make things better by not answering,

I just have errands to run

Or helping a friend with an errand of sorts...

Still she left it at that and got back to the important, most recent, added of her contact and messaging list.

Ok, breath...she could do this... It wasn't all in all that hard, or shouldn't be.

Fritz? So here's my number back, Lindsay that is. No rush if you're not over at Dr. Hunt's I just wanted you to be able to reach me

Perhaps far too truthful, but Lindsay had hit send before she could overthink---and then fretted slightly over it.

"Hey Linds you seen the paper? I wanna look at the want ads", the annoyance of her father's call to her interrupted and wiped the small smile from the girl's face. His attempt at a nickname actually came off just lazy and worst somehow. She also did not believe the reason he gave. She could just see it even as she sighed and slid off her bed, slipping her phone in her back pocket, and made down the hall of their one story dump of a house, his 'yeah right' smirk to himself even.

Lindsay didn't know what he wanted but she'd find out soon enough when given another job or when he felt the need to gloat on a grand idea. "Yeah, sure it's...", she dropped off, scanning the living room.

He found it first, "Ah, here we go, under all this...", thankfully he didn't complete his no doubt curse ridden critique as he just swiped aside two foreign objects of his cluttered coffee-table, but which made Lindsay's eyes widen as she recognized and darted to catch them--or pick them up from the carpet and dust them lightly, looking for injury.

"Where'd those come from?", her father scoffed half interested as he settled with coffee this morning, black, and turned his attention to the paper.

Lindsay knew he didn't truly care, it was like his complaint of their being in his way and commenting on their no doubt uselessness. The two books she'd got used off a sale out front of a store and added to her meagre collection. She didn't expect or let herself be too disappointed he didn't get it. Still.

"I lifted them from a table", let him think that, better for her she didn't admit she bought them, "And the first one's Silas Marner for your information, and while I'm not able to catch all the symbolism I'm sure, it's rather sweet that...oh nevermind".

Lindsay didn't even know why she still tried sometimes to explain print material that wasn't whatever her father scanned now. The Obituaries she found...and found she didn't want to know why, though she already did.

"I'll be back later", Lindsay didn't say if she was or wasn't going to work.

"Keep your phone handy", he reminded as she made to leave.

Probably the only reason he let her have one was to have her do his dime-store lifting, such as that time shortly before meeting Fritz, or--most likely here--house and mailbox scouting of the recently deceased.

Fact that if people started prying they'd find criminal to charge her with, even if off her father's bad parenting directive, part of the threat of her whole situation, or Lindsay felt.

Thankfully a not untrue belief that Lindsay was just plain bad at this sort of work (though a further let down for not even being competent at a little "investigating") meant he wouldn't push for her to glance beyond maybe the front room of a closed up house, otherwise it'd be too risky and she'd probably slip up. Or to bring him said cluttered mail for further clues.

Oh please don't let him text her such while she was with Fritz and...

With a sigh not out of place, Lindsay didn't reply and just left out the front door, placing the books in her bag. She'd waste time about town or such if she was still early, or maybe kind Miss Arabella had some bits of breakfast pastry for not too bad price. Sugar and Spice was a nice place, Lindsay...almost hoped asking for a job there was an option, but it was obvious the woman was already struggling and couldn't afford to hire. Of course she'd only been their once when finding Chip.

As she walked off down the pavement, Lindsay's phone beeped back and, checking, she found it was Fritz!  She already had him saved into her contacts, with some emoji identifying as she just decided to give his, the puppy dog face just looked like Chip so!

Hey Lindsay! Alright I got ya saved now in my phone! Sorry, I just got here and was double checking Angus had behaved. Head on over whenever you want, you still got the address right? I got some pastries from Sugar and Spice for us if you want.

Hee! What'd they say, Great Minds Think Alike?

Lindsay typed back a perhaps not needed reply that she still couldn't help giving and...then it she was replacing her phone into her pocket...Lindsay didn't even realize it was happening until she'd completed a light twirl right out on the pavement! Really just a light spin upon the front of her right foot as her left then came over in her walking along, but a twirl all the same! Such as children were suppose to do when they got new friends and probably further showing of her sad life. Lindsay was sure that was what all these jitters and happy feelings over Fritz meant.

