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Author Topic: [Hobbit] Marret Goodsong (finished)  (Read 2339 times)

Marret Goodsong

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Marret Goodsong (finished)
« on: September 06, 2016, 07:23:47 PM »


NAME: Marret Goodsong
NICKNAMES (IF ANY): Mar, Marry, Chip (Given to her by some of the children she grew up with)
DATE OF BIRTH AND AGE: (AS OF T.A. 2941) April 18, 2914; 27 years as of 2941
RACE: Hobbit
GENDER: Female

BODY TYPE AND HEIGHT: Marret stands just a hair over three feet tall. She has the average figure of a female hobbit; stout, healthy, and curvaceous.
OVERALL APPEARANCE: Marret is a simple, little farm girl. She was raised by her father, (her mother died giving birth), so she isn't really very “girly”. She usually adorns a plain dress, pulls back her hair, and heads out to the the garden or greenhouse to pick vegetables and herbs; therefore it is not uncommon to find her covered in dirt, carrying a basket full of fresh-picked produce. She isn't a remarkable beauty either, but some would say she is at least easy on the eyes to look upon. She has fair skin, a slightly crooked grin, and a hint of mischief lingering behind her large, child-like eyes. Marret is usually smiling and content. Well, outwardly at least, but upon further inspection, one may get the slightest inkling of unrest lingering within her expression.
DISTINGUISHING MARKS: Not much makes her stand out aside from a slightly crooked grin and chipped front tooth that she acquired from falling out of a tree as a child. (There was a very large, very red, and quite appetizing-looking apple hanging from a particularly high branch. Yes, it was irresistible and quite worth the fall).  This happened shortly after losing her milk teeth so there was nothing that could be done to remedy the situation aside from pulling the tooth. Marret refused to have it pulled, of course, and ended up earning the nickname “Chip” from some of the young hobbits she grew up with. 
WEAPONS: Aside from a small knife that she uses to cut herbs and prune plants, none. Marret wouldn't know what to do with anything larger.
FACE CLAIM: Alice Englert

