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Author Topic: Fleshing out some acquaintances/friends/history for Marret  (Read 2614 times)

Marret Goodsong

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Fleshing out some acquaintances/friends/history for Marret
« on: September 10, 2016, 01:12:40 PM »
First, I want to say hello! I am happy to have found this rpg. I love the rich and  enchanting world of Middle-Earth, and I am thrilled to, in a sense, now be part of it. I especially love hobbits, which is why I created Miss Marret. A great deal of thought went into her, so I am hoping that she can find a spot to fit in here. In order for that to happen, I would like to build a history with some of you. Particularly hobbits of Hobbiton, since that is where Mar was born and raised. So, if you would like to establish a little bit of history with Marret, I would love that! Just post a reply here, and we can work it out.
« Last Edit: September 10, 2016, 01:14:42 PM by Marret Goodsong »

Milo Hayward

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Re: Fleshing out some acquaintances/friends/history for Marret
« Reply #1 on: September 10, 2016, 02:03:07 PM »
[ah, hello there, and welcome!]

     Milo is a sheepherder, he loves his job and often visits Hobbiton with spun wool, dye, sheep, lambs, and anything else sheep related. He has grown into the family money maker when his father is off in a different part of the Shire (which is often), and although he lives a fair distance, he doesn't mind the walk at all. When he is in Hobbiton he stays in a respectable, quiet Inn (that admittedly has no name) until his business is done.

     Ah-ha! A Brandybuck who lives in Brandyhall but spends most of his time out-of-doors and in the presence of his friends (mainly Leander Boffin) in pubs and the like. No, he's not a drunk, in fact he rarely drinks the ale/whateveritmightbe. He's very friendly, and knows just about everyone by face and name and vice-versa.

     AU's here are used as a way of getting characters together that wouldn't normally meet. I have a HUGE stash of characters that I adore, Click here for More - fair warning, there is only one member of my cast that is missing, I will remedy that when I return from work this afternoon.
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Bilbo Baggins

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Re: Fleshing out some acquaintances/friends/history for Marret
« Reply #2 on: September 10, 2016, 03:10:30 PM »
Ah! Welcome from me as well. I know, Middle Earth is just the best isn't it? :) and I'm proud to have my own little "spot" too, I know what you mean I do, and as you'll hopefully find this site's just awesome as well.

Anyway, so to friends and aquaintances I can throw Marret's way...

Bilbo & Marret:

I don't know why I linked, everyone knows Bilbo ^^ He's my only hobbit and um so, if you think Marret would have run into him either pre or post Quest.

That would be about all I can think of, other than the AU Hades mentioned where all things are possible.

I have two Dwarves who visit Bree at times if Marret would ever be interested in a run in with Dwarves.

Fritz: is a young (the equivalent of 20 in quest timeframe) Dwarf from Ered Luin who is making his way as a Smith, and a fairly good one at that, and sometimes sells blades in Bree.

Kargach: My adventurous wheel-wright/caravan manager who only uses his now running his father's business of the first to get out and see Middle Earth. Actually I could see him taking a curious peek at the Shire too if he thought it wouldn't freak out the locals too bad. Or even Bree is an option as ever and easiest with my Dwarves it seems.

I have quite a few more, Dwarves and characters, but those seemed most feasible. :)


Marret Goodsong

  • Guest
Re: Fleshing out some acquaintances/friends/history for Marret
« Reply #3 on: September 10, 2016, 06:03:11 PM »
I also should mention that Marret and her father have their own little shop where they make various things from herbs. A lot of medicinal stuff. So, there is a good chance that she may have met fellow hobbits who have come to purchase items from the shop.


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Re: Fleshing out some acquaintances/friends/history for Marret
« Reply #4 on: September 10, 2016, 08:34:19 PM »
Hey! Well, that the leaves the door open for oportunity. Do they deal with animals as well as Hobbits? If so, I have a scenario in mind that would work for both Milo and Everett. :D

Shale Briarstone

  • Guest
Re: Fleshing out some acquaintances/friends/history for Marret
« Reply #5 on: September 11, 2016, 12:06:39 AM »
8D Ite another lovely hobbit!!! Happy happy joy joy!! Welcome to the forum, and I read your app for Marret already and can't wait to see her threads! <3 I'm Shale, one of the many lunatics here //_^ So!! Plotting!!! At present I have two charries to play with who both would love Marret. They aaaaaaaare:

Shale & Marret
They would actually have a LOT in common! Shale is from Southfarthing, and currently lives in Hardbottle, but she travels to Hobbiton and around the Shire frequently. She comes from a family of woodworking hobbits, particularly fine furniture, pipes, and decorative things. Right now she lives with her grandfather, as her brother has left the Shire to seek his fortune and her parents have passed. She could relate to Marret on a lot of things, and is more practical than girly.  She is rough around the edges, but she is very sweet at heart and very good company. If Marret wants a friend, needs something made, wants a song played on psaltery, or she wants to play with a giant pet raccoon, she may like Shale :3

Eshara & Marret
Eshara is a human woman, a healer, and a traveler. She often makes long trips out of Rohan over the lands to gather herbs that don't grow there, and to sell medicines in other lands, and occasionally jars of salt from Gondor. She's a curious woman, good for a song, and loves company. Occasionally she makes her way to the Shire for herbs and mushrooms, and to share news from outside lands. If Marret ever feels the need to wander, or Shard is in the area, she's good company to have and always has a good story to tell hobbits and travelers.


