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Author Topic: More Than Wooden Performance  (Read 2514 times)


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Re: More Than Wooden Performance
« Reply #15 on: April 01, 2018, 02:38:34 PM »
That the lad was well raised was not something anyone would refute, but that being said, dear Friór was also too genuine to hide too well if something didn't in fact hold his interest and his attention was all manners. A trait inherited from many in his family, Karg recognized.

Both story and treat met with approval, and Kargach could think of no better compliment than Friór's silent sipping and listening. He also did the best he could to understand the foreign world described, and which Karg had had to deal with by necessity alone. Thank Mahal the lad was spared such.

Again, such an atmosphere bred a survive or else mentality and Kargach himself had had to hide his cheerful demeanor behind false bravado a time or two while struggling to leave it unbent after only Forty-One years.

It was doable though, as Friór's own family proved, he knew. Still to avoid such testing fires in the first place was the better option. The lad smiled to some of Kargach's comments, proving he knew the wheelwright was jesting and for which Karg was grateful. No sense seeming he was taking himself too seriously.

”I understand, Sir...well I think”, the lad went on, and half understanding was about all anyone could ask on such a topic. Kargach smiled, "No worries lad, even those of us who lived it only half understood it", he assured.

”Um...but...did you win, Master Kargach?”, a genuine laugh followed this statement, and not from any mocking of the lad in front of him, but in genuine amusement and further growing fondness of said lad, which made him want to show off a bit...

"Yes I did!", Kargach had no qualms admitting, and perhaps should have had more, "Quite a few times in fact! All...through necessity of course", he went on. "Same as I lost quite a few times".

Kargach could sit her relating tales all day, but...there would no doubt be time enough for that, and monitoring how far the lad had got into his treat, the wheelwright figured it was about time he got further onto business and, standing once more, walked over to get the chisel set he'd set aside earlier. "Friór, son of Fritz, you are welcomed to hang about as long as you like", Kargach began, and knew he should begin with, because knowing the lad he would think he was being shuffled along as the wheelwright changed topics, "In fact...come by and bother me about wood anytime", he got onto his offer, near enough, as he picked up and came back with the leather keeper and tools, and his smile showed he was jesting about 'bothering', "But just incase you did feel you had to be getting along, and before you do, I want you to take these with you". Karg handed over the tools, "Now I'm sure your father has plenty of tools laying about, but this right here is what carpenters use and what you will need as a budding one", Karg smiled reassuringly.


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