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Author Topic: The Golddigger's Find  (Read 2314 times)

Thorin Oakenshield

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The Golddigger's Find
« on: May 19, 2016, 04:50:33 AM »
     The nights seemed to get colder the closer the small group of travelers came to the mouth of their destination. If death had a smell, the stench was far too often sneaking its way up his nostrils, but the smell of death here was different. It was cold. So cold his hands felt clammy and there was a sense of dread that followed them - Thorin felt - through the mist. Like it was watching them, waiting to take one or all of them. Something told Thorin that all of them would be preferable. He also had a feeling that his guise was seen through. What’s the point of being in my position if you can’t go on death defying adventures. Besides, he had risked his life more than once and been alright. But, maybe I have dug myself in to deep with this one. He added as he rolled up his bed.

Sugar ‘n’ Spice was a brave little pony. She had come with them this far, but he feared that she would not make it back if he didn’t let her go soon. She would find her way back, he was sure of it. Patting her silken nose, Thorin whispered that everything was going to be alright.

Right when he would have needed the pony the most, though, Thorin was without. The tombs of those long dead lay in ruins and sometimes Thorin thought that he could see shapes in the mist, or two glowing dots as a pair peer out at him. As soon as he saw it he would blink and they would be gone. Once he thought about bringing this up with the others, but dismissed the idea when it looked as though no one wanted to speak of it, at least with him. Many members of the party looked to be close friends. Fritz he knew, but he had been engaged in conversation with Kvasir - the requisitioner of this expedition. And the Einar, Thorin couldn’t remember if he knew an Einar, but Fritz seemed to know him too. As for the Dwarf-Woman, Kvasir seemed to know her, and in turn Fritz… Thorin was an unknown in this group Dwarves.

Although, he thought it a little sad that the Daughter of Man had backed out. And the other Dwarf whom he had not even bothered to create conversation with seemed to have vanished as well. As far as large groups go, at least there someone to hold someone else accountable. He thought, following along with the rest, not saying much but always thinking to himself, Smaller groups have the advantage of getting in and out of places faster, not so many people to count.

Is it just me,” Thorin asked, “Or does anyone else feel like they are being watched?” He hadn’t said these words very loud, but the heaviness one can feel while they were being watched was starting weigh on him and he did not want to be alone.

- x - x - x -

In the distance the ghostly figure of the barrow-wight narrowed its eyes as it watched the small company of Dwarves. They had come from the outside, they had come to do something intolerable. Something that would cost the mall their lives. A couple of them had noticed, it was sure, that they were not the only ones, but were in fact, from that. Yet, even after their confrontation with the Rangers who protected their space, although they could defend themselves.

Retreating behind a stone, the barrow-wight’s eyes narrowed more to two glowing slits. The wind picked up and blew his ghostly, tattered robes gently from side to side. Whatever these travelers wanted, whatever they had come for… that door would be closed to them forever. 
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