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Author Topic: [Hobbit + LotR] Caladh  (Read 2717 times)


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« on: September 07, 2016, 04:13:27 AM »


NAME:  Caladh
TRILOGY: Both(ish)
DATE OF BIRTH AND AGE (AS OF T.A. 2941/3019): Born in 2942;  77 years old in 3019.
PLACE OF BIRTH: Gondor/the Bay of Belfalas/the Staunch Harlot
RACE:  Man/Black Numenorean

HAIR COLOUR AND APPEARANCE: Caladh’s hair is sandy blond and often purposefully disheveled.  He is only ever as concerned about it as necessary, letting it grow long enough to brush his shoulders, but never too far beyond.  There’s a clear difference between being just unkept enough to be charming and being a slob.  Though he might pretend otherwise, Caladh is clearly aware of the difference. 
BODY TYPE AND HEIGHT: His Black Numenorean blood has blessed him with height.  Caladh is blessed to stand taller than many at 6’2”, and he’s learned to reap the advantages of imposing height.  It is a rare day that his bearing is anything less than confident and he can cast quite the intimidating shadow if he ever were to put his mind to it.  Though slim, he is solidly built, a frame honed from a lifetime of physical work.
OVERALL APPEARANCE:  Though simplicity is best when sailing, simplicity does not necessitate looking like a peasant.  Caladh’s clothing is functional, often simple trousers and sturdy leather boots.  Though he’s not the type to discard clothing at the first sign of wear, Caladh also doesn’t let his things venture beyond ‘careworn’ and into ‘shabby.’  Better to have to break in a new pair of boots than live with holes in the toe.  He’s also not afraid to spend a little extra on color, though he prefers darker shades to anything that makes him stand out too much.  There’s a difference between stepping away from the drab brownness of most people’s clothing and making yourself into a target.
DISTINGUISHING MARKS:  He bears a number of scars, some wounds taken from a blade, others from some mishap or another that comes from sailing, but nothing beyond the norm of a man in such a dangerous profession.
WEAPONS: Caladh is most skilled with swords, and he can most often be found using a broadsword that was gifted to him by his father.  He also carries often on his person several knives.  He is also skilled in unarmed combat, and often enjoys a good barroom brawl.  Caladh can shoot a bow…  it’s just rare that he ever hits anything with it.
FACE CLAIM:  Josh Holloway

STRENGTHS:  Caladh grew up on a pirate ship, so naturally he is a born sailor.  More comfortable at sea than on land, the workings of a ship come as second nature.

Caladh was blessed with both his father’s natural charisma and his mother’s confidence and cunning, a combination which has proved time and again to give him an edge as a leader.  He could alternatingly charm away an opponent’s hostility or ruthlessly put him to the sword; the talent for knowing which is best is one he has honed most of his life. 
WEAKNESSES:  If there is one true down side to his upbringing, it has been overconfidence.  Treasured and encouraged by his parents’ shipmates, Caladh believes himself to be nigh infallible.  Everyone’s favorite boy grew up to think he was everyone’s favorite man, and however sharp his intellect may be, he’s more eager to believe he is well loved (or at least well feared) rather than believe he is ever vulnerable. He also spends much of the time thinking he’s always right and can be slow to follow the wisdom of others.  The only exception to this is his mother.

ASPIRATIONS:  Ultimately, Caladh’s goals are fairly simple.  Prosperity, excitement, perhaps a bit of notoriety to go with it.  So long as he is free to, he will continue to pursue these goals, hopeful that whenever his end should come, he has lived a life worthy of the time spent on it.   But even now, the days grow darker and soon even a pirate like Caladh might be forced to see things another way.       
FEARS:  There are few things of this world that Caladh fears.  Other men can be killed, as can orcs and any other thing of flesh and blood that might threaten him.  His true fears are more intangible.  He understands his world as it is now and his place in it, and so his greatest fear is change.  The slow passage of time threatens his way of life more than could any solder or man of the law;  the encroaching shadow in the east has threatened not only his livelihood, but also his very creed.  And there is only so long he can pretend it isn’t happening.

PERSONALITY: Most of those who observe Caladh find it fairly difficult to define him.  Is he cocky or merely confident?  Charming or insufferable?  Intelligent or a know-it-all?  He takes matters seriously, even as he laughs things off.  He can be all of those things in turn, but if there is one constant, he is unashamedly cheerful.  He considers himself to be a part of a great pirating legacy and he takes great pride in that, never hesitating to remind others just how brilliant a captain his mother was.

There are two sides to Caladh; the pirate captain and the friendly rogue.  No matter how friendly he may appear at the dinner table or in the tavern,  he expects nothing less than unquestioning obedience as the ship’s captain.  He fully expects his crew to be able to know the difference between the two and any crew member who doesn’t know that casual jokes have no place in pirating business will, at the very least, find himself out of a job.  This can be problematic in that Caladh himself has often been inconsistent and at times it seems he expects his men to read his mind. While these tendencies have been tempered with age, they still rear their ugly head now and again, particularly should one of his men fail to recognize when a situation is dire enough to be fully taken seriously. 

Yet once a member of the crew has proven that they have enough sense to navigate the pitfalls of Caladh’s command, they will find themselves given the captain’s full loyalty.  The welfare of these trusted men and women is more valuable than gold and he weighs very carefully any risk to their well being.  Lives are not things to be thrown away easily.  And woe be to anyone who should threaten the lives of those he holds dear.

