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Author Topic: All The Things You've Said And Done  (Read 972 times)


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All The Things You've Said And Done
« on: July 31, 2016, 07:21:44 PM »
Castamir’s shift as a lookout began an hour before dawn, before Loire took up his role onboard the ship again for the morning. Ning would prepare for the morning meals he would make for the crew, both the captain and her lousy first mate would not be disturbed until breakfast was served, and Mo would be on her way to his cabin, trying to surprise him with a cheek poke to wake Castamir up - and she would be silently shut down with an eyeroll and smirk. So Castamir addressed no one from dinner to breakfast, and nights were entirely silent for him. He wandered the deck quietly, and his only companions were the mismatched Mirkwood bow on his back and Gondorian broadsword at his side. For an extra boost to stay awake, he would also chew almonds that he would have stashed for his own when arriving at port, whenever he could get them, sometimes even tobacco. And never, never allowed himself to think. It was better to concentrate on the stars on the sky, work out their position, listen to the gulls, than to become absorbed in his own thoughts. It was the easiest way to fall asleep. Or fall prey to his own inner demons.

And yet, when Castamir looked up at the sky and saw Wilwarin, the Butterfly, he was brought back to when he had seen these stars for the last time - shining over port as they left their healer for his shore leave two days ago. Even when he walked to the opposite side of the deck and looked away, every recent memory of the young healer began plaguing him - words, accusations, threats. Castamir gripped the side of the main deck, as if the pressure were to relieve him of emotion. Then he continued wandering on the other decks and avoiding the sky. He lingered on nothing that could lead him to reminiscence on Alaric. But pacing the entire ship could not steady his mind, and yet that was exactly what he attempted all night. Thus his foul mood seeped into his footsteps, which turned heavier and heavier with passing time. Even his limp became clearer in the intensity of each step. The wood went tap-TAP, tap-TAP, for at least half an hour. Keeping his eyes on the ground, and listening to the ever-groaning ship as well as the waves lapping up to her side, all did little to help Castamir concentrate. It was almost as if he were drifting away on the ocean himself.

An albatross’ cries rang out just when the sky was turning gray. The lookout had fallen into a daze, even he hadn’t fallen asleep, and the cry shook him back into reality. Castamir pulled the bow from his back from the shock,then lowered his hand - already trying to grasp an arrow. Now that he’d searched for the source of the disturbance, he could not look away from the firmament - now that there was a shadow wandering above the ship. His green eyes caught on the constellations, beloved by the Elves, and by their lookout. The stars held every tale Castamir, and even Bérenor, had every heard - from the cities of Minas Tirith, the banks of the Anduin, the plains of Dunland, the forests of Lothlórien - and now, all he had learned in Mirkwood. And the clear night he had rescued Ginger in Angmar. And now that he had seen Alaric find his way inland. Stars were meant to guide the Elves across the sea through their final journey - but Castamir had found them to be a good journal for his own journey, too.

Another cry from the same bird as it flew another lap by the ship. It seemed that the animal would cry out every time the sky lightened a shade - from black to gray to light yellow, as soon as the sun peeked over the immense covering of the sea. When the dawn came, the bird that had been following them became much clearer against the light yellow sky. It flew low for a fourth time since Castamir had first heard its cries. From the forecastle deck he could see the black lining of its wings now - as the sky turned to the gentle blue of a forget-me-not. Just when it swooped down for a fifth lap, madness overtook Castamir - and he notched an arrow. The jolt into action set his heart running, and the wound in his neck throbbed from his heart’s sudden effort. One, two - and the exilee’s eyes found the bird again on its way to the masthead. The arrow pierced the bird right in the neck. Both fell on the deck with a thud.

Castamir did not move from his spot for at least ten seconds, as he was so overcome by his own childish outburst, he found it hard to reign himself in from the tantrum. Foul mood and all, Castamir had nearly wasted a good arrow on a ridiculous flight of temper. He slid his bow on his shoulder again in a daze, and stumbled over to the carcass of the albatross he had shot down. Blood seeped under outstretched wings of the bird, staining the floorboards of the deck. Still, Castamir retrieved it from its resting place, and forced out the arrow through carefully as to not to break it. He remained with a worthless bird that Ning would not likely make a meal out of - and just the broken body of the thing sent a shiver down Castamir’s spine.

Played by Jo


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