Her silly coworkers, she'd have to dodge that false rumor somehow. Of course first boy she ran into...!

Never-mind she picked up her pace a bit on her way to Dr. Hunt's.
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Re: Puppy...Friendship Paving
« Reply #1 on: September 22, 2016, 03:31:19 PM »
It had been practicality driven. Fritz hadn't exactly meant to leave the ball completely in Lindsay's court, as it were. Giving her his number, but not taking her's himself. He'd thought of it! But at the time it had seemed pressuring.

Now to not do so felt so!

Fritz Anders was mulling over this...again...when a whine from Chip interrupted him. Attention half snapped to, he glanced over perplexed (he'd fed him, what...), before what no doubt took Chip's notice next took Fritz's.

The horrid smell of burned toast, but prior setting off alarms in the apartment thankfully. Fritz darted over and rapidly pushed the lever, popping up the now charcoal looking bits of bread. Ok they weren't that bad, but Fritz's appetite for toast was suddenly lost.

"Well you're going to end up liking Lindsay if just because there seems to be a trend of food your way when we plan up stuff and stuff...", the very official Aid to General Manager, Felix Durrant, said very officially as he tossed Chip the bread the terrier had no qualms about for being burned! The pup then panted up at his owner as if agreeing and more so with this statement! Or...awaiting more food...

Rummaging for Plan B, Fritz settled on cereal...or almost...

It was as he grabbed the box that the idea hit him. He glanced at the box, and decided he could so do better! "Second thought, not that either", he said, turning back to Chip. It was not unusual for pet owners to talk to their pets, and Chip seemed a smart little thing, plus, Fritz was sort of a talkative lad and he had to talk to someone in between working and the small socializing hours.

Such as he was planning more of now.

Though Fritz was also sort of convinced that even without a dog, he would talk to the air if need be.

He'd of course checked up again on Andrew just yesterday, but even those visits and to keep the hospital recuperating from being boring felt like he was maybe in ways being tiring to his friend. He'd catch himself talking the vet's ear off about something that had begun with a progress report on Angus and was then a bit off track.

"Come on!", this time there was practical to Fritz's call to Chip as he headed towards the front door, grabbing both his backpack with mainly his laptop in case things got so awkward and gap-ish that he wanted to let Lindsay brows for stuff on Netflix for them to watch, and the tiny dog's leash if just to keep his attention on track on their walk over. Fritz hadn't realized how many leaves there were in Middleton until Chip felt the needed to investigate everyone! "Let's head over to see Angus early, and stop along the way, only you behave in Miss Arabella's shop, you hear?".

Whether the dog caught the directive or not, he let Fritz leash him and then the two set off. He'd still yet to hear from Lindsay but, it was still morning and she would probably text right before she came. Either way Fritz planned for her being there, as he had all along, and picked up enough scones and breakfast muffins for the two of them.

After pausing to chat with Miss Arabella, she really was a nice lady, and dodge stating why he needed double the amount as it were and not mention Lindsay as much as he could, given they'd met here and so she no doubt recalled her and would think things, Fritz thanked her again and headed off with the large enough take-away bag and over to the second part of this "job".

"Ok, what'll you wager on it?", he jested to Chip as he keyed open Dr. Hunt's front door and prepared to face whatever on earth Angus had been doing in their absence. He meant his dog's friend's behavior and how badly the house was messed, of course, and really Angus wasn't that bad of a dog it was just Fritz chatting to his pet again.

Angus wasn't in the front room as the entered, not a bad sign, but still. Fritz whistled, "Angus? Alright what are you up to?". Now Fritz, just because you were up to mischief when your parents couldn't find you....

As the youth searched on to the kitchen, his phone beeped and he was just reaching for it (and had thankfully set the take-away bag on the counter) when he found the dog, or Angus found him! And Chip. Fritz wasn't sure if the dog was greeting him or his own pup more enthused, but he was distracted taking it in for a bit and also Chip's more enthused reply and shoving two dogs aside from the floor.

'Ok you two, good to see you too Angus...", Fritz gently rose up from the floor and was good enough to see about the dog's food and water before getting to the reply he just somehow knew was Lindsay's on his phone...or he tried to end it at that.