STRENGTHS: Marret is a wonderful botanist. She was taught everything she knows by her father and enjoys spending time in her family's garden , greenhouse, and herb shoppe. She has quite the green thumb as well, having vast knowledge about plants, their care, and their properties. Marret also knows a thing or two about cooking, soap making, and medicine because of her interests.  Marret also inherited quite a keen retention for memories, and since she loves to read, she is a fountain of useless information. She is a quick thinker and a smooth talker when she needs to be.   
WEAKNESSES: Marret can be hot-headed and a bit of a perfectionist. This makes her somewhat controlling and set in her ways. If something falls out of her control, she is quick to get upset and worry herself sick. She has also been known to throw a temper tantrum or two.
She is also a bit of a cynic and doesn't trust others nearly as much as she does plants. In fact, she would rather spend time talking to a stalk of beans or singing to an apple tree than she would another hobbit. This is also because she is a bit shy. Some hobbits believe she is strange and reclusive, but Marret doesn't care. Her father sees this as a huge hindrance because he knows that she will one day have to take over the family's shoppe, and in doing so, she will need to be able to interact with others better.
ASPIRATIONS: Marret wishes to take over her father's herb shoppe one day despite the fact that she will have to better her skills in hobbit to hobbit interactions. She also fantasizes about being a musician that travels the lands, but she doesn't know how to play any instruments and doesn't think that she could honestly find the nerve to do such a thing.
FEARS: Marret's biggest fears are losing her father. (She suspects he has sickness of the lungs from smoking too much pipeweed) and stepping outside her comfort zone. Anything out of her realm of normalcy makes her uneasy, so even though she wishes she could overcome her nervousness and accomplish something outside of Hobbiton, the likelihood of her getting up enough gull to do it is low.
PERSONALITY: As stated before, Marret can be hot-headed, controlling, a bit narrow-minded, and a worrier, but she does have some endearing qualities. For instance, she likes to sing and can often be found singing to the plants that grow in the garden and greenhouse. She is also a hard-worker, an excellent cook, and quite the loving daughter. Marret doesn't let the opinions of others bother her, because she is able to find solace within her gardening; However, stepping outside her comfort zone has a tendency to change that. When in a situation where she feels put on the spot, she becomes defensive.
Yet, Marret is smart, witty, and clever. She doesn't miss much. She is a fast learner who enjoys hands-on work.
Befriending Marret can take some time, but once someone gains her trust, she is a loyal and kind companion.
HISTORY: Marret was born to Rosamond Goodsong née Noakes and Walaric Goodsong of The Shire on a cool April morning in the Goodsong homestead. Rosamond was coached through childbirth by a midwife, but complications arose that she could not overcome. She passed soon after bringing her daughter into the world. The moment was a bittersweet one, and Walaric was so consumed by grief from the loss of his wife that he did not hold his daughter for three days hence. Instead, Walaric's older sister, Adalinda, cared for the babe and named her after her grandmother. On the fourth day, while Marret slept, Walaric was able to bring himself to look at the little one. When he laid eyes upon her and saw that she looked just like her mother, his heart warmed. He picked up his sleeping daughter, fell deeply in love with her, and sent his sister home.
From that moment on, Walaric was a devoted father who taught his daughter many things.
Marret also received education at the grammar school in Hobbiton. She was a top-notch student and was well-loved by her teachers; However, she wasn't one that made friends easily and often played alone during breaks.
Marret found happiness in nature among flowers and plants and soon learned how to care for them. As she grew older, she devoted her secondary education to learning the properties of herbs and flora. She studied their medicinal and magical attributes and learned how to make many things with them. This made her father quite happy, of course, because he too enjoyed botany, making a living from it on a daily basis.
Like many hobbits, Marret has lived a simple life; one that lacks adventure and unwanted stress. A big part of her enjoys this life, but a smaller part of her, the Fallohide part of her that came from her mother's side, does secretly ache for something more. 
AGE: 31
EXPERIENCE: I have been role-playing and writing for many years. I began Rping when I was around 14. I have been writing since I was much younger. My favorite genre is, of course, fantasy/adventure/sci-fi. Writing and role-playing are my escapes, my stress relief. I do hope to become a published writer one day.
HOW DID YOU FIND US?: I found you on Bing.
Show us what you can do!It doesn't have to be with this character or even from this genre of role-play. This is only required if this is your first character application with us.

(I'm going to write an abridged version of the story of how Walaric met Rosamond, skipping quite a great deal of the tale for the sake of not writing a terribly long sample. I may still flesh out the whole tale later and post it somewhere, but for right now, I will just post the beginning and end.)

Walaric Goodsong was a young hobbit of 27, not even of age yet, when he first considered lands beyond his home in The Shire. Up until this point of his life, he never had to think about anything outside of Hobbiton, and he had never wanted to. So, when he did begin to ponder about what exactly existed outside of his simple life, all his considerations were brought about by circumstances beyond his own volition.

His older sister, Adalinda, had become sick, and she needed medicine made from a special herb that could not be found or grown in The Shire. This herb needed salt water to flourish, and therefore, it could only be found in places where brackish water was available. Now, neither Walaric's father nor mother were of good enough health to travel, so it was up to young Walaric to seek out this special herb. Without it, there was a good chance that Adalinda would die. The herb was called Euparnia. It was rare, almost unheard of, but Bolstrode Goodsong was sure that it could be found in the lands of Lindon.

Walaric was, indeed, nervous about leaving his home, but whenever he laid eyes upon Adalinda, sallow with sickness and fever, he knew that he had no choice. He loved Adalinda deeply. They were perfect siblings. They never fought or argued, not even as young children. So, Walaric packed his things, folded up and pocketed the drawing of Euparnia that his father had given him, and headed out to hitch up the pony and load the cart.

“Don't forget this,” Bolstrode said to his son from the entry of their stable. He held forth a small bag that was tied at the top by some twine.

Walaric approached his father after he had loaded the last of his bags into the cart. He reached forward and took the bag into his leathery little hands.

