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Author Topic: Not Far From Your Roots  (Read 2403 times)


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Not Far From Your Roots
« on: May 21, 2016, 08:30:15 AM »

6,606(LotR) years old - Single - Noldorin Elf
Faindir's Application

Faindir has gone through many struggles throughout his long life. Having a father who had lost his mind after battle and having witnessed first hand the death of his mother has left him broken and bitter. He prefers his life of solitude, never having picked up a wife nor ever having any children. He's come to realize that his life is better off this way and the fear of never being good enough is what keeps him from truly ever having a family of his own. Though there's no doubt that he is prideful, vane and arrogant. His paranoia of how to lead his life has kept him distant as well, which also leads to his lack of trust. He now resides within Lothlorien, where he will come to live once again during T.A 3018. Though he takes up smithing later in his years, throughout T.A 2941 he sells weapons and repairs them as well. Something he doesn't ever want to become is someone like his father.

Making friends with Faindir isn't something that comes easy; he comes off as anti-social and uncaring of those around him. Solitude is what he seeks, which friendship interferes with. Though there's also the fact that any friends that he may even give a chance will have to put up with the fact that he's very arrogant and a perfectionist. He's judgmental and tends to look down upon others. His impatience and blunt attitude also go hand in hand with making it hard for him to tolerate others. But he can be nice and caring, if you do manage to get passed everything that is him.

Caranor Father
Faervel Mother, deceased

Enemies is something that can be run into more often with his short-temper, arrogance and blunt attitude. He prefers not to fight(only because his ego gets in the way) though unless provoked to. He most definitely doesn't like Orcs and Wargs, which he has a fear of both. Though this is generally easily dealt with by killing them.

If his affection is what you seek, that is something that's impossible to come by. He doesn't want the burden(or to be a burden) of a family, which means he isn't seeking a partner. If his friendship alone is hard to get, his affection is something that won't be gained in the sense of a lover. Sorry ladies and gents.

Played by Loki


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Re: Not Far From Your Roots
« Reply #1 on: May 21, 2016, 08:42:53 PM »
     Whoo! Okay, yes it is only because I need more posts with you, aaaaand I need to get Ginger active again. >.> So, Ginger is quite the opposite and since opposites attract, I think they could come out of a situation as mutual acquaintances probably fairing the low-tide of friendship after some millennia. XD Ginger likes to think everyone exceptber can get along with her if they just tried... but as a fan of developing a platform through threads, we should see where this heads!

     Ah ha! This might not be so... easy to get them to even come close to a friendship. Heh... >.> He's a bit of an ass, but a well-meaning ass, at least in the long run. 


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Re: Not Far From Your Roots
« Reply #2 on: May 21, 2016, 09:40:44 PM »
Faindir && Ginger

You know I adore Ginger so yisss~ Omg it'll be interesting seeing these two put together in a thread. XD Even if he denies it, Fai can be much like papa Cara... The good thing for Gingy is that he isn't Ber so that's a plus... But maybe a somewhat mutual acquaintance friendship thing can develop for them. ^^ It'd be nice if Fai can have some friends... XD Did you have a plot in mind for the two~?

Faindir && Idhrenion

I see these two have some similarities to them... I don't know how well they'd get along... XD Though I'd love plotting with your new boy~! Eee! What should we do with these two~? ^^

Played by Loki


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Re: Not Far From Your Roots
« Reply #3 on: May 22, 2016, 12:53:21 AM »
     ^^ Heee. Mkay, let me think. Plotz, plotz, plotz... aaahhh... Well, as you know, Ginger is a trader, she trades a number of things from animal skins to fruit, to swords etc. She doesn't really like Elven places and prefers to be in places like Bree, Laketown or Gondor. I don't know how much Faindir travels, you don't really say, BUT if you'd be willing to have him in, say, Bree, that would work perfectly (or perhaps not) Aaaahh, ooh, ooh! Perhaps they are staying at the Prancing Pony Inn. The Prancing pony has a new night manager, and he accidentally leases the room to both of them without telling either of them, and perhaps they go through the awkward 'No, this is my room' and they have to have an argument with the Manager, who tries fixing things but can't because he booked all the other rooms.

Of course, for that to work ... both would have to be too tired to pack up and move to a different Inn... =/ I suppose, then, they could meet on the road, or Ginger finally decides to take the plunge and visit Lothlorien? She gets lost and stumbles upon Faindir?

     Haha... well, does Faindir like hunting? Wren spends a lot of time out and about away from Rivendell, his home, so he can be just about anywhere doing just about anything at any time. :) Perhaps Faindir comes to Rivendell? Or the two meet on the road and are headed in the same direction?

What are your thoughts?


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