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Author Topic: [Hobbit + LotR] Anlís  (Read 2333 times)


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« on: May 08, 2016, 09:09:50 PM »


NAME:  Anlís
NICKNAMES (IF ANY):  Lis, Lissi and one that she's not overly fond of would be Ani.
TRILOGY: Both though mainly LotR
DATE OF BIRTH AND AGE (AS OF T.A. 2941/3019): T.A. 2935, 6 years old in T.A. 2941(2 years old) and 84 years old in T.A. 3019(28 years old.)
RACE:  Dwarf
GENDER:  Female

HAIR COLOUR AND APPEARANCE:  Surprisingly, Anlis' hair is much more like her Grandmother Liv than her parents. Her hair is rich, falling in thick waves that reaches down to the middle of her back. Her hair color is a light brown with a mixture of blonde(looking rather dirty blonde), though it tends to look more golden than her mother's and will look more blonde with the sunlight. She does, indeed, have the left side of her head completely shaved. The right side she will braid(or at some point, even shave that side as well), leaving her hair looking more like a mohawk kind of style. Her hair is most definitely her pride and joy, which she'll take very good care of it and even decorate it with beads and feathers.
EYE COLOUR:  Her eyes are a mixture of green and brown, though tend to look more green.
BODY TYPE AND HEIGHT:  Anlis stands taller than her mother, standing at just a little taller than 4'3 and she remains fit. She may look petite at first but days of training with a bow have made her stronger than she looks. Her appearance most definitely does deceive and she is far from being dainty.
OVERALL APPEARANCE:  Not one to be picky when it comes to her garments, more often than not she can be found wearing well fitted breeches her mother customized for her and tunics with vests. She often prefers the color green, which makes her eyes stand out more green than brown though she can also be found in royal blues and even deep reds. Her breeches are generally a neutral light brown to brown and her boots are of a light leather brown that are light in weight as well. Though she isn't one to often wear dresses, she is more accustomed to them than her mother had been in her younger years. Though she loathes corsets and often her dresses are custom made by her mother to fit her likes. Her dresses are made of the finest of fabrics and generally will be hooded. During colder times, she will wear various cloaks though favors her forest green, hooded cloak made of the finest of satin and trimmed in gold. There is also no doubt that she has a love for jewelry and can always be found wearing a piece or various pieces of jewelry.
DISTINGUISHING MARKS:  The most notable thing on her is that her left eyebrow is shaved in two slits. Though what's hidden by her hair is that she has the tattoo of two beaded feathers behind her right ear that somewhat extend to her neck. She got this done when she was 76 years old and more recently, she got a tattoo of four birds along her hip, four birds being herself and her family.
WEAPONS:  She generally keeps a dagger close to her for safety measurements though she is well trained with a bow.
FACE CLAIM:  Lyndsey Gunnulfsen

STRENGTHS: Something specific to Anlis is that she has a special connection with birds. She has owned birds since she was old enough to care for them and tends to be able to make a bond with them quite easily. Sometimes she finds birds far more likable than people, and far easier to get along with. Though one of her strongest strengths is her brother, Ashar. She lacks in confidence but there's something about Ashar's confidence that tends to rub off on her. There's no doubt that when she's with her sibling, she seems to be a whole new, different person. Something that she's far better at than what ladies should be is hunting; her bow is her strength and the thing that she's most confident about. There's no doubt that she's her mother's daughter.
WEAKNESSES:  One thing that's most notable, as said earlier, is that she lacks confidence in herself. This doesn't lead her to feel embarrassment but there's a sense of discomfort when it comes to others and a fear of being judged. She doesn't take criticism well and will lash out to protect herself and the others around her. Though being raised close to Ashar, she doesn't feel comfortable around other men and often will recline into herself. She also doesn't get along too well with other maidens simply because of how different she acts from them. She has tried getting into some of the same interests they have but she isn't one for gossip and gets bored rather easily. She most definitely has her mother's stubbornness which tends to be both a good and bad thing.
ASPIRATIONS:  She wants nothing more than the happiness of her family, to see her brother succeed in breeding and to continue his success. There's no doubt she holds much pride in him and only has the best of wishes for him. Though she would also love to get further in falconry, to continue her strong bond with her birds and to hopefully one day be as good as her Uncle Kophas is.
FEARS:  One of her biggest fears is that of tainting her father's name, of ever bringing shame to her family in any way. She fears being judged and above all, her family's opinion matters the most to her. Never would she want to disappoint them and that thought haunts her and drives her to try and be better.
PERSONALITY:  Anlis is the quieter of the twins, more often than not preferring the company of her birds than the company of others. Though this does not mean that she's forgotten her manners, for her parents have raised her better than that. Despite her more quiet nature, she's kind and caring, always willing to grant a smile(as small as it may seem) or a helping hand. She isn't one to be judgmental and would even give someone a second chance, no matter how she might have been hurt. Though if you hurt those who are close to her, those she cares for, she won't take a second thought to defend them and strike back if need be. She may be forgiving when it comes to herself, but she would never turn a blind eye for those she loves and holds the closest. She can be very protective of the people she loves and wouldn't allow anything to ever happen to them, if she can help it.