Angus wasn't a troublesome dog, but he was a big dog, and had just knocked over a few things it seemed, which Fritz had to right and...really there wasn't that much initial checking, but somehow by the time he got back to his phone it felt like there had been.

It was Lindsay though! A smile lit Fritz's face as he read her so good checking in reply and he paused only to make what he later told her true and put her in his contacts...he almost also favorited, but would hate for her to find out he did such too soon and...feel awkward or be scared away by it.

As youths just did, Fritz debates emojis too but couldn't quickly identify Lindsay enough for such, and didn't really want to try.  No, not a pencil just because of the diner, and that didn't define Lindsay anyway

He'd find it. Or not.

He was thankfully in the front room when the soft rap at the front door came. Lindsay...I'm fairly certain Andrew has a bell. Fritz might have shaken his head if it didn't show so much, the...laying low.

Well but onto being a bright spot!

Fritz greeted his friend with a grin as he opened the door, and words too "Lindsay! You made it, great!". He stepped aside to let her in.

Instantly two dogs rushed over to do the same and greet her, though Fritz held back Angus a bit and until Chip was done and she was ready to take in the bigger dog.

"This...woah Angus woah...", Fritz kept ahold of the dog's collar as he commented, " Angus, and he's the sweetest big dog ever, as I said".

Fritz glanced down to the dog, "Ok, say Hi, but gently". He let go of the deerhound's collar. All the prior restraint seemed to have at-least tried to get the point across, and Angus probably had to be use to scared people and animals being about the vet's office.

He approached a little slower, but instantly sniffed.

Fritz watched a bit, and once he was sure Lindsay was alright--and smiling over that fact, this would be fun--he walked over to the counter and showed the bag as proof he hadn't been lying earlier in his text.

"I hope you like cranberry muffins, and I'm sure there's an apple pastry in here somewhere...", he peered into the bag.



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Re: Puppy...Friendship Paving
« Reply #2 on: December 03, 2016, 04:35:41 PM »
She'd stood at the front for a while, studying...of all things the mailbox...and yard...and general look of this, Dr. Andrew Hunt's, of Middleton and friend of Fritz Anders. Not in any particular caring over the man himself, though she also wasn't apathetic and hoped he healed quickly, assessing the atmosphere perhaps.

She liked it, Lindsay found, and...why was there a further comfort in liking something of Fritz's friend's? In it speaking for him somehow.

You're sure he doesn't mind though....

What would Dr. Hunt think of her? Of her being here, probably little on her personally. A vague feeling almost settled. Like...Fritz had once explained about her, with a smile, and gaining one from the older man before him...well or he would probably.

"My friend helped me dog-sit" friend....friend

Lindsay didn't loiter all that long before walking up the path and to the front door, knocking softly. It was soon answered, by Fritz, complete with smile.

"Lindsay! You made it, great!"

A shy smile came over the girl's face to hear Fritz so happy to see her. It felt good. Having such a friend. She was tempted to glance to her shoes, but instead remained fixed on that smile.

He motioned her inside and Lindsay stepped in, still clutching her book bag straps and glancing to the big dog as yet unmet that tried to bound over to greet her. Well who knew what he would have done if Fritz didn't hold him. Her friend reminded him to behave and then let him loose. The dog instantly coming over to sniff.

Off habit, Lindsay backed a bit, her arms coming out and glancing back up to Fritz, not sure, but...watching.

You--you'll save me if...

There was something in his watching smile that gave courage though. Lindsay glanced back down to the dog...Angus. "H-hello there Angus...". He sniffed higher up and Lindsay giggled.

Come on, why haven't you made friends yet? he seemed to ask.

Don't forget me! Remember me!, Chip rushed over to put two paws on her leg also.

Lindsay giggled again, petting Angus' head first, "Hello", she said more firm, then bending, "Oh and I didn't forget you!", she hugged Chip. Lindsay gained a lick from both dogs for her greeting and she laughed again.

"...cranberry muffins, and I'm sure there's an apple pastry in here somewhere...", Fritz had been saying something and Lindsay found she was sorry to have missed it, though she in fact didn't miss much.

"Oh you didn't have to go through all that much trouble...", she stood and walked over, peering into the bag. There was something in the scent and idea of cranberry and apple bread brought a further smile to her face and the odd idea was so very perfect. Or...something like. Honestly the thought escaped being grasped that firmly.