Marret Goodsong

  • Guest
Re: Fleshing out some acquaintances/friends/history for Marret
« Reply #6 on: September 11, 2016, 03:10:42 AM »
Wow! :) I definitely feel quite welcome! I would love to build upon all these scenarios. 

I would say that Marret has probably purchased wool from Milo. Since her father's health has declined, she does most of the work, that includes making purchases for the house and working in the herb shop. I believe that Milo has probably even sold lambs to her father, Walaric, before. So, Marret and Milo are probably fairly familiar with one another. Marret is a little quiet when she first meets someone, but if Milo is a bit older than she is and has interacted with her father a great deal, then she is probably comfortable enough around him to carry a friendly conversation.

I believe that Marret is probably quiet friendly with Everett as well. Since she has spent most of her life attached to her father's side, she has gone into the pub with him a good deal. She would have met most of the hobbit folk she is comfortable around through her father. Walaric is more outgoing than his daughter, and I would imagine that since he runs an medicinal herb shoppe, most people know her father pretty well, and therefore, know her mainly through him. (Eventually, I will probably post up a wanted ad for Walaric. I haven't decided yet.)

*Little note: Marret has a pretty singing voice, and her father would often talk her into singing for folks after he'd get some ale in him. Everett may be one of the few who has heard her.
And as for the question concerning medicinal herbs for animals, I am sure that the Goodsongs have herbs that would help critters too!

Pre-quest, Marret would probably be acquainted through her father, like with others. I'm not too sure how much. She does spend a great deal of time in her garden or wandering about. She likes nature and plants a lot. However, if he ever went to the herb shop, he has met her.  Post-quest, she would have probably been enthralled by the tales of his journey, and even a little jealous. Not to the point of being bitterly envious. More wishful, like 'I wish I had the guts to do something so brave'... Well, accept for the whole encounter with Smaug. She would be one of the hobbits that believes his fantastical tales and sees him as a hero.

As for the dwarves, she hasn't had much interaction with another other than hobbits, but I think it might be interesting if she has. I don't know that she would know any personally, but I am up for anything.

I believe that we need to flesh out a friendship between these two that goes back a little. Probably through a rp or pm that takes place when they are younger. Maybe their families are pretty well acquainted. Maybe their grandfathers knew one another. Marret's grandfather is no longer living. His name was Bulstrode Goodsong. He was also a very talented botanist and the one to open their family's shop. Maybe he and Shale's grandfather were friends who founded a friendship in the past that was initially based on trade, but developed into a more meaningful relationship over time. Marret loves to sing, and since Shale plays psaltery, maybe they have entertained their families together at birthday parties. Just throwing out ideas. Let me know what you think.

Eshara may be one of the few non-hobbits that Marret knows. I would say that their interest in herbs and medicines is the reason. I would even say that they know each other pretty well, especially of Eshara has ever came into the shop. She and Marret may have interacted in depth, with Marret showing her the garden where she grows her herbs. Marret doesn't open up too easily, but if someone came about with the same passions as she, she probably wouldn't have any problems striking up a conversation with Eshara.
« Last Edit: September 11, 2016, 05:26:34 AM by Marret Goodsong »

Milo Hayward

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Re: Fleshing out some acquaintances/friends/history for Marret
« Reply #7 on: September 11, 2016, 04:24:17 AM »
     That certainly sounds like something that would happen. And don't worry about shyness. I'm sure there have been (must have been if we're setting it up like they know each other already) many moments of awkward silence between the two for being shy. ha ha. When isn't there between two shy people? Milo is polite and quiet voiced anyways. Yes. I agree. They must know each other through her father, perhaps we can set up a thread where he is visiting him or vice-versa?

     Ha, yay for singing and pub songs, and knowing people! XD Would they know each other well, or just as mere acquaintances? Perhaps if that is the case we can have a thread where they get to know each other better, though I don't know what sort of setting that would be...
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played by: Hades

Shale Briarstone

  • Guest
Re: Fleshing out some acquaintances/friends/history for Marret
« Reply #8 on: September 11, 2016, 05:41:06 AM »
Eee! so, as mentioned in the cbox, I am totally up for building up a good friendship <3 I am fully open to doing some PM posts to build up any backstory for either of my ladies :3 Whenever you're ready, hit my PM box and we can get this party started :3 Shale could use one solid girlfriend to chat with since she can't stand her cousins (or at least doesn't care for them beyond beyond being related to them), and it sounds like Marret needs one, too.

Eshara knowing another herbalist as far west as the Shire makes her uper happy! It isn't a trek she would make too frequently, but certainly one she would love each time <3 She knows hobbits are shy of big folk, but for all her loudness and sarcasm, she does her best to mind herself and keep shire folk comfortable around her. Plus, this year she has promised to start bringing her son on her journeys, and the Shire is a safe enough destination for a first long trip for an apprentice. :3 She would love such a sweet friend as Marret to have someone to greet when she comes into the Shire to gather plants.

so yeah, when you're ready, let's have some fun!  And again, welcome to the forum //_^

Bilbo Baggins

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Re: Fleshing out some acquaintances/friends/history for Marret
« Reply #9 on: September 11, 2016, 06:36:05 PM »

Either idea works I think. Hmm, maybe pre-quest he stops by the shop for something to help his tomatoes etc (he did call them prize winners when the dwarves were ransacking ^^) or other herb stuff. All hobbits love plants hee.

Post quest sounds good too. We can keep it in the ideas and start up the first maybe? Or both of you want, just don't want to overload.

And I've been pondering a Kargach exploring the Shire thread, still pondering, he wouldn't want to startle the poor hobbits ^^, but if he does maybe he could run into Marret there.



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