“It isn't much gold, but it should be enough to get you through,” Bolstrode told him. He watched as Walaric pocketed the gold before taking his son into a long, loving embrace.
“Be care out there, my son, and be swift. I fear that Adalinda doesn't have much time. Your mother and I have the herbs and medicines we need to keep her comfortable while you are away, bet we need the Euparnia to make her better. If you need to, seek help from the elves there. I am sure one of them will know where to find the plant you seek.”

Walaric nodded and offered his father a small smile. His family depended on him, but a million nervous thoughts buzzed in his brain. What if he didn't make it back in time? What if he got lost? Walaric drew in a deep breath, doing his best to curtail any conveyance of his self-doubt. “I will be back in no time at all,” he told his father despite his not being so sure.

Walaric watched as his father turned and took his leave from the stable. He then returned to his cart and double checked to make sure that the pony was properly connected to it.


After traveling for what had seemed like forever and not coming any closer to finding any Euparnia, Walaric finally chanced upon an inn. It was quite a welcomed sight to see, especially after only seeing endless forestry for miles and miles. Up until he had caught sight of the warm, glowing windows of the building that stood just ahead, Walaric was beginning to think that he was going to have to choke down another meal of dried, salted beef and biscuits and spend yet another night sleeping in the back of the cart. His heart lifted as he drew closer to the inn. A smile spread across his round face. Maybe someone inside would know where he could find the herb he sought so desperately.

He parked the cart and clambered down from it so that he could tie up his little pony to the provided post. Judging by the height of the post and the size of the building before him, Walaric surmised that it was built by either elves or men. Once his pony was secure, he approached the over-sized doorway and pushed the door open. A bell jingled from above his head.

The inn was quite vacant save for a  few lone souls and the innkeeper, but it was a welcoming place with a large hearth, wooden floors, over-stuffed chairs, and a long counter that stretched from one wall to another. The smell of stew lingered in the warm atmosphere, making Walaric's stomach growl. As he crossed the stretch of floor before him, he reached into his pocket and withdrew the drawing of the Euparnia and a few gold coins. He approached the counter and took a seat.

The innkeeper was a husky old man with gray hair and a round belly. He eyed Walaric for quite some time before he decided to make his way over to the hobbit. “What can I do for yee, halfling?” he asked.

“Would I be able to get a bowl of stew and a place to sleep?” Walaric asked.

“Yee got money?” the man inquired.

Walaric nodded and held forth the handful of coins. The innkeeper looked down at the gold that lay within the hobbit's hand and nodded. “I think we can work with that,” he replied with a smile. “Can I get yee a drink as well?”
Walaric nodded eagerly. “How about a pint of ale?” he asked.

The innkeeper gave a quick nod and proceeded to fetch the hobbit his ale. Meanwhile, Walaric laid the drawing of the Euparnia out before him. When the innkeeper returned with the pint, he caught sight of the drawing. He sat the pint down and nodded toward the parchment that lay upon the counter top. “Pretty flower,” he said in a gruff voice.

“Yes,” Walaric replied, “and a very important one. It's called Euparnia, and it has great medicinal properties. You wouldn't happen to know where I can acquire some?”

The innkeeper slapped his hand down on the parchment and pulled it over so that he could get a better look, but after a few moments of studying the drawing, he shook his head. “'Fraid not,” he answered solemnly. “Never seen it before. Never heard of it neither.”

Walaric nodded sadly and sat crestfallen as the innkeeper went back to fetch his bowl of stew. He had been told no so many times during his travels that he was beginning to feel as if he were on some wild goose chase. He was so brokenhearted that he didn't even mind the rumbling in his tummy when his stew came. The innkeeper, seeing how disappointed the little hobbit was, apologized and wished that he could have been more help. Walaric offered him a sad smile and told him that it was fine, but in truth, it wasn't. He had no idea how his sister was, or if she was even still alive. Part of him felt as if he should give up.

He slowly picked up the spoon that the innkeeper had placed beside the bowl of steaming stew and began to stir it so that it would cool. As he did this, he fought back tears. He loved Adalinda so much. He couldn't have asked for a better sister. He knew that he was failing her, which made him feel quite useless.