Lindsay smiled to Fritz again, "Thankyou Fritz...for all of this", she said, softly sincere.

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Re: Puppy...Friendship Paving
« Reply #3 on: December 26, 2016, 05:55:54 AM »
Lindsay had it, Fritz knew she did, and there was nothing to worry about with Angus and Chip. Well, mostly Angus would have been the worry, she knew Chip (and he was a small dog). Fritz smiled, but of course still watched. Lindsay's laugh was a good sound, and it oddly warmed Fritz's heart, though he of course wouldn't ever tell his friend such a sappy thing.

Still, she deserved it, deserved more of such events than she got...

Fritz almost hated to interrupt in on her time with the dogs, but...also, childishly selfishly didn't want to waste the opportunity of their dog-sitting together or to show off how he had grabbed treats for the both of them.

They had struck Fritz as the perfect pick up too, though he didn't pry into it too far or question why. That Lindsay also seemed to agree and like them was a further added bonus and back up of the pick.

Lindsay of course tried to fob it off, stating he 'didn't have to go through all that much trouble'. Yes he did. Because it was important. Yet Fritz tried to make this sentiment come out more casual, still and again for Lindsay's sake. "Ah, it'll be great on my end too, having someone here to make sure I'm not just talking to the dogs all day". Fritz reached into the bag and pulled out an apple pastry, handing it out and offering it to Linday. Of course she could have the muffin if she wanted...he just picked.

He also let a bit more leak out. "And...I already know...not just anyone. I'm glad it's you Lindsay...", his smile grew as if to cover over those words only so far, "This'll be fun, and I have Netflix if it gets boring so...".

Fritz pulled a cranberry muffin himself and bit into it, then recalling and going on, mouth half full, "Ow' are ya on cuu'feee yee'f?", Fritz finally swallowed, and hoped he hadn't been too incorrigible with that, "...Andrew of course doesn't care if we use the coffee pot, or kettle, and...well I go to the coffee shop anyway for Mr. Durrant all the time, so I think I'm a part of the professional world in that it's a habit now myself", Fritz grinned again, "Or tea, if you want tea".

Plates also sounded like a good house watching thing as they stood by the counter, with pastries in hand, even if Angus and Chip were sniffing over to take care of that.

{Hehe don't tell Andrew the kiddies don't quite know how to be grown-up adults and not drop crumbs. Lindsay's a bit better though ^^}



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Re: Puppy...Friendship Paving
« Reply #4 on: December 30, 2016, 04:13:27 PM »
Fritz brushed aside her thanks, yet not fully and truly, and Lindsay smiled. More shyly at his further trying to cover what he said; as if she would be afraid he merely put up with her. No, everything about Fritz having planned up this said otherwise.

"I'm glad it's you too...", Lindsay added, with a soft smile before gently taking the offering of the apple pastry, not minding or wishing to switch one bit. In fact she graced Fritz with a crinkle eyed smile, which she got to utilize so very little, but which he already seemed so very skilled at bringing out. "How'd you know apples are probably my most favorite thing in the whole world?" she asked before taking a bite, next laughing over it and with her mouth full, quickly covering though, either at Fritz talking with his mouth full or at his actual question and words.

Goodness...more than just trying to cheer up, why was everything about Was that the right word? Maybe too intense and too far, but...whatever word she meant...Fritz was a friend she was not going to let slip by, Lindsay knew.

...nor be injured by her association and if her father found out he was sniffing to close and apt to ruin the prefect set up he had of Lindsay bread winning so he could slouch

For the longest moment, Lindsay didn't think on her father though, just took in Fritz's question and being him. She gave another small giggle, after having swallowed, as he claimed to be professional now since Mr. Durrant had him getting coffee for himself too with the many trips.

She would have to meet this boss of his maybe, just...well to know all on this new and wonderful friend of hers, and to get the mentions. Of course Fritz telling of him did enough for getting a picture up in her head.

"Tea will do, Thankyou, do you think Mr. Hunt has Darjeeling around?". Or, she'd do with whatever he had, and tell Fritz to thank the kind man for letting them raid his coffee and tea.

