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Author Topic: Val's writing ideas  (Read 979 times)


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Val's writing ideas
« on: June 23, 2016, 12:45:03 AM »
Having found this I figured why not join in the fun? This’ll be an attempt for me to find some possible ideas for Celebrían and Pippin, which should be fairly easy, considering, though if I get the setting or anything wrong I would appreciate if you’d let me know!

Everyone who’s got a character who knew / knows either of them is welcome to join in. Who knows, we might find a thread starter or ten here, not to mention it’ll help me find my stride with them, hopefully. I’m using the first list here to work on for now, but it’s likely going to be very much out of order, depending on what’ll feel like to write.

1 - Lost and found/ Celebrían

“Mommy? Daddy?”

The silver-haired Elfling hesitated on the street of Eregion, her voice soft and her blue eyes wide as she took in the sights and sounds she was unused to. She was not sheltered, but neither did she yet experience the freedom of running around that others her age but other races might have, and it was one of those moments where she paused, entranced by the sight of one of more ornate buildings, beautiful carvings gracing its walls being enough to ensure her complete attention for more than a spell of time.

When she turned around, there was no sight or sound of familiar figures and robes she came to associate with her parents this day. There were other Elves around, aye, and if she asked one of them, she would be pointed in the right direction, for her parents were hard to miss in the crowd, either of them.

Like any children, she didn’t really think about that. She knew she was safe. Likewise, she was secure in the fact that though they seemed busy for now, they would know they were minus an Elfling and one of them would come back for her. For now, she might be content to sit and wait.


The child hesitated before tentatively approaching the building that distracted her in the first place, an idea slowly taking shape in her mind. She knew it was not lady-like, of course, but the building was big, much bigger than her, so she should be able to see them from it. She was not one to idle. Even at this young age, she had an adventurous spirit and she didn’t hesitate finding the easiest path for her to follow, first with her eyes.

Then, after glancing this way and that to ensure no one paid any attention to her, at least, that she could see, with her feet.

“It is better than hide-and-seek”, she declared softly to herself, giggling as she settled into a nook between two large stone carvings, curiously peeking at the goings on below her from her perch. “Now I don’t need to go anywhere if I won’t want to and I can see everything!”

It had taken her some time to find what she was looking for, though, and no wonder - her parents, or at least, she thought they were - seemed much further down the street from the Elfling’s vantage point, and she debated the wisdom of running after them for a time before impatience won over wisdom, which happened a bit too often to begin with. Scuttling down the building’s walls the same way that she came, she ran in that direction, very pleased with herself for finding them earlier than they realized she wasn’t there and ignoring the fact that she was quite a bit dustier than she had been when she started out.

Not that she watched where she was running, either.

She was just a bit too focused elsewhere.


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