Walaric sniffed, staring down at the delicious meal before him, but he couldn't bring himself to eat a single bite.

“Would be a shame to let such tasty food go to waste,” a sweet voice said from behind him.

Walaric turned to see who had spoken. When he did, his eyes fell upon the most lovely face he had ever seen. She was a hobbit, like he, but slightly taller and more fair. A Fallohide. She had wide hazel eyes and long, curly, brown hair. Walaric drew in a long breath to reply, but before he could, she held forth her dainty hand.

“May I see the drawing?”

Walaric was taken aback for a moment. He hadn't even seen her when he first came in. Where had she come from? After a moment's hesitation, Walaric handed the piece of parchment over to the pretty little hobbit. She took it and studied it for a moment or two. Then a smile spread across her face and a glow of recognition shined in her eyes.

“I know this flower!” She exclaimed.

Walaric eyed her, unsure if he could believe her or not.

“It grows in a spot down by the sea that I am quite familiar with.”

Walaric's eyes narrowed. “Are you sure?” he asked.
“I'm certain of it! It is a blue flower with wide leaves just like the ones in this drawing!”

Walaric's expression went from one of doubt to one of wild excitement. His father had mentioned that the pedals of the Euparnia flower were blue, something that had not been depicted in the simple charcoal sketch. He slapped his hand down on the counter and laughed. “By golly, you are telling me the truth!” he said with merriment.

She nodded. “I can take you there in the morning if you'd like.”

Walaric motioned for the fair hobbit to take a seat beside him, and he asked her what her name was.

“I'm Rosamond Noakes.”

“Walaric Goodsong,” Walaric replied, and then he requested another bowl of stew and a pint of ale for his new friend. After that, the two hobbits spent the entire night eating, talking, and laughing. They had learned a great deal about one another that evening and shared quite a great deal of common interests. By the morning, the two of them even shared a kiss.

Rosamond did indeed deliver the Euparnia as promised; more of it than any one hobbit could have needed. The spot in which it grew was right beside her home. In fact, she had been the one who had planted it there. Walaric was absolutely delighted. However, his euphoria was cut short. He had to leave Rosamond and get home. Adalinda needed the herb before it was too late. Rosamond understood and bid him farewell, but as Walaric began to take his leave, she stopped him.

“Can you wait just a moment longer?” She asked.

Walaric stood in the doorway of Rosamond's humble borrow, a basket full of Euparnia in his arms. He nodded and replied with a simple, “yes”. A moment later, he watched as she heaved a heavy bag out from an adjacent room. She huffed as she slung it over her shoulder. Walaric stared at her in confusion as she made her way to his side.

“What on Middle-Earth are you doing?” he inquired.

Rosamond brushed a tendril of hair from her heart-shaped face and looked at him as if it should have been painfully obvious. “Why, I'm going with you.”

Walaric went to say something, but she held up a hand in order to silence him. “I'll have you know that it takes years to grow Euparnia, and I want to ensure that my efforts weren't for naught,” she said quite confidently.  Walaric only snickered. Rosamond's brow furrowed in confusion at his reaction.


“I was only going to say that I would love for you to accompany me back to The Shire.”

With that, Rosamond approached Walaric, sat her bag down on the floor beside him, and pulled him into a long, sweet kiss.

There isn't too much to say after this. Rosamond and Walaric loaded both their carts up with as much as they could and headed back to Hobbiton. They were fortunate enough to make it back in time to save Adalinda, and because Rosamond had helped Walaric save his sister's life, the Goodsongs welcomed her into the family as if she had been there all along.

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Marret Goodsong

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Re: Marret Goodsong (finished)
« Reply #1 on: September 08, 2016, 05:18:09 PM »
I am finished.

Marret Goodsong

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Re: Marret Goodsong (finished)
« Reply #2 on: September 09, 2016, 06:10:23 PM »
Actually, now I'm finished. I went through and corrected some grammar and spelling errors.


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Re: Marret Goodsong (finished)
« Reply #3 on: September 09, 2016, 10:11:33 PM »
Always lovely to see more Hobbits :D Welcome to THRP!

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