"Oh, and I doubt you want to humor me with Netflix", Lindsay went on, "I watch entirely too much Disney and I'd ruin up your queue", another smile that met her eyes.

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Re: Puppy...Friendship Paving
« Reply #5 on: February 09, 2017, 04:38:25 AM »
"I'm glad it's you too...", Fritz's pleased smile at such words was so hard to keep fully from his face. Christmas Morning at Five years old didn't compare with this feeling!

Lindsay took the apple pastry, with a smile that Fritz couldn't help thinking meant he'd done good and pleased her too. Hopefully. "How'd you know apples are probably my most favorite thing in the whole world?". I didn't, but now I'll remember that forever after!

Outwardly, Fritz's smile just grew, "Lucky guess I guess", he shrugged.

After having offered coffee, and probably at his antics, he was gifted the sound of Lindsay giggling endearingly. Fritz just took in the sound. He didn't worry over crumbs one bit, or think Andrew would, just resolved to find more to make her laugh. It was a good sight and sound, and she deserved to laugh all she could.

Just admit you just like the sound. Fritz was perhaps acting better than he in fact was in truth and honesty.

"Tea will do, Thankyou, do you think Mr. Hunt has Darjeeling around?"

"I don't know, but we can find out!", Fritz set his own pastry aside and turned to walk to the appropriate cupboard, throwing a hesitant question as he did, " Darjeeling your favorite?". Fritz would ensure to recall that also if so! Wanted to find out and recall everything Lindsay liked!

Fritz found a box and read it ("Earle Grey?") even as Lindsay went on, though still didn't miss any of her words.

"Oh, and I doubt you want to humor me with Netflix, I watch entirely too much Disney and I'd ruin up your queue"

Fritz sent another smile her way as he leaned back again from where he'd reached into the cupboard, holding out the box, "Not true...or fully true...101 Dalmatians is already on there, not in recently watched, but, I've always enjoyed it. That's one right?", Fritz faked a little ignorance on the subject. His smile then grew, as it just seemed to in Lindsay's presence, "Nah, but seriously, you watch whatever you want, if you want. I don't expect these two will be all too interesting after they've finished begging off us", Fritz shot a smile down to the two dogs, who had both just eaten, Angus just then and Chip back at his place, then went to examine the kettle, "Ok, tea, let's see, I can do this..."



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Re: Puppy...Friendship Paving
« Reply #6 on: March 26, 2017, 08:31:14 PM »
"Lucky guess I guess", Fritz threw out, and if not earning another full out giggle from Lindsay for it, earning the smile of such for his repetitiveness. Good sort of repetitiveness. He was no doubt trying to cheer her all he could, and Lindsay appreciated it.

She worried over crumbs they might be dropping, but Fritz had been correct and Chip and Angus happily took care of any of that for Angus' two young watchers. Lindsay gave the bigger dog another pat. He really did seem the sweetest thing, size aside, and Fritz was right all of this was helping.

In more ways than just that.

She did worry they were perhaps taking too much liberty as Fritz searched Dr. Hunt's cupboard for tea. Sure, it made sense that the kind vet would allow Fritz at-least access to such things as tea, coffee, and the like while pet-sitting, but she didn't know if he knew Fritz had a friend over also and/or if that extended to her, or if it gave Fritz the searching freedoms he employed, little as a cupboard search really was.

Fritz had the sort of charm, different than when most talked of charm, for Dr. Hunt to not mind, Lindsay was sure, if he was even inclined to in the first place. Something of the way Fritz had even casually spoken of the vet gave the girl an impression of him that lent her to think he would perhaps allow them the small liberties they'd taken.

There was much of Fritz's heart to be seen, though he probably didn't know it, as he searched through the cupboard and went on, both listening and answering.

"Oh I don't know", she answered to the question on Darjeeling, "Sort of I guess, or any of the fruit herbal teas or...", anything hot and flavorful that I can sit and take in and that cuts through the scent of beer and slob...

"...or fully true...101 Dalmatians is already on there, not in recently watched, but, I've always enjoyed it. That's one right?"

Lindsay didn't help by encouraging--though she in truth didn't want to help Fritz to stop any and all of his own encouraging behavior towards her, or stop trying to cheer her, selfish as that perhaps was--and laughing at Fritz's further jest. It was, she knew, except for the parts that were true and meant to ease any of her discomfort.