She's rather shy in nature when it comes to others, especially men. It's true that unlike Ashar, she doesn't feel comfortable in her own skin and that often leads her to not feel comfortable around others. The time she does feel confident is when it stems from Ashar; Ashar has a way about him that makes Anlis come out of her shell, maybe their twin bond they have? Either way, he's her rock and without him, she'd surely be completely lost. There's no doubt that she's a different person with her brother aside from her confidence. She can become more chatty, more openly inviting and even more playful. Though even when she's more reserved, if you can make her laugh, surely you'll be cracking at her shell. She loves to laugh and smile, even if her shyer nature may say differently.

Anlis has grown up to be a passionate person, about everything. She's passionate about her birds, falconry and even passionately loves. She has a big heart that she doesn't mind filling once you get passed her lack of confidence and her shy nature. Though don't cross her for she's not afraid to get into fights if she must. She can be short-tempered when it comes to her passion and she isn't afraid to stand up for what she loves. She's stubborn, for despite everything, she's still her mother's daughter. Nothing can stop her once she sets her mind on something, even if most of the time what drives her is her need to please. Though she's still young and has room to grow, to burst from her shell and grow her wings.

HISTORY:  It was a beautiful, warm, summer day in TA 2935 that had been a day of worry, of joy and the day that two beautiful twins were born to Andar and Arndis. The pregnancy had been difficult on Arndis, having nearly given up after their son had been born but with help, twenty minutes later she birthed a beautiful baby girl. This baby girl was Anlis, who fought hard when she came out after such a long struggle. Surprisingly enough, the baby girl wasn't a quiet one at all, always putting up a fuss of some sort. It wasn't until her later years that Anlis would become the quiet, shy thing she is now.

Growing up had been easy enough, as her mother never enforced anything on her, not even sword fighting nor hunting. But in the end, there was no doubt she was her daughter as she quickly came to pick up a bow rather than a sewing needle of any sorts. Though she seemed to avoid it for sometime, she couldn't avoid the inevitable. Gossip often flowed like running water and she came to be teased about many things. The main thing that she often heard of was that of her liking hunting, horse back riding and sword play rather than sewing, tea time and social gatherings. This made her recline more and become more nervous and self conscious around others, mainly the gossiping girls at her young age. Though a blessing seemed to come with the teasing, and that was the love of birds she has now.

It was on her fifteenth birthday that she had received the present that she had wanted the most; a beautiful little red bird she cared deeply for. This was the start of her liking to be around animals, around birds more often than she did around other beings. She had a knack with them as well and was able to train the various different birds that she came to love dearly. With this new found passion, she ended up going to the one person who she could relate to, who shared a passion like hers; her Uncle Kophas. She came to her Uncle with the interest in training falcons and being around the feathery critters that stole her heart. Of course, she started with baby steps at first but eventually, when she grew older, she came to find herself in falconry.

She was 74 years old when she fully got into falconry, owning her own a beautiful Common Kestrel herself and training many others. Her falcon, Isidar, became a big part of her life and her best friend(aside from Ashar, who will always be her number one). When she got her first tattoo, it had been something she had thought of for a long time and something that meant a great deal to her; the two feathers were meant to look like Isidar's tail feathers, which, to her, would mean she'd have her with her in one way or another even after she died. It's something that she wears with pride, even if more often than not, it's covered by her long hair.

Even after many years, Isidar is still with her, older and she has retired her to let her live out her life but Isidar is still her close friend and someone she holds dearly.
YOUR NAME:  Loki(the dinosaur)
AGE:  25
EXPERIENCE:  Many years
OTHER CHARACTERS:  Beriadan, Eleniel, Calemir, Arndis, Daechir, Malia, Orophin, Shadou and Faindir.
CONTACT:  Skype or pms work fine as well.
HOW DID YOU FIND US?:  Been here for some time now.
Show us what you can do!  It doesn't have to be with this character or even from this genre of role-play.  This is only required if this is your first character application with us.

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Re: Anlís
« Reply #1 on: June 06, 2016, 04:13:36 AM »
I do believe Anlis is done and good to go!


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Re: Anlís
« Reply #2 on: June 07, 2016, 01:57:48 AM »
She's simply wonderful, Loki!  I can't wait for Ashar to have a thread with his dear sister! <3

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