Of course, one won’t fail to notice that this pirate captain has a very high opinion of himself.  A childhood spent spoiled rotten by his parents and their crew have led him to believe that he’s a great deal more impressive than he really is.  This is an ego that is only compounded by his general competence; it’s no lie that he is a skilled sailor and swordsman among other things.  Yet in his own mind, he has elevated that competence to extremes and as a result can be a bit of a sore loser if he ever finds himself bested. 

Much like his father, Caladh can be an insufferable flirt, though he knows better how to reign it in and save it for the appropriate times.  He’s not afraid to use the natural charm he inherited from his father, and often he relies on it to get himself out of difficult situations or to smooth over situations that might have otherwise landed him in prison. 

HISTORY:  The son of Barabal and Bowen, Caladh was born and raised aboard the Staunch Harlot.  From the first he could remember he was spoiled by the crew and he grew up surrounded by a dozen surrogate aunts and uncles.  He was taught to sail and to fight and eventually, when he was old enough to be trusted with the task, he became the new cabin boy. 

Even as he was spoiled, he was fully expected to attend to his duties and he learned quickly that there was no use in offering excuses.  At least, not to his mother.  His father, however, was more than a little lenient, often covering for him when he’d forgotten some chore or taking the blame when sword lessons went on so long that Caladh couldn’t help peel potatoes in the kitchen.

By the time he was grown he’d become an accomplished sailor and swordsman, but he never fully learned the art of humility.  Like so many young men, he thought himself invincible, and he acted according to that idea, taking unnecessary risks, showing off, and at times being more of a nuisance than a help.  This might have continued for ages to come had he not realized one day that his father had suddenly gotten old.  Seeing his father struggle to wield a sword seemed to awaken Caladh’s long dormant sense of mortality,  He no longer charged in so recklessly, kept half a mind turned to the rest of the crew should they need aid.

Eventually, he stepped out from under his mother’s wing, not content to simply spend his days as the captain’s son, but his own earnings were hardly enough to purchase the kind of life he’d truly wanted. (Perhaps they might have been had he not tended towards reckless spending.)  Ships were expensive to crew and maintain, even small ones, and he wasn’t one to settle.  And so he spent the better part of the next ten years as a sellsword, earning and hoarding the coin necessary to strike out on his own.  When his funds were at last sufficient and he’d hired on a few men (and called in favors from a few old friends), he set his eye on stealing a proper ship.

For a time, he’d had his eye on a quick little schooner that was, coincidentally of course, owned by some merchant competitor of his old friend Wes.  After noting its schedule and crew complement, Caladh and company snuck aboard in the dead of night, tossed the guards overboard, and made off with both ship and cargo alike. 

For the span of many years, life as a pirate treated Caladh well, though as the age waned, and the threat of Mordor grew ever larger, the prosperity of the land waned with it.  More resources remained tied up in Minas Tirith and less wealth found its way to the sea.  It was far too risky to move inland along the Anduin, and even if they had risked as much, there was a growing presence of pirates coming north from Umbar.

It was the captain of one such ship that tracked them down as they docked for resupply.  He came offering gold and honeyed words, promises of plunder and prestige and all manner of temptations should Caladh offer his ship to the cause.  Many pirates had joined the fleet, the messenger claimed, yet there was enough wealth and glory for all and more to spare.  And when Gondor was no more, these waters would be theirs for the taking.  Whatever allure wealth and glory might have had for Caladh, he also knew well that such things always came at a cost, and it did not take much effort to see that this messenger spoke for Mordor, for who else sought the fall of Gondor?  So he refused the offer, and sent the messenger away.

As the days darkened, more ships came sailing up from Umbar, and not just the usual pirates.  These were fleets, crewed for more than just piracy, though it was often that they engaged in such acts.  They didn’t merely rob the wealthy merchant ships, they burned them.  The port towns were likewise burned, and the Corsairs of Umbar left a trail of fire and death up and down the coast of Gondor. 

Unable to challenge them, but unwilling to join them, Caladh was forced to forge a different path.  Though he was no friend to law and order, he was not fool enough to think that there would be a place for men such as him under the rule of Mordor.  After many years of piracy, he set aside that mantle and at long last sailed inland along the Great River in search of the forces of Gondor.

YOUR NAME:  Whitney
AGE:  older than all of you
EXPERIENCE:  I've played here long enough that my characters are making characters of their own.
OTHER CHARACTERS:  Gwaehadron, Eadlyn, Togh Tor Scathas, Tinuvagor, Elrohir, Bowen, Dwalin, Thranduil
CONTACT:  PM, cbox
Show us what you can do!  It doesn't have to be with this character or even from this genre of role-play.  This is only required if this is your first character application with us.

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Re: Caladh WIP
« Reply #1 on: September 24, 2016, 11:56:17 PM »

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Re: Caladh WIP
« Reply #2 on: October 14, 2016, 01:24:45 AM »

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Re: Caladh WIP
« Reply #3 on: November 07, 2016, 05:21:54 PM »

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Re: Caladh WIP
« Reply #4 on: December 06, 2016, 02:28:13 AM »

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Re: Caladh
« Reply #5 on: December 18, 2016, 10:21:34 PM »
omg... it's finally done


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Re: Caladh
« Reply #6 on: December 19, 2016, 02:58:49 AM »
Oh my goodness, Caladh is just marvellous!  I am ridiculously excited to see him in play. <3

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