"You're the youngest of your family, aren't you?", Lindsay  asked, helped out in this guess by this comment, and a million others of Fritz's besides, "Oh I mean that in a good way, having older siblings must be...great", she shunted away her own regretful sort of pinning.

If she'd had an older brother, would he have stood up for her against her father? Been a shield and comforter against those nights she cried herself to sleep after more disparaging words, helped them not come in the first place?.

Lindsay's aimless but longing wondering on this topic never allowed her to imagine up different somehow. It wasn't like the Dog-What-If. Her brother could not appear in her mind as anything but all she said. She'd tried, many times, as if to destroy her own dream that just created false hope, to imagine him as just another set of worse and like her father. It should have been easy, the only male example she had was her father, wouldn't form.

Fritz was fumbling about the tea kettle, after his words that threw some doubt to his ability to find his way around it, though Lindsay was sure he was just trying to appear cute again. Not in the way most boys would, but as another cheering mechanism. With a smile, and worried she'd drifted off again into her concerns, Lindsay stepped over to help, but Fritz went on, going on to tell her to watch or plan up for them to watch whatever she wanted, though at his point on the dogs, Lindsay smiled down to them again, "Aww I'm sure they can't be boring if they try", she gave both a pat on the head. She then studied Fritz's preparations once more, debated offering her assistance once more, then acquiesced and went over to the couch, smiling as the dogs followed.

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Re: Puppy...Friendship Paving
« Reply #7 on: May 24, 2017, 01:24:35 PM »
Even when she didn't also giggle at him (in the good way) there was something in Linday's smile, as Fritz glanced over from his rummaging the cabinet, that further encouraged him. Of course he knew what Felix would say of his going out of his way and above and beyond, all for a girl, wasn't like that. To that end and wonderful as his boss was, it would probably be best Lindsay and him never met. For the teasing that would then be aimed at Fritz. Of course he didn't know a text conversation would later put him in that position.

But for right now, Fritz was memorizing Lindsay's answer to the all important question of types of tea she liked! Darjeelling was a yes....fruit herbal...right he could find that aisle and make sure he had case Lindsay ever needed extra

His answer to Disney (which he was immediately cringing and wondering if he went too far or did wrong with!) produced another almost musical giggle. Fritz smiled inwardly, both from relief and...Lindsay's laugh was a good sound.

"You're the youngest of your family, aren't you?"

Fritz's smile fell for a moment, not in any bad, but as he took in that question and...almost said yes!

"Uh, no, I'm...I'm an only child...", something in Fritz had to force the words, or pondered as they tumbled out how they tasted a lie...

But lest she read hesitancy or discomfort in that answer, Fritz smiled widely next, answering the last part and semi-going on. "But yeah I'm sure they would have been, though that's probably all of my trouble and I was spoiled rotten for it, where as if I had been the bottom half of six I'd have got forgotten", the hypothetical number instantly came and...somehow that felt a lie too...

But Lindsay had pulled up her own hard thoughts or memories with her question, if her thoughtful frown was anything to go off of. As he went about the tea, Fritz pondered saying more. It was always how he solved things, though words were hard called up now.

Hey, I know, how about we solved each other's problem and you can count me an honorary brother!

It would be a good statement, and Lindsay was already enough of a friend that Fritz didn't know why he hesitated and all but couldn't say it. Maybe feared to define and then be unable to retract...

His fumbling with the tea pot was noticed and Lindsay came over to help, Fritz shooing her off, partly for her sake, and so he wouldn't have to formate his words he couldn't.


Lilo and Stitch seemed the perfect compromise to Fritz not having to survive princess movies just yet, but Lindsay getting her Happily Ever After. She'd offered 101 Dalmatians, all for his sake Fritz knew, so he didn't acquiesce and they settled on entertaining heart-warming.

Honestly that was insulting it. It wasn't all that bad.

Halfway though Chip pawed at Fritz's leg and looked concerned, or that was how the young Bank Aid read it, "Don't worry bud, he's not cuter than you", Fritz answered reassuringly. Seemingly content with this answer, Chip went back over to investigate what Angus was doing. Fritz darted his glance to the two dogs, checking, doing his actual job, but the two were of course fine.


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